and the anger he felt when he was 'outed'

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Tell mee about your Kiribaku headbands pleeeaaasseee :D

  • Bakugou was able to outgrow his parents by graduation at the whopping size of 5'11" but Kirishima is already 6'3" by then, and after graduation he grows another inch. More about this can be found here.
  • Kirishima left both his cat and dog at home when he moved into the dorms, and he really misses them. He has a Bengal cat who doesn’t have a voice due to an infection when he was a kitten. And the dog is a Great Dane.
  • Bakugou has an anger disorder called Intermittent explosive disorder though it’s not diagnosed (yet). When he was a kid he approached his parents and guidance counselors about there being something “wrong” and their explanations were always “it’s just mood swings” or “it’s just your genetics. Your mom has a temper too.” And after that he stopped reaching out for help and just figured that nothing was wrong, even though he felt like there was.
  • Bakugou always wanted to have pets but his apartment that he lives at doesn’t allow them. But he’s secretly been creating a list of pets that he must own at one point in his life. The top two are lizards and birds (further research must be done for both, but those are the top two).
  • Kirishima is pansexual and while technically Bakugou could allow the term gay to be used to describe it, he just views his sexuality as no one’s concern. He’s ultimately just him, and his sexuality has never been a large concern for him. More can be read about this as well as their first time here.
  • Bakugou has two settings of tried. There’s that sleepy-tried and that I-just-woke-up-don’t-fucking-mess-with-me-tried. You can learn more about this from this post here.
  • Bakugou’s type of PTSD doesn’t show through nightmares and flashbacks. For sleeping, Bakugou has the troubles of not being able to sleep—mostly during the night, it’s one of the big reason why he sleeps most of his days away when he’s able to. His trauma stemmed from the hostage situation back in middle school, and due to him not seeking help (this part is almost in direct correlation with his history of not being diagnosed with IED).
    • At that time he’d feel panic settling in if a room felt to stuffy, or his mother would go to give him a noogie—anything that he felt his breath coming out shorter or if it was hindered. After the kidnapping though, his quirk starts getting effected along with everything else. This part, almost through willing himself through it, he was able to get himself to a point that he doesn’t feel like he’s heading down a path of a panic attack—now it’s more of an unpleasant sensation that he really doesn’t want to deal with for prolonged periods of time. 
    • He can’t sleep, he knows his brain is overworking itself and making him hear noises. The dark feels overbearing and suffocating, and the walls of the dorms are thick enough that he can’t hear people but thin enough that he could hear Kirishima’s music blasting when he worked out before bed. And when they start sharing a room/bed, Bakugou finds it easier to sleep knowing that 1. If something were to happen it’ll be the two of them against the odds or 2. Kirishima would by him time before Bakugou did something or just 3. At least he’d have pleasant company.
    • His PTSD effects his mood. It’s more of a depression. I’ve compared that it makes him feel like he’s in a perpetual state of winter, where no matter how hard he tries, he feels cold. One of the few things that make him feel rather “normal” again is Kirishima who’s there and he doesn’t feel overbearing and doesn’t (at least yet) ask what’s wrong. Bakugou still has bouts of rage, mostly due to the IED, and they only make him feel worse cause they happen against his wishes.
    • Bakugou is very very guilty. He blames what happened to All Might on himself. He’s never shared these thoughts, but it’s there and it eats and festers. 
    • His quirk has grown since the (I can’t exactly call it new, but it sorta is an addition) development of the PTSD from the kidnapping. His explosions are bigger, they burn hotter and the smoke is not only nearly pitch black but it lingers. It’s almost feeding on his negativity and exposing it. 
  • Bakugou releases little tiny explosions, like the type he did when his quirk first developed, when he’s flustered (not nervous). Kirishima compares them to sparklers that he and his family would light every new years and draw obscene shapes with in the air, and they feel like fizzy candy against his (un-harden) skin. He hardens his palm if Bakugou doesn’t stop them after a few minutes (as tickling as they feel they’re still explosions and Kirishima isn’t risking it for just a tickling feeling), after that Bakugou typically realizes he’s doing it and stops. It only happens when he’s really flustered. 
  • Bakugou doesn’t hate PDA, he just seems to be unable to initiate it himself. But if Kirishima initiates it, Bakugou never refuses (or at least, he’s never felt the need to refuse it yet). There was only one time where Bakugou initiated something publicly and it was during one of those weekly bonding activities, this week’s activity was a movie night. Bakugou had enough with watching and wanted to be alone with Kirishima, so he attempted to steal his attention without causing the rest of the group to look towards him—they madeout. It didn’t work, long story short (because I’m writing about this part in my story and it’s a feels part) they had their first fight because of it/around that issue. 

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why does no one see that Steven was also creeped out by Kevin. Connie wasn't the only one experiencing that night. I keep seeing post about it ._.

Yea, this has been bugging me too! I keep seeing posts talk about how Steven was just mad on behalf of Connie or because as Stevonnie he could feel Connie’s anxiety, but while I don’t doubt the fact that Connie got hurt adds to his anger, its just really really important for people to acknowledge that Steven was also, personally, creeped out and felt violated.

I think its just because Steven is such a happy dude who is open, understanding, and forgiving and usually when he’s angry its on behalf of someone else, that people just have a hard time accepting that Steven could be angry because he, personally, felt hurt and violated

But I think its really important to acknowledge, because friendly, outgoing people can also be creeped out by someone and have their consent violated. And its often diminished by people with stuff like “You love to dance, so what was the big deal?” “You’re always dancing with anyone who asks, it couldn’t have been that bad” and just the idea that because they’re friendly and interact with almost everyone, the experience wasn’t as uncomfortable or violating as it would be for a less open, more introverted person. But it is! Having your consent violated is very jarring, whether you’re shy and will barely dance with one person or open and friendly who will dance with anyone.

I also feel like its very important to acknowledge that Steven is upset on behalf of himself, because he’s a boy. While being creeped on in that way is very common for girls, it happens to boys too and its not really talked about or acknowledged that often. And I feel like its important to keep with the message that its OK to feel angry and violated, because it was an awful thing that happened to you, rather than just having Steven’s anger be just on behalf of Connie

that’s how I feel about it anyway

promising to you // l.h

He missed you. He missed you so much, it hurt. He missed the smell of your shampoo when he pressed you to his chest and kissed the top of your head. He missed the way you rubbed his back when you two hugged, giggling when he dug his fingers into your hips. He missed your smile and how it brightened his day. He just missed you, and it fucking sucked.

But what could he do? He was the one who caused you to leave. He was the one who spit out harsh words out of anger and spite. He was the one who verbally beat you so bad, you felt the need to escape. He hurt the one he loved the most and he hated himself.

He tugged on the ends of his hair and let out a rough sigh. How could he hurt you like that? You were so good, so sweet, not saying a word back in defense as he lashed out all of his anger on you. You just looked at him, eyes full of tears but refusing to let one fall. You just nodded, too sweet to insult him back.

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a flicker of hope

sans spent the next two weeks reverting to staying in his room, he tried to go to work like his brother, but soon he found he couldn’t even function with how tired he constantly felt, when he was alone he’d cry… and when muffet needed help with the girls, he’d do his best to entertain them with jokes and magic… they seemed to enjoy it, but once he was finished, he’d go back to his room.

he had spent the first day or so destroying it, just for something to take his anger out on the universe with… but after there was nothing left he could afford to destroy, he slept.

over the next few days he’d managed to clean his room up. and it was after he pulled the blanket off of his bed that he saw it. a small pink flameling… the sight of it pissed him off more than it made him sad. he just stood there staring at it a moment before throwing the blanket back onto it and leaving the room promptly. heading to grilbys for some mustard drenched greasy food.

Trainee Killer

A/N: I changed it a bit where the reader is sort of James’ apprentice in killing all because I didn’t get what you meant by ‘future serial killer’ I don’t know if im being stupid or what. Hope that’s okay but other than that slight change everything follows what you wanted me to write. Sorry if its not that good I had writers block with this one… 


James x Reader

Word Count: 1,205


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Leon X insert reader
The fight with Leon had been explosive. Even after you had made it clear how uncomfortable you felt when he had goddesses hanging all over him he still chose to allow them to flirt with him endlessly. Unlike Leon, you weren’t able to brush it off so easily, insecurities flaring up like never before when you saw Leon with another woman. He had banished her out of the room when you entered but the damage was already done. Your anger mixed with Leon’s short temper and un willingness to change his way led to the fight of your life. Even the other gods choose not to interfere with the screaming match.

It ended with you storming away just before tears could slip from your eyes. Your blood boiled under the surface the whole walk home. You weren’t going to apologize for this one. If you had let other men touch you the way that goddess had touched him he surely would have exploded too.

A week went by without any type of contact from him. You didn’t go up to mansion because you weren’t going to beg for his forgiveness. You carried on as if you had never met him and ignored your heavy heart, but soon like always the other gods came to try and make it better again.

And each one was told the same thing. “He needs to apologize to me.” Despite them all being turned away Karno still showed up to talk to you. You were reluctant at first but if anyone was going to be reasonable it was him, so you let him in.

“I’m surprised you even opened the door for me, Scorpio didn’t get the same treatment.”

“Well he came to my door angry as ever and demanding I come back and fix Leon’s attitude.”

Karno laughed. “I don’t think it’s your job to fix it but I can understand why he came, Leon has been ready to bite someone’s head off lately.”

“I’m not going to apologize.”

“So I’ve been told. I just came to mention that Leon is dealing with wishes all by himself today. So anything you wish for he’ll see.”

You looked Karno up and down, then nodded. “Okay, I think you should go.”

“Of course it’s not polite to come over to a woman’s house unannounced.” He seemed surprised by the way you were acting but didn’t mention anything, letting himself out the front door without another word.

At first you didn’t know what to do with that information, slinking back into your bed. You could wish that he knew you were sorry, but it wasn’t true. So you settled for wishing for what you really wanted.

“I wish Leon knew how angry I am at him. I wish Leon would apologize. I wish Leon would consider my feelings. I wish Leon knew I was making meatballs that aren’t for him, and that I’m gonna eat them all myself!”
At first it was easy, angry thoughts came spilling out of you and you screamed the empty room and yet your heart still hurt. Your voice dwindled down to a measly whimper. “I wish he knew how much I missed him. I wish he knew how much I wanted to fix things. I wish he knew I fight off tears at work just thinking about him.”

You sighed. “I hope he knows I love him.”

“Stop making wishes!” He pulled you up from your bed and into his arms. “If you wanted to say sorry you should have come to me directly.” His hands trailed up your waist and up your shirt. You leaned into him, taking in his scent you had missed so much. When ever he put his hands on you it felt magical.

You ripped away from him. “No Leon….I’m not letting you get off easy this time, YOU need to say sorry.”

He growled, frustrated with you. “I did not come down here to continue this silly feud.”

“Then end it, apologize.”

“Gods don’t apologize to humans.”

“I’m not just any human Leon! I’m your girlfriend! I love you but I’m not going to let you walk all over my feelings! If you can’t do something as simple as acknowledged your wrong then…just leave.” You stood your ground. Never breaking eye contact no matter how harsh his gaze on you was. You could see a conflict of wills in him, if he loved you then he’d learn to do this one simple thing.

Instead he turned on his heel and left.

You were too tired to cry right now. Numb and lonely you got back into your bed and drifted off.
When you woke it was dark outside. You decided it would be best to just force yourself back to sleep. You turned away from the wall and something caught your eye on the floor. The floor was covered in hundreds and hundreds of white roses, even better Leon was curled up underneath some of them asleep, his bright orange hair contrasting beautifully with the roses. You turned on the light and he stirred.

“Leon what in the world!”

He jumped up. Looking around confused for a second and then bluntly avoiding eye contact with you. “I…..the girl working at the flower shop she said white roses indicate purity and washing away the past…something like that.”

“Leon you got ALL these roses from one flower shop?”


“Then how many did you have to vi-”

“Don’t worry about that….” He was blushing. “I’m sorry…I made you cry.” He pulled you from the bed and into his arms but this time with a gentleness you didn’t know he possessed. his hands tangled in your hair but he made no move to kiss you. “I won’t do anything to make you sad again. You still love me. I still love you too.”

You fought back a squeal, afraid you’d ruin this moment. “Telling me I still love you is a bit arrogant but I accept your apology anyway.”

He let out a sigh of relief and kissed you.

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Buggy looked at Bar with fear in her eye.. seeing him punch a hole into the wall made the small demon terrified.. her eye weld up in tears as she felt she had done something wrong. "I-I am s-sorry..." She sobbed as she ran off to the bathroom and locked the door.

Rick couldn’t react for a moment, he was still shaking with anger. When he finally calmed down he realized what had happened and walked over to the bathroom and softly knocked on the door. “K-Kitten? I’m not mad at you p-please come out..”

Nothing To Prove || Closed

Brendon’s ego had spread and grown like wildfire ever since he’d kept the name ‘Panic! At The Disco’ for his own, even though that wasn’t what the group was at all, anymore. When Spencer left, he thought that was it. Despite having Dallon, and now Kenny and Dan, Brendon didn’t felt it wasn’t enough.

His lingering anger and hatred for what Ryan had done to him had driven him into a quiet rage at first; the only way he could let it out was through emotionally draining song. Even Sarah had left him, fed up with his continuous fits of anger and cockiness. He was taking his fans for granted, but most of them were too blind and disbelieving to realize what he was doing wrong.

Spencer, however, saw it all as clear as day. He’d been trying to keep it under control, but he could only do so much on his own.

Which was why he called Ryan.

Now sitting alone in his living room, Spencer awaited Ryan’s voice. Linda was out running errands, so he didn’t need to think about causing her any worry.


Hyungwong does really love you - fluff

It happened again. Hyungwon, your boyfriend who you loved so deeply, left you. Again. He went out with his other members and left you on your own again. As much as you wanted to be angry at him you couldn’t… the sad thing was you were used to it.

The anger from when he did this left and the only emotions you had for when this happened was sadness and the feeling of not being wanted. You were the type of person would over think things so much to the point where you would be lying in bed crying your eyes out over a million ways a situation could go.

This time, your mind had convinced you that Hyungwon didn’t love you anymore and he was just saying the words “I love you” with no meaning and because he felt bad for you. I mean, who could blame him, he had always had compliments coming at him left, right and centre, all the girls would swoon over him so easily. There you go, over thinking once again.

You sat on your bed just thinking about what he could be out doing, out for dinner with the other members? Doing dance/ vocal practise… what if he was with another girl? You pushed that thought to the back of your mind and got up to go make yourself dinner. You settled on something simple like pasta. You cooked, ate then tidied up the kitchen.

You weren’t sure how much more you could take of this, you knew if you went up to bed you would just cry, so you decided to stay downstairs and put on some YouTube videos, you settled on long gaming videos to distract your mind.

Time passed and you found yourself yawning and almost falling asleep on the sofa. You sighed to yourself and began locking up before you took yourself to bed, you got in, turned the light off and naturally moved your arm to put it around Hyungwon. He wasn’t there. You loved him so much and you were so scared that he would leave you. Tears began to form in your eyes, wetting the left over mascara you forgot to take off. These mascara marks were then transferred to your pillow as you quietly sobbed to yourself.

After a while you heard the door open, you knew who it was. You were the sort of person who hated other people seeing you cry, it made you feel weak and judged. At lighting speed, you wiped the tears from your eyes, stopped your crying and pretended to be asleep.

Hyungwon walked into your room and looked at you, he then went up to you to see if you were asleep or not, as he went close to you he noticed the slightly damp pillow and the black mascara marks over the pillow.

“Babe?” he said to you in a worried voice. You decided to ignore him.

“I know your awake.” Hyungwon said to you still worried

You slowly opened your eyes and looked at him. Hyungwon’s eyes became soft and his face filled with worry about you.

“Y/N, what’s…what’s wrong” by the state you were in he could clearly tell that you were immensely hurt.

You sat up in bed and said “I’m fine… its nothing” you said to your boyfriend while looking away from his gaze. Hyungwon then placed his hands on your face and made you look at him “it’s clearly not nothing, Y/N… please talk to me, you know you can talk to me about anything and I’ll listen”

This made you tear up again and the tears began freefalling down your cheeks once again. “I…I just you go out all the time and we never spend any time together… I feel like you don’t love me anymore, you are bored of me. With all these other girls around you, you can have whoever you want, I keep thinking that you are going to leave me” You were now a sobbing mess. Hyungwon had wide open eyes staring at you, he then wiped away the tears on your face and pulled you into a tight hug.

“Don’t you ever dare to say that again, I want you and only you. I love you so much, never forget how much I love you Y/N, you mean everything to me, I’m so sorry that I made you feel like this, that I neglected you. I will never make you feel like this again. I’m sorry. I love you. I would never leave you ever. Remember that. I love you so much.” He was also crying at this point too.

You pulled away from the hug and looked into his brown eyes that made you melt every time; you could tell that he meant what he was saying.

“I love you too…, so so much” you said. Hyungwon then climbed into bed with you and pulled you into his chest where you both fell asleep.

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When Dean knows Rory is into Jess and gets all insecure, that feeling is so relatable and it hurts watching it. You can’t help who you fall for, and you can’t help it when that person is falling for somebody else. It sucks. And think what you want about Dean, that that must have felt awful knowing that your own girlfriend was thinking about somebody else for months before you finally got the hell out of there. I agree he had anger issues and shouldn’t have made her feel scared of him, he took his anger out on her and did a lot of wrong things. But also there is still this element to Dean where I feel sorry for him. The girl of his dreams ALWAYS chose other people over him.

     Wrath is not a sin that Vladimir’s familiar with. In all the static of his emotions, it’s very likely he’s never felt it in his life — not genuinely, anyway. It’s near impossible to break through Vladimir’s unflappable demeanor, and if there’s anything he’s good at, it’s brushing people off when they seek to spite him. 

     Should anyone manage to push the reaper to anger, they’d find that it’s very quick. He snaps, then retreats, and the entire affair is over with his hands around his victim’s neck or his own presence removed from the situation. (He doesn’t ever drain anyone out of rage. The connection between his bloodlust and his spite is nonexistent, and in the event that he uses his magic on the other person, it’s isn’t to unleash wrath, but rather to permanently end a situation.) 

     He’d feel awful after the fact. Heightened emotions take a lot of his energy, and anger even more so, which is why his thoughts during a furious bout would be get away get away get away get away—- 

Sansa x Reader: Secret kiss

For the Anon who requested a Sansa x Reader, where sansa has a crush and Theon teases her to admit it.

Sansa looked down at her hands in anger. Why did it make her so upset to see Theon flirt with you?

She watched helplessly as Theon courted you at Arya’s nameday celebration. He danced gracefully with Sansa’s (H/C) haired friend. She felt fire in her heart seeing him whisper words into your ear.

“What’s bothering you, sister?” Robb asked. He sat beside Sansa and noticed she hadn’t touched her food. When she didn’t reply he followed her gaze. “Do you fancy Theon?”

Sansa snapped out of it and glared at Robb. “God’s no, the absolute opposite.” She hissed and looked back to them.

“(Y/N) then.” He said in a quieter voice.

“What?” Sansa scowled. “No, she’s a woman, I couldn’t…” Then again, it explained the feelings she’d been having for a while. She looked down at her hands again. “What do I do, Robb?”

“One moment.” Robb stood regally, quickly going to Theon. He whispered something in his ear and in a second the kraken was walking over Sansa, leaving you to dance with Robb.

“So, you fancy the lovely lass.” Theon said as soon as he sat down. Sansa blushed and nodded her head. Theon smiled widely, as if he had gotten it out of her. As if he was the one to discover her secret. “Well, don’t mind me. I won’t flirt again. She wasn’t feeling me anyways.” He took an apple off the fruit tray and sat back in his chair. “I think she has those pretty eyes on another.”

Sansa looked up as you walked over to the table. She felt she needed to do something as you sat next to her, striking up normal conversation.

‘Why is she acting so odd?’ You thought as she stared at you.

“Well go on, little dove.” Theon whispered to Sansa before he stood and left, which you thankfully didn’t hear.

“(Y/N), I wanted to tell you something.” Sansa said finally. “Ive been pondering it, well, for the past five minutes. And, I believe, well, I know it’s not proper…”

Your heart leapt. You knew exactly what she was going to say. Before she could speak another word you took her hand and led her into the hall. Once you were out of sight you took her face into your hands and kissed her softly.

Sansa gasped into the kiss, her eyes as wide as saucers. Her lips were so soft against yours, they tasted of mint. When you parted she smiled the biggest smile you’d ever seen. You smiled with her and she hugged you tightly.

“(Y/N), I’ve been wanting that for a long time.” She admitted breathlessly.

“I can say the same.” You grinned at the excitement of it all.

“I don’t think I’d like to marry a lord.” She said shyly, and you kissed her forehead.

“I don’t want you to marry one, either.” You pulled her close, then took her to dance in the grand room again.

Prompt: 62. but can you do something like where he always loved her but thought she didnt so he dated the other girl to get over his best friend idk its cliche

62. You know, it hurt when I realized that you’re not in love with me. But nothing can compare to the pain I felt when I saw you fall in love with her.

*A/N: oh honey cliche is my specialty. this is for @moonlitirwin*

     There he goes again. Ditching you for his girlfriend. Keanu had been doing this ever since they got together, blowing off your movie days and Chinese takeout nights to go hang out with his model girlfriend. It angered you in ways you couldn’t express, yet there you sat on your couch munching on your noodles and sipping your wine alone.

     Once you had reached the cardboard bottom of your takeout box and didn’t even receive a text from Keanu, you decided enough was enough. How could he think he could just blow you off like this? It hurt, you were so in love with him and it pained you to see him flaking out on your Friday night tradition for the last 2 years. Even when Keanu was off shooting for a new movie, you would eat your food over Skype and talk about each other’s day like he never left.

     You snatched your phone off of the side table, sending a quick, “I’m coming over” text to Keanu just in case he and his girlfriend were….you know. You put on some decent clothes and grabbed your keys, storming out to your car and driving over to Keanu’s apartment.

     Keanu sat on the couch, feeling horrible for ditching you once again. He didn’t mean to, but he really couldn’t confront you after pushing down his feelings for so long. The TV wasn’t on, his “girlfriend” wasn’t in his house, he couldn’t do that to you. He couldn’t sleep with her even though they’d been dating for months. 

     The ringing of a text message pulled him out of his self pitying thoughts, and he slowly reached next to him to pick up his phone. His face lit up when he saw it was from you, and smiled when he read it. Keanu missed you, but he knew you didn’t feel the same way he did, so he had to fight to keep his love for you in control, and try to project it onto this skinny model who wasn’t you. 

     Minutes later, he heard a knock at his door. Keanu pulled himself off of the couch, pretending to be less excited than he actually was. Fake it ‘til you make it, right? The door swung open, and you stormed into his apartment without a word. Stunned, Keanu closed the door behind you, “Nice to see you too,” he said casually, which only angered you more.

     “What the hell is your problem?” You spat, turning to face him once you got to the middle of his living room.

     “Excuse me?” Keanu said, slowly walking over to meet you.

     “You haven’t skipped out on Chinese takeout night in 2 years, 2 fucking years, Keanu, so what’s different now, huh? Suddenly you get a little model and you think you’re the shit? That I’m not good enough anymore?” Your arms flailed wildly as you screamed at him, and he put his hands up as if it would calm you down.

     “Woah, woah, woah,” he said, “not good enough? Are you serious? You’re my best friend, Y/N, we’ve known each other for forever!”

     “Then fucking act like it!” You seethed, clenching your fists at your sides to fight back your tears, “If all I’ll ever be is your best friend then at least treat me like one!”

     Keanu’s face scrunched up, “All you’ll ever be…Y/N what’s going on? Are you jealous?” He secretly hoped you were, maybe there was a tiny chance you did love him.

     You sighed, tears blurring your vision. “You know, it hurt when I realized that you’re not in love with me. But nothing can compare to the pain I felt when I saw you fall in love with her.” Tears fell down your cheeks, and Keanu’s jaw dropped. You loved him?

     “You love me?” He whispered carefully, and you slowly nodded your head.

     “But…I know you don’t feel the same way, so just forget it. I’m going home. Say hi to your model for me in the morning.” As you pushed past him to head to the door, he grabbed your wrist, forcing you to face him.

     “She’s not here,” he mumbled, and you rolled your eyes.

     “Whatever, I don’t-”

     “She’s not here…because I could never sleep with her. She’s not…” Keanu looked at you, and you could see the water welling up in his beautiful brown eyes. “She’s not you.” You gasped softly as Keanu pulled you into him, placing his hands on your waist. “I love you, Y/N. The only reason I was ever with her was, well…I thought you didn’t love me. I thought having someone else would help me get over you, but I just can’t. I love you so much, and if you forgive me I promise I’ll never miss another Chinese takeout Friday for as long as I live.” He smiled down at you, and you brought your hands up to his face. You grabbed him, smashing your lips into his. Keanu drew your waist closer to him, balling his fists into your t shirt. His head tilted to deepen the kiss, and he could feel you smiling into it. The two of you came up for air, foreheads still touching and lips inches apart.


Some Rest for the Wicked || Damon, Stefan, and Bonnie


Damon had just shut the trunk when he heard the familiar sound of Elena’s SUV approaching. He frowned and turned to look at Bonnie and Stefan who were staring with such a weary resignation that he felt his protective anger flare back up. “Don’t say a word,” Damon snapped. His tone was sharp, but the frustration wasn’t directed at them. He saw Stefan purse his lips and knew that his brother understood. Damon walked over to stand between them and Elena as she parked and jumped out.

“I’ve been trying to call!” She said, her tone half accusatory and half worried. “It kept going to voicemail. Are you guys okay?” 

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@impossibleormerelyfantastic continued from ( X )

           Her gaze remained fixated on the floor.  Saying those words felt so heavy in her mouth; wrong. She never wanted it to be true.  Yes, in she had wondered but she didn’t mean for it to happen. They were both so careful. 

           His reaction to the news was surprising.  He was so calm considering what she had said.  It was strange, even in the past when she had brought up such things he would completely freak out but he was fairly calm.  Calmer than she felt. Her mind was in turmoil. There were all these emotions, fear, nervousness, joy, anger, doubt & worry. The more she thought about it the sicker she felt. 

           “My birthday.”  She said finally.  “I blame Carol.  She jinxed me.”  If she didn’t joke, she was going to lose it.  “We were talkin’ about kids ‘n now this.” Subconsciously she touched her stomach.  “I know how ya feel about kids…  So ya don’t hafta worry.”

You know what I think angers me the most? Besides his personality taking a huge shit, is that he goes around telling people that I told him he was going to hell for being gay (amongst other gay bashing insults).

First, fuck God and the ideals of heaven. Religion is a tax exempt circus of lies.

When I discovered Hedwig and the Angry Inch, it touched me in such a way, I had to share it with my brother. He had just recently came out, and felt isolated and alone. My dating life was shit and this movie helped me realized that its ok to be alone, to grow within yourself and not need another’s love to feel validated. I hoped it would give him hope. Shortly after, I went to go visit him and use the last of my unemployment money to get us matching tattoos as a reminder.
I miss him, or miss the loving soul he used to be. I truly hope he finds the peace he’s looking for.

When you’re growing up family is all you have. No one ever tells you that it doesn’t stay the same. It’s kind of heartbreaking really.

[ x ]

          BITTERNESS seeps through him in a way that he’s never felt before. Anger, yes. Frustration, yes. Irritability, yes. But bitterness? The t a s t e that it leaves in his mouth makes him even more irate with the entirety of the situation. PETER HASTINGS has done nothing but make his life a living hell ever since he had found out that he had been schmucking his daughter.

But Ted had been determined to keep on keeping on. It was a little more than detrimental to his mental health, but he had been s e t on keeping it with the lid closed shut.

          It didn’t go over smoothly when the other Hastings had drawn it out of Teddy, and here he stood, hers with her fist tight around his jacket, and him, his fist balled by his side.

“I don’t understand, Spencer. Make me understand, hm? It was fine. I could make it work – through duct tape, or by sheer WILLPOWER, but I would have made it work.”