and the acadamy

the doctor's ever changing opinion of gallifrey/timelords
  • one: fuck dese guys I'm out
  • two: wow my life's great now, can't believe I spent 200 years on that god forsaken orange rock, without jamie too!!
  • three: you know what idc that u pompous arseholes banished me to earth, I got da brig with me and let me tell you something they don't have moustache's like that on gallifrey
  • four: first u accuse me of treason and now you want me for president,oh my daze you guys are such nerds, jelly baby?
  • five: wtf omega!?!
  • six: you killed peri! then fragmented her in to 5 different versions of herself, you guys are fucked up, stay away from my humans!
  • seven: shit man... me, the master and the rani, used to be so cool back at the academy, like the ultimate squad y'know, now we all so damn fucked up, that's what gallifrey does to innocent childrens
  • eight: take the master's jiggly sperm back to gallifey they said, it'll be fine they said
  • war: haha GALLIFREY STANDS bitches, totally keeping this jacket as a memento
  • nine: well I'm just going to have to cover up my severe psd with immense sass, any way it's not all bad at least I have rose she's great, although somehow she reminds me of the time war and why am I still wearing the jacket that I wore when my planet burned?!?
  • ten: well the thing is martha its like every story about a kid who wants to get out of their small town but then ends up missing it, except the kid is 900 years old, the small town is an entire planet and the kid ends up committing the genocide of his own species
  • eleven: yay!! my people are back they are actually alive and I can go home, this is the best thing ever!! two tics clara I need stand on a cloud with me, myself and I and stare at this beautiful planet full of my problematic faves
  • twelve: the bae is dead and its probably your fault!! my hybrid valeyard arse has smashed on some glass for two billion years to get here and get my revenge, I told you to stay away from my humans!! and clara and peri both have scattered lives, way to rub it in. jeeze I can't believe I was so thirsty for you two hearted cunts to come back

What the hyuk did you just hyuking say about me, you little ditch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in yale (Yeehaw Acadamy of Lettuce and Eharvesting), and I’ve been involved in numerous secret plows on Al-Hayda, and I have over 300 confirmed crops. I’m trained in graze warfare and I’m the top farmer in this here farm. Y'all’re'n'th'n to me but just another target. I will harvest y'all the hyuk out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this here field,

The episode of Rebels where Ezra goes undercover in Lothal’s Acadamy made me think about certain things.

Like how some of the cadets just wanted a better life for themselves or to make their family proud and didn’t really think about the consequences of joining the Empire. Like kids going off to war dreaming of all the glory. And others came to realise the harsh reality earlier in life like Zare Leonis because of his sister.

It reminds me of that mission on Hutta in SWTOR where a father wants to run away with his son because his mother wanted to send him to the Academy where there’s a high chance he’d get killed.

Idek where I’m even going with this, it just made me think. Also Jai Kell reminds me so much of my Sith Warrior Altaire had he been light sided.