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A/N: I said I would stop… I said I would take a break from smut… And what do I do? Take my friend’s suggestion to heart and write a KaiBaek threesome smut. Do I hate myself? A little. Do I hate her more? Hell yeah. Anyway, this is my first threesome smut, so, enjoy I guess. (This is pretty long, I think)

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You stood in the middle of the room and practiced your breathing techniques. Your belly expanded as far out as it could before you exhaled the air that made snap back into place. You did this a few times, making sure to stretch out your lungs and to get yourself ready for the notes you’d have to belt out in just a few moments. You bent forward and took the top of your feet into your hands. You inhaled for three seconds and exhaled for the same amount of time. You were to repeat this exercise until you got to ten but before you could even reach eight, you felt someone’s cool hand on the exposed skin of your lower back. You shot up with a curse on the tip of your tongue but when you saw Baekhyun grinning at you, you just rolled your eyes.

“I’m impressed. You started doing your exercises without me.”

“That’s because you’re late.” Your words came out from deep inside of your chest, showing that you were more than ready to start your lesson. You made your way to the stand that the songs you practiced with sat upon. You looked down at the song you would be practicing for your Wednesday lesson and your eyebrows were fixated in a confused expression.

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The meaning of BTS- Baepsae

From the korean point of view: So~ i noticed color coded lyrics which usually has english translations doesn’t for this song and a lot of people have pretty much pieced it together but my friend’s been asking me to do one for a very long time since i’m korean and she just wants to know what I interpret the lyrics as! Baepsae also happens to be my favorite song in the album so I finally use my sick leave from school to do it!

They call me 뱁새
욕봤지 이 세대
빨리 chase ’em
황새 덕에 내 가랑인 탱탱

This stanza is repeated a lot and it’s derived from the korean saying “The baepsae tries to follow to stork and gets it’s legs split” The stork has really long legs but the baepsae has tiny ones so the saying means that those who are born with better conditions trod on ahead and get very far but the baepsae has to try much harder to keep up, and most times it can’t instead it ends up splitting it’s legs. Then they say “this generation is cursed at”, mostly in korea for being unproductive and problematic. “Hurry chase’em. Thanks to the stork my legs are taengtaeng” which means something like “stretched out” there isn’t a direct translation.

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Can we talk about how this is the kid that was barely allowed any solos on the first couple One Direction albums, who was shoved in the background, who was made to feel bad about himself and lose confidence in himself and his voice only to come back with this amazing song sounding so incredibly strong and bold and pure and make us all feel every emotion?  I could not be more proud of him and proud to be A FAN of his.  

When I find myself in times of trouble, the poster on my wall comes to me, screaming LOOK AT ME!

Sometimes something can be right under your nose the whole time, something you see every single day but never really notice.

 Well today I noticed it. So just to make this clear I have a poster of The Beatles Abbey Road on my wall behind my desk. It’s been there forever because I have an intense love for The Beatles. It’s always been a poster that fascinated me, the different colored suits, the crosswalk stripes, and Paul walking barefoot.

 So here I am just going about my business and I look up and think…hmmm I wonder if Louis was referencing Abbey Road when he showed up in those pap shots the other day barefoot.

 So naturally I ask the my group chat if its possible that Louis was referencing the Abbey Road album or maybe just Paul McCartney in general.

 So we threw around some ideas, Paul went barefoot on the album cover to be ironic because he was a billionaire, but he also supposedly did it to reference the hippie movement and barefoot was a way to show that you were FREE.

 Seems like a logical reference to me? But I was still interested in if there were similarities between Paul and Louis in terms of things that have been happening lately.

 So I did some googling and this is what I found:

 In April 1962, McCartney had an affair with Erica Hubers, a waitress at a nigh club in Hamburg. In December the same year, Erica gave birth to a daughter called Bettina. Erica claimed McCartney got her pregnant. She filed a suit in court seeking alimony. McCartney categorically denied his parenthood but eventually paid Erica about $5,000 in child support. He never acknowledged his parenthood, though.

 While not completely similar to the surrounding circumstances the similarities are kind of interesting. May not April. Club go-er not waitress. January not December. Woman claims its his. He stays quiet about it. She wants child support and takes him to court to get it. And he pays her off.

 But after this whole Erica business he goes back to Liverpool and falls in love with a girl named Jane who is an actress, who lived with her parents.*cough cough*

 So after we laughed about the similarities there we asked ourselves if there were other Beatles connections.

 Our first thought was to make the Irving Azoff connection. And lo and behold The Beatles were one of the reasons that Irving Azoff went into music management. So moving on from that because we didn’t find anything else in relation to Irving and The Beatles (I’m sure there are more connections out there.)

 So after that Ashlee ( @unintentionalarry) made the connection with the MITAM website that was literally riddled with Beatles references. 

But that’s not it fam that’s not it.

 Harry made a Beatle reference months ago. 48 weeks ago to be exact in February of 2015.

The photo is captioned “Chains around my feet” which is from a Johnny Cash song called “I got Stripes.”

What else has stripes? The Abbey Road album. That’s what.

 But it doesn’t end there…

 A little background on the Abbey Road album (courtesy of @lululawrence ):

 “The band was falling apart and they had been doing all their crazy musical experimentation with other producers, etc. And it had brought about amazing music but they knew they only had one more album left. They were fighting a lot and had lost the feel of the band. So they went back to the dude who had produced their original albums. And he said he would do it but only if they did it like they use to. Back at Abbey Road, just him and the boys. All in the same room together writing music. Instead of them being spread all over the globe. So that’s what they did. And that’s how they created one of the most recognized albums in music history.”

So that all seems vaguely familiar. And then you have the fact that the boys recorded Olivia at Abbey Road Studios.

And the Lions. The lions have been killing me for months. So I thought well maybe the Lions’ were a reference to The Beatles too.

Well four things, John and Yoko were working on an album called Life With The Lions, in the 1960s Beatles cartoon their was a man eating Lion, a show called Between The Lions did a tribute to The Beatles, and then The Beatles (Ringo) in an lion outfit. 

I have no doubt in my mind that more connections are out there but this is just what we discussed tonight. Interesting things.

A discussion between me, @unintentionalarry and @lululawrence. Poor Jeni @ilove1dalmation is going to wake up to all of it. Lol

I wish more interviewers would give Taylor free reign to talk about the technical aspects of her music and just the way she goes about making her albums. Like you’re interviewing someone who hasn’t just survived in this industry for 10 years, but thrived and made a name for herself as someone who is involved in every aspect of making her albums - from writing the songs, to helping make the background noises, to helping design the album cover. I mean she chose her own genre for goodness sake. There’s so much more important and interesting things to discuss than who or what life event a song is about.