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Can you imagine Isak's face when he finds out about Evan's mums?Something like when Evan opened his locker in that iconic way.And maybe Evan didn't tell him, bc why it's completly normal and ok(and he's kind of bitch and loves teasing him)and when he brings him to a family dinner two sweet women rushed to hug Isak and give him kiss on cheek for greeting and Isak has that"what's happening"face( same when Evan kissed him after meeting the boy squad and "u r so hot Isak" sentence)&Evan is laughing

ok so, i lied. i made this into a (sort of?) fic. so, here’s 3k words of isak finding out even has two moms. i’m sorry.

Isak is maybe, possibly freaking out. Just a little bit. Not actual, full on anxiety that makes him feel like his heart is beating as fast as a hummingbird’s, but. He’s getting there.

Even had said it so naturally too, just what do you say we drop by tomorrow?, and he had actually looked kind of nervous, to his credit, but more about Isak’s answer than actually having him meet his fucking parents.

And of course it’s easy for Even, Isak has never once seen him uncomfortable in a social situation. Even when they were standing in the tram, stealing little glances at each other and smiling nervously, Isak too fucking shy around Even to say anything, Even had managed to smooth his way through it, awesome conversation, though. So it’s understandable he’s not nervous about hanging out with three people he loves. But Isak, he can’t even have lunch with his own parents without feeling incredibly uncomfortable, let alone his boyfriend’s. What would he even say? Hello, Mr and Mrs Næsheim, I sucked your son off in the shower the other day, congrats on the genes!

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me having a conversation with my future lover

me: so what do you like about me? :3c
him: oh, my love…. everything
me: high pitched giggling
him: how about me :0
me: dont be silly harold. we talked about this already. me and my tumblr mutuals decided that you are Definitely what lightning mcqueen would look like if he was a human being. thats why i love u

BTS Reacts To You Not Liking to Smile

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When you told him why you didn’t like to smile he was a little confused but understood.

He hugged you and kissed your temple, “Don’t worry jagi, you smile with your eyes and thats all I could ever ask for.” 

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He held your hand as you struggled to tell him what you wanted. 

Once he heard you he was a little hurt that he couldn’t see your smile but he knew that it was for a good reason and he’d never want you to be uncomfortable so he didn’t push the issue.

“It’s okay jagiya. I love you and nothing will ever change that. Just show me alot of affection to show me that you are happy with me yeah?”

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He saw your eyes watering and tried to lighten the mood a little.

“Ah, I thought you just didn’t like me anymore.” He joked around. 

“I’ll always like you Jiminie-ah” You said.

He kissed your hand and hugged you, “I’ll always love you.”

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You were scared to tell him but after you did a weight was lifted off your shoulders.

“Thank you for telling me, jagiya. I hope that you feel like you can come to me about anything, everything.” He said, kissing your forehead.

“You’re so beautiful to me baby.” 

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He watched you intensely and nodded as you talked. He understood why you didn’t like to smile and even though it made him a little sad he wouldn’t force you do to anything you didn’t like. 

“I’d rather have you comfortable then uncomfortable, baby.”

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Rap Monster:

If anyone could understand what you were saying it would be Namjoon. He would accept the fact that you don’t like to smile then do his best not to bring it up again.

“I love your face with or without smiling.”

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He listened to you as you told him why you did not like to smile. He wasn’t really worried about you smiling, he just made sure you were happy and okay and understood that you just weren’t a smiler and he accepted it.

“I’m not with your smile jagiya, I’m with you. As long as you are you, I’ll always love you babe.”


Which do you prefer?

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Reasons Why Keith is #Relatable
  • Likes knives too much
  • Doesn’t know what he’s doing w/ his hair
  • Stutters when flustered
  • Ready to Fight™
  • Has never been straight
  • In love with Lance, probably 
  • Has a deep appreciation for Shiro’s existence 
  • Knows that Hunk is Very Good
  • Emo as hell but loves his friends always
  • Atrocious fashion sense but doesn’t care
  • Awkward
  • Would die for someone if they gave him a hug once
  • Usually a little irritated
  • Says jokes in a deadpan voice with a completely straight face
  • Worries too much
  • “I like it out here, it’s quiet.”
  • Too beautiful to be in this much pain
  • Mothman is his cryptid bf
  • spock: singlehandedly re-defines his identity as a vulcan, abandons his entire planet and moves 16 light years away, goes against his father's wishes to pursue a career in starfleet, spends 18 years not speaking to his family while exploring the vastness of space as a science officer, and still brings home a Nice Jewish Boy™

*leaves this here and runs away*