and that's what you missed on got

the signs as history of the entire world
  • Aries: Here comes the Assyrian empire-- never mind it's the Babylo-- Media-- it's the Persian Empire! (wow, that's big)
  • Taurus: ...they never got Ethiopia...
  • Gemini: Coming soon to a dank river valley near you
  • Cancer: It's sad. I'm sad. I miss you.
  • Leo: here's some huge heads. Must be the Olmecs.
  • Virgo: You could make a reli-- no, don't
  • Libra: It's a great idea. He was great. And now he's dead.
  • Scorpio: Don't worry about Rome, it won't fall.
  • Sagittarius: Actually, never. And also now. Nothing is nowhere. When? Never. Makes sense, right?
  • Capricorn: This whole thing is bullshit that's a scam fuck the church
  • Aquarius: What's on the menu? Communism!
  • Pisces: ...Wanna get enlightened in the middle of nowhere?

·· I was under the impression that quinces were bow-and-arrow using savages…But after witnessing that, I guess they’re quite civilized… ··

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We won?

So this is from a second campign of mine. in it we are on the run from a lych king trying to go on this quest to gain the powers to defeat him. i missed one session and so next session i find out we have a ring of limited wishes. they decide since i didnt get a wish last time they’ll hand over the last wish to me.

Me: Ok so i doubt this’ll work but.. i wish that Lych asshole never existed. but thats dumb so let me think of a real wis-

DM: *rolls for it*…what the fuck

Me: what?

DM: *rolls again and laughs* YOU GOT 20 TWENTIES IN A ROW!

Me: wait what!? W-wait can i change my wish!

DM: to late you already said i wish!

Time and space begin to break apart


Druid: ok from now on no one let him make aby decisions

Me: ok fuck you guys i just saved the day


Me: but i beat the lych

My team now hates me


“What do you think that cloud looks like? It kind of looks like a tomato to me.”

“I think it looks like a shoe.”

“….Okay, what about that one?”

“…Another shoe.”

“Are you looking at the same cloud?”

“No, they all just kind of look like shoes to me.”

So this is an original song I wrote, which tbh was pretty inspired by the Love Square™. I can imagine all sides of the Adrien and Marinette singing this too each other honestly. Sorry if I’m not the best singer !

Baby Mine

Lay with me
Underneath the shade of this tree
And just imagine whatd it be like
To give it all up on a free ride

Lets go out today
Skip the sidewalks in the streets we play
Close our eyes and count to fifty
hold my hand when ya start to miss me

Oh baby mine
Look what you do to me
We’re a messy pair, a little more than weird
And yet I wont stand it if you arent here
Oh baby mine
How could I resist?
When you stare at me,
like Im all there is
Baby Mine x2

Stay the night
We’ll be doing more than pillow fights
Dont make a sound, or we’ll get caught
My Pops’ll decide if thats fun or not

Dont worry babe
Hold onto me we’ll simply sway
Youve got two left feet, and Ive got two more
But that wont stop us on that dance floor


And as I see you there
Admit it, we’re quite the pair
Somehow it all works out
And nothing would ever compare

to my baby mine
Look what you do to me
Ill be by your side
When you need me there
If you’ll have me
Baby mine
How could I resist?
I’ll give it all to you, if you tell me this
Baby mine

BTS Reaction to missing you

Request: i was getting so emotional too listening to so far away! i love them so much :’) i’d like to request a bts reaction to missing their s/o while they are away, like what would they do when alone. thanks <3

Sameee that song got me in the feels~


It would be weird for him to actually be in your shoes for once. You were always the one who was waiting for him to come back. At first he would try to ignore the sad feeling but he just couldn’t stand being alone in the house. It made him realise how much you actually meant for him and how used he was to you never leaving his side.

And thats the story of how you began getting random ‘I love you’ texts throughout the day.


He would hate how slow time passed when you were gone. Every minute felt like an hour. There was just something so empty in him when you weren’t there. He missed your touch and how you two could talk for hours without getting bored. He would try and not text you too much as he didn’t want to be annoying but it was too much for him to handle. In the end he’d try and spend his time writing new lyrics which for some reason always ended up being about being lonely and about missing the one you love. 


In the beginning he would try and ignore what he was feeling. He was busy so he had things to do and work on but there was just something wrong. It didn’t feel the same without you there. He would do everything he could to stop missing you, he’d do the chores, he’d try producing, he’d even clean the whole house just to get you out of his head. He wanted to hug you but he couldn’t. And that was too much for him. In the end it was finally time to sleep, something he always enjoyed. But for the first time ever, he couldn’t. Not being able to resist it anymore he spontaneously in frustration decided to text you in the middle of the night.


Everything was just so dull and boring without you. He wasn’t able to go out anywhere if you weren’t there. Every time he went out all he could think about was how it would’ve been so much fun if you were there as well. Throughout the day to waste time he would try to practice choreography or to work on some music. In the end he would just call you and tell you how much he missed you. In the end you two would talk for hours and he would feel like he was having fun again. However when you hang up he would immediately anticipate the next phone call you two will have.  


All day, everyday he would think of you and how you weren’t there. He would annoy everyone around him, complaining about how much he missed you to the members all the time. At almost every interview he would go to he would mention you at least once, telling everyone how much he loved you and how amazing you were. You became the only thing that was on his mind and to make himself feel better he just had to get his thoughts out to someone. He would call you everyday just to hear your voice. If you were busy he’d just ask you to send a voice message.


The whole time you were gone he was for some reason always in a bad mood. He hated how every time he wanted to talk or hang out, he just couldn’t. To pass time he would hang out with the other members but for some reason he just wasn’t able to have the same amount of fun as usual. He didn’t really care if he came out as clingy and he made sure he messaged you throughout the day, asking how you were and if you were having a good time. However since you were so busy it would always take you a long time to reply, which would make him very frustrated. Not being able to wait any longer he would scroll up and re read all of your texts as he would remember all of the time you two spent together. 


He didn’t want you to know how much he hated you not being with him. He wouldn’t call you and instead would spend his day staring at his phone…waiting for your notification to come through. As time went on he realised that since you were so busy he probably had to be the first one to text. Embarrassed about how much he missed you he came up with a plan. He decided to post a selca since he knew you would always text him after he does so to tell him how good he looked. When you didn’t text him he would give up completely. Since he was so frustrated he didn’t care about being clingy anymore and began liking every single one of your photos, if he liked them before he unlike and liked again. He did this until you finally texted him. You texted telling him how he was being silly and that if he missed you he could just call but he didn’t care. He was just happy he was finally talking with you.

in da2 there’s a banter between varric and fenris where they talk about the money fenris owes and whether he’ll come by the tavern for wicked grace later, and he says ‘never miss it’ and i got reAL fuckin weepy out of nowhere. it’s such a normal sitcom conversation and you wouldn’t normally think anything of it in a game full of Serious Character Development but it’s fenris getting to choose who and what he spends his time on and he sounds so settled and happy, he has friends and he has his own place (sortof) and he has hawke, he made a life where he gets to choose every single aspect of it, and he chooses to have a nice night out at a bar with friends. he has a reputation for being a grumpy loner but i think he was a loner by necessity, not innate character.

his character arc in this game fkcing kills my ass. he started out a fugitive ex-slave on the run, who had suffered abuses and a desperate pursuit for years, alone, ends with his freedom, surrounded by a circle of friends who love him, some time to have a little normal in his life, a little peace. or as much as anyone in hawke’s inner circle can have.

BTS Reacts To You Being Touchy Feely

:A/n: Tbh this is so me. Im the most touchy/affectionate person in my group of friends. Show me affection everyone! 

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Coming home from work was the best feeling you could think of, next to cuddling your boyfriend.

You sighed as you hung up your coat, “Hobi I’m home!” You yelled through out the house in hopes for a response but none came. 

Walking into the living room you saw your boyfriend’s sleeping fiure sprawled out on the couch, you decided to crawl on top of him and cuddle him. 

“Mhm.. welcome home jagiya.”

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You walked down the stairs from your bedroom. You woke up to an empty bed and you missed your boyfriend. 

“Where are you Jinie-ah?” Your sleepy voice filled the room.

“Ah! I’m in the kitchen baby!” You heard him call. 

You walked into the kitchen to see him cooking, his shirt off. You backhugged him and kissed his shoulders.

“I love you, Y/n-ah.”

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“I’m leaving!” You heard your boyfriend yell from the front door. 

You rushed out of the bed and down the stairs and jumped on him. 

He caught you by your legs and laughed, “Yah! You want to kill me?”

You shook your head in the crook of his neck and mubbled, “No oppa.”

He chuckled and patted your butt signalling for you to get down.

Once you were standing he cupped your face and gave you a kiss, “I’ll be home soon, cutie.”

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You were laid out on the couch when you heard your boyfriend walk in the front door.

“I’m home jagiya!” He yelled.

You smiled and yelled, “I’m in here, come cuddle with me!”

You heard him chuckled before you felt a heavy weight sink into the couch. He jumped on it from behind, ultimately but safely landing on you.

“Yah!” You yelled, kissing his nose.

“You’re so adorable, baby”

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Your boyfriend has been in front of his laptop since you woke up, 3 hours ago.

You sighed and leaned against the door frame. 

“I’m almost done, I swear.”

You rolled your eyes, “Thats what you said and hour ago.”

He got quiet and sighed again, walking up to him you ran your hands over his shoulders and kissed his neck, “I miss you.”


“You stop.”

“This needs to get done, baby.” He said.

You got annoyed and pulled his chair away from the desk and straddled him, “Y/n!”

“Shh.” You kissed him, his arms wrapped around you and he sighed.

“I gusess I can take a break.”

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You were sitting on the foor as your very tired and sick boyfriend laid on the couch.

You ran your fingers through his hair as he tried to stay awake during the movie.

“Go to sleep, babe.” You said, turning off the movie.

“Are you sure?” He whispered.

You nodded, “Yes.”

He held your hand and smiled, “You’re too good for me.”

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Rap Monster:

You were studying for your test when your boyfriend came home coughing.

“Yah, are you okay?” You called.

His cough cut off his sentence so you ran over to the other room and held on to his arm.

“You may get sick.” He breathed out. 

“I don’t care, come on.” 

You told him to take off his clothes as you got the bath water nice and hot.

“Come on baby boy.” You said, ushering him into the tub. His body instantly relaxed as he hit the hot water.

You slid in behind him.

“What are you doing? I don’t want you to-“Shh, close your eyes baby.” You whispered massaging his shoulders.

Soon he started to fall asleep but he whispered, “You’re the love of my life jagiya.”

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Man, I can't wait until Tiger Phosphorous airs tonight! I wonder what this most likely filler episode with no story progression has in store!

I don’t like rudeness and much less about one of the episodes I’ve been waiting for so long.

Don’t wanna watch it because you’ll find it boring? go ahead, but thats not my problem, and I don’t appreciate the passive-agressive tone and much less the lowkey ideas. 

If you wanna complain about fillers and “boring episodes” go to one of those critical blogs, they are not that hard to find after all.

My mothers reaction to episode 9 and 10


“I’m not gonna be ok if that dog dies”

Oh god Victor left"

Stop calling him porkcutlet bowl"

“Yuri and his grandpa are so cute”

“Yuri will be able to do it because Victors in his heart”

“Ugh this guys got a gote”

“Did Salsa just break up with her brother?”



“Did…did the siblings fuck? Did i miss something?”


“Is Yurio ok?”






“I’m too nervous to watch”


“Get this JJ shit out of here”

“He talks to much”

“I hope he flubs it”

“Why is Yuri hugging everyone”



“Are Victor and Yuri gonna fuck now

“Why is Yuri wearing cat ears”


“Oh my god is Yurio gay as well”




*sobbing so hard my father comes to check on us*

“This is so beautiful”


“I love Thai man”


“Oh my god this show is so beautiful”


I’m more of a Callie kind of guy to be honest but Marie in the new trailer got my mind going crazy. Here’s my little idea about what she’ll look like. 

  • [texting]
  • Draco: babe, why're you not texting me back?
  • Hermione: because I'm driving
  • Draco: so what? text me!
  • Hermione: did you see the commercial?
  • Draco: yeah, but I miss you!
  • Hermione: that's dange
  • Draco: what babe?
  • Draco: babe?
  • Draco: omg are you okay????
  • Hermione: see bitch you got scared

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So there's tons of jealous Lance fics or sheith becomes klance. But where's my jelly Shiro?! Or Endgame shance where Shiro is making a move to win Lance from Keith?! It's always endgame sheith or klance(or shklance occasionally.) You have any fic reccs for jelly Shiro or endgame just shance that starts with a different pairing for Lance?

you got a great point, anon! it’s really kinda shit, esp when they tag it as like. every ship. in the main fucking ship row. thats what the additional tags section is for! 

either way i went hunting for like. six different variations and read through a lot of fic while i was out, but i only found one fic that might be what you explicitly asked for, but also four just plain jealous shiro fics which might also be up your alley. if anybody has other recs that i missed, please please tell me about them!

starring role by LolitaNovakov (3/5 - 1,672 words - rated T - starts with keith/lance - domestic abuse warning?)

Shiro is a homewrecker.
Accidentally on purpose.

Jealous Shiro

Possessive Shiro - A Shance Drabble by Rigel126 (1/1 - 458 words - rated T)

Shiro has issues when his boyfriend Lance can’t stop flirting with girls. Originally posted on my Tumblr: 

I Love You by TheQueen (1/1 - 2,182 words - rated E)

Shiro and Lance love each other a lot. They are also a little prone to jealousy. 

After the fact by LolitaNovakov (2/2 - 2,894 words - rated E)

Shiro decided Lance needs to be taught a lesson. Lance was his, and flirting with every alien he came across was NOT okay. 

How Far Will You Go For Your Leader by WashiPuppy (2/2 - 24,252 words - rated E - rape/non-con (not between shiro/lance) - lance/other)

“You would throw yourself at my mercy his place?” The Druid asked with a curious tilt to her head, “And what would I do with you?”

“You could do anything you wanted with me, Babe. Just tell me what you want.” Lance heard himself say low, sultry, and entirely without his rational brain intervening. He could practically hear the minds of the Galra in the room grinding to a halt.

Great, now when the rest of the team rescued Shiro, he’d have to tell them “Lance died after flirting with the enemy. There was nothing I could do. I think we all knew this was inevitable.”

“You should be throwing yourself upon the Commander’s mercy, not mine,” The Druid stood and grinned down at Lance.

Ah well, what was the french saying? ‘When the wine is drawn, you have to drink it’ or something. He leaned slightly to give him direct line of sight to the Commander.

“You could do anything you wanted with me, Babe. Just tell me what you want.” Lance repeated in the same sultry tone.

Shower thought : Killer Frost doesn’t hurt ladies?? Back on earth 2, she was fine shooting ice at the team, got a bit too close to E2 Iris’ neck but didn’t hurt her and it’s only when Zoom threatened Jesse that she attacked him. Earth 1 now, girl is stabbing and icing boys all around… but when it’s Tracy she hesitates and misses her shots anyway. And while she caitnapped Cecile, she didn’t harm her, Cecile said it herself. Julian back in 307 didn’t have the same treatment…

Prompt: “Let’s just pretend. Just for tonight.”

You weren’t really sure how it happened the first time; or the second or third time. All you knew was that you liked it, a lot. But you also hated it. You hated sleeping with your best friend, spending countless hours wrapped up in his fluffy white sheets. You hated knowing that he would go out the next night, party it up, and possibly bring a girl home. You hated knowing that Harry didn’t love you the way you loved him. You’d known him for years, him always being your go-to person for any and everything. Even a romp in the sheets. Your feelings for him developed quickly after a drunken hook-up on the night of your birthday. The drinks and Harrys beautiful green eyes clouded your thinking. He kissed your neck grabbed your hips and lead you to his bedroom. And thats when you fell for him. Watching Harry bring home girl after girl night after night got old. You were tired of having your heart broken over and over by the man who didn’t even know you loved him. And time and time again, he’d come back to you, telling you how much he’s missed you. No one knew. It was as if you were his dirty little secret. Of course it was no secret that you were the best of friends, but no one knew what you had been doing behind closed doors, and certainly no one knew you were madly in love with Harry. So you did the only thing you knew how - avoid Harry like you’d avoid the plague. You had always accused people who ran from their feelings of being stupid and delusional. But each and every time you laid eyes on Harrys tall frame and dimpled grin, you fell more and more in love with him. Avoiding him was the only option. But Harry soon figured out that you were actively ignoring him, making ignoring him even harder. He called you, texted you, e-mailed you, direct messaged you and else. And after about a week or so, you guess he gave up. He hadn’t tried to contact you, at all. And you were finally overcoming your feelings for him, until you opened the door for him, thinking he was the thai food you ordered. He didn’t look so good. His once tan skin was pale and his eyes puffy and wet with tears. You didn’t say anything, but moved aside to let him in. He sat on your couch, rocking back and fourth, looking at the ground.

“Tell me what I did.” 

“Its not what you did..its what you didn’t.” 

There was a silence in the room that could only be described as painful. You went over to him, sitting beside him and he looked over at you with a nervous face. 

“What…?” he asked you, taking his hands from his face. You didn’t know what to say to him. All you did was press your lips to his in a sweet kiss. 

“You didn’t realize that I love you. But thats not your fault.” you said to him, swinging a leg on the other side of his hip to straddle him. “So lets just pretend. Just for tonight that you love me the way I’ve loved you for so long.”  You began to kiss down his neck, but you were stopped in your tracks when he said,

“We don’t have to pretend. I’ve loved you for longer than I can even remember. I never said anything because i didn’t want to scare you off. You’ve said multiple times that you don’t ever see yourself in a serious relationship. So I kept it to myself. But all those nights we spent together…I was making love to you. It was the only chance I had to express how I felt for you without using words. All those other girls, they meant nothing to me. I was simply trying to take my mind off of you. But I’m here now. We love each other, and thats all we need.”  

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  • Miss Flemming: Alright, Heathers. Your job is to follow the teachers around and observe them. You are not to speak unless spoken to and under no circumstances are you to tender an opinion in front of one of the students. You just stand there, silently. Something I like to call "ghosting".
  • Heather McNamara: Point of order: I don't think that's what "ghosting" is. Ghosting is when you leave a party without saying goodbye.
  • Heather Duke: Okay, you guys are all idiots. Ghosting is when you've been texting with a guy for a really long time and things are going really well and you think he's really into you, and of a sudden one day he just stops texting back because he finally saw what you look like. And so you just text him like "Hey Sexy, where'd you go?" and he just doesn't answer because he ghosted.
  • Heather Chandler: Wait, isn't ghosting when you do a number two and you look down at the paper and there's nothing there? And so you stand up and look in the toilet but there's nothing there either because the turd somehow got shot down the hole before you even flush. I mean, that's ghosting.
  • Miss Flemming: ALRIGHT! There are lots of uses for the term "ghosting", the usage I'm describing is where you stand silently and say NOTHING.
  • Heather Chandler: ....That's not ghosting.