and that's why we can't have nice things



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wouldn't it be crazy if otayuri became the focal relationship of season 2 and then became canon? The antis would go absolutely nuts lol but as much as I'd like to finally win this argument with them and have my otp become canon, the antis would be calling kubo a pedophile and causing a massive stink throughout the fandom. This is why we can't have nice things.

tbh I don’t expect/necessarily need them to be canon. it’d be cool to get to know otabek more & get a better sense of the dynamic of their friendship.

romance is fine & dandy but that’s what we have fics & art for, to create the things we’d like to see. I think that’s the point that most of the anti’s are missing.

the signs as generation kill quotes
  • Aries: "Gentlemen, we just seized an airfield. That was pretty fucking ninja."
  • Taurus: "You ladies bitch if you get an MRE without a fuckin' Pop Tart."
  • Gemini: "You know, it doesn't make you gay if you think Rudy's hot. We all think he's hot."
  • Cancer: "Naw, naw, naw, Brad. You cannot say that you like Pocahontas. The genocide of my people is turned into a cartoon musical? With a singing raccoon?"
  • Leo: "If my mother ever distributed my likeness without written authorization, I would disown her."
  • Virgo: "You know what happens when you get out of the Marine Corps? You get your brains back."
  • Libra: "See? That's why we can't have nice things."
  • Scorpio: "Bravo Three's commander. Should I shoot him?"
  • Sagittarius: "Peace sucks a hairy asshole, Freddy. War is the motherfucking answer."
  • Capricorn: “Well, sir, it's just that you're incompetent, sir.”
  • Aquarius: "At least my mom took me to NASCAR!"
  • Pisces: "Oh my god, he wants to be a ballerina? That's my fucking dream!"

I need to know, because it’s almost unheard of that a sim of mine eats a quick meal, whether or not a werewolf still eats ice cream like a werewolf.  >_>;  Like… why.  It’s…. in a cylinder!

Has anyone thought the size of the ice cream tub in TS3 is like… rather ludicrous?  xD  Some people say there’s no such thing as too much ice cream but…. that is too much ice cream.  :x








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Do you really approve of violence as a means or is that just a tumblr thing?

short answer: yes.

long answer: yes and let me explain why.

I’m thirty-two years old. I was born in the mid-eighties, grew up in the nineties. This was kind of peak ‘racism is over/I don’t see race’ era. When I was a kid, I genuinely believed that there was no major racism, despite the fact that my family displayed racist beliefs. (Note, we lived in and around Detroit, MI and my family is white.)

It wasn’t until I got older and started truly listening to my black friends and other poc that I realized the whole ‘racism is over’ thing was bull shit.

But a lot of people still believe and I mean a lot. Even in the face of things like Rodney King, people wrote it off as a one-time thing, the exception not the rule.

Now, thanks to camera phones and the like, we know differently but unfortunately, the way we treat racism hasn’t changed and that’s the problem.

The thing is we (white people), have never really confronted racism. We don’t like talking about it because it makes us uncomfortable which, honestly it should. I know you’re probably wondering what this has to do with anything so here it is:

By not confronting racism, we’ve allowed it grow. We’ve sat back when people told racist jokes or made fun of black names or turned cinco de mayo into ‘let’s be racist day’. Because hey! The Civil Rights movement ended racism! And then later it was, ‘we elected a black man president so obviously racism is over’ Never mind all the racist vitriol and lynched effigies. Those were just one-time things, right?

Except they’re not. We are in this situation right now, with hate crimes on the rise and politicians being vocal racists and actual nazis, because we made it safe for them. We literally did, I’m not being hyperbolic here. We, especially the liberal side, has been so focused on being polite or rational, that we’ve given ground to these people and their ideologies.

‘Don’t be so angry.’ ‘Don’t stoop to their level.’ ‘Be the bigger person.’

It goes on and on.

And look, I get why people say those things and want people to be nice and civilized but it just doesn’t work. We’ve had, at least, three decades of (white people) not confronting racism and this is where we are.

If it sounds like I’m blaming us, honestly, I am. I include myself in this.

So right now? Yeah, I’m not going to condemn more extreme tactics. We’ve spent too long humoring racism and not pushing back, that we’ve allowed this to creep in. To be acceptable. That’s not how it should be. Racists, Nazis, and the like are the ones that should be afraid.

We can’t sit here and claim we’re good people if we allow the people who hold these beliefs one damn inch.

Misadventures #23
  • INTP: You know, people -- especially grandmas -- tend to think I look really sweet and innocent.
  • INTJ: You're KIDDING.
  • INTP: No, why? You don't think so?
  • INTJ: HECK no. I guess I could almost see it, but your eyes completely ruin it.
  • INTP: How so?
  • INTJ: They have a mischievous spark to them. It almost makes you look like a pixie or a sprite.
  • INTP: I kind of like that... Are you good at reading people's eyes?
  • INTJ: I think so. The ENTJ's eyes always light up with joy when they lie to me.
  • INTP: Let's see if I can make it go away. What should I think about?
  • INTJ: Try bunny rabbits.
  • INTP: All right.
  • INTJ: Ah, that's bet- OH, NO.
  • INTP: *laughs* Why, what happened?
  • INTJ: It got better for just a moment, but then it became worse than usual. What were you thinking about?!
  • INTP: Well, first I was thinking about bunny rabbits, but then I started thinking about killing bunny rabbits.
  • INTJ: ...
  • In Retrospect: This is why we can't have nice things.
Signs from my experience (cancer)
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  • Aries: Okay we don't usually get along really well to be honest. You just sometimes say things that hurt me and you don't even say you are sorry. Not sure if you notice tho and yeah I am kinda sensitive to things others say c; but you are also so childish which is kinda cute! If you really get to know them they are really great and loyal friends.
  • Taurus: Okay too precious for this world. Everything you do is so much art. We get along well but they can be so stubborn from time to time. Still cute and lovable. Can I just hug you all! Also loyal and make the greatest friends!
  • Gemini: Okay your sarcasm level it's over 9000! You are realists and your humor is on the other level! It's not easy to get along with them but when you do they are just the best thing that can happen to you! You are just fun to be around and I feel that you aren't as two faced that people say! Geminis I know are just so perf and cute and amazing!
  • Cancer: Okay you are my long lost brothers and sisters! I feel like we all have this really deep connection and that we just naturally get along with each other. Of course we are all little moody from time to time but we all get it and accept the fact in each other. All too precious to this world and omg.
  • Leo: So. Amazing. Omg. You are so nice and cute and funny and just adorable! I think we get along better than what people first think when they think cancers and leos. You have the funniest jokes and are loyal af. You can always trust that they are there for you! Your confidence is stunning and when you hang out with them you just notice that even you start to act more confident. Also their smile and them like overall are like sun and they are just shining brightly!
  • Virgo: We have this kind of understanding with each others. We feel like we are on the same page and all those deep conversations are something that I value so much. Sometimes you make fun of me how messy I am but it's okay! Still so freaking cute and adorable. I also admire how you actually can keep things in order like that's something I really just can't do!
  • Libra: Okay you are so nice and cute and we get along so well most of the time. Sometimes you get annoyed how clingy I am but you still bear with me and let me be my annoying self. You accept me how I am and omg. Most of you are so balanced with yourselves that I am jealous for that. So important and cute and cute and did I already say cute.
  • Scorpio: Okay why every scorpio that I have met are either hot or hot. Like is that common thing with you guys. You are all so deep stuff person but also you work hard to get what you want and when you get it, you won't let go. You are all so nice and idk just attractive persons, persons who I like to hang out with. Can I just marry you all? Oh wait that was not a question c;;
  • Sagittarius: Okay most of you are so open with other people that it hurts! You have maybe the best jokes ever and you really should think about going to comedy career! It's always fun to be around you and we never get bored when we hang out. You always want to do these extreme things what is the best! Like I said I'm never getting bored with you! c;;
  • Capricorn: Okay I haven't met many of you but you all seem to be so calm but so cute all at the same time! You set yourselves high goals and you work hardly towards them! Idk what else to say when I know so little but you are all cute c;
  • Aquarius: So freaking funny and lively! You are loud and you talk so much! It's so fun to be around you, there will be no quiet moment with you! You have really fun ideas ! You are all so adorable and funny. I get along with you quite well and I feel that we have been friends for so long even tho we haven't.
  • Pisces: Okay I either love you or then we don't really get along with each other. You are still are so cute and like everything you do (just like taurus') is really art! XD You really don't act like your age, it can go either way. Most of the time we get along with so well and you are so funny and you understand my point of view! So so so cute c;;
When you know you have been in theatre too long
  • Dad: So how did you like the show?
  • Me: Well I found the acting and directing to be solid and enjoyable, but can we talk about the set for a minute!
  • Dad: Don't get me started. A minimalistic set should not take two- three minutes to change! Also the canned music!
  • Me: I understand budgets, but canned music is just unprofessional.
  • Me: "Maybe fandom should think about why white dude slash ships are the be all and end all of representation in fandom spaces. That sort of shipping tends to come at the expense of female characters and characters of color and that's a problem."
  • You, a complete nub: "She just wants to police women's sexuality and doesn't really understand how fandom works or why M/M ships are so popular."
  • Me: o_o
[Totally Confirmed] EXO held an intervention last night for Xiumin, who they believe has a "life choices" problem. Below is the transcript of their meeting.
  • Baekhyun: Okay, I'll start. Minseok, you're sexy and can you please pay for dinner tonight?
  • Suho: No, no... ignore him. Chanyeol, I told you not to invite Baekhyun.
  • Chanyeol: Oh! You said "NOT" I thought you said "Absolutely invite Baekhyun" and I was like, "Why would I not invite Baekhyun he's like my best friend who it comes to commiting minor, inconsequential crimes."
  • Baekhyun: Aw, thanks man.
  • Suho: Minseok, do you know why we called you here?
  • Xiumin: Because we're out of wine? Yeah, I noticed. THANKS, Jongdae.
  • Chen: I don't drink white wines, they are the most racist of wines. But nice try.
  • Xiumin: LOL wine can't be racist
  • Baekhyun: LOL ikr
  • Suho: Guys what did I tell you about using internet slang offline?
  • Tao: Yeah, that's my thing!
  • Suho: No - that's not - anyway, Minseok, this is an intervention. You have a drinking problem. And also you're dating Baekhyun.
  • Sehun: We're very worried about you.
  • Xiumin: I'm dating Baekhyun?
  • Baekhyun: That's a joke right? We've been dating for a few weeks now.
  • Xiumin: Oh, so that's why you were in my bed this morning. Sorry about attacking you. Hangovers, am I right?
  • Suho: This is serious. I'm calling in that last person I want to call in. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Siwon, you can come in.
  • Sehun: Dr. Intelligence!
  • Suho: Siwon, I told you not to wear that ridiculous fake therapist costume.
  • Siwon: I'm not Siwon. I'm Dr. Intelligence, and this is just how I look.
  • Siwon: Minseok, drinking is a sin and, as the bible says, "Baekhyun's hands are the Devil's playthings".
  • Baekhyun:
  • Baekhyun: I'm not going to argue with that.
  • Xiumin: Me neither.

I’ve promised myself that I wouldn’t even comment such bullshit but I can’t stand this anymore. 

People need to get their facts right before they start accusing others of such serious things as rape, especially someone famous whose career could depend on unrealistic accusations like this one. That story has been posted years ago on a forum for groupies. Such a reliable source, isn’t it? May have happened, may have not. Even if it did, do you seriously believe it word by word? You are turning the girl’s use of words into cold-blooded felony and now he’s suddenly a serial rapist. He has raped my brother’s aunt’s best friend’s dog’s cat, true story.

Do you know anything about this man? Do you realize how much he respects women? Do you have a clue about his childhood or his relationship with his mother? Have you ever witnessed him treating a woman with anything other than affection and politeness? Last time I checked rough(-ish) sex wasn’t a crime. He’s not a vanilla guy, well-known fact. As for the girl(s) - not saying that groupies are asking for it but - they got what they wanted or they wouldn’t spread the word about their one night stands with him on groupie pages. If anything remotely close to rape happened, they would have gone to the police. You take rape seriously, I take rape seriously, I suppose they do too. 

Digging this up now when he’s in the spotlight is a low-blow. Maybe he doesn’t even care but you know what? I do, you are not only insulting him but you are insulting ME. Offending someone who you basically know nothing about, calling him names, turning fans against him is disgusting and disrespectful.  

Maybe I’ll come up with a story that may or may not be true about your idol and post it online. In a week it’ll be all over the internet that hm I don’t know, he’s beating his wife. You know it’s not true but people who don’t know him so well will believe it. How would that make you feel?

Think before you speak.