and that's why i love them


Taurus the type to never forgive you for accidentally telling one of their little secrets but have no problems spilling your personal business to anyone who’ll listen

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As a non binary person you respecting mikey just really makes me !!!!! Happy.

no offense but thats like…… i love them……. respecting them is like…. the barest minimum???? why would they bother with me if i didnt even use their pronouns and stuff???

honestly guys, dont waste your time with anyone who doesnt respect your identity, thats not even… a pre-requisite…… like…… you deserve respect……. its not too much to ask

  • Lexi: *over the comms* Everyone has to stop eating junk. For now on, only vegetables and protein!
  • Vetra: *over the secret comms* I have fifteen cases of Blast-Os in my room. We can hold out longer than she can.


Drew these a few weeks back as matching prints for my first artist alley, but forgot to post until now! I’ll never get over BT… ;;


Getting to hell is easy. The rest is where it gets hard.

me, watching the next episode’s previews and seeing hansung climbing into yeo wool’s bed:


“On a night like this, a man might believe anything’s possible.”