and the batsignal

Reasons to be happy today:

  • Bruce is super committed to his bat-aesthetic, and it always looks like he put a bunch of effort into it, but honestly? The batsignal isn’t copyrighted, and there’s no way the city of Gotham isn’t capitalizing on that for their tourism industry. Bat stuff is really easy to get ahold of, and the batcave isn’t nearly as impressive as you think it is
  • “You had all of your towels embroidered with your logo??” “lmao no we bought those at Target for $4.99 apiece while they were on sale” “oh okay” I’m telling y'all
  • Stephanie used to play the piano, right? When she decided to start up again, Bruce offered to let her use the grand in the manor whenever she wanted. Now she barges in to play when she’s stressed (often). The others like to listen to her– Bruce especially, because the last person to play that piano was his mom. You’d think it would be a problem, but it isn’t.
  • Remember than unfinished arc where Damian was taking acting lessons, but we never found out why? My theory is that he was working on some kind of surprise for Alfred, former Shakespearean actor. It would fit well with one of Damian’s more prominent patterns.
  • Generally speaking, Wayne Manor is a safe zone where superhero matters can be openly discussed. There’s nobody there that isn’t in the loop… but that can’t be true all the time. They have to have some kind of signal for “civilians present” and frankly I’m just picturing a giant ACT NORMAL! sign on the door

this is based off & inspired by @indigonite ‘s demigods one. Like same poses and everything. When I saw it I couldn’t help but see the flash family so I had to do it. I also added Wally & Linda’s twins peering in. And Barry made a Batsignal Flashsignal. Please check out the original, Indigonite’s art is amazinggggg. wally was the hardest and i still think he looks weird.


This is vengeance. This is art. This is Batman.