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Makoharu is perfect. I've seen a lot of anime, a lot of films and series BUT even if not canon their relationship is still my favourite. Best love story ever and noone will convince me they are not in love

I completely agree with this, Anon. There is a reason my OTP is MakoHaru and that is because in my opinion, their relationship is the most beautiful and loving one I’ve ever seen in any anime, film, series, or even in real life.

I talk about the beauty of MakoHaru a lot with some of my friends, so some of the things I’m going to say here may be their words, but there are so many reasons why I love MakoHaru so much.

One of the things I love most about their relationship is the childhood friends aspect. Most of us have friends when we’re young but usually, as we grow older and develop as human beings, we change and then we find new friends, and old friendships are left in the past for the most part. However, with Makoto and Haru, that’s not the case. They have been together since the very beginning; there are only about four months in Haru’s life when he didn’t was by Makoto’s side, at that was because Makoto wasn’t born yet! They were already together before some of their other friends were even born. And even as they grew up, they always consciously chose to be together. Especially the transition from elementary school to middle school is one in which a lot of friendships dissolve and this could have happened to Makoto and Haru as well because they were not in the same class. But it didn’t, because they consciously chose to stay together. Even after quitting the swim club in middle school, they didn’t stop seeing each other or hanging out together frequently because they simply enjoy each other’s presence so much. It’s always better to be together than to be alone.

Another thing I really love about Makoto and Haru’s relationship is their flaws. Yes, they’re not perfect, but that’s alright because they love each other’s flaws too. In fact, they match so well because they fill in each other’s blanks: for example, Haru has a hard time verbally expressing himself and Makoto knows this and therefore talks for him, which he is always able to do because he can basically read Haru’s mind.

Which brings me to the next point, the mind reading. It’s kind of a running gag in the show and the events, but it’s a reflection of how deep their connection truly is. They know each other so well that they know what the other is thinking based on the way they look and behave. They can read it in each other’s eyes. They are so in-tune with each other’s feelings than they know what the other is thinking. Or, like Kisumi said before, their hearts are connected.

There are so many other things I can name but I don’t think this message would ever end if I did, because there are countless of aspects that make MakoHaru my favourite relationship ever, but because I’m trying to keep it short, I’ll mention a couple of other points quickly: the fact that they are each other’s home; that their relationship is built upon years of unconditional trust, support, and love; that the only thing that truly broke Haru was the thought of Makoto leaving him behind; that Haru went to Tokyo with Makoto; that there is nothing about Haru that Makoto doesn’t like; that, when presented with something beautiful, Makoto will always look at Haru for his reaction because Haru’s reaction is even more beautiful than the thing; that when he’s scared, Makoto will hide behind Haru’s back for protection; that even though Makoto’s fears are irrational, Haru always takes him seriously and wants to ensure his comfort; and that their relationship is so natural: they’ve been each other’s best friends for their entire life and they just love each other so, so, so much.

I have to cut myself off at some point so I’ll do that now. MakoHaru is my favourite relationship ever, my OTP, the ship I dedicate my life to. For me, there is absolutely no relationship that can ever even begin to match up to the beauty and perfection of MakoHaru.

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Is Shingeki no Bahamut good? I've seen so many things you've reblogged and it looks interesting but I'm not too sure about if I want to start it. What's it about?

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis is actually pretty good, is the best high fantasy anime ever, the best anime aired in 2014 and one of my favorite animes too. 

What I like the most is that despite of being based on a virtual card game, not only it doesn’t feel like it promotes it, but it also doesn’t use cheap tactics like mere fanservice in order to sell, because there’s an actual plot with a solid end. At the same time, “fantasy” as a genre lack in having very good animes in its list, because many of them are slapstick comedies in a pseudo-medieval setting, and is getting even worse with many light novel adaptations that use the title of “fantasy”, which are bad. 

Fortunately, here you have an anime that finally break that curse by capturing exactly what high fantasy is about: Strong sense of adventure, high stakes, cheesy dialogues, random enemy encounters, unexpected plot twists, good character’s chemistry, and truly epic showdowns with dragons, Gods, demons, or simply, all of them at the same time. Aren’t you convinced?

The main character is not a beta male and there’s no sexualized lolis here but dynamic men and women you can show respect for and definitely take in a serious way. MAPPA did a very good job putting a lot of attention to detail when it comes to backgrounds, fights, character motions and dynamic music. Every episode is so fun to watch! Aren’t you convinced yet?

Putting aside that the script is completely random and not deep, I don’t think how that can affect an anime like this at all, it’s not a negative aspect to consider, but if you hate that characters appear and disappear many times as they like and doing things, possibly you’re gonna have some problems with it. Personally, I have no problems with its level of conveniences, after all, this is a RULE OF COOL, so being chaotic in every way is something that greatly helps the anime environment. If you are the ones who enjoy and put the action first, this is the kind of anime you should watch, since it was made with such passion that it grabs you in seconds and doesn’t let you go.

This is the travel of a cursed guy with a demon tail who was forced to escort a half demon woman with the mentality of a 5 years old girl while is chased by a guy who wants to avenge the death of his father in the company of a zombie girl, through dungeons, haunted forests, stormy oceans, fighting against saints and demons, trying to get into hell and prevent the dragon of the apocalypse from awakening again and destroy the whole world, with gods and demons fighting for supremacy all around them. Aren’t you convinced yet?


And if you can’t believe what I’m saying, just give it a try and check it out for yourself. I assure you, you will not get bored. Plus, the opening itself is badass enough to give it a try. ;^) 

PD: No SNB: Virgin Soul for now because I’m still waiting for its end.

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Idk if you've ever watched Steven universe but if you have, what do you think Hiro and Penny's fusion would be?

hmmm….probably look like an anime character lmao

welp. meet fusion penniro everyone

I’m Done! :)

Finnnnnnnallly i can finish it! ( ^ O ^ )/

I cann’tt write down in words, to express the joy I feel this…..

do you like Gravity Falls as like me too?~ That’s make me excited ^ ^

Tanoshii yo~ but, my English is not very good….. T_T

Zan’nen desu ne~

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i have a trump-supporting coworker who is Convinced that naruto is the best anime ever made and that sasuke is the coolest character ever created and it makes him so mad when i insist that tobirama is better than sasuke and i'd like to say thank you for allowing me to torment an awful person bc i've never seen a single episode of naruto but i can parrot your posts about tobirama at him

tell him that tobirama could have killed sasuke with a single finger

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Are there any anime series or movies you'd recommend? I feel like manga horror is more robust than it's animated counterpart, and I'm trying to find something to scratch that itch. I thought Parasyte and Attack on Titans started really well but just turned into shonen action, and stuff like Perfect Blue and Magnetic Rose are the best thriller/horror stuff I've found so far.

That’s the big rub with horror anime always. I get hooked by the first 5 episodes and then the shonen tropes come in hard.

My standard answer is always go through everything Yoshiaki Kawajiri ever made, though judging by your avatar you’ve probably already seen then all. Wicked City, Demon City Shinjuku, Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust, Cyber City Oedo, etc.

I think the third Berserk movie is excellent on its own terms too. The previous two movies miss out on too much to really recommend, but The Advent is gold.

The New Laughing Salesman airing now is really good too. Not exactly horror, but has the morality of a horror film more than many of these new shonen horror shows do.

Things I think are under appreciated in YOI
  • ~Maccachin sleeping with Yuri when Yuri slept in late.
  • ~Minami's Free skate program
  • ~Victor whistling when Yuri preformed On Love: Eros in Japan
  • ~The old man at the hot springs who says what we're all thinking ("Thank you God" is what he says) when Victor and Yuri are talking about Yuri's last coach.
  • ~Victor's non use of piggy/pig/piglet as a name for Yuri after he sees him preform On Love: Eros (Who could think of the sinnamon roll as a pig after that)
  • ~ Yuri's comment that watching Victor preform On Love: Eros could "even make me, a man, pregnant"
  • ~No stigma when Yuri asks Minako to teach him to be more feminine. Also no stigma when Victor says his costumes from when he had long hair suggested both female and male genders.
  • ~Dramatic Victor after Yuri pokes his head, and Yuri pleading for his forgiveness.
  • ~Yurio's hair when he skates
  • ~Georgi's deep voice
  • ~Celestino's nickname "Ciao, Ciao"
  • ~What's going to happen when Victor finds Yuri's posters of him and sees Yuri's dog Victor's shrine
  • ~Yuri leaning forward after seeing the scores for the short program at the China Cup as if he's disappointed he didn't get a world record.
  • ~Christophe literally groping Yuri's ass
  • ~Yurio shouting Victor's name while looking for him in Hasetsu like Victor's going to answer him (Especially when he's on the bridge and he shouts out to sea. Like???)
  • ~Victor's "Wow" "Hi" "Amazing" "Vkusno" etc
  • ~Lutz, Axel, and Loop (Yuuko's kids) being named after jumps
  • ~Yuri straddling Victor when he woke him up to listen to "Yuri On Ice" (pretty sure Victor sleeps naked)
  • ~Maccachin running beside Yuri when Victor was on the bike and Yurio was running as well
  • ~Maccachin in general (Maccachin totally ships Victuri btw)
  • ~Yuri's tears
  • ~ Yuri's confidence when Yurio shows up ("He's totally underestimating me" is what Yuri says)
  • ~Victor eating literally anything and saying it's the best
  • ~Leo's Short Program at the China Cup
  • ~Yurio just chilling with one leg just up in the air as he reads the text saying Yuri will be picking his free skate music.
  • ~Yuri and Yurio both placed second in their first competitions of the Grand Prix
  • That's all I can really remember that I haven't really seen anyone talking about. I'm so in love with this show. Honestly, it's one of the best anime I've seen, and not just because it's got a Canon gay relationship, but just everything about it is incredible. Everything. It's perfect.

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why do you think attitude toward yoi is so polarized? I've never seen any other anime being criticized so much for every little thing and not just on your blog. yes it is very popular and not faultless but so are many other shows, so why this one gets so much, ehm, opinions?

Because it is incredibly frustrating to see something so mediocre and average be hyped up to this degree.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I would imagine that other ppl in the anti tag got sick of fans saying that this was the best thing ever, making wholly inaccurate claims, and then dismissing any criticism against it no matter its validity. The amount of praise for this anime is overwhelming considering it hasn’t really done anything new. So ppl criticize to balance out the praise.

And Anon… I’m going to guess that you didn’t mean to come off this way but… “being criticized so much for every little thing”?? That’s rather belittling. I don’t criticize yoi because I want to or because it brings me joy- a lot of the time I’d rather pretend it doesn’t exist. I criticize it because I think the criticism is worth bringing up, and also because I think my perspective is worth something, as an Asian LGBT person who grew up in Japanese culture.

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So the music of Fairy Tail is fucking awesome in and of itself, but jfc the timing. It has the absolutely best coordination between visuals and audio that I have ever seen in an anime. 

accioharo's best of 2014 anime * most beautiful anime: Nagi no Asukara

day 2 at anime boston! ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/

today was even more crowded than yesterday! so that meant so many more awesome cosplays! got up bright and early again today and checked out some of the new panels. later we walked around and just started taking mad photos of everyone, because they were all so good! (click pics for more captions)

other than the panels, we went to a screening of the dub premiere of rock lee and friends and omg it was so funny and cute! after, we went out to eat and headed back for the masquerade, which was pretty fun! i didn’t know what it was so it was a nice surprise. before we left, we went back to the artists alley to pick up a few more things. i got this reaaaaaally cute hinata cell phone strap that was really well made c: 

today was my last day since i have to head back to campus tomorrow morning, but all in all, it was a really fun experience and i’m glad i was able to go! i’ll definitely wanna go back again some time and cosplay cuz i was a butt and didn’t this time around. maybe i’ll even try selling art? anyways, i hope you guys all had a good time for those who went!!