and the Doctor in blue being lost

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I sat still in the hospital waiting room with my head pounding in a daze. The term “Code Blue” still echoed through my head loud and clear as if the doctors were still in front of me. This couldn’t be fucking happening, I couldn’t have possibly just lost my wife. Everyone was in their own world. The only sound you could hear was NaNa’s off and on light sniffling. She’d been crying nonstop ever since she saw Bee barely clinging to life in my arms.


Ty’Rell called out. Until now I actually forgot he was here. I wasn’t use to Bee’s brother being around. 

Yes Ty’Rell? 

You wanna tell me what the fuck is really going on? 

First off watch your language when you’re talking to me. Secondly, what do you mean tell you what’s really going on?

I meant exactly what I said, what’s really going on? As many conversations I have had with you, you never mentioned shit about Troy’s bitch ass beating on my sister.

Look Ty’Rell this is not the time or place for this.

What do you mean this isn’t the time or place? This is the perfect time and place. Because of this motherfucker Nina is in fucking a coma fighting for her life and Lyyn is possibly dead! What the fuck do you not understand!

Correction, Brooklyyn is possibly dead because she went chasing after that husband of hers. We don’t even know if it was Troy who shot at them for real. Who knows how many people in this city want that husband of hers dead.

Yo are you fucking serious right now! You really gonna sit here and say some foul shit like that out your mouth with your fucking daughters barely fucking breathing in a hospital. You knew all along he was fucking bashing Nina’s head in and you never once said shit. Why?!

Naomi sat quietly.

Oh all of a sudden you can’t speak?

I said what I had to say Ty’Rell and nothing will change that. 

Ty’Rell let out a half angry chuckle.

You know the pieces are finally starting to fall together, I see why Lyyn doesn’t fuck with you. With me being away I only knew what you told me but sitting here for not even 24 hours I see how you really are. You hold on to Nina because her being married to a bitch ass lawyer benefits you in your social life and somewhere in your mind you think that’s okay. You throw Lyyn in the trenches because she won’t let you control her life like Nina and that eats you up. You cannot stand to see her happy not on your terms. She went to college like you asked her too, she has three businesses that she has built on her own from the ground up that are thriving and she’s happy. You don’t think that’s something as a mother to be happy and smile about? Now that I think about it, you don’t even say shit about Nina. You never talk about how outstanding her firm is doing, how she’s never lost a case since she started 5 years ago or how she’s in the process of opening another firm overseas. Everything you have ever said about her involves Troy. You don’t have to be happy to have them as daughters but I’m happy to have them as sisters. Fuck that I’m proud to call them my sisters. You know how many women out here not doing shit with their lives but here you have two thriving business owning daughters that are killing shit. How can you ever fix your mouth to say the shit you say.

Ty’Rell you been here less than one day and you think your ass know everything. Like I told you, nothing is going to change my mind about anything I said. I told your sister before she was going to get herself killed with that husband of hers but she didn’t wanna listen to me. So now look, she’s possibly dead. It’s her fault because she should have listened.

You know what Ma, don’t ever in your life contact me again until you get yourself together because something is truly wrong with you. I will always be here for my sisters starting from here on out but you don’t ever call me, lose my fucking number. 

Ty’Rell got up and headed out of the waiting room.

Ty’Rell! Ty’Rell don’t you walk away from me! Your sister is dead because of her own fuck-ups! 

I didn’t believe in putting my hands on women but I was less than one second from completely choking the shit out of Bee’s mother. It was one thing to talk shit about me but it was another to have your child on their death bed and say the shit she did. I needed to completely get away from her ass before I did something out of character. 

You bitch! 

I heard NaNa yell out. I saw Nice grab her hand and walked out the waiting room before I walked out myself. 

                                                                                         * Three Hours Later*

I been looking for you all over bruh. 

Nice came and sat beside me on the bench. I continued to look out at the ocean quietly. 

Nice let out a sigh. 

You think you wanna go wash your hands bruh?

I kept my eyes fixed straight ahead. 

Naw I’m good.

I still had Bee’s blood on them. Her smell was still lingering in my nostrils.

Look Jayhirad we’ve been best friends since 5th grade and I can’t even imagine what you’re going through inside. I cannot imagine some shit like this happening to NaNa, I would lose my entire fucking mind bruh. You might not be acting out but I can tell you’re losing your mind. You always become distant and extremely quiet when you’re literally out to kill. Whatever you wanna do you know I’m here, we’ve always been a team and nothing will ever change that. Remember you caught me getting jumped by seven motherfuckers in the school hallway?

 I let out a slight chuckle.

 Yah bruh.

Your ass didn’t ask no questions, you just jumped right in. 

Ever since then we never asked questions. When one was in some shit the other was automatically in it too. That’s the way it had been since then. We sat quietly for a few seconds.

You ready to go up now? The doctor came down looking for you. Lyyn’s surgery went well although they lost her one time, she’s stable. I told you she’d be fine, Lyyn’s a fighter. She wouldn’t leave your fucked up crazy ass by yourself. 

I laughed a little. 

Yo fuck you Nice. 

He let out a laugh. 

Yo come on bruh, the doctor said she was asking for you before she went back out of it. 

I followed Nice back inside and up to the third floor.

When we stepped in I saw NaNa standing staring out the window. 

Baby come on let’s give them a minute.

I’ll be back to check on her in a couple of hours. 

She said giving me a hug before she walked out.

We’ll be back later on, if you need anything just hit me. 

Ight bruh. 


Once Nice left I headed to the bathroom and washed my hands.

 After I was done I kissed Bee on the head before grabbing the chair in the corner and sitting it beside her bed. 

I sat down and put my head down in her lap before saying a prayer and dozing off.