and thats lame as hell

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~ u h mmmm let’s see - godmodding? like I’ve had
that happen a few times. Especially godmodding 
that regards emotions and such. like that’s the worse?
or plots that change midway in a thread. AND - and
pestering. like not even for replies but just pestering
in general. that might make me sound lame but srsly
sometimes I’m not in the mood to talk to people and
when I see a million messages demanding I get back
to someone it just - well yeah it’s no good. AND ALSO
people making things difficult for ships? or what they
choose to do with their blog and character? yeah. And
like srsly not just female ocs either. idk why this is a thing
but apparently it is.
OTHER THAN THAT - like people getting legit hate is
pretty weird. like I’ve never really gotten any in all the
time I’ve been on tumblr but I’ve seen some people get
some and it’s just really odd. Like c’mon people, let’s
not hate - it’s better to be nice to each other. *cue the
hand holding and kumbaya*

ps2nocturne replied to your post “honestly all this talk of Vibes and Davids has me thinkign….. what…”

yr the physical embodiment of an arcade

just so u know i would die for u thank u

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25."Can I tell you a secret?" Hopelight ;)

Over the past year or so, Serah had gotten used to finding Hope over at her sister’s house. Honestly, even at the beginning, she hadn’t been all that surprised. Those two just seemed made for each other.

Even they were both way too dense to realize it.

There were definitely times when Serah wanted to just lock them in a room together and wait until they talked out their feelings. Sometimes she was convinced that some girl would swoon all over poor Hope and drag him away from Lightning.

Now she was wondering if that would happen the other way around.

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i know i act bitter and cynical and insincere here but i just wanna say some real shit rn

when i joke about “being too online” or “caring too much about tumblr” im not trying to put people down for caring about things cuz thats generally a lame and toxic as hell thing to do but tumblr in particular can be a lot more stressful and unhealthy than it is fun mostly for people who get too wrapped up in silly drama and i strongly encourage anyone who finds themselves often frustrated by this website to find a more healthy/productive/fun way to spend their free time

unless ur one of those weird bigot nerds in which case stay taking Ls every day you sad fucking dweeb

anyway yeah. logging off is good, get a hobby. goodnight

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giiirrrlll i ship you w tom hardcore!! my otp wow love that!!!! anyways hi i'm really short and i love reading, writing, and watching a lot of films!! i play guitar and ukulele too. i'm a huge dog person and i love activism and politics!! thats all i can think of bc i'm lame as hell but ily and your blog (i'm a bi girl btw kadjlhdks)

i ship you with yara shahidii!!! 

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I see no difference.