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What type of dancing did you and godwin used to do?

“Quickstep! You know, it’s like ballroom dancing, but without all the yawn. Like, foxtrot with some charleston? Ballroom swing, basically. I miss it. I know Godwin does too, but he’s just… Busy. Hell, we all are. I don’t blame him for not coming out with me so much anymore, really.

Interestingly… Uh… Well recently I was really restless, you know? And everyone else was doing stuff except Bendy… So he came out with me, and it was kind of awesome? I was really surprised. Oh crap, that sounds bad… I know he’s an incredible dancer, don’t get me wrong, but he’s… Well… He’s short. There’s no getting around that. And so I didn’t think I could really dance with him, even for humans I’m a little on the tall side myself - but he can do some amazing things. Those things more than make up for the height difference.

I’m not used to… sorta leading, I guess. Shapeshifter or not, Bendy is still short, so I still have to do that, even if he makes up for it, I’m just not accustomed to leading. I’m just saying it’s not foolproof or anything; and we’re definitely not what I’d call in-sync, it takes time to get a rhythm with a new partner… And we entered in swing, which is something I definitely know how to do, I’m not a square, but swing - the lindy hop and stuff like that, just wasn’t our bag for contests usually; so that’s kind of a switcheroo, but… My experience and his skill got us fourth place in a dance contest… our first night out. I’m really sort of stunned, I don’t know how I could have underestimated him like that.

I had a really good time. I hope he wants to do it again, especially considering Godwin’s taking a break. Who knows how good we could be? And I won’t lie, I really get a kick out of being a part of his… presentation. His talent is a showstopper alright. Plus, he’s a fun partner. We had a good time in general. Though maybe that part is more just because we’re friends than anything else.” -IG

Ghost Drift

Title: Ghost Drift [] [ao3]

Rating: T

Word Count: ~1800

Summary: "You can always find me in the Drift.“ Being a Jaeger pilot has cost Mako everything. Why have reality when memories were so much sweeter? Pacific Rim AU

Author Note: I’m not even sure I got the Pacific Rim universe stuff in here right, but I’ve done my best. I kind of think this fic is trash but let’s do it. Haven’t written anything this dialogue heavy in a while.



"Do you know why you are here?”

“No, not exactly,” Mako squinted against the harsh bright light and crossed his arms. “But it’s not the usual if you’ve got me hooked up to a lie detector.”

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