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Can you Reccomend some good Lengthy Bamon fics with a slow burn. Where they start of not liking eachother and overtime they get closer and closer

yesyesyesyesyes, okay, prepare yourself

1) ‘Think Twice’ by Lapis Love is sososo good

2) ‘The Other Side’ by Zesty   Bod is also amazing (although I had no clue it was complete, I need to catch up)

3) ‘Effervescent’ by RoseGoldExile, I don’t think she’s finished it but it is so well written, it’s the only fic that I’ve ever read that was written in the first person (I usually hate them)

4) ‘What Lies Beneath’ by Asher Monroe is really long and really good

5) ‘Dormiente’ by Swamy, obviously

6) ‘Second Verse, Same as the First’ by IronyRocks is a cute one

7) ‘Broken Palace’ by gb1076 is really interesting but kind of tragic (there’s a recurrent theme of abuse so you may want to avoid that if that offends you)

8) ‘Bloodshots’ by Fairie Insignias is a really cute collection of oneshots (idk if it can be classified as slow burn though)

9) ‘Facades’ by venusnv80 is really interesting, very dramatic

10) ‘Want’ by emily.down is SO GOOOOOOD, but she never finished it and it’s so sad

11) ‘Just Tonight’ by xthesebonesx is really good but, again, the theme of abuse is prominent

12) ‘Switch’ by petrovascurls is cute although there’s a lot of Stefan and Bonnie in it and I’m not too sure if Bamon were meant to be endgame as she never finished it

13) ‘A Mess of Moments’ by foxes is sweet, kind of like ‘Switch’ but definitely about Bamon

14) ‘No More I Love You’s’ by nikkisixirresistiblebitch (there are a couple of sequels to this one as well)

15) ‘you know i will adore you (‘til eternity)’ by Tarafina is absolutely amazing

16) ‘Anything Could Happen’ by abbyli is a really sweet one although they don’t really hate each other at the beginning

errm, there are a couple of other ones but I haven’t finished reading them so I can’t really recommend them for you. hope this helps, anon :)


Neptune in the 1st House Appearance

People with their Neptune in the 1st House look gentle, charming, mystical, and dreamy. They have large, amazing eyes that are easy to get lost in. Their appearance and general feel brings together power and gentleness, and they usually have heart-shaped faces.

Famous people with their Neptune in the 1st House: Taylor Swift, Marilyn Monroe, Scarlett Johansson, Ariana Grande, Paris Hilton, Gwen Stefani, and Courney Love.

How do I find what planets are in my first house? Look here!

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