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why do those Voltron things make you uncomfortable?? I like basically all of them so I'm a lil??? concerned I guess?

i mean u dont have to not like them!! thats why i called them mostly harmless.. its like just 90% because i overproject on keith so im picky like… i literally dont know why galra keith and keith/rolo give me bad vibes they just Do i just dont like them

and like theres a lot of issues w/ kl@nce fandom like… racism shit and shitty yaoi tropes and esp lately the way they act like everyone HAS to love it and if you dont its because youre racist or a creep but my other reasons for being uncomf with it are personal like just the way they interact Right Now reminds me of some messy past stuff so i dont like it

and the brothers thing annoys me because… some people have it as a literal theory like “shiro forgot keith is his brother because ptsd” and im like *BANGING POTS AND PANS* NOT! HOW! THAT! WORKS! lmao. and i keep seeing jokes with it about like, shiro being Disappointed in keith for dropping out and being a weirdo and that really fucking upsets me because keith’s grief and the way his life fell apart is not something to fucking laugh at or treat as some kind of personal failing of his. and it annoys me that people just plain dont do anything with shiros character that doesnt have him in like a vaguely parental role like… hes 25 at the most and thats not Old at all and he shouldnt have to be responsible for everyone else he’s a vulnerable person… and people basically only let him be goofy or petty or just, a normal human, when it’s specifically him being keiths older brother, which is rly weird to me

idk theres just a lot of subtle things that frustrate me bc of their real life implications, or on a simpler level i Just Dont Like It, and tbh voltron fandom has been IMPRESSIVELY ridiculous with not letting people just not like things, like, someone literally started a huge fight about ~fandom policing~ on my friend’s post about how shes annoyed by/uncomfortable with the constant space parents jokes bc at this point its literally all there is to shiro and allura’s characters

its just like a weird mix of “i just dont like it tiffany” and “it’s that deep” like… ppl gotta be allowed to be bothered by shit and talk about it

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One thing that I want know about you...Your top ten female rangers in power rangers and why?

wow thats a tough question! it’s hard to rank my girls but here’s a current approximation:

  • kat hillard is #1 forever and always because i love blondes and i love pinks and i love ladies who don’t get the appreciation they deserve
  • lauren shiba is #2 because i love blondes and i looove female reds and i love ladies whose seasons hated them because somebody needs to
  • madison rocca is #3 forever because she’s beautiful and kind and perfect and a MERMAID and deserved a better season but i love the one she got anyway because i love her
  • rose ortiz is #4 always because she’s another one who doesn’t get the appreciation she deserves and she’s so cute and brilliant and pretty and i love her
  • emma goodall is #5 because she’s the most perfect and best ranger ever in existence and also gets too much hate for being adorable and amazing and better than everyone else in every way

so that’s my top 5 that are set in stone forever but here’s 5 more that are pretty close to the top

  • cassie chan, the cutest and most badass ever
  • shelby watkins, always number one in my heart
  • tori & kira are tied forever i refuse to separate them they’re my girlfriends and i love them
  • kendall morgan, also my girlfriend whom i love i’m gonna marry her once she gets a better stylist tbh

and shoutout to my girl tenaya who wasn’t a ranger but is still my fave lady on this show ever and also to every other female ranger because i love them all lots

OK but maybe part of the reason why Karen gravitates toward Frank is due to the fact they tried to save someone they loved and failed miserably. (I think it’s safe to assume Karen’s bother died because of her dad who could potentially show up as a villain.) And for Frank, he vows never to let that happen again. He’s so determined to prevent the same fate happening to an innocent person that he’s willing to plunge his hands into the darkness. Karen though… Karen always on the cusp of giving up. No matter what she does – no matter how many times she investigates and digs up the truth – someone destroys that. Someone decides to kill Mrs. Cardenas and all the other tenants, some decides to kill Ben. But seeing Frank go through hell and back just to make sure someone doesn’t go through what he did gives Karen enough courage to continue doing what she does best: sticking her hand high and above, and bringing the truth straight down to earth. 

I honestly feel that Stiles wasn’t just talking about Scott in this line. He was also referring to himself and Malia. He has been spending years and years of trying to make Lydia notice him by doing simple things such as giving her compliments (which she would ignore in the earlier years), trying to comfort her when she was sad and blah blah blah. The bottom line is that he was being utterly selfless when it came to Lydia which is good because I mean, what girl wouldn’t want that? But when Malia came along, a girl who was willing to accept every once of selflessness that Stiles had, he probably began to think of his own happiness for once. He probably realized that pining after Lydia would just be a constant reminder that her couldn’t get “the girl”. So for once he was selfish and thought of his own happiness and grabbed hold of Malia from that moment on, a girl who noticed every compliment and every comforting words he ever said to her and a girl who has been doing the same for him. 

I love Love LOVE the trope of T’Challa and Tony not being used to people giving them gifts because everyone assumes they don’t need/wouldn’t like receiving anything because they can buy it themselves so they’ve just become accustomed to giving and not receiving anything back but then they start unconsciously start buying EACH OTHER things only to notice and be like ‘What are you doing…….. and why do I like it?’.

Like they’re awkward as fuck about it once they realize it’s happening and they’re a little wary at first but they quickly get over that because they know they aren’t out to get each other or scam each other into liking them just to dip into each other’s pockets because they each have their own money. They’re just being nice to each other.

So they just start buying each other things like dinner, flowers, thoughtful little trinkets they’d think the other would like, cute baubles, donating to charities or creating scholarships in the other’s name in their respective fields, the occasional lavish thing because “Yea, we both know you can afford it but so can *I* and I *want* to give this to you because I love you you deserve it”, etc.

TL;DR: I like my two very smart, very rich boys fawning over each other and giving each other things and being flattered by it because they didn’t expect it and then just becoming utterly besotted with each other and caring for each other in their little unique ways.