and the band also i guess

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i gave him The Drawing™ and when he opened up the folder he went from straight face to :O because i guess he wasnt expecting it to be. good ig? (not 2 toot my own horn or bring others down) and he looked at it rlly close and squinted at it and was like "woah its so detailed, is this colored pencil?? yeah yeah, it looks sorta sketchy over here" and my brother pointed out tht i wrote my ig n twitter and bren went "okay i'll check it out" What Does This Mean....

also he was wearing An Outfit™ he had the sharpest looking suit on he looked So good

aww im so happy for u!! im glad he liked it, it was a really good drawing. Also glad to know he looked A+… Did you meet him through the radio station he was at earlier?


Hi guys! I’m Rachael. I’ve submitted on here before and made some friends so here I am again. I’m 19 from Northeastern Ohio but I go to school at Bowling Green! (Northwestern ohio) I’m also bi. I guess that’s relevant. I’m in Marching Band and I play the uke so that’s cool I guess. I’m looking for a serious relationship but I’m just going with the flow tbh. So if you want friends or anything just message me! I’m pretty chill.

Insta and twitter: rachael_b1230


Foof: If you’re gonna try to revert me back into being a bad guy, then I guess I should try to convert you into being good guys~

Also a monster band doodle from Halloween!
I plan on making a pilot for Foof! I’ll be working on it amidst animation job work so I can’t pin-point when it’ll be released exactly as of currently but I’ll update you guys as it comes along! I plan to tackle the project by myself with my friends providing voices and such. It’ll be fun!

Thank you guys so unbelievably much still for enjoying it!
I’ve received a bunch of asks regarding whether it’s ok to draw the characters, cosplay, use images as icons, ship, humanize, even make r34 and I of course say absolutely to all of it! Go for it! Thanks so much for enjoying these guys!

My little brother is scolding me for smoking cigarettes again
Little does he know it’s a cheap band-aid on a day old wound
Little does he know I’m drinking stolen liquor in the bathtub on weeknights
Little does he know I know he blows the smoke out the window
High and praying the neighbors don’t call the cops

This is how it goes

Funny how we never saw it coming

—  We’re all hypocrites
  • Feyre: so what do we do now?
  • Rhysand: well, we could go see a priestess, make it more official if you like. I was thinking a Summer wedding, in the evening on top of the town house, wouldn't that be lovely, Feyre darling? Who would you want as your bridesmaids? I mean Cass and Az would be my groomsmen but do you want your sisters? Or Amren and Mor? I guess you could have all four, although the wedding party would be lopsided. I'm also thinking we have a sit down meal, not a buffet, those are so tacky. Do you want a band or a DJ? It's up to you. Also how do you feel about incorporating a dance routine into the ceremony?
  • Feyre: I meant about the King of Hybern lol
  • Rhysand: oh, kill him I guess?
  • Feyre: I love you :)
  • Rhysand: I love you more :)))

You knew Tate didn’t really have anyone to spend Christmas with and you also knew he probably didn’t have many happy Christmas’ so you intended on making this one great for him.

You ordered a few albums from his favourite bands and some cool t-shirts that you figured he may like. When he opened them on Christmas Day his eyes simply lit up.

“Thanks” Tate said taking his gifts out of the boxes. He had that cute smile on his face.
“No ones done anything like this for me in… well I guess ever”.

You gave him a hug. Seeing him happy made everything worth it.

My Seven Deadly Sins Ships

I am now currently caught up with the Seven Deadly Sins episodes. And man! This is one good ass show! I am like obsessed with it! Well…”obsessed” is a strong word. The only things I’ve ever been really obsessed with are animals, chocolate, vintage band tees, vintage bands(?)(90s, 80s, and 70s music) and my hair (considering I done a lot of shit to it lol).

Annnnnywaaaaaaaaaaaaayy, being pretty far in, the Seven Deadly Sins I’ve noticed has a lot of romance and couples/sorta-couples. Now I’m not one to care that much for romance unless it’s done right. I guess in a sense in this anime, considering the time/place/situation, the romance is done right. I also usually am all for the romance (cartoons/anime specifically) if it’s canon, and some of these are!

I actually ship 4 ships!

Diane x King

I mean come ON! King is has a huge crush on Diane, and I like that they both believe in and admire each other, whether as just friends or loved ones. I’m pretty upset this isn’t canon, so I hope it will be in the future.

Elizabeth x Meliodas

AKA, the Main Ship. The Main Ship is when the the two main characters ares shipped together. This happens in almost EVERY story, so I ain’t surprised that it happened in this one. I am surprised that this ship isn’t canon yet. I am positive this will become an official couple at some point in the anime. Seriously, it’s no surprise since they clearly love each other. And I think deep down, Meliodas and Elizabeth both want to get close, but something is stopping them.

Margaret x Gilthunder

This is canon. I don’t have much to say about this one. I like both the characters a lot, so I guess I leave it at that.

Elaine x Ban

Oh yes! This is the dramatic canon. The I-would-die-for-you-a-thousand-times canon. The I-would-do-anything-to-get-you-back canon. The some-people-ship-this-because-Ban-is-hot-or-Elaine-is-adorable canon. The canon-that-has-the-most-dramatic-backstory canon.  The canon-that-makes-you-cry-tears-of-sadness canon. The canon-you-pray-will-have-a-happy-ending-because-both-characters-ultimately-deserve-it canon.

Anywaaaaaaay, SDS community, I just wanted to share my ships with you. And now I will pleasure you with my notes!

This anime has:


Girl Power

Awesome Fights

Fanservice/Sexy Time

Types of Kisses - Prompt Series - Pt. 3 ft. Mark

Originally posted by marktuon

member: mark
rating: pg-13
genre: comedy/fluff/romance-ey
word count: 3885 

based on this prompt:  3.) Hesitant Kiss - The type of kiss where their lips touch a brush against each other’s a few times, breath fanning across each other’s faces as one waits for the other to make a move.  

AN: YALL i’ll probably end up doing a part 2 for mark bc even at close to 4000 words, i wanted to write more. i just wrote a fucking fic, i guess. 
also i wanna apologize for any inaccuracies in how tours/fansigns go. but ya know, this is fiction /shrugs
and as always, i’m doing this for each member. each type of kiss was chosen with the random number generator. enjoy! xo

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Just friends, prediction of possible kiss

OK so, this is my own personal prediction on whats gonna happen in Just Friends regarding whether Star and Marco would kiss, now do I personally think it’s gonna happen, NO I think it would be a little too early for something that big, and besides we have face the music afterwards, so in essence I don’t really see them kissing, but if they do here’s how I think they would, I think that they now most likely would kiss on accident, but I can also imagine a scene like in Phineas and Ferb in the episode Were getting the band back together, like when Mr. And Mrs. Flinn-Fletcher were both under the spotlight, yeah I imagine something like that like when Star and Marco are oooooing there actually caught under like a couples spotlight, oh and imagine if it’s red just like the blood moon, I could definitely see this happening as one of those awkward moments, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see

New song starts with electronic sounds, like beating, followed with piano rain drops first and then band joins with instruments. When Kyo started to sing the tempo was slow/medium, but some Kyo’s parts are a bit faster? There’s really nice part when it got quieter with piano, guitars and Kyo. I think piano part was repeated in the song again.
As far as I could tell lyrics are in Japanese, about life choices and one’s path?? Kyo also repeated one word in chorus that I guess was in Latin? (didn’t sound English nor Japanese)
Definitely a beautiful ballad, I can’t wait to hear it again♡

Crinkly Smile - Josh Dun Imagins

Imagine- You’ve always been nervous around Josh. And you possibly have a small crush on him. How could you help it? He’s always so adorable.
Requested by; @baileyhizzle

Triggers- None

Note- Ahhh i am super happy with this rn, i hope you guys like it also :,))
And i know the titles pretty bad mkay shush😂


Tyler and Josh have been your two best friends since high school, and you love them both (Maybe one in a more romantic way, but that doesn’t matter. It’ll never happen). But ever since their band Twenty One Pilots got big, they’ve been traveling the world.
Sure, you’re happy for them, you really are. You just hate how you have to go months without seeing them, but you guessed you should be lucky you were still in touch and still best friends.
Luckily, they were getting back from tour tomorrow, and you were excited as ever.
That night you couldn’t sleep. You’re mind was buzzing and still wide awake, not being able to sleep with all your excitement, knowing you’ll finally meet up with Josh and Tyler at Taco Bell tomorrow.
Finally, you were able to fall asleep listening to old voicemails from Josh. You would never admit it, but his voice always helped you calm down.

You slowly opened your eyes the next morning and stretched, yawning.
You turned to check the clock. You quietly moaned. You still had to wait awhile until you got to see the boys.
You had gotten up and made yourself some coffee when your phone went off. You smiled when you saw it was from Josh.

Josh: ‘Hey y/n! Just got off the plane. I’m meeting with my family then me and Ty will be on our way to see you!’

You: 'Sweet! Can’t wait to see you!’

Having nothing else to do, you whet up to get dressed and found yourself trying to pick the best outfit. Something cute but casual.
The clock had seemed to go as slow as possible and it was complete misery, but now it was time to go. You quickly grabbed your phone and headed out the door.

When you got to Taco Bell and finally spotted the boys, you ran up to them and they both engulfed you in a huge hug.
“Hey guys! It’s so nice to finally see you again,” A big smile is plastered on the face.
“Hey y/n, it’s great to see you too. How had you been?” Tyler asked.
“I’ve been pretty good, how about you guys?”
“Good as always,” Josh smiled, his face crinkling up, making your heart flutter. You couldn’t help but notice how cute it was, and with his sparkly eyes.
You must have been staring for just a moment to long, becuase you heard Tyler playfully snicker beside you.
“You two look so in love, It’s making me sick” He teased, and you felt your cheeks grow hot.
“Oh, shut up Ty,” Josh elbowed his ribs. You could have sworn you say Josh blush.
“Just saying,” He laughed back, and you couldn’t help but laugh also.
While you ate and talked, you realized how much you had missed Josh’s soft and bright mocha eyes, and his beautiful yellow hair. Was it weird that you also loved the shape of his nose? It was cute.
“I personally think you two would be a cute couple.” Crap. Tyler must have noticed you staring. Wait, had Josh also been staring at you?
“Very funny, Tyler,” You said, but a red still spread across your face.

After you were done eating, you all decided to go Josh’s place and hang out.
“What do you guys want to do?” Josh asked when you flopped down on the couch.
“Oo, i have an idea,” Tyler started, “How about we play truth or dare?”
You laughed. “Really? That’s the first thing that pops into your head?”
He just shrugged. “Why not?”
You all agreed.
Now it was Tyler’s turn to ask you for a truth or dare, and you said truth.
“Y/n, do you have a crush on anyone?”
You took a moment to think about what to say.
“Yea, i guess i do…”
“Is it anyone in this room?”
“Hey, only one question per truth!” You probably said a little too loud, and Tyler almost couldn’t stop himself from laughing.
Later, It was Josh’s turn to be asked by Tyler, and he chose dare.
“Josh… I dare you to confess your feelings to whoever you have a crush on by the time we go to bed tonight!”
“What?” Josh’s face crept with red as he grew flustered.
“You heard me,” Tyler smiled.
“O-okay…” He seemed unsure.
You couldn’t help but wonder who he’d be confessing his feelings for tonight. It was probably some really pretty, rich girl, who obviously wasn’t you.
“You alright, y/n?” Josh asked, concerned. He must have seen your face fall.
“O-oh, yea! Of coarse,” You plastered a fake smile on your face.
You hated yourself for it, but you felt a bit bummed out the rest of the afternoon, and you couldn’t shake it.

When the sun had set and the sky was dark, you all went outside and sprawled out on the grass to watch the stars. They were gorgeous, dotting the sky everywhere. You had always loved the stars.
At a couple points, you could have sworn you saw Josh staring at you. But it couldn’t have been, could it?
You decided to ignore it. It was probably nothing anyway, and you’d end up upsetting yourself if you found out it was truly nothing.
“I need to use the bathroom, I’ll be back,” Tyler hopped up off the ground and left.
You and Josh both knew what he was trying to do, and you could feel a slight warmth spread across your face.
After a few moments of silence, Josh sat up.
“H-hey, y/n, you know how Tyler dared me to confess my feelings for whoever i had feeling for earlier?”
You say up as well.
“yea, what about it?” You said, your eyes growing wide.
“Well… your the one i have feelings for, a-and if you don’t feel the same way, i understand. But i love the way your eyes light up when your talking about something you love, or how in a full room of people, your smile is always the brightest. I just can’t get over how beautiful you are…”
You sat there, jaw slightly opened. You couldn’t believe what you had just heard.
“Josh… I-i..”
“Oh, you don’t feel the same, im so sorry. I’ll just go inside now,” He quickly got up but you called him before he could start waking back to the house.
“Josh, wait! I do feel the same, i really do! I love how your face crinkles up every time you smile and your cute nose, and everything about you! Please don’t go,” you grabbed his arm and he turned around.
You both looked into each other eyes, and Josh hesitated as he got closer. You leaned in and your lips connected perfectly, his moving against yours in harmony. You savored each moment.
You were disappointed when he pulled away, but quickly forgot about it as you got lost in his eyes.
“I love you, y/n.”
“I love you too, you dork,” You smiled widely, and this time, it was a true smile. Josh had finally filled the last piece of your heart.
Suddenly, from the doors of the house you heard Tyler’s voice.
“I knew it i knew it i knew it! Yesssss! I knew i could get you together!” He throwed his fist into the air and started dancing.
You felt the heat spread across your face and you couldn’t help but laugh, and Josh ran his fingers through his hair, smiling that adorable, crinkly smile of his again.
You loved both Tyler and Josh very much. And yes, one definitely more romantically than the other.


i traced these so i could get the hair measurements and style right (and also i’m lazy) but, like

prompto and ignis have really long hair (iggy’s bangs alone are around 5 inches high, and prompto’s swoop is PART of his bangs, it’s just hard to tell cuz, like, they’re swooped up)

so, like

have a reject emo band member and a cute hipster barista i guess?

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hey so i just found this blog a while back and im trying to find more punk music to listen to so if it's not too much trouble could you jsut like, give me a list of band recommendations? sorry to bother you also this blog is amazing

shit man i’m the worst at music recs uh oh boy lets do this 

SWMRS is pretty cool imo, idk anything about the members but i like their music 

Mal Blum is actually my favorite person alive and thier music falls into folk punk/punk rock ,,, please just ask me about how much i love mal 

Modern Baseball is one of my faves too idk how punk i’d considder them though,, like i guess theyre pop punk? Same w/ Tiger’s Jaw 

THE LIPPIES are one of my absolute faves even though they ended like right after i got into them. like fuck yeah cool vocals and feminism 

One Night Stand In North Dakota is so good too (10/10 gay as fuck) 

Sledding with Tigers is also pretty cool 

Nibansenji: I was drinking with my band members from high school for the first time in a long time, but I heard the girls sitting behind us talking about LoveDesire-san.

Nibansenji literally about two minutes later: By the way I was only drinking energy juice.

MONSTA X: Ideal type of personality

REQUEST: Hii~ what would monsta x’s ideal type be in your opinion? Like personality or appearance wise? Thank you <3

- Admin Kay

He would want someone who’s calm and collected. He’s also quite shy, I guess? So he might want someone who doesn’t mind taking the gears but still knows when to give it back. I think he’d definitely want somebody who’s more mature, just because it’d suit his father and leader figure of the band.

Originally posted by wonkyuns

He’d definitely want someone who’s quite confident with their looks as well, just because I feel like they’d honestly become a power couple if that did happen. He’d want someone who doesn’t flaunt themselves though. So someone who’s quite modest about their looks but is still confident. And keeps their flaunty side for Wonho.

Originally posted by monsta-x-

He’d want somebody with a loud personality who’s still quite calm. Somebody who’s confident to the point where they don’t mind being the center of attention along with him. Since, he’s quite loud, he’d probably also want someone quite calm to calm him down, because otherwise their relationship would become very tiresome. 

Originally posted by chiqkihyun

Somebody who’s quite responsible fits Kihyun. He probably doesn’t want someone who’s quite lazy or leaves stuff lying around. I think he’d also like somebody who’s calm and reserved, instead of being loud. He’d want someone who makes an impression as they walk into the room.

Originally posted by chiqkihyun

TBH, I feel like he’s gonna end up with someone who’s quite like Karlie Kloss. Someone who’s very pretty but is also very sweet, loves baking and is very loving. He’d definitely want someone who’s quite fun, just to bring out the meme side of him.

Originally posted by hyungvon

I feel like his girlfriend would be big-hearted and she’d be just as cute as he is. I think she’d also be quite optimistic and happy and he’d rarely be seeing her sad. I think he’d also want someone who’s not afraid of admitting her opinion but she isn’t too blunt about. 

Originally posted by gifsmonstax

This guy would probably like somebody who’s quite intelligent but isn’t ALWAYS seen with books. Like she would have some sort of a social life. I feel like the girl he’ll end up liking would be like one of those girls who’s not popular but has quite a lot of friends and is liked by everyone bc she makes them feel comfortable very easily.

Originally posted by eunhasmom