and the answering machine part is a LIE

🐺 The Police - “Ghost In The Machine” Meme

“There is no political solution,”
“There is no bloody revolution,”
“Where does the answer lie?”
“We are spirits in the material world,”
“Every time that I come near her/him, I just lose my nerve as I’ve done from the start,”
“Every little thing she does is magic, everything she do just turns me on.”
“My life before was tragic,”
“Must I always be alone?”
“I don’t want to spend the rest of my days keeping out of trouble,”
“I don’t ever want to play the part of a statistic on a government chart,”
“Looking like something that the cat brought in,”
“They’re only going to change this place by killing everybody in the human race.”
“They would kill me for a cigarette,”
“I’m so hungry for you,”
“You say that this wasn’t in your plan,”
“I kill conversation as I walk in the room.”
“I’m the sort of thing they ban,”
“It’s love you need, but I don’t play that game.”
“You could be my greatest fan, but I’m nobody’s friend,”
“I’ve seen the whole of the world six times over,”
“Too much information driving me insane.”
“None of his friends know right from wrong,”
“You’ve got to humanize yourself,”
“Violence here is a social norm,”
“He always was a little runt,”
“One world is enough for all of us,”
“It’s just a self deluding trick,”
“City screams are all I’ve heard in twenty years,”
“Always talking to myself,”
“The time that’s best is when surroundings fade away,”
“I’m not alone in reaching for a perfect life,”
“I’m such a lonely man,”
“You’ll see light in darkness, you will make some sense of this.”
“I can dream up schemes while I’m sitting in my seat,”
“I wish I never woke up this morning,”
“Life was easy when it was boring,”
“Instead of worrying about my clothes, I could be someone nobody knows,”