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  • Jungkook: I have my own reasons.
  • Jimin: yeah? tell me one
  • Jungkook:
  • Jungkook: I love you.
  • Jimin: That's not a reason.
  • Jungkook: Yes, it is. What if someone asks me why I'm peeling onions? Because I love you. See, it is a reason.
  • Jimin:
  • Jimin: You're just trying to get some affection, aren't you
  • Jungkook: yes please
Sentence Prompts

1-We are not lost I just decided to take the scenic route .

2-I can’t decide if I want to kiss you or kil you

3-My dog likes you more than I do 

4-Hand over the last piece of cake and you won’t get hurt 

5-We went to high school together,remember ? 

6-What do you mean the house is on fire ?!

7-Are you following me ? 

8-Lets play twister

9-Is this hell ? 

10-I really don’t wont to fight you 

11- You haven’t seen Star Wars !! 

12-I dont hate you,I think 

13- Run ! 

14-I need a drink 

15- Lets have a party 

16-Why am I in love with an idiot 

17-I don’t dance 

18- I am not doing that again 

19-Thats my coffee

20- I am not drunk !

21-We’re not married ?!

22- Its a deal

23-How are we getting out of this one ?

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KnighAU, PirateAU... what about ArabicAU? Ringleader of mercenaries Yusei? Jack tried once to get into class above by stealing some treasure of Yusei? Aki as a shaman, maybe marked by a demon so that's why she's avoided? Rua and Ruka are from higher class, but Rua was about to be forced into marriage so they run away with Yusei's band? Crow working with Yusei to get food for the poorer? I probably should have done more research before speaking but I just watched a ton of belly-dancing vids


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Hey guys! This is Amiya and I’m leaving...

Hey guys! This is Amiya. I know this is very sudden, but Ive been thinking about this for a very long time now. I promise myself to post this once i reached 10k and it’s time…… I am officially closing “Jihanlife”. This includes mmeanielife, verkwanlife, and jicheollife…… 

I dont even know how to write this without getting emotional ahahahah. 

Being a part of this community is an eye opening experience. Unexceptionally. It gave me more than what ive asked for. All i wanted is a place to store jisoo and jeonghan photos. but then i met you guys and made alot amazing friends, supports, and love. OVERWHELMING LOVE. I was able to show my arts and edits and gain alot of skills through the process. Overtime the purpose of “jihanlife” had changed. It is now to spread the love and share out seventeen information to you guys. To make people learn more about seventeen and gather together as a fandom and i think my job is done here. I’ve complete my goals. Over this past 2 years, Im so glad to be able to make you guys happy. The best part of tumblr is that i can really connect with you guys like no other platform could. I love answer your question funny or serious. i love making shit post. i lovelovelove many thing about this place. it makes me feel warm and welcoming everyday. A year ago, i cant imagine leaving this place. “Jihanlife” mean so much to me…………

Now to the hard part….. as to “why im leaving…” 

The closing of jihanlife (tumblr) does not mean the ending of my love toward seventeen. Don’t worry. I’m not leaving seventeen or this fandom any time soon. I’ve been in this fandom since before they debut. I’m WAY to invested in seventeen. It’s too late to turn back now ahahah. Perhaps I even love them more that ever and will always do. But there are some reasons why i decided to leave…. and im gonna keep it very real.

1. I cant keep up with my blog. I cant work like i did before. My normal routine is to upload EVERY SINGLE PHOTOS of jisoo and jeonghan onto this blog EVERYDAY. and I run this blog alone. Once i missed a day. Its hard for me to go back and reupload it. Sometime it can take up to 6-8 hours per day. And thats just too much. I know i dont have to upload every single photos out there but its just my thing you know. and it starts to become a burden to me. Almost like task i need to complete. It starts to feel like work instead of hobby. I somehow pressure myself into it and i started to “hate” this blog. Someday it left my heart heavy and i want to get it off……. 

2. Unpleasant personal experiences with fansites. Ive been in the fandom for sometime now. For 3-4 years. I know things and experience things that are fairly unpleasant. Something most people dont know about and i wish you will never know.. ever. Since then, i dont feel the same. It’s hard to explain you directly but it is what it is. I really do wish i havent experienced those negative stuff but it hit me hard and yep life is life. Shit happened once in a while and its okay. i get it. i get over it. moved on. But little bit little, I lose that motivation, I gave them those “maybes”. The will to run this blog as energetic as before, its slowly disappearing. i highly respect fansites. I was one before (and pls dont dig up my history lol its ancient). It takes alot of time, money, effort, and passion. Since this blog is highly involved with fansites. I gave them credibility of their works, respect their works and understand their tricky circumstances that most people wont understand, but unfortunately Ive never recieve any form for mutual respect and instead an “unpleasant” experiences. Dont get me wrong, there are alot of good fansites out there. Ones that respect you as a human being. But Im just never lucky to met/known ones. It sucks. (At the end, you do you. Me do Me. Im good. No hard feelings <3 )

3. It’s time. You know when you do so many cooking to the point that you can just tell by instinct that your chicken is cooked. No? me neither. I dont cook lol. All jokes a side, i really mean it. I just feel it is the best time to leave it like this and move on.

4. I’m Confused. There are alot happening in my life right now and im confused. So I need to make the decision and cut something out. A huge sacrifice. Jihanlife is my life and i love it so much. Ive worked on it so so hard 24/7 for the past 2 years but we need to make that decision to move on. Maybe I just need a break. Sorry for not being able to do this anymore…. Im so sorry…..

5. I ate too many gummies bear. I ate too many gummies bear. I ran out. I need to buy a new jar. so i cant blog. (lol)

Im not gonna deactivate this blog (yet). Im gonna leave it like that because damn i worked on it everyday for the past 2 years for nothing ahahahh . If you guys want to check out old photos of Jihan. You can still swim in the archive! 

After I posted this in my blog, ill be here for the next 48 hrs before permanently leaving. So i can answer and talk to you guys <3 

Even though im leaving tumblr but you still can find me screaming about seventeen, retweeting Jihan photos, doing this same shit on


Follow my personal life! You can stalk me on youtube and IG. I just started a youtube channel! Yes im moving from tumblr to youtube now ahhahha. I have alot planned ahead and it would be nice to have my friend here go along on a journey with me! <33 im not quite sure with the content yet but im trying! So Join the Journey to the wildness of random shit LOL! So stay tune!!! 

Youtube: Amy Choo

IG: gam.choo

It has been an amazing and precious experience. Truly. I hope you guys will keep continue loving seventeen and support them and yeah i hope you guys will do amazing…. as always. I will always be there for you even if im not in here anymore. Thank you for being so kind and caring to me. Thankyou for cheering me up when im down. Thankyou for adoring my work. Thankyou for being positive. Thank you for making this place a special place <3

This has been Amiya. Thank you for having me. Be kind, stay humble, believe unicorn and eat alot of cotton candy. I love you all.

Continue to spread the love.

Jihanlife (amiya)

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Seventeen react to their s/o coming home a lot later than usual (past midnight) due to a really bad thunder storm thats going on and couldn't tell anyone bc their phone died. Thanks I love boo and the blog xx

S.Coups, Joshua, Jun, Wonwoo, Mingyu & Vernon would still be up because they were worried and waited for them to come home.

Woozi, The8 & Dino would scold them for making them worry so much.

Hoshi, DK & Seungkwan would run over to them and bombard them with questions like, “ARE YOU ALL RIGHT?” “WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?” “WHY DID YOU TURN OFF YOUR PHONE? OH, IT DIED? WHY DON’T YOU HAVE YOUR CHARGER?”

Jeonghan would have fallen asleep while waiting for you, but then scold you in the morning.

thank you for your request!! ^^

Hey guys! Some of you already know this, but I created a fanfiction help blog called @hazelsfanfictionguide! It has a decent amount of posts on it now, and I keep it running with reblogs and original posts a couple times a week. I would really love to see it grow!

If you’re a new writer, or new to fanfiction, this could be a great resource. Of course, seasoned writers can always learn something new too, right? I would appreciate you guys spreading this around and letting others know about it! I’d love to see more interaction and for the blog to become a place for people new to fancfictuon on Tumblr to get help. And it’s not just for Supernatural, it’s for ALL fanfiction writers!!

So please, reblog this and let others know. I will be very grateful!!

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Hey! I have a question, what type of demon is cr1tikal? (If you have decided that yet, also I love this blog)

Hes your typical run o the mill demon that steals ppls souls and bargains w mortals to fuck them up. But hes v chill and relaxed about it and only does horrible trades w horrible people. Hes too sympathetic to people who are sad and desperate and lonely to fuck them up even more u_u

Hes a shitty demon but thats why he and Mark are friends :>

Update !

I wont be using this side blog anymore other than for photo memories, I have recently (the past few months up until now) started becoming allergic to jiji and its gotten really bad to the point my arms swell up and my whole body gets red rashes across it, aswell as my eyes burn. Because of this im having to find him a new home, which is hurting me but its for the best and is best for him. I cant keep him and not touch him or clean his cage, thats cruel, he deserves a happy life.

People are coming to see him today and they want to have him running around their house with another Netherland dwarf bun which is amazing and better than his life here!!

My main blog is milkyfaerie so ill reblog buns there, i just want this one for the posts ive made of my baby boy.

I love him to death and just want whats best for him. So thats why there wont be any posts of him from now on, and why i havent been able to take any for a while.

anonymous asked:

this blog is the greatest thing thats ever happened to me and i love it thank you for this im sorry

Don’t be sorry Anon! I’m glad you enjoy the blog so much and that it makes you happy. I think it’s one of the best feelings when you find out you’re not alone in how much you love something, and honestly that’s part of why I love running this blog and interacting with you guys. Here we stand, united, because we all really want to fuck Wheatley.

-Admin Hats

The TYA Games 1/3


Anonymous said:Can you write and imagine where you & Newt are in the hunger games together & you fall for each other? I don’t think I’ve seen a fan fiction with maze runner/hunger games combined I think that would be pretty cool :)

littleteahoney said:Request: You find out you’re pregnant with Newt’s child in the glade, and all the other graders PROTECT you and take care of you until the child arrives? :)maybe a little smut with Newt? I love your blog it kills me


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  • tucute: but why would u be happy about mogai-archive being taken down???? it helped so many questioning queer and trans people uwu....
  • what i think: If by "helping" you mean leading naive teenagers into attention-seeking delusions, sure. Their genders, pronouns, and sexualities had nothing to do with actual gender or sexual preference, and more than anything it seemed like it was making fun of LGBT people. Like, not everyone gets to be LGBT and that's okay, stop trying to invade our safe spaces though. Also, don't even get me started on those fucking mental disorder genders (anxiegender, autisgender, etc). What the fuck was with that? Do they just love hurting less privileged people? The blog was run by shitty people who didn't actually review the genders and sexualities that were submitted, and they didn't even care who they were hurting. That's why it deserved to be taken down.
  • what I actually say: Because it was a bad blog.

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You should post all of Rory's love interest, you can't be biased about it. That's why I unfollowed your blog and followed other gilmore blogs.

Actually, the fact that this is my blog, which I run in my own free time, and get no form of payment for, means I can post whatever I feel like, and be as biased as I want.
I could post nothing but pictures of animals in tutus, and there’s nothing anybody could do about it.
You weren’t forced to follow me in the first place, and I have no intention of forcing you to stay.
There are some other really great Gilmore Girls blogs out there, and I really hope you enjoy following them!
Just as I’ll enjoy continuing to post, or not post, whatever I want to, and having a hell of a lot of fun interacting with the 15,000 people who did decide to stay.

  • INFJ makes Chinese food while watching Waterworld, loses appetite. Days later, raids fridge and finds Chinese food.
  • INFJ: Hmmmmmmmummmm! This has loved itself up in its own flavors! Delicious!
  • INTP laughs.
  • INTP: You should put that on your blog.
  • INFJ considers this.
  • INFJ: See, this is why I want you to help me run it. So someone can record all the funny stuff *I* say.
  • INTP: Well, I'd live to serve you if I could-
  • INFJ: That's a lie, because you totally could if you wanted to and yet you do not.

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following spree!!!!

hi everyone!!! i finally have this blog up and running, so i want to start following some blogs. im looking for astro centric blogs, but i love love love bts, vixx and seventeen, so if you post about them thats totally awesome too!!!

please understand that i will only consider following you if you reblog this post!! (i want to follow a ton of blogs, so thats why :’’))

thank you!!!!

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Can I have one gif of EXO farting in front of their girlfriend this time. And yes. I am the one who asked about the girlfriend farting on them. Expect more from me cuz I will ask as a lot of funny and weird ones. Love your blog that's why! <3

aww thank you sweetie ♥ sent as many requests as you want :)

here you go:)

Xiumin: “ooops” 

Luhan: “men do this all the time”

Kris: *when you tease him about it*

Suho: *he doesn’t want you to understand what he did* “uhmm-let’s keep some distance,shall we?”

Lay: *tries to hold it in*

D.O: “i ate some Mexican food on my way here so….”

Chen: *to himself*


Baekhyun: “uum-i have to go to the bathroom” *runs out of the room*

Kai: *embaressed*

Tao: *looks away nervously*

Sehun: *mocks you for teasing him*

enjoy ♥

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I didnt know that two sstards were running the sawyerpage, that's ridiculous and sawyer would be disappointed lol

Is that why Sawyer kept in contact personally with our admin and was so excited and humble that someone would love him enough to make a fanpage about him and his reviews? And that our blog is one of the only two blogs that he follows on his Tumblr account? Disappointed? I think you mean delighted, dear. <3

And just for the record, there are more than just two people part of the team-sawyer7mage blog. It’s a shame that us ‘sstards’ care more for an individual such as Sawyer than your fandom does. How pitiful. ;)