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Crazy Rich Asians To Be Fast-Tracked To Film

Kevin’s Kwan’s novel, Crazy Rich Asians was released in 2013 and quickly became a best-seller. Dubbed the Asian version of Pride and Prejudice meet The Devil Wears Prada, the book follows the life of a successful professor named Rachel, who’s engaged to a down-to-earth professor, Nick Young, whom, unbeknownst to her, comes from a wealthy/snobbish Singapore-based family that comes with a lot of drama.

The book garnered strong reviews and was a bestseller, spawning sequels, the last due out in 2017. However, unlike similar bestsellers–Gone, Girl, Girl on the Train, The Devil Wears Prada, The Nanny Diaries–the book failed to be optioned by a Hollywood studio.

Come word today that the film rights were purchased by WB studios and the film version will be fast-tracked for release in 2018.

You may wonder why this is important.  The film version of the novel comes at a crucial time for the debate surrounding diversity and representation in Hollywood. Variety reports the USC 2014 study, citing that only 5% of speaking parts in film, television, and digital programming were played by Asian actors in all of 2014. The news comes in light of Alan Yang’s Emmy speech citing low Asian-inclusiveness, and controversial castings of Emma Stone in Aloha, and Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in the Shell.

The entire cast of characters in the book is Asian, including the American-Born Chinese protagonist, Rachel. Crazy Rich Asians is an opportunity for Hollywood to cast Asians in meaningful roles, and to cast an Asian male actor (Nick Young) as a romantic lead.  Moreover, the behind-the scene agents will also be Asian. The film will be directed by Jon M. Chu. The screenplay will be written by Adele Lim (Fox’s Lethal Weapons).

Read more about the author, Kevin Kwan and the inspiration for the book via Vanity Fair.

NSFW Alphabet-Nick Amaro

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A for Aftercare:
Nick is normally tired when he comes home from work and after sex he is exhausted! But because being the person that Nick is he always makes sure that he satisfies you and your need first before he goes to sleep. Normally that means making sure your clean and comfortable. After he hears your soft snores, and looks down at his chest to make sure your sound asleep he wraps his arms around you and falls asleep himself.

B for Body Part:
Nick’s favorite body part of his would have to be his abs, hands down. He loves his abs because he thinks they make him look more manly and muscular. He also loves them because you just love running your hands down them anytime you catch him with no shirt on or if his shirt is open, because that’s your favorite part of his body as well.

Nick’s favorite body part(s) of yours would be your ass, thighs, hips, and neck. He’s in love with your ass because of how big, round, and soft it is. He loves how he can just get you turned on when squeezes it or how it jiggles when he smacks it. He loves your thighs because of how thick they are and how tightly they squeeze around his head when he’s eating you out. And he loves your neck because he loves seeing you practically becoming putty in his very large hands when he kisses all over your neck and finding your sweet spot very quickly and sucking on it, leaving huge hickies over your neck that your co-workers always ask you about when you show up to work the next day.

C for Cum:
Nick always lets you cum before he does, it’s only rare where he comes before you and that’s when he’s extremely stressed out because of the job. Nick always likes to see you squirm around after an orgasm, whether it’s with his fingers, his mouth, his cock,or all, Nick is always gonna find some way to have you squirming around afterwards. Normally the orgasm ratio is 3:1 but when Nick is extremely pumped up it changes to 5:2.

D for Dirty Secret:
I don’t know if you guys could tell or not but, Ol’ Saint Nick is pretty dominating in the bedroom. He absolutely loves, loves, loves hearing you beg for him. He has a enormous papi kink and loves hearing you scream it to him, even so loud the neighbors can hear but he loves it because he gets to be in control. He’ll let you have control occasionally from time to time, but 9/10 he’s in control.

E for Experience:
When I say Nick Amaro is experienced, you better buy it because that boy be doing miracles. He knows how to turn you on easily. He knows what you do and don’t like. He knows how to put you in the mood, and he knows how to hit that right spot. He most definitely knows how to overstimulate you so he can have you squirming all over the bed.

F for Favorite Position:
Nick’s favorite position would be when you get on top of him and ride him. He loves when you’re riding him. He loves holding down your hips and thrusting into you because once again he loves being in control. You on the other hand, love the doggystyle position with a strong passion. You love how Nick tightly pulls on your hair as he thrusts fastly and roughly into you. Or when he wraps one of his large hands around your throat and thrusts into fastly and demands you call him Papi. Or when he whispers spanish little nothings into your ear while purposely thrusting slowly into you while hitting your g-spot.
G for Goofy:
You and Nick were more of the serious type during sex. But while you two are warming up and having a small, okay maybe huge makeout session you two would share a giggle or two. But normally the sounds while y’all were fucking was skin slapping against skin, your moans and screams, and some of the neighbors telling y’all both to keep it down. But y’all never listen to what they said.

H for Hair:
Nick is a pretty well groomed man. His chest was bare all of the time and as far as the pubic hairs go, he keeps them pretty light so you won’t have any trouble when you’re giving him a blowjob. However, you love when he grows a little scruff on his face and sometimes he’ll grow a full beard for you because he knows him with a beard turns you on even more.

I for Intimacy:
You and Nick both love when he’s dominate and rough with you, but you both also love when you guys are intimate with each other. Yes, Nick loves being in control over you during sex, but when he’s seen some extremely graphic stuff at work, he loves telling you how much he loves you and being sweet and gentle with you.

J for Jack Off:
Normally, Nick doesn’t really masturbate, but when he does it’s probably just one of his ways to rile you up and get you in the mood. You love hearing, seeing, or catching him in the act of masturbating. You love hearing his moans and grunts come out of his mouth. You loved hearing him moan your name and you absolutely love seeing his faces when he has an orgasm.

K for Kink:
Nick was a kinky son of a bitch, he and you both knew that. He most definitely has a Papi kink. He has a major overstimulation kink. He loves making you have multiple orgasms, just over, and over, and over again. He also has a major hair pulling kink. He loves pulling your hair while he’s beating it up from the back. And last but not least, he has a huge choking kink. He loves wrapping his large, muscular hands around your throat. And he loves putting you in handcuffs along with cop roleplay.

L for Location:
Nick loves having sex anywhere and everywhere. It doesn’t matter where, what time of day, who’s watching, Nick will fuck you anywhere. But he really loves fucking you against the kitchen counter and island. And Nicky most definitely loves eating his “favorite meal on the counter, table and island. He also likes fucking you against walls and he loves having office sex, of course when the squad isn’t there.

M for Motivation:
Honestly, it doesn’t take much to get Nick’s motor running. You could do the simplest thing, like bending over in front of him because you dropped something and he automatically gets turned on. He’ll then sit you down in his lap, start to kiss on your neck and then talk dirty in your ear. And then you know how the rest of the night is looking.

N for No:
Just because of his past anything that involves pain(outside from spankings) it’s an automatic no for Nick. Whether you would be the one receiving pain or him, Nick would not do it and  neither would you.

O for Oral:
Nick absolutely loves eating you out, he could do it all day because you know, you were his favorite meal. And you absolutely returning the favor and giving him blowjobs. So it’s about 50/50 between the two of you because you both like pleasuring each other.

P for Pace:
9/10, the pace was fast and very rough but that’s when he’s being dominating. But when it’s a special occasion or he wants to show you that he loves you and how much he appreciates you, he’ll slow down the pace and is gentle and passionate with you.

Q for Quickies:
Like I said, Nick likes to have sex literally any and everywhere so he loves quickies. He likes to have them in the morning when he’s running semi-late for work, or when he’s at the precinct and he gets jealous because he sees you talking to one of his co-workers ex; Sonny or Barba.

R for Risk:
Nick is always eager to try something new. He always lets you know that you can suggest your fantasies and dreams to him and 9/10 he is ready to oblige to them. He likes to suggest things to you as well because of something he saw in a porno or something and you happy to oblige to them as well.

S for Stamina:
Nick is a beast in the bedroom, so he can most definitely go on for hours. He loves wearing you out and often times throwing your back out. But you can’t complain because he’s like a sex god, I mean just look at him. After round one, he’ll let you take a break but best believe he’s coming back for seconds.

T for Toys:
Handcuffs,vibrators,blindfolds,mouth gags, you name it, you and Nick have it. He loves seeing you handcuffed to the headboard while he’s teasing every inch of your body. Or he loves making you wear a vibrator all day because you had been a bad girl earlier. But trust and believe being the kinky son of a bitch that Amaro is, he has plenty of toys to go around.

U for Unfair:
Nick is one of the most biggest teasers on earth. He loves it when you beg for him. He often teasingly repeats the question back to you while teasing your whole body. Like “you like that, bebita” while rubbing your clit. Or asking “you wanna cum” while repeatedly hitting your g-spot.

V for Volume:
Nick normally isn’t the “loud” type of guy during sex. From time to time you’ll hear his soft growls and grunts throughout the session, but he isn’t loud with them. But he loves hearing you moan and scream for him. It’s like music to his ears to be quite honest. But when you take control, his grunts and moans do tend to escalate a little more louder.

W for Wild Card:
When Nick isn’t working or spending time with you and Zara, he’s at the gym getting on a big workout. And he has the muscles to back up that statement. And in the bedroom, Nick loves to show off those muscles by constantly lifting you up and fucking you against things like the wall or dresser. But hey, you don’t complain so he keeps on doing it.

X for X-Ray:
You know what they say, size does matter. And Nick’s size is huge! You had never seen one that huge before up until you met Nick and trust me when I say, he always hits them right spots. Between his dick and his abs those where your favorite body parts on him.

Y for Yearning:
Nick has an extremely high sex drive and so do you. So there probably isn’t one day in the week where you guys aren’t fucking.Whether it’s 15 minute quickies or 1 hour sessions, it’s no way in hell that you guys are sexually frustrated.

Z for ZZZ:
Nick is always tired after you two get finished your sessions because he uses up all of his stamina plus of those long hours he has on the job. But Nick cannot go to sleep without making sure you’re satisfied and comfortable. But once he closes them eyes, he is gone.

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Blueberries  Chapter 3

Thank you all for the kind reviews, here is chapter 3. 

“Well” she laughed, “I’ll be dammed”

Nick couldn’t resist the large smile that appeared on his face, “What? Didn’t think I’d show?” he smirked.

“Nope, not at all” she smiled back

Nick clutched his chest, “I’m offended, I’m one of the best on the force” he leaned over the counter to look her straight in the eyes, “Are you impressed yet?”

“Why should I be? It’s not that hard to ask around for my whereabouts” she smirked.

Both Nick and Judy had forgotten about the fox who was finishing up baking  his pies, he coughed a little to make his appearance know. Judy snapped out of her trace and straightened out the crinkles in her shirt.

“Officer Wilde this is Gideon Grey, my boss” said Judy as Gideon walked forward with an outstretched hand, “Please to meet you Officer”.

It was his store.

“So you own this fine establishment?” said Nick with a hint of sarcasm. Gideon eyes narrowed, “Yes Sir, just opened, of course I couldn’t had done it without the help of Ms. Hopps here” he placed his hand on her shoulder, Nick flinched a little.

Judy looked up at Gideon, “Why don’t you take off? I can close up shop, you have a big day tomorrow with the festival”. Gideon didn’t take his hand off her shoulder, “You sure?” his eyes glanced at Nick suspiciously.

“Of course” she smiled and patted his hand.

It was odd to Nick how calm she was acting around him, I mean it wasn’t uncommon for predator and prey to be interacting with one another. But he had never seen a fox and a rabbit. The jealousy started to rise, making the fur on his neck stand up on end.

Gideon shrugged and walked off, gathering his coat and threw Judy the keys to the store. “Thanks Judy, have a good night” and he walked out.


Nick turned to look at Judy, they were finally alone. She unbuttoned her pink flannel and shrugged it off releasing a pink tank top underneath, she tied the shirt around her waist, letting hit hang. Nick almost needed CPR, studying her curves and shoulders that was now revealing.

“Hungry?” said Judy

“For carrots? No thanks”

She rolled her eyes and walked over to the oven and pulled out a pie. She pushed It down the counter towards him. Nick sat on one of the red stools, inhaling the scent of this beautiful piece of creation.

It’s blueberry

Nick’s mouth watered as she handed him a fork, “Made it myself” said Judy.

Nick quickly dug in, not realizing how fast he was eating. It was crispy, juicy, and the blueberry jam danced in his mouth. He could even taste the sugar, and a hint of cinnamon?

“This is the best thing I have ever eaten” said Nick in between bites.

Judy had her arms crossed, smiling as she watched Nick eat. After he was finished, she took his plate from him. And started cleaning up.

Nick licked his chomps, that pie was heaven on earth. This girl, surprised him every damn time. And he loved it, he loved her. “So, how about the number?”

“I’m sorry sir, we are currently closed, come back tomorrow?”

Nick was flabbergasted, “Wait! No, you promised me your number Carrots!”

“Whoa, Carrots? Is that a new nick name?” she grinned

“Judy, I mean Judy!”

She laughed as she put back on her flannel pink shirt. She washed her hands and packed up the rest of her stuff into a tiny brown satchel that she hung around her shoulders, “Walk me out?” she smiled.

Nick walked behind her as she flicked off the lights in the bakery. They walked out of the front entrance, a light breeze sent a tiny shiver down Judy’s spine as she locked the door to the bakery. She turned to Nick, who was waiting impatiently for the number she had promised.

She shoved her hands in her pockets, “Well, I guess I will see you around” she turned to walk home as Nick grabbed her arm. She expected him to say something like “we had a deal or give me your number” but instead his green eyes were soft.

“You walk home?” with a worried expression on his face, “It’s dark”

Judy was taken aback by his response, “Well yes, how else am I supposed to get home?”

“You don’t have a car?”

Judy just shook her head.

“I’ll drive you home” Nick insisted. He let go of her arm and walked towards his patrol car expecting her to follow, which she did. She stared at the car in shock, it was wicked. She had never seen anything like it, she brushed the outside of the car, here hands lightly touching over the words Police.

The memories flooded back to her then. The reasons why she wanted to become a police officer, why she wanted to serve and to protect. She remembered the day she filled out the ZPD application, but fate had other plans. She pushed those horrid memories aside as a lump in her throat began to form. Nick noticed her reaction towards the car, remembering what she had told him, “I’ve always wanted to be a cop”.

He opened the car door for her, “You like?” she hopped in.

“I love” she smiled. Nick headed to the driver’s seat, buckled in and started the car. She gazed at the inside of the cop car, the inside interior was all brand new, she could just picture herself in it.

“Where to?” said Nick, snapping Judy out of her day dream

“You will be going straight for a while; my house is on the right”

Nick sped down the street as Judy jerked back at his acceleration, his face was too smudge for his own good.

“Ok! Question time” Nick snapped his fingers.

“What?” Judy looked at him confused

“I told you I wanted to get to know you more Judy Hopps, so I’m going to ask you questions and you ask me some, kay?


“How old are you?”

“24, and you?”


Judy shifted in her seat, a tiny smile began to form. “What’s your favorite color?”

“Green and yours?”


“Really? I thought it would be orange, since you know…Carrots”

“Oh hush it Wilde” Judy snapped, Nick loosened his tie with a big smile on his face.

Judy could admit she was enjoying this, enjoying him. Ever since she met him this morning something changed, her heart changed pace whenever he was around, she bit the inside of her cheek as she constantly caught him staring at her. She enjoyed him, she enjoyed him very much.

“What’s your family like?” said Nick

“Well, I have 274 brothers and sisters, so my life is never boring. My parents are carrots farmers, they are known for their crops, especially blueberries. I have so many nieces and nephews, but if I had to choose a favorite it would be Mina because she reminds me of myself”.

She is perfect, literally a heart of gold

“Wow, a lot of siblings, I wish I knew what that was like” Nick smiled

Judy wrapped her hands around her knees, “Tell me about your family”.

“I have a mom, no father, he passed away when I was young and I’m an only child”

Judy eyes lowered, he could tell she felt sad, guilty if you will. “I’m sorry” she whispered

Nick shook his head, “Don’t be, my mom is the greatest, she always taught me to pursue my dreams”.

Which he knew that would lead into Judy’s next question, “Why did you become a cop?”


“I figured you would ask me that sooner or later” he winked

“Well long story short, growing up I always knew I wanted to serve and protect others and to do what’s right. When I was young I was bullied a lot, because in my class I was the only predator, the only fox. They didn’t trust me and one afternoon during recess they put a muzzle on me….” Nick peeked at Judy, her arms still wrapped around her legs, her hands digging into her jeans. “I have never been so terrified in my life and I never wanted that to happen to any other predator, so one day those same kids tried to muzzle a tiny bear by the swing set… so I stepped in. I may have gotten a little beaten up for it, but I knew what I was doing was right and then I knew I wanted to be on the force, so here I am!” he gestured towards his badge on his uniform. Judy’s eyes glowed as she looked at the badge.

“I’m sure the ZPD is lucky to have you” she gleamed.

“They would be even more lucky if they had you on the force as well” Nick knew right when he said that, a wall was put up. Judy turned away from him, eyes sulking to the ground. He didn’t know what had happened to her, but he wanted to know, he wanted to help her. He would.

“Judy, I didn’t mean to-“

“No it’s okay Nick, you did nothing wrong” she smiled weakly up at him.

The Hopps family farm appeared over the dark hills, Nick pulled into the driveway, basking at the giant hill that is probably filled with so many tiny bunnies. He stopped his car, not wanting her to leave. Judy felt the same, she stayed still in her seat, not wanting this night to end.

“Thank you for the ride home” she whispered as she unbuckled her seat belt, Nick opened the car door for her.

He smiled, secretly begging for her not to leave. She looked up at him with her purple eyes, matching the darkness of the night sky.

“Goodnight Nick” she whispered and started walking off. He grabbed onto her hand, sending an electric pulse through both of them.

“Don’t go” he whispered

“I have too, but here I think you have earned this” she reached into her bag and pulled something out handing it over to him. Nick took what seemed to look like a carrot pen.

“A pen…wow….great” he grimaced

She laughed at him, “It’s my number genesis”

Nick looked at her in shock, looking at the pen and all around it, seeing where the number was written, but he saw nothing. She laughed as she walked towards her house

“Wait, how is this your number!?” he yelled at her.

“Figure it out!” she yelled back

What in the hell is this contraption, a pen? She gave me a pen!

Nick then found a button on the side, curious he pushed it and out came a recording of her voice.

“Hello Nicholas Wilde, if you are hearing this that means you are worthy enough to have my number, good for you. Anyways this is my lucky pen, so I don’t just give this to anybody. So keep it close to you on your investigations and It will keep you safe. Oh, and here is my number 101-224-3729”.

Nick was dumbfounded, what a clever bunny.


Judy shut the door behind her, her heart racing as she leaned against it. She thought today would be like any other day, going to the stand, babysit, going to work and then home. She never would have thought she would have met someone.. Nick Wilde.


Those eyes

That smile

That body….

Judy blushed at the thought and quickly shook her head. The phone buzzed in her pocket, she pulled it out and there was a text message from a new number.

“I was just checking to make sure this was actually your number ;)- Nick”

She responded, “Of course it is, it looks like you know how to work my lucky pen, GOLD STAR: D, and no texting while driving Wilde”

“can’t tell me what to do ;)”

All of sudden she felt her legs becoming extremely heavy, she looked down to see five of her sisters latched onto her leg. She smiled as she trudged through the house with them attached. She went into the kitchen where her mother Bonnie Hopps was cooking.

“I’m home” said Judy

Her mother turned to her, as a bunch of little bunnies attacked Judy. “Oh good, just in time for dinner”

Mina, Judy’s favorite niece, not that she would ever tell anyone that, hopped onto Judy’s back, “I missed you auntie” she squealed. Judy laughed and brushed the tiny bunnies’ ears, “And I missed you my sweet Mina”.

“Judy, will you be a dear and fetch some more potatoes from the back of the barn?” asked her mother

“Sure thing”

“And also Judy, did you take your medicine today?”

“Yes Mom..”

Judy started to walk outside as the bunnies slowly detached themselves from her, except for Mina. Mina hung onto Judy’s shoulders as they walked outside together. They were close to the barn when Judy came to a stop, her ears perking up. She took Minas arms and loosened her grip around her shoulders and set her down.

“Mina, go back into the house please” Judy whispered.

Mina clutched to Judy’s leg, “But why?”

“Because I said so, get your bum back inside” she shoved Mina towards the house as the little bunny quickly scampered back. Judy turned around, her ears twitching like crazy, something was wrong. She could hear heavy breathing and something that was digging around behind the barn.

Light on her feet, Judy tipped toed on the side of the barn, pinning her back against the side as she got closer to the back. The heavy breathing was louder now as she peeked behind the barn. The dark figure loomed over their crate of potatoes, panting heavily. Judy noticed something odd about the figure, someone familiar.

“Mr. Greystone?” she whispered.

Mr. Greystone was an old wolf who lived down the road from them, he had been her father’s friend for years. Except this was not Mr. Greystone, he was on all fours, panting heavily as his back was arched. He smelled the air and quickly turned towards Judy, noticing her presence. A deep growled raged in him as drool trickled out of his mouth. Judy watched in horror as the wolf started to come closer.

Judy backed up, “Mr. Greystone, are you alr-“but before she could finish her sentence, the wolf lunged for her throat

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(P.S. Bryon Howard confirmed on twitter that the tan bunny that tells Judy she loves her and waves goodbye at the train station and also in Judy’s picture frame at her apartment is her favorite niece Mina)



We cut to the next day, when everything changed. We see the crime scene, pieces of glass all over the concrete floor, with a bunny lying on the floor. Blood coming out of this bunny’s body, it’s just very hard and disturbing to see. We then see a fox being called in investigate, and what he sees, immediately killed him. That fox’s name, is Nick Wilde. And that body he sees lying on the bloody floor, that’s officer Judy Hopps. That is his partner and girlfriend, just laying there. He immediately screamed her name out loud, alerting everyone around him. But when he screamed and ran towards the body, other officers decided to grab him away from Judy, in order for Nick to calm down.

“Judy?!?! Judy?! Let me go!!!! That’s Judy!!! Get off of me god dammit!! Judy!!!!! Nick said, screaming on top of his lungs. He still tries to be free from the officers grips, but they set too strong. Until Nick crawled under them and ran to the body. He was on his knees, holding Judy’s face against his chest.

Judy! Please be okay! Please!! I need you! I can’t bear living without you! Nick is now crying, balling his eyes out. He still holds Judy very close to him. Wrapping his arms around her upper body, and tears streaming down his face, onto hers. He then picks up a nearby phone. That’s Judy’s phone, and he cries even harder when seeing the two of them kissing. And when looking at screen, it was cracked. The crack, right down the middle, separating the two. And that is what is happening to Nick, he is separated for the love of his life.

"Officer Wilde? I’m sorry about your loss, but we need to take her in. I’m sorry. One paramedic said to Nick. Nick said ok and before he left, he said something to his girl.

"I love you Judy. I love you carrots. You’ll always be my sweetheart. I love… I love you forever.” Nick said, crying while speaking to her. And when he finished speaking, he kissed her on her mouth. He didn’t care if her mouth was cold, he kissed her. Realizing that this is the last time, that he has ever kissed her.

It’s now a week later, and Judy’s funeral is happening. Every ZPD officer was there, including Bogo and Clawhauser. Gazelle was there. Gideon was there. Judy’s siblings was there. Bonnie and Stu was there. Everyone was there for Judy, especially Nick. So Nick was now about to speak to everyone in the audience.

“Hello everyone. My name… Is Nicholas P. Wilde. I’m glad that all of you are here, I really appreciate it. You know…” Nick stopped mid sentence. He looked back and saw the casket opened. Seeing Judy’s beautiful face there, she doesn’t deserve any of that. Then Nick cried in front of everyone. Judy’s death got to him. He then spoke again after taking a deep breathe.

“Judy was the best thing that ever happened to me. She was the only animal, in god’s green earth, that cared about me. She was the most optimistic animal I had ever met, she was smart, loyal to others, always being funny to others to make them smile, the most toughest animal, and she was the most beautiful animal I have ever seen. And she still is, even if she is lying down in that freaking casket!” Nick said as now he’s getting angry that Judy was killed. He then made the following statements.

“Look at her everyone!! She didn’t deserve that! She didn’t deserve all of that!! So listen up! I’m gonna get to the bottom of this!! I will find the one who did this to her! Using every ounce of my breathe to find this son of a bitch!! There! Will! Be! Justice!! Nick angrily said and everyone screamed and cheered. They all agreed on what Nick said. So now he goes to Judy’s casket and has something in his hand. It’s… It’s the carrot pen. The one that they both used when solving cases. Oh the good times. Nick was thinking about the things that they’ve accomplished. Inspiring each other and everyone in Zootopia. Judy made Nick the happiest animal in the world. She meant everything to him. So he places the carrot pen on top of Judy. He then said something to her.

"Judy. Carrots. Sweetheart, haha. I will avenge you. No matter how hard this animal hits. No matter how fast, or how athletic. I will bring him down! There will be Justice brought upon him! And once I stare into the eyes of the killer, I’ll grab his neck, and choke him. He shall suffer, just like how I suffered. And as it’s continuing, he will squeak. And once he says, "Mercy.”, I’ll whisper back, “No.”“

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Drawing inspired Au 5sos Element Bender Preference

Excluding Ashton


hemmogiggles drew this and it inspired me to write this, there like bending one of the four elements and its super cool.


“They destroyed my village” You said, staring at the ground.
“I’m sorry Y/n, I couldn’t stop them. I tried but- I couldn’t” Michael, a firebender replied.
“Why are we doing this? We can never be together.” You started when Michael cut you off.
“What are you saying?” He said.
“That I’m done with this, the sneaking around, the secrets. We’re complete opposites. I’m a water bender, and you try to tell me this can work but its plain to see that it can’t.” You explained.
“So this is it huh?” He asked. You nodded sadly.
“I’m sorry MIchael.” You finished before walking away.


“Hey Y/n! Look at this!” Your best friend said, hands swirling in a motion directed towards the lake that stood in front of you. You laughed softly.
“C'mon Luke, stop messing around.” You told him as you continued to walk down the designated trail. He saw your retreating figure and ran towards you.
“Can you be a little less serious for five seconds?” He asked.
“We were given a task and we’re suppose to be finished in an hour.” You scolded. Luke let out a sigh.
“What’s gotten you acting like this anyway? You’re usually not this rambunctious.” You told him. He shrugged.
“Y/n? I like you.” He said out of the blue.
“I like you two. Were best friends Lu.” You told him, using his usual nick name you gave him.
“No, not like that.” He mumbled. You stopped walking.
“Really? You like me?” You asked with a smile. He smiled back at you.
“Well yeah, who wouldn’t?” He said. You walked towards him, kissing him on the cheek before continuing the trek.


You watched in awe as the earthbender raised a rock well above his head. You were the quiet girl in the back of the classroom, watching Calum from afar. He was the jock, ahead of everyone else in the lessons. He knew as much about earth bending as the elders did.
“Who’s there?” Calum yelled into the air. You reluctantly stepped out of the shadows. His face softening when he saw it was only you. “Hey, you’re in my year, aren’t you?” He asked you. You nodded silently. “Quiet one.” He said. “Whats your name?” He asked.
“Y/n.” You told him. He nodded.
“Do you want to help me? I was asked to move these rocks for the water nation. I don’t know what they’re using them for though.” He told you. You nodded, going straight to work.
“So how come I haven’t seen you around?” He asked. You shrugged.
“I go straight home and usually work in the back.” You explained to him. He nodded. 
“Well I’m  glad I know the pretty girl I’ve had a crush on’s name.” He told you with a cheeky smile.

Day 120

I’ve found my heaven on earth. It took me 18 years to find but now that I have I want to spend every second of every day there. Bookshops have a special place in my heart but this one tops them all. Technically, it’s not a bookshop. It’s a coffee shop, a cute little nook on the corner of a street full of chain restaurants and department stores.

Besides having the best coffee I’ve ever tasted, this place sells vinyl records, old films, and of course: shelves upon shelves of used books. From Hemingway to Twain to Nick Offerman (yes, Nick Offerman) this place has it all. Words are everywhere.

I have two favorite parts.

1. They hold poetry slams, open mics, writing workshops, and live music basically every day of the week.

2. All of the drinks are named after classic authors. Melville, Poe, Shakespeare. I mean, where else on Earth can I order a Mary Shelley?

No, seriously. Please tell me…