and the battle of

i know percy has animus but one enchanted weapon with a likelihood to backfire or break and leave him completely useless is incredibly nerve wracking and i would feel so much better if he could pick up a god-buff that?? i dont know let him deal magical damage temporarily or something

like……. please visit erathis i’m begging

Custom Malfoy Moodboard : Heirist Requested by: Anonymous

Aesthetic; Pure blood // Draco’s first love // Killed in the Battle Of Hogwarts // Reputable Healer // Slytherin House with according character qualities

Ambient aid;
‘Goner’ - Twenty One Pilots
'Skeletons’ - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
'Charon’ - Keaton Henson
'Run’ - Daughter

*Not going to lie I had so many feels making this one*