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You worry your art is nondescript? If I type "s" into my URL bar, you're the first result. Your art is loved. You're loved. Stalked, even. No joke.


i just look at it all the time and i follow so many really great artists???? and they all have such distinct styles it’s amazing….. i just forget that my normal isn’t any one else’s normal (though honestly i couldn’t tell you specifically what i feel is unique about my art other than like… how i color, IT JUST FEELS PRETTY REGULAR OK)

Lifting for 24/8/16
  • Squat
  • Rack pull
  • 45˚ hyperextension
  • Leg press
  • Single leg press
  • Pull-ups
  • DB bench
  • Bottoms-up KB press
  • Triceps push-down
  • Pallof press
  • Band press

Bit of a mash for everything. My physio cleared me to start doing some light barbell technique work, so I did just that. Empty bar squats felt pretty good, and I played around with a wider stance to see if I can find something that’s a little better for my hip. Rack pulls were alright, but I think loading when my torso is less upright is still a little stressful (had the tiniest of twinges), so I won’t be lifting from the floor just yet. I’ll probably stick to rack pulls and gradually make my way downwards. Will have to explore a narrow-ish sumo to see if that works better for my hip as well in the long term.

It’s really nice to be progressing, even if I’m kind of starting from square one again!

Invisible (Bucky Barnes x Reader)


Word Count: 3k

Synopsis: James Buchanan Barnes went to war and got captured by the enemy. Steven Grant Rogers became Captain Amerian to save his childhood best friend and that’s what he did. But after going through hell, could Bucky really resume his life and live the way he used to before all of this happened? Steve hopes so, therefore he brings him back to Bucky’s favorite bar to go lady-hunting.

“I’m invisible!” Bucky exclaimed, defeated after the girl left.

For the second time tonight a pretty girl came up to Steve and him and started cooing and giggling at Steve’s every word all the while looking at him like he was the most delicious eye candy she had every laid her eyes on. It was simply infuriating to see the roles swapped like that!

“I’m turning into you, it’s like a horrible nightmare!” He realized the irony of the situation.

That’s how Steve must have felt the whole time – every time Bucky charmed a girl and he was left alone at the bar, not even drinking more than one beer because he had such a low tolerance for alcohol. Now, only God knows if he even could get drunk anymore with his super solider serum filled blood. And the guy had the audacity to enjoy himself right now!

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I want to hear some in-universe (GW2 in-character) jokes. Basically, anything that’s not meta.
Some really good ones or terrible pun ones. Anything. Reblog and share one of your favorites or make one up!

There was a traveling party consisting of a norn, a sylvari, and an asura. As they were passing through DR, they decided to stay for the night.

Renting a few rooms in one of the local inns, they asked about where they could get a good drink. The innkeeper directed them to a tavern not too far that had some well- priced ales and liqueur. The party thanked them and went to check it out.

Like the innkeeper said, the tavern was really pretty easy to find. As they neared it, the norn and the sylvari walk into the bar. The asura walked under it, into the tavern.

Another reason to take your time meeting someone!

A long time ago, on a date that taught me a valuable lesson: 

I matched with this guy on Tinder, and after talking for a couple of hours (definitely not long enough) we decide to meet at this local dive type bar pretty close to me. He had mentioned he was there and it was only about a mile from my house. I was bored and why not get a drink and listen to crappy music!! I had an iffy feeling about this one, so I told my daughter to give me 30 minutes and text me with an emergency so I would have an out. I get there and the place is super busy and I can’t find him, no matter how hard I try. I called him and he is telling me where he is, but I still can’t see him so he meets me at the door. That is when I realized why I couldn’t find him! He looked nothing like his picture, and was around 5’5” when his profile said 6’. He also looked like he just got off work on a construction site and forgot to shower. I am not one to be terribly rude so I thought one drink wouldn’t hurt. We go to the bar where he introduces me to his friend that came with him. That guy was the nastiest fuckboy I have ever met in my life! He was pretending to grab the asses of every girl that walked past and walking up behind them and humping the air! I just looked at him and said “you are quite disgusting”, so he walked over toward the band. This is about 5 minutes in and I am watching the phone for my emergency text and watching the live band because I cannot bear to look at my “date”. This is when it all happened!  My “date” proceeds to say “do you want to be with him?” and when I looked completely confused he pointed at his friend and asked me that again. I said “what the fuck?” and he explained that he saw how much I was looking at him and thought maybe I wanted him more! I very loudly said “dude, I was looking at the fucking band you moron”. The bartender was very amused. He started to apologize and mansplain himself, but I downed my drink and started walking out. He started following me throwing apologies at me, and I just kept saying “fuck off”. He followed me all the way to my car begging me to stay, and as I got to my car I simply turned around and said “I cannot say it was a pleasure meeting you, have a good evening” and got in and drove off. He preceded to text me for the next half an hour before saying “I guess I don’t really deserve a response”, and I thankfully never heard from him again.

I feel like the shatt fandom didn’t really try with the pairing name. Like, you could have had “mahiro” or “shiratt” or even “shiromatt” if it really came down to it but ya’ll were just like ‘lmao nope shatt it is’ and I’m like vaguely disappointed but I mostly just feel pity


idk that seems like a pretty low bar but okay

Voltron Spy AU

I COULDN’T REFUSE OK chuck is my weakness

  • SO chuck for those who don’t know is a tv show and basically the important thing you need to know is the intersect- its like a download the main character gets and in this “download” are all of the us governments secrets.  
    • and whoever has the intersect “flashes” which is a triggering of the information.  if the person sees someone in the intersect, they will flash and see a jumble of pictures encoded with info about said person.
    • later on, the intersect gets updates, one that will make the human intersect (whoever has the intersect) into a technical “real spy” aka when they need it they can flash and they know every language, know every fighting style, stuff like that (even stuff like dancing and playing musical instruments which i love??)

    • but emotion messes with the intersect, either blocking it or making it really hard to flash
  • alright so lance is the guy who is pretty much a nobody- he works behind the bar at a local restaurant (he says he is taking his time before going into the air force which is bs the real reason is he’s lowkey scared)
    • except that he thinks he’s a fuckin legend, mr. joe cool behind the bar, telling jokes and trying to do some cool toss with the shot glasses (which ends in him having to pay for the glasses he broke)
    • he lives the same day over and over; get up, go to work, go home and that’s it.  maybe hang with hunk but that’s about it
  • that is until a stranger leaves a pair of black shades on the bar before his shift ends.  he tries to find the owner but they seem to be gone.  he thinks nothing of it and takes them home with him
  • back home in his room, he’s being the total dork he is, posing in front of the mirror in his work shirt and boxers when his eyes catch the glasses
    • he puts them on, ready to look over the frames and say “hello handsome” to the mirror when he freezes
    • thousands of pictures flash before his eyes and his head starts spinning.  he can’t seem to close his eyes
  • he wakes up on his floor in the morning, killer headache, the glasses still on, his two younger sisters yelling at him that he’s missing work
  • everything is fine and dandy until the lady he is flirting with finally turns to face him and he realizes he’s flirting with an international arms dealer
  • lance flips shit and completely bails on work, calling the cops and yelling about the scary lady who appeared in his mind
    • needless to say, everyone thinks he is crazy
  • it doesn’t take long for him to attract the attention of both the cia and nsa
    • shiro, the nsa’s best agent, unfortunately finds lance after keith does, the cia’s most rutheless agent
    • keith is holding a gun to lance (who is almost to the point of tears) while shiro tries to sort out the situation calmly without any guns going off 
  • after everything is sorted out, keith and shiro become lance’s handlers (which keith HATES this guy is so stupid why is he the intersect??) AND LANCE IS A GIANT FUCKIN PROBLEM
    • he never listens he is ALWAYS jumping into dangerous situations, giving shiro and keith giant headaches STAY IN THE CAR LANCE
    • like???  did you just tell a terrorist the us gov will pay them off???  cause that’s not how it works stfu lance
    • keith is ready to throw lance out a window tbh but he knows he has to protect lance with his life which makes him even madder
  • and then hunk???  he’s the civilian that always seems to be getting in the way he causes so many headaches
  • its so hard for lance to keep this whole spy things concealed he has to hide it from his giant family and his best friend hunk which absolutely kills him
    • he doesn’t like lying to the people who mean everything to him but he can’t put them in danger
  • oh my gOD his family started questioning him
    • “who are these two strange men you are hanging with” 
    • “mullet man is kind of scary im pretty sure he was packing heat when i saw him yesterday??”
    • “why does undercut have so many scars??”
    • “they came out of nowhere and now you are always with them, are you even hanging with hunk anymore?”
    • lance just FREEZES
      • “he’s my boyfriend” -lance, panicked
      • “what?  which one?”
      • “both?”
    • he goes up to keith and shiro the next day “my fam thinks we fuck each other”
    • its a mess
thats what i have for now but i DEF have more this is long tho
Cinderella: First Thoughts

I liked it, for the most part. Our lead is spunky, tough, big-hearted, and doesn’t take guys’ shit. 

This was a solid first episode, and we got to know some of the characters’ personalities pretty quickly. I mean, we all know how this is gonna play out, but I think (read: hope) the drama will have some unexpected or fun twist on the Cinderella story. 

Fave part: making the guy bow in front of his uncle; I lost it.

Least fave part: the choppy and really fast editing; I got a little dizzy and confused at times, like in the beginning with the fancy cars montage (which, by the way, totally gave off BoF vibes…not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, but that’s the type of story we’re working with, so…).

For now, I like where his show is going. I hope our heroine’s total rejection of “princes” is not softened just because they are nice to her; I want to see her stick to her values and make the guys come to her. 

I will definitely watch the second episode, and then depending on reviews, I’ll binge watch the rest of the available episodes as soon as I can once I’m settled in.


So I might have mentioned something about updating my progress with the Voltron props I was working on, even though I have no idea why I’m working on them… Well… uh… Tadaa….

This past week has been pretty bad and honestly working on these has been nothing if not… therapeutic.

Still no idea what I’m gonna do with these, I did consider cosplaying Pidge at NYCC this year but now I’m starting to think that’s a bad idea… (thus why I stopped working on the Helmet)

made from stuff found around my house, chose not to use lights cause I didn’t have any, don’t know how to use them and tend to set stuff on fire without meaning to…

p.s. the mugs in the last pic are part of another Voltron craft project I don’t know why I’m bothering with…

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If everything related to Idols is so evil and disgusting and unforgivable as implied in that earlier post, why do you even watch Love Live? By the logic of the last sentiment in there, shouldn't anyone who even watches that show or any show with Idols be executed? I'm sure one can enjoy some songs or shows about Idol while still acknowledging the shit underlying it that needs to be changed.

Your last sentence hit the nail on the head, but I’m gonna put some ramblings of my own under a readmore for the people who want to avoid The Discourse™.

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It really pisses me off when people compare the current DC films (the first 3 movies of the DCEU) to current, phase 3 MCU films. Do you realize how horribly received most of the phase one movies were? Most of them were pretty bad. Thor was generic, Captain America: TFA wasn’t well received at all (though I liked it), Iron Man 2 was cringe worthy, we don’t even know which elements of The Hulk are canon because it was such a trainwreck. Iron man was probably the most successful of phase one (barring The Avengers) and it wasn’t even the best superhero movie of the year (Dark Knight came out in 2008 as well). I’m not trying to say that the MCU is superior or inferior, I’m saying that the DCEU is just starting and we need to stop comparing it to a cinematic universe that has taken 8 years to build itself (using Marvel comics’ not so popular characters too as they had sold them to fox and Sony)

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Okay it's really been bugging me but that part where she has flash backs after being shocked by the bars and she's surrounded by men almost completely naked like??There is no good way for that to have gone for her she's literally naked in a dungeon curled up in a ball laughing hysterically surrounded by large men??? Like I'm pretty sure it's implying rape because it's so disturbing to her and if u saw it out of context it was so a gang rape...why hasn't anybody really talked about this???

It’s a pretty messed up scene. I brought this up in a text post long ago when she was openly humiliated and tortured by guards and how fucked up it was. Yeah. She’s topless in that scene and she’s curled up in a manic state. There’s nothing good here in terms of what it implies. They’re surrounding her, laughing, and Harley looks absolutely terrible. She’s clearly not okay and for gods sake she has no top on. There’s some very dark, very scary undertones there and I think no one has talked about it because it’s so bad. It doesn’t take much explaining to know that something very fucked up has happened that Harley can only flicker back to after being shocked by the cage. She doesn’t want to remember it, and the parts she does remember are her topless and surrounded by mocking guards? Yeah–pretty bad. It’s a really sad scene to say the least.

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I really admire just how approachable you are through the development process to this game. You try so hard to keep us all updated to it's progress and answer our every question about it, barring spoilers, and that's so great. While the anticipation is almost painful, I doubt anyone waiting for the game doesn't appreciate how much work you are doing to get it out to the best of your abilities. I think you're a pretty stand up person.

Aww, what a lovely thing to say. Thank you so much <3

Originally posted by panda123334

But really, you guys are such an amazing group of people. I feel really lucky to have you all <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


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Can you tell me a story?

Okay how about the time I helped to put out a grass fire.

Back in the day I was in the local Scout group. We were kind of a bunch of assholes at times; we went on lots of giant camps with other troops and eventually the other leaders came to calling us the ratbags of scouts. Granted, this wasn’t saying a whole lot - this is scouts we’re talking about. The bar for rebelling is set pretty low.

Anyways one time we were on one of these bigger camps, where you spend two days wandering through the bush to different activities, and the troop that does the most at the end wins. Our troop was split into two groups, and much to our leaders’ frustration, my group didn’t really feel much like wandering around the bush in the middle of summer to climb rock walls and calculate the height of a tree using a stick and the sun’s position, so we stopped by lunch and spent the afternoon at our campsite with the fire.

This is a bunch of 11 - 15 year old fire bugs we’re talking about, so before we’d even finished our sandwiches we’d pulled out our aerosol deoderant cans and were playing flamethrowers with the campfire and feeling real fucking cool for doing so. We didn’t really do much except scorch the grass a bit.

That bit’s not really relevant to the story except that I find it incredibly ironic because an hour or so later I’m chilling in the tent with one of the other girls when we hear this almighty scream from one of the guys in my group. We rush out to see the campsite next to us, owned by a different troup, on fire. Their fire pit was non-existent and they hadn’t put it out before walking off to do the activities so it had spread like - well, like wildfire - and was consuming the site. The grass was up in flames and moving quickly. Some of the tents were burning.

I wish you could have seen this group of kids who not a few hours ago had been laughing about how cool they were for messing with a bit of flame because holy shit did we fucking lose it. No one else was around so it was just, like, 5 of us maybe, running around and yelling at the top of our lungs. We weren’t completely useless though. We had two massive water containers with us for drinking/washing up, it took two of us to carry each one, but we poured them on the fire and tackled the rest with our towels and shoes. I for one was aggressively attacking the burning grass with one of my joggers that I hadn’t had time to put on. We were still yelling though. There was a lot of panicked yelling.

We finally get the fire out. Two of the tents have melted. The grass is black. We all go running across the field and up the hill to find the head leader, all yelling at once “there was a fire!! we put it out oh my god how cool was that?? we put out a fire! there was a fire right next to us!!” which was probably a bit overwhelming.

So anyways we were all super excited about putting out a big scary fire until we realised we had to make the long trek to get more water for our site and they didn’t acknowledge it at the closing ceremony. We were however given a thank you note and a piece of melted tent (which I may have specifically asked for) that, as far as I know, hangs in the scout hall to this day.

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Did you see how a picture of Jared and Jensen surfaced with a fan at the same bar that Jared had that bad experience with the bartender? Do you think Jensen was with him that night?


I did see the picture, but did anyone really doubt that Jensen was there with Jared at the bar? Jared made it pretty obvious in his Facebook status saying things like “our” ect…

Picture Of Jared & Jensen At The Bar (Below):


- K

Badly formatted updates on new job

3rd day at my new job. Loving it so far. Working with smart, self-sufficient people is really inspiring. The team is really to the point and doesn’t waste any time at meetings. I was really surprised because I’ve never seen anything like that before, even if it should be the norm. Everyone is helpful and open about their work. Most people in my team are extraverts, but they’re really interesting people, so I don’t mind (they’re all expats with interesting backgrounds). Although, they were talking about hanging out after work either at a gym or a bar everyday and I was like yay………. Pretty sure one of the people I report to is ENTJ (who’s older and pretty chill). Can’t figure the other one out yet but he seems like an introvert with some Fe in there. I’ve been hanging out with this guy who’s probably ESTP and really smart. The down side is that air conditioning is freezing, I’m gonna bring a blanket…and a pillow. And everyone eats lunch together, but again, they talk intellectual stuff so it’s cool. Ok bye.

A Letter to the skeleton clique

Dear friends,

Hey there! How is it going. I’m continuing my quest to react to all the music videos. Here we go!

House of Gold: They are at such a pretty spot. Tbh I don’t understand this music video. Why are they half of bodies? All I know is that ukulele looks real nice. LOL I never noticed Josh just lying there in that scene hahaa! I wonder who is inside. Go Josh, go! Crawl! I also love the little drop at the end. It reminds me of toy story haha.

Heathens: Ah Josh rocking out on his drums. Ugh that shot of Tyler grabbing the prison bars is so good! I love the drawing on the side of the wall. They really pay attention to detail. AHAHA there goes jishwa. I love how the bass is hanging there waiting for Tyler. AH that suit is SO GOOD. Ty’s little smile. What squishes. Grabbing the neck and josh looks nervous. This is my favorite music video featuring Josh. The prisoners dancing is me. They time actions with movements so well to create something powerful. The ending leaves me heartbroken.

Thanks for reading!

Stay street,

the pantaloon (Nicole)