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February goals

One of the problems a lot of people (including past-me) encounter when it comes to planning, is not being realistic and making a daily to-do with 10-15 tasks on it. This printable will help you improve your productivity. By coming up with only 3 task, you will be forced to prioritise your tasks, but, at the same time, you won’t become overwhelmed by having to do too much, as completing 3 tasks per day is a pretty reasonable and achievable target.

February time tracker

This printable will let you see where all those 24 hours in a day go. For example, maybe you will notice that you’re not so productive in the morning or that you spend way too much time on social media on evenings, etc.  Thus, helping you to plan and prioritise your future tasks. 

Update: added a “x-effect” tracker bellow the time tracker, where you can track your progress for up to 4 tasks (e.g., sleep, productivity, studying…), which helps you to keep consistent with your tasks as you don’t want to break the chain. Personally, I colour mine (if I do the task I colour it blue, if not - red), seeing a chain of blue coloured cells keep me motivated to continue. This is good for tracking timed tasks or activities, as you can write the hours you’ve spent on that task/activity into the cell and see how you’re improving over the time.

February habit tracker

This printable follows the “x effect”: every time you succeed at meeting your goal, you cross out that date, and try to keep your chain of crosses unbroken. Again, don’t forget to be realistic and allow some space for failure. For example, by saying that you will try to read 50 per day for at least 21 day of the month, and not that you will have to read 50 per day for the whole 31 days of the month. And don’t forget to reward yourself when you do succeed, this will motivate you to keep on going!