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This meme is intended to illustrate the point that he knows nothing about the Lincoln presidency, so as not to appear ignorant of history, he attempts to obfuscate his questioner by employing the tactic of making a generalized statement about Lincoln’s intelligence to avoid any specific knowledge of the Lincoln Presidency. All of us understand that Lincoln was a genius, but what was Lincoln’s success? Trump has no idea. This is like Barney Fife explaining the Emancipation Proclamation. Andy Griffith Show, Season 3, Episode 23. Trump’s double-talk. It also illustrates the fact that he is uncomfortable mentioning the granting of freedom to the slaves, which anyone with any experience of elementary school, should know by heart.

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(via Las Vegas Strip at Night — 1958)

No Time For Sergeants” starring Andy Griffith showing at the theater.


believe it or not this all the same location - the original Lagoon from the first Creature From the Black Lagoon is also Andy Griffith’s fishing hole - and a location for Star Trek and the Rolling Stones and the Brady Bunch and Simon and Garfunkel - the little Franklin Lake Reservoir in Franklin Canyon up the hill here in Los Angeles.


Like other classic TV shows such as I Love Lucy and The Andy Griffith Show, DuckTales has never failed to draw eyeballs to the small screen. It wasn’t just a hit in the 80s and early 90s. Wherever and whenever DT was aired, it was a hit.

I remember in the late 90s, the daily reruns on our local WB affiliate were so popular that they dusted off the TV movie version of “Super DuckTales” and reaired it in primetime one Saturday night. They then reran that reairing a few weeks later.

When ABC was struggling to attract ratings with its One Saturday Morning lineup around 1997, they started rerunning DuckTales, and guess what! People started watching One Saturday Morning. In fact, DT was getting higher ratings than the new stuff Disney/ABC was touting!

The only reason DuckTales went off the air is because Disney chose to take it off the air. If it were still on, I’m sure it would be garnering ratings and
profits for the company.

And Disney knows this. Which is why they’re putting so much hope and faith in DT 2017. Kids and adults alike want to watch Uncle Scrooge and the gang do their adventuring thing.

It amazes me that the company hasn’t fully embraced this fact in the same way that they’ve embraced the popularity of Winnie the Pooh and their animated movies.

But I digress. Here’s a DT promo from the late 90s. Notice how well it captures the feel and fun of the show. It’s expertly done. If I had never seen DT before, I would want to watch it…

Pop Culture Headcanons

•Steve and Two-bit get into heated arguments about whether Mickey Mouse is better than Looney Tunes. It’s usually prompted by Steve saying something about how Two-bit always loses his shit when a Foghorn Leghorn cartoon comes on but still saying Mickey is better.

•Steve is a huge Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan fan. Like A Rolling Stone is his all-time favorite song, and he has some money set aside specifically for if Johnny Cash ever comes through Tulsa.

•Evie actually loves The Beatles, much to Steve’s disgust. She dragged Sylvia with her to go see A Hard Day’s Night (Syl will deny enjoying it until the day she dies).

•The gang loved to watch The Andy Griffith Show for the sole reason of making fun of it (Dally, Two-bit and Steve started calling one of their local cops Officer Fife), but Johnny and Ponyboy secretly loved it. They both longed to live in a place like Mayberry.

•Soda’s completely in love with Brigitte Bardot.

•When Soda gets drunk, he refuses to stop singing My Girl to Sandy.

•Evie got passionate about being a feminist after reading The Feminine Mystique. She became incredibly outspoken about it, and made Steve and Sylvia both read it.

•Cherry and Marcia love I Dream of Jeannie.

•Steve and Evie love horror movies. They love when The Nightly Double does a horror feature, especially since Steve’s never gone out with a girl who likes them.

•Dallas hates The Beach Boys. Two-bit loves tormenting him by singing Surfin’ USA or Help Me, Rhonda at the top of his lungs.

•Soda really likes comic books. It’s the only way he can stand to read.

To Kill A Mockingbird is Darry’s favorite book.

•Soda, Dally and Steve watch The Twilight Zone religiously. They usually invite the girls over to watch, too. Sylvia and Evie get really into it, but Sandy always gets freaked out. Which Soda enjoys a little too much, because she always cuddles up closer to him when it’s on. They were so angry when it went off the air that they actually wrote in to CBS.

•Darry and Ponyboy get a little too invested in Jeopardy. Soda started leaving the house when it came on at a certain point.

•Literally everybody loves American Bandstand. The gang always gets together at the Curtis’ house to watch it. Evie, Sylvia, Kathy and Sandy always get together at either Evie’s or Sandy’s to watch it- and it’s the only time Sylvia and Sandy get along. And Cherry, Marcia, Bob and Randy always get together at one of their houses to watch it.

•Two-bit and Kathy are big Lost In Space fans.

•Darry, Johnny, Dally, Two-bit, Kathy, and Evie are team Munsters. Steve, Soda, Sylvia, Pony, Marcia and Randy are team Addam’s Family. Sandy and Cherry don’t get the appeal of either.

•Mrs. Curtis adored The Lawrence Welk Show. The boys completely hated it, but after she died it somehow still always ended up being put on, and none of them had the heart to turn it off.

•Cherry, Marcia, and two of the other girls from the cheerleading squad won a talent show with a performance of Stop! In The Name of Love.

•Steve got inspired to learn electric guitar almost solely because of House of the Rising Sun.

•Cherry and Marcia are lowkey obsessed with The Monkees.

•When Sound of Silence came out, Ponyboy played the record so incessantly that Darry hid it one day when he was at track practice.

•Two-bit picked up a habit of singing I Can’t Help Myself any time someone said the words ‘sugar’ or ‘pie.’ Dallas picked up a habit of hitting Two-bit and whoever got him going.

JonTron Starters (4)
  • Books are obsolete anyway.
  • Break out your wallet daddy, I’m gonna break the bank!
  • Little did you know, the target demographic was actually gangsta kids.
  • Can’t you just take it for what it is? It’s FAKE, people!
  • Crazy mass murderers have been around since before pong, actually.
  • Where did they get their training? The Andy Griffith Show?
  • We ain’t got no geishas.
  • So one day ____ was doing ALL the crystal meth…
  • All it needed was to stick, and it did stick with us for many a sleepless night.
  • Fuck if I know, but if it had more of them, AWWWW YEAHHHHH!
  • Who hired this lady?
  • Man, numbers sure are great.
  • Two speeds: Fast. Way Too Fast. Brilliant.
  • Here’s 5 million dollars, make some shit.
  • Don’t drive fast on the wrong side of the road, it’s dangerous.
  • Sorry, I was just fucking around with the books on my shelf.
  • Ah, human spirit, she is resilient, isn’t she?
  • I thought they burned all these in the great cleansing of Rodrigo Sanchez

I have been binge watching the Andy Griffith Show and guys. I need a large cohort of you to also watch it because a) there are so many discourses to be had about gender and class here and b) so much of it is memeable. One character named Otis just said from a jail cell, “You can talk all you want, but if you want RESULTS, hit her in the mouth with a leg of lamb.” If that isn’t relatable content I don’t know what is.

REMINDER: Too Many Girls will be on TCM (Turner Classic Movie) on April 12th at 10:30 AM!! It’s the very first movie that they both starred together before The Long Long Trailer (1953) and Forever Darling (1956) also the tv series I Love Lucy (1951-1956) and The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour (1957-1960). Not only that, during the process of filming of this movie, Lucy and Desi both fell in love and starting dating - just six months later, they got married and had 20 years of marriage. Fate would have it, they both would own the RKO Studios where they first met on this movie and renamed it as “Desilu Studios” where they filmed and produced the most iconic television series of our lifetime; I Love Lucy, The Untouchables, The Andy Griffith Show, Star Trek, Mission Impossible, and etc.

The Signs as Halloween TV Specials

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Aries - “Halloween on Spooner Street” (Family Guy)
Taurus - “Halloween” (Modern Family)
Gemini - “Scaredy Pants” (SpongeBob SquarePants)
Cancer - “iScream on Halloween” (iCarly)
Leo - “The One With The Halloween Party” (Friends)
Virgo - “The Haunted House” (The Andy Griffith Show)
Libra - “Slutty Pumpkin” (How I Met Your Mother)
Scorpio - “Halloween Episode” (American Horror Story)
Sagittarius - “Treehouse of Horrors” (The Simpos
Capricorn - “Halloweentown”
Aquarius - “Scared Shrekless”
Pisces - “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”

My favourite part about kids on facebook reposting from “young Conservative” groups is when they reminisce about the “good old days” that they weren’t even alive for.

Like hey bruh you’re aware the Andy Griffith Show wasn’t a documentary about American politics right?