and that's what you missed on got

so when some dude with a beard puts on flannel and chops a tree down, hes some kind of strong sensual alpha male. ok what about when a woman puts on flannel and like, i dont know, saws a plank of wood in half or something, and shes faintly sweaty and not wearing a bra, and her hands are calloused and like, i dont know, shes got a 1980s lesbian haircut and a big and tough but friendly dog named “buster” and a scar on her right shoulder and you’re in a pine forest also. wheres the candle for that. thats the kind of shit i like to think about when i’m in the bath. you’re missing out on a valuable market here, yankee candle


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“harmonyshipper: What wincest things(s)/moments do I want to see in…”

Thats what I miss sometimes

But…the best part is you don’t have to miss it, because literally all of these things were in season 11, aka the Wincestiest season in a show about Wincest 

Let’s see, we’ve got protectiveness

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(Don’t tell me this episode wasn’t entirely jealous!Sam because it totally was [x] )


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Chick flick moment, followed by brother hug

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Couple comparison/reference to their marriage [x]

Brother touching 

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Eye fucking [x]

Flirty teasing 

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Strangers assuming they’re together 

Blatant fanfic moments [x]

Brothers saying “I love you” [x]


Capricorn & Taurus Conversation
  • Capricorn: Give me about 10 more minutes to finish this real quick.
  • Taurus: What are you doing now? We're gonna miss the movie.
  • Capricorn: Something important, just 10 more minutes.
  • Taurus: Okay, well what you got to eat up in here. I'm hungry.
  • Capricorn: Again? I mean, damn you just ate.
  • Taurus: Thats was a while ago, before I called you the first time.
  • Capricorn: We can get something at the theater.
  • Taurus: So then hurry up.
  • Capricorn: Sheesh, you'd probably carry a refrigerator on your back if you could.
  • Taurus: Stop playing.
  • Capricorn: I'm not.

This is how Chapter 2 went right

This is so fucking stupid

Drunken Calls

With a groan, Y/N picked up her buzzing phone and fumbled around to answer the call, bringing the the phone to her ear.

“Hello?” She grumbled out, half asleep.

“Heeeeeeeey! Y/N!” Joe’s voice carried through, sounding surprised like he wasn’t expecting her to be there.

“Joe. What are you doing. It’s late, and I was sleeping.”

“I missed you.” Sighing, Y/N realized just how drunk he was, and she could hear the noise and laughter of the other guys in the background. “I just..missed you SO much.” His words slurred together, but she still smiled because he always got sappy when he was drunk.

“I miss you too, but you saw me a few hours ago, and will see me again in the morning.” She yawned, shifting in her bed to get comfy.

“That’s so far away…and I wanna see you now.” One of the boys said something in the background, but it was muffled. “That’s a great idea!” Joe said to whoever spoke. “I’m going to come see you! Right now!” This was directed at her.

“No, Joe. You are not coming to see me right now.”

“But I wannnnaaa.” He whined, and Y/N could even see the pout.

“Where are you anyways?”


“Brilliant. Where outside?”

“Where are we, Jack? Y/N wants to know.” There was a bit of discussion before Joe spoke to her again. “London! We are outside in London. Oh look, our car!”

Y/N shook her head, realizing this conversation was long past making sense. “I want to ask you where the car is taking you, but that might be hopeless.”

“Oh, I know that answer!” Joe replied excitedly. “We’re going back to Josh’s! Right? It’s Josh’s right? Yeah, that’s where we’re going.”

“Oh good, not here. Does that mean I can go back to sleep?”

“Noooo, I want to talk to you. You’re so fun to talk to. I like you.” There was some shuffling from his side of the phone, which Y/N assumed was the boys piling into their uber.

“I like you too, Joe.”

“You do?!”

“I bloody hope so, or else I’ll have wasted the past few years of my life dating you.”

“Hey, hey Caspar. Do you know my girlfriend is funny? And pretty. Really pretty.” Y/N smiled as she listened to Joe ramble on to Caspar, he always seemed to do this when he was drunk, but it was adorable.

“Thank you, Joe. But can you tell me all this in the morning when you’re hungover?”

“Pft, I won’t be hungover. I’m not that drunk.”

“Yes you are.”

“No I’m not!”

“Joe, most of your words are so slurred you can’t understand them.”

“But you understand me…”

“Because I’m way to used to your drunk voice, which is sad to say.” Y/N laughed.

“Now you’re being mean.” Joe pouted over the phone.

“Oh shush, I am not. Now, can I please go to bed?”

“Fiiiiine.” Joe drawled out, but she could tell he was getting distracted in his drunken haze. “I love you, Y/N!” He cheered out.

“I love you too, you big dork. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Y/N smiled into the phone as they finished their goodbyes.

Ending the call, she tossed the phone onto the bed and shook her head laughing softly.

“What a dork.” She said to herself, rolling over to go back to sleep.

you know .. i did love you . i loved you so much i couldnt breathe . you consumed my entire being and i guess thats why i let you treat me the way you did . i honestly don’t know what you got out of destroying me time after time but i do hope that you don’t put anyone else through that . i waited . i waited and waited for you . i gave you chance after chance and i left you with every last thing i had and you took it all without a single care in the world . i tried to hang on because i really thought you were worth it . but today i just stopped waiting . i dont want to hear “i miss you” anymore although i hope you do miss me . and you know , once upon a time i would have given my last breath for you to say that . but now i hope you see me so happy that i look like im about to explode and i hope it kills you . i hope you drop to the floor and feel like the breath is being sucked out of you and you realize what you gave up . because i gave you the world and i kept fighting long after i should have stopped and you didnt deserve that
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I know we won’t get it, but what I WANT the “here’s what you missed on last week’s Shameless” for episode 7X11 is Mickey on his back in a motel room bed, his ankles hooked around Ian’s naked waist, the two of them moaning and being very loud and Ian slamming into Mickey-Mickey’s got his hands on Ian’s shoulders above him and turns his face to the camera and says, “I just got out of prison, what the fuck you think we’ve been doing?  Here’s what you missed…” and then both of them groaning together over and over, faster and faster ;)


Greetings from my empty apartment…

 Okay , i have been MIA for to long so i thought i stop by with first saying i miss all you sweet and beautiful faces heheh…. and also im MOVING ! yoppppp bye bye gloomy New York and hello sunshine in Miami ! im very happy to say i got a nice place up there and plus im moving closer to my good and one of my bestfriend’s @1-800-tanisha she actually helped me look and took the time out of her busy schedule to help me find a place thats suitable for me and my pumpkin pie Blaze. 

I think its just time for a new start and what perfect way to start off spring (which is basically here) by moving lol. okay enough of the chitty chat ! i miss you guys soo soo much <333

Ive been submitted the “I draw fat girls but theyre really just thicc/have big hip” shit already lol dont send it anymore

I know what Im drawing they arent supposed to be fat or skinny

idc about what you think about it, I draw what I want

and I dont post my “diversity” purposly

 as Ive said I’m a sellout y’all dont care about my art unless theyre thicc with a tiny waist so thats all I post lmao,

 I got thin characters, fat characters, characters with missing parts, mentally/physically disabled characters, characters with backgrounds but no one gives a shit so I dont either

I got characters I actually care about

so the just of it is, if y’all dont care I dont, and Im not going to post shit for no reason so dont annoy me with salty bullshit I couldnt care less about

now I already know someones going to send me those stupid ass posts again, so Ill be reblogging this, just block phoxtalk if you dont want to see it

The best part of the Psych panel was when a kid from the audience asked the boys which actor was the guest star they always wished would be on the show but never was. James said it was no secret that it always his dream to have all five breakfast club members on, but that disappointedly they only got 4/5. Someone from the audience starts yelling EMILIO…

And Dulé goes, “ya if I didn’t like your father so much I would say, damn you Emilio”.

It was great.

Also in response Roday said… if only there were more Psych coming… and then he and Dulé laughed. so take that as you will.

imekari-raas  asked:

Psychology asks for Sehren: 5, 12, 19 and 25?

5: How would your OC generally react to someone being verbally abusive towards them for no apparent reason?

she’s got this face. no words, no verbal response, just. the face. it’s a quirked eyebrow and a shift in the shoulders. not in shock or even really in challenge, just an acknowledgment. an “i’ll fuck you up, bud” kind of acknowledgement. 

12: What is one of the most primary things your OC feels that is missing from their life?

purpose, honestly. she drifts, has always drifted, and has never felt herself capable of catching on to anything worth pausing for. the inquisition never felt like hers, certainly wasn’t anything she wanted, and even though its mission was something she came to support and even to some extent believe in, it wasn’t something that she chose. even though she openly challenges solas and in the moment passionately believes it valid, the loss of the anchor feels not only like the loss of any power she had over the fade but also the loss of any legitimacy as inquisitor, and her sense of purpose dwindles away to nothing.

19: What boosts your OC’s confidence the most?

…. alcohol. 

25: How would your OC process the grief caused by the death of a loved one?

she wouldn’t. her grief is a weight that’s slowly burying her, and she’s yet to find the strength to claw her way out. 

Text: Ed
  • Nina: I love the Bachelor. Why you hatinggg. What’s wrong with you? But I guess I will forgive, since you watched TVD and admit to liking it. That’s why I love her and I’ve always got her back too.
  • Nina: I will be filming a new movie in April called Departures.
  • Nina: I’m in Toronto right now. Paul needs some loving and I’ve missed him. How long will you both be in LA for? They’re just adorable. I want to love on all my friend’s babies.