and thats lame as hell

I think I’ve addressed every possible theory I can think of for how we’re getting Len in 3x22, ruled out pretty much all of them in terms of logic or narrative flow (at least for what I personally would write), and still don’t have anything approaching a satisfying hypothesis for “which” Len we’re going to be seeing.

I can’t decide if I love or hate that.

syna-esthesia  asked:

25."Can I tell you a secret?" Hopelight ;)

Over the past year or so, Serah had gotten used to finding Hope over at her sister’s house. Honestly, even at the beginning, she hadn’t been all that surprised. Those two just seemed made for each other.

Even they were both way too dense to realize it.

There were definitely times when Serah wanted to just lock them in a room together and wait until they talked out their feelings. Sometimes she was convinced that some girl would swoon all over poor Hope and drag him away from Lightning.

Now she was wondering if that would happen the other way around.

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I see no difference.