and the award for best hair goes to

can we talk about

this boy

this once angry grumpy child

looking at his papa yuuri and smirking/smiling and letting papa viktor ruffle his hair???? 

2017 best family award goes to…

Remus discovering you like the same books would include:
  • Remus being so excited because now he has somebody to talk to about his favourite characters
  • “I like Clary the most” “really? I like Jace more”
  • Sirius and James always complaining
  • Because they don’t understand a word of what you’re saying
  • “and the award of biggest nerd couple goes to Y/N and Moony!”
  • Reading dates
  • Having lots of hot chocolate when you’re reading
  • reading in the best places of the school
  • Lending each other books
  • So you learn now characters
  • And new worlds
  • Having small arguments
  • “how can you ship Percabeth more than Frazel?” “Percabeth is just better accept it!”
  • Cute nicknames that have to do with your favourite character
  • Watching the movies together
  • Remus would always say something during the movie
  • “they did that different in the book” “they changed that” “her hair is blonde, not brown”
  • Rolling your eyes and giggling at his cuteness
  • Kissing him so he finally shuts up and watches the movie
  • “Remus, darling, shut up and watch the movie”
  • Quoting the books
  • And taking every chance to do it
  • “do you love me?”
  • “Do I love you? My God, if your love were a grain of sand, mine would be a universe of beaches.”
  • Remus would smirk after you said that
  • “did you just quote The Princess Bride?” “maybe”
  • Staying up all night to finish a book
  • Cute kisses in between reading breaks
  • Remus would make sure there is enough food
  • He’d eat most of it
  • “Babe, where are all the chocolate frogs?”
  • “I ate them” 
  • “All?”
  • “Maybe”
  • You’d take care of the drinks
  • Silly conversations
  • “how cool would it be to be a shadowhunter?” “babe, we’re wizards, isn’t that cool enough already?” “no”
  • Shipping people in school
  • Or your best friends
  • Because they don’t understand ‘nerd language’
  • “Jilly is my OTP” “how about Sily?” “Padfoot and Evans? Never, Jilly all the way”
  • “are they talking about boats again?” “jup” “they really do love their boats” “doesn’t Moony get seasick?” “Clearly not”
  • fangirling together
  • all the time
  • about everything

but like why was isak even tying even’s tie? even knows how to tie a tie and he’s doing it (quite competently) in the bathroom, hair still dripping a little bit (sleeping over at isak’s, nothing new, moving on) when isak arrives bringing two beers for them and they make eye contact in the mirror and smile and give each other heart eyes and then isak’s gaze lowers to look at what even is doing and he just goes that’s not how you do it! isak makes him turn around and passes even the beers and grabs the tie, announcing, i’m the fucking master at this, i’ve won awards at tying ties and even is like ok show me how it’s done then in this really fond and amused tone and takes a sip of beer and isak does all the fancy flips and tucks and ends up messing it up and he still insists he’s the best and even just nods and pats isak’s (also still wet!!!) hair and thinks fuck he’s so cute and rolls his shoulders because he wants to kiss isak and isak says you have to stand still, baby and it’s the best fucking new year

The award for the best character this year goes to...

Original Imagine Link: Imagine the Winchesters take you to one of Chuck’s conventions and you learn that you are one of the most popular characters in the series.

Warnings: language

Word Count: 1443

(Y/N= your name, Y/H/C= your hair colour, Y/E/C= your eye colour)

Fic/Link to Fic:

Being a friend of Sam and Dean’s, you knew about the books. You knew how much it bothered them and how uncomfortable it made them. That’s why it came as a surprise when they wanted to visit one of his conventions.

“We promised Chuck we will attend. And we promised we’ll take you with.” Sam begged you.

“I simply don’t understand why you did that. I don’t understand why you even promised to go when you hate those books.” You laughed nervously. “Oh, and you hate those people who dress like you. Don’t get me mentioned on the case of Becky.”

This one made Sam rethink his choices a little. “Yes, but it’s still fun. We get to play pranks on them, plus we find out some things from them that we never noticed.”

“Yeah, like?” You clearly doubted that they even spoke to them.

“We found out what happened to you before you joined us.” Dean stated, cold and uninterested.

“I’m in the books?” This surprised you. You knew about everything that was written, Dean and Sam told you, but they never mentioned you. “You only now remembered to tell me I am part of the freaking books?!”

“I guess we just forgot.” Sam had a smug smile on his face.

“Hey, wait.” You ran after them and saw them sitting inside an Impala, you knew they were waiting for you. “What does he say about me?”

“You’ll have to join us and see for yourself.”

This will be fun. You thought for yourself and entered the car. Dean started it and you were on the road. It was really hot day and you regreted this jumper you were wearing. Something ad to be done. With that thought you took it off and were left in black T-shirt and black skinny jeans.

It was boring to drive with them, they spoke to each other and you didn’t care to join. You were wondering what Chuck wrote about you. How could you be so oblivious to thought that you are part of Winchesters’ lives? Of course Chuck was gonna write you in. He wrote about the way Dean fucked and how much Sam was obsesed with his latop, surely he fit you in there somewhere. At least as their sidekick.

Yeah, sure. That thought made you laugh a little because you never were their sidekick. You saved their arses quite a few times. Not even Dean could deny that.

“Okay, we’re here.”

Dean parked in front of a tall building which looked pretty scary. It was old and you wondered how it was still standing. Some kind of poster was on it and door were wide opened.

“We don’t know what or who we’ll see inside, but whatever you see, it isn’t real. It’s all costumes and masks, that’s what they do.” Sam informed you.

“They act like Halloween is in the middle of freakin’ summer.” Dean mummbled to himself, but you heard it and it made you laugh a little.

Before you could enter, you saw Chuck coming towards you. He had a huge smile plastered across his face. He shooks Dean’s and Sam’s hand and pulled you in for a hug.

“I must say, you are even more beautiful in reality.” His compliment made you blush and you looked down to your red sneakers.

“There is so much more people than the last year. Almost all of them are cosplaying, there are just a few of them that are part of the staff and the ones that probably don’t know what a convention is.” Chuck laughed and led us all inside.

“Wow.” Was all you could say.

People were walking around and they were all hanging out. What made you most surprised was that most of them looked like you. They had same (Y/H/C) hair and (Y/E/C) eyes just like you had. They wore same red sneakers like you did. Some of them wore same AC/DC shirt that you stole from Dean, some wore your thights that had flowers on them, some of them wore your brown leather jacket.

“I think she’s impressed.” Chuck laughed again and waved his hand in front of your eyes.

“But how do they know? What exactly do they know?” You suddnly remembered all the private things that you did and every private thought that you had.

“Everything, they know everything. Even some things that Sam and Dean don’t know.” Chuck whispered that last part.

“I think I need something to drink.” You said and started to search for the bar. Guy who worked there looked exactly like Dean. It scared you a little, but you reminded yourself to breathe.

“Nice.” He pointed at your outfit. “You look exactly like (Y/N)!”

“Isn’t that spooky.” You rolled your eyes. It suddenly made perfect sense why Dean hated these things.

“You don’t seem that impressed by all of this.” Fake Dean started to mix my drink.

“I was kind of brought here against my will, but I still haven’t checked out everything. Maybe I’ll change my opinion.”

“Dear fans, our dearest writer, Carver Edlund, will speak to us now. You should join us in hall 1.”  The voice over the spaker said and I obeyed. My legs brought me to hall 1 where I met with Sam and Dean again.

“Are you okay? You look a little pale.” Sam had his concerned look.

“Yeah, I’m great. I just feel a bit overwhelmed with all of this.” You smiled to show him everything is fine.

“Everyone give a big clap for the writer of the Supernatural books, Carver Edlund.” Becky announced Chuck and he entered the stage. This was 10th convention and he still looked nervous. You could see his hands shaking, but he tried to hide it with a smile.

“Thank you all for being here today. I’m happy to see so many of you, I hope you’ll have fun in all the activities that we prepared for you. I guess I’ll be taking questions now.” Most of the hands from the audience shot up and your eyes widened.

“Yeah, right. You there.” Chuck picked out a girl who looked just like you.

“Could you descibe (Y/N) for your point of view?” It surprised you to hear that question was about you.

Chuck’s eyes met your’s. “Well, she is this badass character who isn’t in any way related to brothers, but they see her as their sister. She saved them many times, some of them I didn’t even describe in the books. She must be only hunter that didn’t have screwed up family. She just showed up in my mind one day and I knew that was what the story needs. A great hunter who if female equivalent of Sam and Dean combined.” The crowd cheered and clapped at his response. Chuck picked out another question.

“I am a huge fan of (Y/N) and I think you did great with her character. I would love to meet a real person who is like her. My question is: do you plan to make her and Castiel a thing? I think they both have feeling for each other and I am dying to see them happy.”

You felt your cheeks heating up and you knew they were getting red. It made you look down, but you felt Dean’s and Sam’s eyes on you. You knew that if you looked up the questions would start.

“Uhh, I can’t really answer that. You’ll have to wait for the next book and see.” Chuck nervously laughed.

The rest of the day went great, it seemed like everybody forgot about you and Cas question. You went around with the brothers and Chuck even gave you a private tour of every place in that building.

You met a lot of fans of yourself and they all spoke kindly of you. You found out of all the ‘ships’ that existed. It made you laugh when you saw Sam and Dean escape that place as soon as they could. Many people complimented you on great portrait of (Y/N). In the end, you did have a lot of fun there, but it was time to leave.

“Thank you so much for inviting me here. I had fun, but I was also a little spooked.” You gave Chuck a hug.

“It’s nothing, you should come to this things more often. Fans really love you.” He smiled.

“Stay out of trouble, we’ll see you soon.” Dean entered Impala and you followed.

“I’m so tired, I could fall asleep right here.” You nested in your seat and closed your eyes.

“So (Y/N), when did you think of telling us about Cas?”

And The Award For Best Community On YouTube Goes To:

@therealjacksepticeye The lovely green haired man we all know and love. It’s been such a long road with him, I admit, I wasn’t with him for his first few months of being on YouTube, but man did he make me the happiest person alive. He gets all of these messages of people saying how much he helped them, and other communities don’t understand that it’s true. Sean has dedicated most of his time for us and I can’t admire anyone else with that same passion. The good old green bean still doesn’t know what he’s doing but manages to keep going through it no matter what happens. We all love you Sean, and with more people coming into the community, I’m sure we all can do great things if we follow in your path.

Thank you Sean, you have meant the world to every single one of us.

viruskit  asked:

omg what if the final episode of spn it's like an award show like who is the hottest couple, who has the best hair or whatever and EVERYONE is there and there is a in memorium section that is like half the fucking episode. god and gabe hosts and the last scene is like the best kiss and it ends with Dean and Cas being awarded it right after they kiss

what if they’re like…”and the best kiss goes to….dean and cas!” and then dean and cas both look at each other like…”we never..kissed?”

and everyone else is like

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the signs as mama awards 2015:

Aries: jimin groping jungkook on stage
Taurus: jessi and hyuna
Gemini: the fan holding the “wake me up when exo is performing” sign
Cancer: San-E’s hair
Leo: 2ne1 saving the mama awards
Virgo: shinee for best male dance group
Libra: jyp fam watching jyp sing about ass
Scorpio: pet sho p boys
Sagittarius: baekchen during ikons performance
Capricorn: jongdae’s high note in drop that
Aquarius: seungri sitting on sehun’s lap and chanhun losing it
Pisces: exo interacting with bangtan

World Cup Awards, Pt 1

Well, we’re already on to the knockout stage of the World Cup. So it seems like a good time to show some random highlights and hand out some superficial awards for the Women’s World Cup thus far. 

Best “Oh Shit!” Face goes to Sam Kerr, Australia

Most Interesting Goal Celebration goes to Ugo Njoku, Nigeria

Best Hair goes to Gaëlle Enganamouit, Cameroon

Most Awkward Way to Get Someone’s Attention In Order To Give a Hive-Five goes to Chang Weiwei, assistant coach for China

Most Thorough Medical Staff goes to China. A small wound on the back of Han Peng’s head led to her whole head being wrapped, including the ears and under the chin.

Best Wrestling Match goes to Sydney Leroux (USA) & Lina Nilsson (Sweden). Notice Lina hooking her right leg around Sydney’s left knee so she can’t get up. That’s like winning-state-in-high-school-wrestling level of skill. Haha.

The Hunger Games has been a huge part of my life for the past… Almost 5 years now and it’s coming to an end, and it’s really sad. So if we wanna cry together, we can do that, and it breaks my heart, because these movies have been the best to me. The cast, the crew, this is like, 400 people that make every one of these movies, so, this award goes to them, because there’s a lot of people who don’t get recognition for their hard work; visual effects, special effects, hair and make-up, wardrobe, stunts, grips, electricians, everybody! So I share this with them, I share this with you guys, because throughout all this madness, the fans have always been the backbone, and made me wanna keep going. So, I appreciate it, and thank you guys very much.
—  Josh Hutcherson, TCA’s 2015

“The Hunger Games has been a huge part of my life for the past… Almost 5 years now and it’s coming to an end, and it’s really sad. So if we wanna cry together, we can do that, and it breaks my heart, because these movies have been the best to me. The cast, the crew, this is like, 400 people that make every one of these movies, so, this award goes to them, because there’s a lot of people who don’t get recognition for their hard work; visual effects, special effects, hair and make-up, wardrobe, stunts, grips, electricians, everybody! So I share this with them, I share this with you guys, because throughout all this madness, the fans have always been the backbone, and made me wanna keep going. So, I appreciate it, and thank you guys very much.” (x)

Josh Hutcherson, Teen Choice Awards 2015.

Flower Power and Cameras | Jomente

So it was Sunday and the day for their first date. Joey had left early in the morning but thank god that Clemente was a morning person, he got a goodbye kiss before they seperated for a couple of hours. He had eaten a healthy breakfast before he had jumped into the shower. Putting on a long white shirt and jeans, he didn’t fix his hair. Taking his sunglasses and sunhat, he exited the room and started to look for the boy he adored.