and the award for best awkward goes to

World Cup Awards, Pt 1

Well, we’re already on to the knockout stage of the World Cup. So it seems like a good time to show some random highlights and hand out some superficial awards for the Women’s World Cup thus far. 

Best “Oh Shit!” Face goes to Sam Kerr, Australia

Most Interesting Goal Celebration goes to Ugo Njoku, Nigeria

Best Hair goes to Gaëlle Enganamouit, Cameroon

Most Awkward Way to Get Someone’s Attention In Order To Give a Hive-Five goes to Chang Weiwei, assistant coach for China

Most Thorough Medical Staff goes to China. A small wound on the back of Han Peng’s head led to her whole head being wrapped, including the ears and under the chin.

Best Wrestling Match goes to Sydney Leroux (USA) & Lina Nilsson (Sweden). Notice Lina hooking her right leg around Sydney’s left knee so she can’t get up. That’s like winning-state-in-high-school-wrestling level of skill. Haha.