and that's whats most important

yes but can we talk about Hiram’s violet head because it’s really important to me

he tells the gold head that he prefers to be called violet, not purple


but that’s not all


reason #87 why I’d rather live in Night Vale than here

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What’s your name: Ryan
Nicknames: Um I don’t have any currently, but I have friends that call me the real life Marcus so that’s pretty cool I guess.
Where are you from: Texas. Yeehaw or whatever.
What is your favorite color: Red
Write something in all caps: SOMETHING
Favorite artist/band: I could give you a list of bands I listen to (some of them are trashy), but I cannot pick a favorite. Die antwoord, msi, Starbomb, nsp, Eliza Rickman, Bloodhound Gang, Marilyn Manson, Studio Killers, and ect. The list goes on because I listen to a lot of different music.
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Crushing on: I’m in a relationship so I only really crush on fictional characters and Dylan Marron. Lmfao.
Reason to smile: I went to a bowling training center yesterday. I wanna be a pro-bowler so it was really cool.
Favorite season: Fall
Number: Here a list of numbers. They don’t mean anything. (they do): 11, 27, 37, 0, 49, 49, 52
Favorite drink: Dr. Pepper, ginger ale, and tea.

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honestly, it’s so disturbing that books about the american involvement in ww2 can completely avoid mentioning the holocaust without ruining the narrative.

when you look at that time period from a modern perspective, it’s hard to overlook the holocaust (unless you’re a disgusting antisemite). listening to survivor’s at yom hashoah was (additional) visceral proof that the shoah colours memories of the past. 

but i wonder about the people back then, like the women in this book i’ve been reading. the american government specifically censored mentions of the holocaust. the narrative was written that we, the americans, liberated the concentration camps. we, the americans, were the heroes in the european theatre. photographs and accounts were sterilised, cherry-picked to paint the nazis as monsters. jewish people? romani? an afterthought in the face of all that red white and blue bravery. then, as easily as flipping channels, all eyes turned to the pacific.

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Your drawings are AMAZING! How did you learn how to draw so good? Did you take classes or something? Or was it just like practice? I love love love it so much:)


Hi there!

Well I guess it’s because of a lot of practice? I do study illustration (for more than a year now ö_ö time flies…) but it’s not like I’m being taught certain…techniques or anything. It’s really thanks to practice =0

Anyway - THANK YOU ;w; ♥

is it bad that like.. i really hate the culture we’ve made for drinking?? and i dont just mean like. the unhealthy way we treat it & refuse to teach out kids about it. i mean like. tbh. im kind of.. really upset?? that ill never get to enjoy drinking, most likely. b/c it sounds really fun. going out w/ your friends, partying, trying different drinks and shit. it all just sounds like a fun thing to try. and its never going to be that way for me. ill probably get addicted after a couple times drinking, and from then on its just a dangerous unhealthy burden that i have to deal with by myself. and in the event that i cant deal with it, it just weighs down on all my friends. so, really, i cant drink. i cant get drunk, ever, in my life. theres to much alcoholism in my family, theres to much that could go wrong with impaired judgement, im to wired to form an addiction to anything i like. so im just. left out. left out of all the parties and the funny stories and memories. and i just find it.. really unfair.

me (on fb): haha guys wow thanks for all the donations for my family! I’ll be sure to give all this to them but can you not? I mean, please do but- I only have my tiny car? My car is too small. I have a dog i need to bring please just give me giftcards. Or something small. Or just mail the damn stuff to my family yourself my car is too small for all your rejected crap (that we’re so thankful for) AND A DOG.

grandma (literally 10 minutes later) : Here’s two more trashbags full of donations that you have to take!

kaidouken reblogged your post:re you telling me vriska stopped rose from…#okay yes maybe#but not necessarily#remember#we’re seeing all of this thru vriska-vision#and remember how vriska always wanted to be the most important?#either that really is happening#OR#thats what SHE sees is happening#and there is more to the story than that#we will see!#upd8

that is a good point but i think bc we are look at her instagram its a fair guess that its an objective viewpoint? unless we’re supposed to assume shes posting drawings instead of photos which i think if that were the case, it would be a little clearer 

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whats your fav taa lyrics, like the one thats the most important for you or the most inspired?😌

Ahhh this is really hard!!
Probably ‘don’t be the one to bear the weight of the world, while the world passes by’
& youngbloods has literally stopped me dying before
& I think my absolute favourite song by them is Geof sux 666 :)

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Hi Jessi, just know that no matter what happens i'll be here for you and i completely understand what you are going through right now. i know this is hard but you just need to hold on and be there for your mom and know that she's here for you too. no matter what happens you'll always have each other and thats whats most important! i love you very much and i will be praying for you both <3

That’s such a beautiful thing to say, thank you so very much ❤️❤️❤️

I wish I wasn’t an over thinker

I really don’t want to go to university tomorrow. Mainly because my work is going to be critiqued by 20+ students and they’ll read it all aloud to me while everyone else listens. I get that in the ideal world they are helping me and I get that it’s something that I apparently should get over… But honestly it is not healthy for me. At all.

I’m an over thinker, like extreme levels. I’ve been over thinking and panicking for the last two weeks since I gave my work out for them to read. I have seriously just been thinking about what people could say and picking continuous holes in my own work and making excuses in my head everyday since. Almost every spare moment and especially when I’ve been trying to sleep. It has seriously made it difficult for me to sleep. It doesn’t help that I know it wasn’t my best work either (thank you writer’s block [also thank you writers block for still not pissing off two weeks later]). So i’m tormenting myself.

To make matters worse I know after tomorrow I will take on the memory of a super human. Every little thing people say about my work will be stored in my mind forever. Seriously no matter how nice they go about it I know i’ll be tossing, turning and groaning over it for weeks to come. I just can’t stop it.

I have never felt so horrible. It’s at this point that I realise that this sounds excessive. The thing is I do it with everything. If I do one thing wrong I think about it for weeks and upset myself over it constantly. I know it isn’t good for me and I’ve tried telling myself it doesn’t matter. In fact I’ll admit I’ve got better. I am learning to get over mistakes, (although still takes me longer than most). But this, this is to much for me. You know how you’re meant to do everything in little steps? Well I think i skipped over that big time here and i’m not ready. It annoys me because I have been proud of myself lately, sharing my work and getting feedback in small groups (3-5 people). Strangely  I’ve actually liked it and wanted to read my work as well. So this feels like a bit of a slap and I just don’t know what to do. I’m going to be a wreck tomorrow.   

the only times ive ever felt good about myself was after modifying my body in some way bc it doesnt matter what talents i have , thats still the most important thing & i know being a size small would make me feel better than anything else that could happen . like , losing 11 pounds in a month > literally any other accomplishment in my life .

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Are you against drugs/alcohol ?

do what makes you happy because thats most important and if makes you happy to smoke and drink then go you im happy for you