and the attempt to draw manga pages


Today in “Warmups that got too far: I should be working- edition” Some more Weston stuff. I like Bluer and I remember someone requested Violet. I came back to the manga. To be honest I´m a sucker of sports anime and I enjoyed the criket tournament a lot.

And the second page…I have been tryng to draw Sebastian dancing and singing since the chapter aired up. But all my attempts where terrible. So this satdisfies me but still not sure. I really love his subtle fangs when he opens wide.

©Yana Toboso

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I will forever question why Kishimoto chose Sakura over Hinata as the main heroine. Wouldn't the girl who has a more compelling backstory and would provide more stories and depth to the manga with her presence make more sense as the main heroine? It was quite the dumb move for him.

He chose Sakura mainly because she was the blank page of Team 7 meant to react to her teammates fucked up situations, and forced a weak ass attempt at a “love triangle” in the beginning to try to make it interesting. And his idea of trying to make Sakura appeal more to the audience was to attempt to draw her cuter rather than give her a proper storyline of her own, only shows how out of touch he really was.


So I did another thing.

With the recent chapter (67) that came out, I was thinking about the current relationship of the exwires (esquires?) and how different it was from the beginning. I remembered the drawing of the group (above) and decided to make some alterations to attempt to portray how it kind of was now.

I brought in some manga pages, moved around the original image, and drew on top to make the picture (below) of them now. Konekomaru was the hardest, so I didn’t even attempt to draw him, haha, but Shiemi was actually second hardest and turned out kind of off. I still like this one, though :)


The learning begins!

On the practice pages, the top drawings above the line are copied straight from the book and then the bottom are my attempts to recreate what I’ve learned.

So far the hardest part is the head shape, muzzle, proportions, and the eyes.

Lol… so basically everything except the nose and ears.

I will be reading and practicing daily all of these books (one at a time) until I’ve learned and memorized absolutely every detail of each. I’m most excited to learn human anatomy.

And then later I want to research cartoon, manga, buildings, robots, environments/nature/scenery, and many other things until I’ve mastered most things by memory. I will be focused mostly on animal and human anatomy however. And probably plant as well. Bu I think it will be nice to understand how to draw mechanical things or objects.

Apparently a picture ISN’T worth a thousand words:Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage Ch.4. The reaction of a (relatively) SANE reader:

The Naruto fandom had a melt down earlier that entitled various reactions straining from the rational and optimistic such as

 ALL THE WAY to the questionable and the wired such as:

And than this person who is quite literally a Stephen King novel waiting to happen:

Now let’s get down to business!

What I was expecting my reaction would be to the actual chapter after seeing some of the untranslated manga pages on tumblr and reading the over dramatic comments written by readers who clearly were as illiterate to a foreign language as I was:

Instead this is what we got:

Naruto protecting our two lovely maidens like the boss that he is:

Inevitably, driving away Shin, Kishi’s obvious attempt to draw a humanized Celibi and the possible unearthly spawn of Shrek’s favorite vegetable:

BONUS!!!: Our favorite tailed beast makes a guest appearance (obviously he’s not satisfied with retirement and I’m more than tempted to help him spring out of the home in Naruto’s stomach!):

This little gem of a golden moment happened in which Naruto is questioning our girl, Chouchou’s sanity all while our sweetums’ Sarada is making sure the food’s okay. (P.S. Chouchou has totally confirmed the thing all of us already know and that is that Naruto is indeed a hunk ;D)

We get a glimpse of Uncle Naruto totally blemishing the truth. Possibly the only time I’ll except a lie:

just cause this was the result (BLUSH!)

Also lets not forget the scene that will undoubtedly have Antis everywhere cringing:

BONUS SMILE! (Uncle Naruto seriously scored some major points here, Sauce you need step up your game my DILF):

Chouchou’s dreams were once again dashed. I’m sorry homegirl it seems that our man Chouji is the only hunky dad your allowed to have, but a girl can dream, right? (P.s. Once again Sauce you need to get your head in the game cause Naruto is so fucken ahead)

Nostalgia moment!/ Shout out to part 1:

After the grub, we head to this straight-scary looking tower strangely called Ridge Tower (seriously?):

Where our Uchiha princess does the infamous but always tactical favorite I-got-to-go-potty-excuse to get to finally see the Father that she has been yearning to see for years! And then this happens. The single most extraordinary thing that any Uchiha has ever done in known history that didn’t involve mass murder. A sharingan awakens out of love:

While we the reader are teased with the reunion we should of gotten:

And instead getting the ultimate cock-block in the form of this fucken cliffhanger:

Now before we attack Sasuke, I ask us all to think! This is a man who does not take well to fuckery of any kind. Fuckery in the form of the Onionated Mutant and his obvious creator Staple-Eye Guy both of which posses the sharingan, one of the ultimate tools to fuck with your mind. 

A kekai genkai no one but he and his daughter (who he doesn’t know has barely awakened her adorably cute sharingan and who by all assumptions should be nowhere near the vicinity of a danger zone at which the onion-guy was currently in attendance) should posses, seeing as how everyone else who had it is dead. So yeah! Bet your ass Sasuke is fucken suspicious as fuck and therefore whipping out the katana from Amaterasu hell. 

Is it still sad that he’s pointing it at his daughter? Hell yes. But does he know any better? Hell Fucken NO!

My ACTUAL reaction after reading the ACTUAL chapter:

Overall I think most of us can agree that this chapter was not worth half the constant shitty drama we encountered every time we refreshed our dashboards!

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Hi dee Did you draw a manga story before greyis?

I drew pages, and scenes but not really a story.

2005 (I was 19). A story that I knew nothing about. It was just a bunch of characters with different powers and “cool” hair, but no idea what they’re gonna use the powers for, nor what they were fighting and dying for (I think only one stays alive).

Thoughts were that it’s the most original thing and I’ll be the no.1 “mangaka” in the world. Trivia: I never read one single manga back then. I don’t think I knew what manga is. Only watched anime (you can guess the genre, maybe some titles too…)

2008 Then again with the same story, but gone digital WOOHOO! Thoughts of being the best mangaka this world will ever see persists. Still no idea what the story is about. I received my first manga book, but never read it, never opened it. No kidding.

2009 I wrote a story and actually submitted to the, I think it was the 3rd, International Manga Award. You can tell I still have the confidence that I’ll sit at the top. I sketched scenes about different human emotional conditions from times to time, inspired by the complication that was my life back then.

then, 2010, I held that first manga book in hand (which was a gift I had sitting on shelf since I received it). Right then I said “I wanna try writing a short story and draw it seriously from start to finish".

My thoughts were “it’s the most unoriginal thing in the genre I most enjoy and will probably be full of cliched lines. It’s simply everything I love in a few pages.”

And here we are now.

I always say “Grey is”, is my first attempt coz all these unfinished attempts were just like me trying oil scenery painting or watercolor flower illustrations or any other medium/method/technique that I was curious about, tried it for a day and moved back to my comfort zone of bishies, or, my bed.