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“When I was younger, I used to be very afraid of doing anything out there with my makeup because I felt like my hair was such a big strong piece, and then I learned from this show, specifically, that you can really use brighter colors to play up your hair, as well. I used to never wear red” - Madelaine Petsch.


Hear me out….. Danny… with fangs… and has braces.

I’m trying to play around with Instagram more and I started to post these doodles that I manage to do in my free time. Keeps me sane at least.  

My spelling isn’t the best, but I did TRY…. I failed but I tried. Hope the context was clear enough 

What really gets me about this scene, is John’s tortured look after Moriarty asks Sherlock whether he thinks the consulting-criminal-thing is brilliant.

He’s checking Sherlock’s face.

“Brilliant” is what John tells Sherlock after his deductions, it’s how John feels about him. And he’s afraid that Sherlock thinks he’s stupid in return. That he’ll call Moriarty brilliant and amazing and everything John secretly wants to hear Sherlock tell HIM. John, with a bomb strapped to his heart, looks up to check if Sherlock thinks Moriarty is brilliant. And Martin Freeman really sells that emotion.


Sorry for being inactive ! I was doing the Sunshine Zine, my homework & Commissions ! I will get back to my tumblr as soon as i finish what i need to finish ! Hope you’re doing well?? I drew Misawa at school, like a lot ! I also readed a misawa fic by Pksamurai named “The trajectory of Laughter” I cried a lot, please read this fic, It’s a pearl !

I was rereading the new 52 version Red Hood and the Outlaws vol 3 death in the family when I came upon this. This is the scene where Jason’s dad goes to prison but then I notice this picture. Catherine ( Jason’s mom) is pregnant. So where’s the baby? We never hear of Jason having brother or sister in the rest of the comics. Maybe his mom had a miscarriage? Judging by her belly it’s a little too late to have an abortion… What do you guys think about this?


Okay so I decided to draw Mae with blue hair like @crankgameplays lol and I’m quite proud of this drawing but I don’t like how I did the eyes but other thank that I’m pretty proud :)) @nestorquik (sorry for the bad quality pics) ((also I really wanted to draw her cause her name is my middle name and yea😂))