and thats cool

look at chowder and lardo sitting together!! look at her feet resting on his leg!!


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I love the new Voltron show. I was already a Voltron fan from like way back, had a voltron figure when i was a kid it was awesome. I remember watching the old voltron show, Voltron and Transformers were what made me really into like power rangers and mecha stuff. Anyway the whole magical sci-fi thing reminds me of Steven Universe. I thought like most that Pidge was a guy at first and I was like -heart eyes-, but then it turned out Pidge is a girl and i finally see the benefit in being bi haha

:D I’m glad the new show is appealing to original fans!!



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We can open up our own club, it'll be so much cooler. With leather jackets and all.

* poses with leather jacket and gloriously gelled hair *

things that happened while playing pokémon go downtown

•guy leaned over our shoulders and whispered ‘pokémon go rocks’
•while we were chilling by a lure with another group of people playing, a guy rollerbladed up and asked who put the lure
•guy with a man bun sprinting across a field while his friend yells ‘have fun with your dratini!’
•guy ran up to us and frantically asked if we were on team blue and fist bumped my blue team friends, but when i said i was team yellow he ran away yelling 'no one is on yellow!?’ then he crab ran across the street with his shirt on his head
•passed two guys on their phones, one turned to us and asked if we were on the blue team, same hostility to me being on the yellow team as above but with less crabrunning
•'blue team’ was written in chalk next to the gym
•two guys rapidly biking towards three lures frantically yelling about getting there before time ran out
•just countless teenagers and adults wandering downtown on their phones yelling about pokémon
and finally
•a guy slowed down while passing us, stared at us, rolled down his windows, and started blasting the pokémon theme song


So since we’re all so hugging hug around here… Have the original mystery twins hugging it out! Anon I just want to say that I’ve been meaning to draw this for a time now… And thanks to you I got the perfect excuse. Thanks!… Also YOUR MY FIRST ANON!!!!

yoooo so blizzard is having a ‘free overwatch weekend’ for ps4 and x-box one from september 9th-11th so if you have either of those consoles and want to try out overwatch (or u have it for pc n wanna try it for the consoles like me lol) then you can!!! here’s more information here


i feel so bad for my modern au rey

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…this makes me happy