and that's whats most important

yes but can we talk about Hiram’s violet head because it’s really important to me

he tells the gold head that he prefers to be called violet, not purple


but that’s not all


reason #87 why I’d rather live in Night Vale than here


Swan Believer Appreciation Week

Day 2 - Favorite Heartbreaking Moment(s)


“Hello, I’m Adam.”


Melinda May | Favorite Relationships { “By luck, I meant pure unappreciated genius.” “You two geniuses […]” }

please headcanon characters as aro spectrum
  • please headcanon characters as aromantic
  • please headcanon characters as aro spectrum
  • please include aromantic characters in your headcanons
  • please acknowledge aromantic headcanons
Captain America: Civil War' bromance: Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie on Cap's 'greatest love'
  • Interviewer:Would you say that Bucky Barnes is—
  • Anthony:A nightmare, yeah!
  • Interviewer:—the greatest love of Captain America, more so than Peggy Carter?
  • Chris:Yeah, they love saying—the Russos love saying that it's a love story. Uhm, I would certainly say that—You got a guy, Captain America, you got a guy who—he lost everything, he gave everything and he lost everything. So as a result there's certainly gonna be a direct allegiance to anyone from his past, and a direct priority to anyone from his origin, his original family. So, in that regard, it is a love story. The same way I love my brother, the same way I love my father, the same way I love my friends. That's a love story, that's a love story. You know, you can take it however you wanna take it, but the fact is that's a love story. So, so I think in this film you see Cap for the first time prioritize that love over his allegiance to the masses, which has always been his M.O. He's always given up himself, and put himself last for what other people need. But in this movie, Bucky means more to him, and it's what creates the conflict, really.

just a friendly reminder that dan and phil are so important and are worth so much and i love them so much and that interview did not do them any justice


Ryeowook’s Birthday Countdown [D-02]: Super Junior’s Main Vocalist Kim Ryeowook
↳ “I tried to do my best [when acting], but I am more confident about my singing…”

If someone would ask me about gintama’s plot I would say it’s a story about people who lived through a war and now are trying to keep living the best life they can, while meeting a lot of other people who carry a heavy burden as well themselves. Yet the ghosts and sins of their past are hunting them so they try to fight and learn that one’s burden is much lighter when someone’s helping you carry it.


Given straight to Paul Scholes - what about that! What about that! 

kinda disappointed there won’t be flashbacks of young hannibal lecter because we’re going to miss out on a few potentially wonderful experiences, such as:

  • hannibal lecter in bad 80’s fashion
  • hannibal lecter’s first day of medical school (aunt packed his lunch, took pictures at the bus stop)
  • hannibal lecter seeing a boob for the first time in a sexual situation (and thinking they’re so much better when the person they’re attached to is alive)
  • hannibal lecter hearing bohemian rhapsody for the first time and losing his shit because it’s such a religious experience
  • hannibal lecter making gourmet pot brownies for the first time (probably related to the first time he heard bohemian rhapsody)
  • hannibal lecter’s anime character drawing phase
  • hannibal lecter gets his first ridiculous plaid suit and wears it all the time

From an interview (x) given just after Seeds aired. Possibly the only mainstream interview I’ve seen that acknowledges the actual relationship of Skye and Coulson as centrally important. It made me hella happy, is what I’m saying.

i love cole so much I almost feel sick when I think about him or see anyone drawing or talking about him like just my heart hurts and I get nauseous is that bad

thats bad right


Type 0 Events after the Gregorian calendar

I made this for reference for my own, but I figured it would be interesting anyways. I left a lot out, I just put the important missions on it + Class Zero’s birthdays and really important happenings.

… And because it is so damn long I put it under a Read More.

Edit August 20th ‘16: Edited the formating, typos, as well some information. 

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All the, not C/exa but /exa stans calling Bellamy abusive in that Bellarke scene, I mean I dont get it, people who are close to eachother call eachother out on their bullshit, thats what Bellamy did to Clarke, when you are hurt you show emotions, you tell everything whats on your mind because thats the only way to survive the hurt, when you are someones partner( romantically or platonically) you tell them what you think, you dont hide it, you dont go around it, you are there to make the other person realise what they did wrong and that they hurt you, that is a basic foundation of a healthy relationship, you dont just go with the flow, you are honest and sometimes you yell, and you are sarcastic but you say whats on your mind, because trust is the most important thing in any relationship, and thats what I saw when Bellamy and Clarke confronted eachother, it wasnt nice and fluffy and sweet, it was rough, and hard to watch, and angsty and emotional BUT THATS WHAT ITS LIKE IN LIFE
If you love and respect someone you will not beat behind a bush about it