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I lost the photoshop file when my laptop died!! <:’U Luckily I saved a progress gif in Gdrive so I could just trace over it but still. I lost alot of work (I had it fully inked and was starting colour ;m;)

I’m still trying to get over the loss.


This was SO cute!! And Ken actually did a really good job!? (Also I’m noting that they called it “Ken does my makeup” rather than “boyfriend does my makeup” hmm or I’m looking into it too much)


Vicarious Visions is holding a contest to make an idle animation for Crash in the N. Sane Trilogy! Just post your suggestion for an idle animation to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with #crashidlecontest and one lucky winner will have their animation appear in the game and win a prize pack!

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Thoughts on saturnz barz?

Probably my favorite Gorillaz music video ever! Actually, it might be my favorite music video of all times! The animation was amazing, the bands new look is great, I just love everything about it! It was so detailed and so well done! (I give major props to Jamie Hewlett! Fantastic job, man!) I also like how there’s a 360 version of the video which I really enjoy. (I don’t know how many times I’ve watched it) I was so happy to hear Murdoc’s, Russel’s, and 2D’s voices again. (I nearly cried with tears of joy) I can’t stop talking about the video. I really enjoyed it. This is one of the reasons why I love Gorillaz so much. They know how to make amazing animated music videos. And Saturnz Barz is one of the greatest music videos they have ever created in my opinion. I’m so glad they’re back and I’m so glad we got a chance to see another animated music video. Hopefully we see more animated videos soon. 

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I still can’t get over how happy Murdoc was in the video. He actually looks a little youthful this phase. Everyone in the video looked great!

He is Rendy owo , I loooooove “ Bendy and the ink machine” and I decided to make an oc , idk if i will make an AU with him =/ … I’ll think about it owo.

But I have an animation in my mind xD I will try to make for the moment just the sketch animation OwO

SOORRRY for my bad english .. ;-;

Rendy the Ink demon belong to me

Bendy (and the Ink machine belong) to  TheMeatly

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Why did I decide to watch 80's Voltron. All the voice acting is terrible. If it wasn't for Peter Cullen's opening narration I would have assumed this was a shity Hong Kong dub.

Which is so ludicrous, because the cast is made up of Michael Bell, Neil Ross, Jack Angel, BJ Ward… literally some of the best performers in 80s animation! That’s just how bad Voltron is.

in all seriousness its kinda depressing how people will just write off japanese animation as a whole (like movies and shows) bc they’re like “oh im not a weeb” or be like “oh i didn’t enjoy this bc im not a weeb” like… die

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Hi idk if I've sent an ask about this (my health condition makes me forget stuff I don't document well) but ur blog is an honest to god treat and its so nice to read posts that reassure me that all the negativity about steven universe is often overhyped and the show is as strong as ever so thank u so much ily

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Oh my dear! thanks for thanking me, but theres no need, I am just doing what I feel like doing as an animation fan, a future writer/animator and a great bud!

Again, why spice when u can nice? is always better being nice to people and explaining junk!! if they don’t get it then add salt to mix the spice, but always try the pacifist route first!

About SU, well, I don’t like unfair things! and is really unfair how people’s treating the show, honestly!!

I hope you are having a gooptastic day!! 


Thats right quickdraw is not dead just taking extended breaks due to school and work and other nonsenese

BUT! i am happy to annouce that there will be a stream on March 29 8pm est featuring the wonderful, lovely, and talented animator Andrea Caprotti! Roosterteeths very own!!

so please stop by and say hi on the twitch next wednesday.

remember you can email questions for her at rtcomunityquickdraw@gmail or right here on my tumblr

see you all soon!

Voltron 84

I watched the first episode of Voltron… I was laughing and cringing at the animation. That just goes to show how much animation has improved. Still great though… and extremely cheesy… hehehe