and the award for the best scene goes to


Weekly Thorin Oakenshield Challenge # 17: A BROTP

The award for the best BROTP definitely goes to Thorin and Dwalin. I think it’s even mentioned in the appendices that they are like brothers, and you can really see that in the movies. They trust each other, they fight together, and it’s absolutely heartbreaking to see Dwalin as Thorin succumbs to the dragon-sickness; it’s such a moving scene! 

viruskit  asked:

omg what if the final episode of spn it's like an award show like who is the hottest couple, who has the best hair or whatever and EVERYONE is there and there is a in memorium section that is like half the fucking episode. god and gabe hosts and the last scene is like the best kiss and it ends with Dean and Cas being awarded it right after they kiss

what if they’re like…”and the best kiss goes to….dean and cas!” and then dean and cas both look at each other like…”we never..kissed?”

and everyone else is like

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