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Band (Part 2)

College band kid again! Today we had our last practice before our concert on Friday.

Literally all this happened today.

- Two kids went back and forth speaking in different TV show character voices while everyone died laughing.

- Trumpet player not realizing how loud he said the word, “SHIT!” DURING A SONG.

- *As my band director walks on the stage.* “And then they will throw babies at my face.”

- “I will drop my hands, turn around, and bow. Don’t be surprised if they don’t clap right away, they’re still processing it.” - Band director

- “This isn’t even any of ours.” *Chucks drumstick out into house*

- Kenny: *picks up drumstick from house and starts playing on armrest*

Band director: *Walks back into house* KENNY. STOP HITTING THINGS.

- A guy said, “Touch my butt.” He turned around and realized I wasn’t his girlfriend.

- My band director almost fell over trying to get her podium up. A clarinetist had to help her.

- The fact my band director screamed from backstage and nobody heard her. (She wasn’t in danger, she just wanted to let us know we could take the mallet instruments/chimes through the gym and to the theatre.)

- *Band warms up*
*Lights get SUPER BRIGHT and everyone just stops playing for a second as they’re trying not to be blinded*

- *Band director points to the backdrop* “You know? I know this is the set for The Little Mermaid, but it’s actually a good band shell….”

- Band director: I’m going to be playing percussion for it, but go see The Little Mermaid for Lance and Kristen! I’ll just happen to be there….

- Band director: We have like EIGHT KIDS AUDITIONING AND ONE OF THEM IS AN OBOE. But there’s no brass…. (We have 4 brass players.)

(That number of kids would almost double our band.)

- *In a very bad southern accent* “Have you tried marking time?”

- “Don’t touch the set pieces. Don’t put stuff on the set pieces. DON’T EVEN LOOK AT THE SET PIECES CROSSEYED.” - Band director

- “I’m going to turn the house lights on so you don’t die.”

- Kenny: (As Lance descends down the stairs) AAAAAAND HERE’S OUR NEXT CONTESTANT ON THE PRICE IS RIGHT!

Band director: (While making motions.) Then they’re (the contestant) running down the stairs and their boobs are flying out of their shirt???? Its happened.

- *Entire band singing All-Star*
*Everyone stops singing and realizes what that means.*
*Band director bursts out laughing.*

- Kenny: *Moves baseball hat to the side of his head* Yo yo!

Bass Clarinetist: No, Kenny.

- Bass Clarinetist: I worry about you two… A lot.

I’m surprised we actually got anything done….

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Daddy + Harley = wet baby 😻
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Daddy:</b> *comes home round 2*<p/><b></b> Baby lets go, we need to leave. Have you eaten today?<p/><b>Baby:</b> euhmm, *hides face* uhh, a banana Daddy??!<p/><b>Daddy:</b> *frowns* Seriously? Again? Just 1 banana?? If you say banana 1 one more time I'm gonna do things with that banana grmbl ...<p/><b></b> *grunts and gets pots and pans*<p/><b></b> Sit down, Daddy will make you food. Daddy will take care of his baby. That's what Daddy's do.<p/><b></b> *starts heating up food*<p/><b>Baby:</b> hmmm Daddy, that smells good! Baby loves food!<p/><b>Daddy:</b> *turns around, frowns one eye* Baby always gets happy from food. Baby should listen to Daddy and eat when Daddy says so! You are a disobedient little girl!<p/><b>Baby:</b> *pouts* But Daddy, I try, I'm too little, it's too complicated!<p/><b>Daddy:</b> *sighs and fills plate * Come here, let Daddy take care of you.<p/><b>Baby:</b> *smiles*<p/><b>Daddy:</b> *handfeeds baby*<p/><b>Baby:</b> * eagerly eats* Thank You Daddy, my tummy is happy now!<p/><b>Daddy:</b> *smiles* Come on honey, let's go now. I'll bring the bike so baby can sit in the car because it is raining and Daddy doesn't want his baby to get wet now does he? *strokes babys face*<p/><b></b> Your Daddy's precious litlle baby sweetie.<p/><b>Baby:</b> *puts on jacket, sees Daddy get on His Harley and drive off, gets instantly wet*<p/><b></b> Oh my God ..... he's so FFFF....ery *no bad word Daddy!* sweet and so sexy and SO hot on that bike, dear Lord please kill me now ..... life is good .... 😻<p/><b></b> @babysdaddyddlg<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
Baby Face


I kinda changed it a bit and I’m gonna make it into multiple parts because I really liked this. But I hope you still enjoy it! Thank you so much for requesting it!

Younger (20-something) reader x Daryl.

Set at the S1 camp.


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I knew he was watching. He’d go off hunting in the woods across from where I sat with the others washing clothes and sometimes he’d stop to look over. I wanted to be off hunting with him but the others wouldn’t allow it. Especially Shane. Every time I brought it up he got angry.

Despite the fact that Andrea could go out on runs and hunts with the rest of the guys–most of the time, at least. And Lori–even though she chose not to, I’m willing to bet a month’s worth of meals that she’d be allowed. (Of course she’d have to be under Shane’s supervision).

I’d tried to sneak out before with him. He was gonna teach me how to shoot his crossbow–away from the mocking gaze of his perverted older brother. It never worked. Someone spotted us and ran off to Shane. For some reason Shane had taken to looking after me. He was protective, despite my continuous jabs at him for it. I didn’t need him to be my father. I wasn’t a little kid. 

“Why do we always get stuck doing the laundry?” I grumbled, same as every other day.

Amy looked at me, sharing my hatred for this. “It’s so not fair.”

“We should be taught how to hunt and take care of ourselves,” I said. “Instead we’re doing all the domestic shit. All because we’re women.”

“Well someone has to do it.” Carol’s voice was soft, trying to hide from Ed’s close ears. “If we’re off learning about hunting and protection, and the guys are either teaching or out doing it then it isn’t gonna get done.”

I made a face. “Still. We should be taught properly.”

“You’re just mad because you can’t go off with Daryl Dixon,” Jacquie teased, a playful smirk on her lips.

I splashed a bit of water her way. “No–that’s not all of it.”

“I don’t know what you see in him,” Lori said, shaking her head. “Both of them are so explosive.”

“Daryl’s different,” I told her. And I believed that. “When he’s not with Merle he’s actually pretty nice. Plus, that crossbow is helpful. It would be great to learn.”

“Yeah because he was actually planning on taking you into the woods to teach you about hunting,” Andrea scoffed.

“Oh c’mon, don’t make it dirty,” I scolded. “He was.” 

“I guess he’s not that bad looking,” Amy shrugged. 

I rolled my eyes. “He’s cute and usually pretty nice. He’s not like Merle.”

“Hey, Lori, why don’t you help a girl out?” Andrea said, gesturing towards me. “Get Shane to loosen the leash a bit.”

“You think he’ll listen to me?” she asked, her eyes wide. 

As if she didn’t know. “You do have a helluva influence on the guy,” I told her. “Just distract him for like…twenty minutes. Give me and Dixon time to slip away?” She started to shake her head. I folded my hands together and leaned towards her. “Please. Please. Please,” I repeated in my sweetest voice.

She held up her hands in defeat. “Okay, okay,” she said. “I’ll try.” 


“Are ya sure this is gonna work?” Daryl asked from my side. 

We were leaned around a tree, ready to take off once Lori got Shane’s attention. “Yes. You’ve seen him around her. He won’t notice until we’re long gone. You’ve said it yourself, ‘Shane’s no tracker’.” 

“Yeah but–”

“Go!” I whispered once’s Shane’s back was turned. The two of us took off, as quietly as we could. I followed him through the woods until we reached an empty clearing. 

We were out for a few hours and I learned the basics of the crossbow–though I still couldn’t actually hit my target. The kickback was a bit much for me, but I wasn’t gonna give up.

“We’ve gotta keep trying,” I whined as Daryl started to lead us back. “Please.”

“Later. We gotta get back. It’ll be dark soon.”

“Hey, can I ask you something?” As if he was gonna say no. When he didn’t I continued. “Could this be considered a date?”

He stopped walking, making me run into him. “What?”

I shrugged. “I don’t really know what end-of-the-world dates are–they’re probably not even a thing–but we could make them a thing and call this one.”

“You wanna date me?”

“Duh,” I said blatantly. 


Thanks for reading (I really enjoyed writing this one)

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There WILL be a part 2 to this one. I was trying to do one part but I got really into it and decided to just split it up so I could add more. 

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Admin: A Malfoy thing I just came up with and thought I'd share :D Imagine Narcissa giving baby Draco a bath and Lucius walks in and she asks him to hold Draco while she gets a towel and diaper. She comes back and sees Draco peeing all over Lucius's shirt and starts laughing uncontrollably. Lucius's face turns to disgust until baby Draco laughs for the first time ever. Lucius actually starts smiling and then joins Narcissa in laughing. It was the first time the two had laughed in years.

Hahaha I love how peeing on Lucius was the first thing Draco ever laughed at!

Thanks for sharing XD We need more Malfoy imagines

  • Taehyung: Sorry to disappoint, Jimin, but you do not have a "mean look".
  • Jimin: Oh please, I'm sure I have a mean look! I'm sure it makes people quiver in their boots!
  • Taehyung: If by "people" you mean "adorable baby kittens", then yes. Before they wobble over and lick your face.