and thats why we love him

remember when kara said this about the prince of daxam: “ And their son, the prince, he was rumored to be the worst of the worst. Frat boy of the universe.” well thats true since mon-el is actually the prince and we know he’s like that. now tell me, why, WHY, would u ever make kara aka the most pure person ever be with someone like him??? miss me with that shit, im tired of this ‘amazing women gotta be with awful men’ sexist tv trope bs, kara would never settle for a fuckboy like that

Day 16 and I’m still miserable and bitter without Glenn Rhee.

phil lester appreciation post

we don’t appreciate phil as much as we need to, i don’t understand why nor do i understand why dan has 2 million more subscribers than him, they should be treated equally. i mean how can you not love this adorable ball of sunshine?

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i mean look how cute he is listening to dan talk about tabinof

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and his laugh just hits us all in the feels

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and his smile is brighter than the freaking sun whyy????

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and lets not get started on his innocents 

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seriously look how innocent this boy is

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well thats all i have to say, i feel like dan making a phil appreciation post. lolzor. but you gotta love phil unless you’re a twat. anyways bye guys!

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Shawn is one of the most amazing, humble, talented, life loving and caring persons I ever know. He is like sunshine who gives this nasty, confusing world happiness and brightness, he is the person who stays real no matter what. Maybe thats why he is my inspiration, reason why I won’t give up. Maybe thats why I love him and appreciate his hard work. All I wish is that he won’t give up on anything, I wish he won’t let his self down. Because we all know how pure he is and thats why he needs to be protected by all coasts. And do you know how many reasons we can find to love him? Millions. This human deserves every humans respect. All of this may sound cheesy, but I really love this person and it’s kinda sad that he cant love me back.


i love you. for all that you are, and with all, all that i am.

Non food Hunk Headcanons

Okay, because I’ve been seeing a lot of people only talk about Hunk and food, I decided to post some of my head canons for him, because he is so much more than a food loving person

-he’s Hawaiian and bonded with Lance over being from islands
-he loves forms of physical affection
-he values his platonic relationships just as highly as his romantic ones
-after the whole pidgin fiasco with allura and coran he starts speaking pidgin more and it helps ease his anxiety and homesickness
- this leads to him having to translate what hes saying half the time because no one knows what da kine is “you know, da kine!” “No Hunk we don’t know dakine” “auwe, you bunch of lolos I don’t remember the name thats why I’m saying da kine! If I remembered I would have just told you!”
-unsurprisingly, this leads to the whole crew adopting some of the words he uses. When he hears pidge say they have chicken skin he almost cries.
-while hes not as good at programming as pidge is, hes pretty good, but his real skill is mechanics. Like the physical pieces. You give him a piece of machinery and he can take it apart and put it back together perfectly.
-he pretty much has a photographic memory, specifically when it comes to machinery.
-coran will sometimes come to him for help when there’s a mechanical issue with the ship and he can’t figure out the problem
-hunk is like scary good with alien machinery, it’s pretty crazy.
-its especially good when there’s something wrong with the Lions
-he first gains the trust of the yellow lion by pointing out some mechanical issue that had slightly bothered his lion but wasn’t a huge deal. After Hunk fixed this, yellow begins to trust him more and more with mechanical issues. It gets to the point that yellow is okay with Hunk having to shut it down to fix things.
-when the other Lions see this they begin to trust him as well.
-soon all the Lions are telling yellow if there’s a mechanical issue.
-like yeah the other paladins work on their Lions but that’s more cleaning and bonding rather than mechanical repairs.
-everyone is surprised when red goes over to Hunk after a rough battle resulting in some damages that would require Hunk to shut the lion down.
-but Hunk fixes red up and is even more surprised when he turns red on that red tells yellow to give Hunk it’s thanks.
-hunk is the first bond with all the Lions and this leads to everyone else trying to bond with the other Lions
-hunk managed something that had never been done before. Paladins never bonded with the other Lions, only their own. Because of this their ability to form voltron is stronger than ever.
-allura and coran are obviously very surprised, especially when they realize that Hunk (and eventually the others) are able to hear the other Lions. But none of the other paladins are surprised. Because if anyone could do something no one else has ever done, it’s Hunk.

Not sure why but..

Link Neal is always handsome and gorgeous and I bless the day his parents conceived him.We know this. but I feel like he is so much hotter when he’s looking slightly off camera at the crew or into the monitor. There’s just something about it that does so many things for me. But thats just my random opinion. Here’s some random pics/gifs that explain what I mean. Thank you for your time. ✌

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They Get a Call From Their Frightened Child (BTS)

Requested by a lovely anon <3 (The child was walking to/from school and people started following him/her, thats why their scared)

Feel free to send in requests guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

*Don’t own the gifs yo*

Author: Taebaby

NAMJOON: When he heard the frantic voice of his son, something beastly would awaken in him. He’d drop whatever he was doing (practice, music making, precious meal time, anything) and come storming in, ready to murder whoever that was stalking his child

YOONGI: He would become furious, like scary furious. He’d be speeding towards his daughter to pick her up and when he saw the people she were talking about, he’d seriously consider running them over. Using all of his willpower, he wouldn’t hit them and would throw open the door for his daughter to jump in

HOSEOK:  He’d start shaking, he’d be so angry. As soon as he got to the scene he’d start screaming at whoever was following his daughter before he saw the very clear distress on her face. At that point he would simply leave the stalkers shaking and swoop up his child to take her home. Might even call the police to report the creepers (so fuckin hot when he’s mad, my god, sorry)

SEOKJIN: He would normally feel fine about letting his son walk to and from school by himself, but when he got that phone call, that little arrangement would immediately be halted. With much much effort, he’d ignore the people who had been harassing his son and take him home. Jin would feel so guilty and worried that he’d even let his son skip school for a day. Would most def call the police

JIMIN: He’d almost always be able to go and pick up his son from school, but today he was running a little late and thought he’d be ok on his own just this once. He regretted it immensely. Not fifteen minutes after he gave his son permission to walk, he picked up the phone to hear his son whispering, panicking, saying there were people following him and he was hiding. Jimin would literally leave his cart in the middle of the grocery store line to go rescue him 

TAEHYUNG: At first, when he got off the phone with his nervous daughter, it didn’t register to him what she said. He’d let her walk (very reluctantly) on her own for a while now and she had been fine so far, so when she called him talking about strangers following her and getting closer, it would take him a minute. When he’d snap out of it, he’d shoot out of his seat  and out the door so fast, he might’ve even left it hanging open

JUNGKOOK: I feel like he’d be a really nervous dad, so his daughter would’ve really had to put in the effort to find a way to walk to school instead of being driven by him or taking the bus. So he wouldn’t know what the hell she was talking about at first when she called him crying, sounding very scared. He’d immediately go and get her, extremely furious that she had deliberately went against his rules, but would wait till later to scold her, wanting her to calm down and feel safe first 

Viktor liked Yuuri before they even met

Listen, Yuuri isn’t not famous. He’s the best skater in Japan, and Viktor is also a skater, so he should probably have at least heard of Yuuri before. And we also know that Yuri and Viktor had been in contact before Viktors last GPF. So what if Viktor had been crushing on Yuuri for a while, and Yuri always had to listen to him talk about Yuuri, thats why he was so annoyed and mean to Yuuri, telling him to retire already. And when the Banquet happened, it wasn’t just Viktor falling head over heals, it also was Viktor seeing his celeb crush pole dance in front of him.

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also we know why in ep 1 viktor asks if yuri wants a photo w/ him because from his perspective, all he knows of yuri is a vivacious fun-loving and sociable person who took a shit ton of photos with other skaters at that party which had probably only happened the night before, so it’d only make sense that this fun guy viktor’s already interested in would want another photo before parting, maybe chat and get each other’s numbers, right? but when yuri doesnt even say a thing to him and turns around and walks away, viktor, who has been repeatedly characterized as someone who, in the past, was incredibly irreverent and didnt really care about others or their needs and if that had been any other person probably would’ve said “whatever” and turned away, already forgetting about what just happened, but is instead left standing like this watching yuri leave

yuri katsuki enchanted the most beautiful man in the land who had never loved anyone before and left him. eros playboy, indeed. 

More Tiny Tamatoa Headcanons #2

Tamatoa is not a picky eater. Healthy food, junk food it doesn’t matter. The food would have to be either rotten or very disgusting for him to not want to eat it. He is also a ravenous glutton. He is always hungry and will often make late night snack raids into the kitchen. He will also always ask you to buy him snacks when you two are out shopping. And if he has a particular hankering for something that’s not in the house he will make you go out and buy it for him either at the convenience store or grocery store. No matter how late it is. And because food is so important to him he rarely shares it with anyone. And that’s how you know be likes (loves) you. He is willing to share his food with you.

The Lying Detective, The Caring Brother and The Soldier When We Needed Him Most

With all this hate for the episode, can we all just agree that this episode, and this season said a lot about who Sherlock, Mycroft and John really are.

Mycroft: This is a private matter.
Sherlock: John stays.
Mycroft: This is family!

Sherlock: I- I love you.

Molly: I love you.

Lestrade: Yeah I’ll take care of it.

Sherlock: Thanks, Greg

Sherlock, you don’t know what youve got til’ it’s gone. And when faced with losing john in these situations, he realises how much he needs John. He is so much more humane than he lets on, and in this episode full of thought and feeling, he himself realises he loves Molly. He is forced to choose between John and Mycroft, it nearly breaks him. The whole time he tries to convince himself and everyone around him that he is under control without anyone else, when in reality, its those closest to him that keep him afloat. He is the Lying Detective.

Mycroft: Pathetic, you always were the slow one, the idiot. You despise the family name… Put this stupid little man out of our misery!

Sherlock: [To John] Ignore everything he just said, he’s being kind. He’s trying to make it easier for me to kill him. Which is why this is going to be so much harder.

Mycroft, so much more protective and caring than we all thought, when sherlock is faced with killing either him or John, mycroft immediately tries to convince sherlock to kill him over John. And he does it in the most painless way possible; pretend John is useless, so Sherlock kills mycroft quickly. Obviously Sherlock thinks up a plan, but Mycroft’s instant thought of letting his brother have a friend without losing him again makes you see how humane he is too. Adds a bit of realism to their situation. Mycroft’s power may have got to his head at times, but in the end he is a caring brother, and loyal friend.

John: Today we have to be soldiers, Mycroft, soldiers. And that means to hell with what happens to us!

John: Soldiers?

Sherlock: Soldiers.

Ahh, John. In a way, he got what he needed this season. As Mary said, the only way he could be saved is by saving others, and he finally got the chance to step out from sherlocks shadow, stop being the blogger, and be who he really is. He’s more loyal than we were ever shown, stronger than we ever believed, and has enough human in him after all the losses he’s been through to keep not only Sherlock, but also Mycroft grounded when they are faced with challenges even they didn’t think they could face. John is a soldier. And he showed that when he needed to most.