and that's what saved him

Well, what a sight



‘’Doffy!’’- well, hehe, nicely played Oda, but you won’t -

!!!1!!1 THEEERE WE GO, he’s finally making me guiltily ship this for real.


Whoniverse: Class - 22/? Miss Quill and Charlie moments (1x08)

bearnabus replied to your post “Know what I want from an episode? I want a scene where like Lucy is in…”

A similar thought- what if Flynn saved Wyatt & Rufus at some point for Lucy’s benefit. Like in this scenario Lucy is totally fine, maybe the time team got separated and the boys are in trouble. Of course Flynn couldn’t care less if they get hurt/die, but Lucy is freaking out, so Flynn’s finally just like *eye roll* “Calm down, woman!” *goes and saves them* “Are you happy now? Can we get back to destroying Rittenhouse??” I want to see him save Lucy way more, but I think this could be cute too.

Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Good. The exact opposite of the events in 1.11. Hahaha.

That would be great. Because where Wyatt and Rufus are concerned, Flynn can take ‘em or leave ‘em. He has threatened to or attempted to kill them. Even scenes with the four of them, Flynn will speak mostly to Lucy, ignoring the other two until they speak directly at him (sometimes not even then). Wyatt and Rufus are… accessories. So Flynn saving Lucy is great. Fantastic. But saving the boys FOR Lucy would mean he cares about her beyond her physical wellbeing. Or that he would rather appease her and win her cooperation than leverage it. Opposite of 1.11. Very good.

Also, yeah, I’d like it if Flynn would care about the guys a little more. Just give me everybody working together and protecting each other. As Rittenhouse becomes a bigger and more serious threat, these two teams can’t keep spurning each other just because their views are too radical or too minimalistic. Enemy of my enemy and all that. It’s been proven effective. We’ve done it before. Successfully. Until it didn’t work anymore.

Let’s strive towards a future with more teamwork and nods.

Granted, Flynn would still see Lucy as the most beneficial member of their team. Wyatt and Rufus are just part of the package deal.

Look, if Kol doesn’t do everything in his power to get Davina back next season (the way she did for him for literally an entire season), I will be pretty livid. 

sometimes I think about what would have happened if Leo had accidentally killed Frank in a moment of jealousy/ego……………………………………..

Sharkface was a good foil…


Olicity ➵ All the times he came to save her, the one time she came and saved him.

There is basically only one type of Reylo that I’m okay with.

And it’s the type where emotionally-stunted-emo-goth-kid Kylo Ren thinks Rey is the bees knees because he’s recognized her as the beautiful badass princess she is, but is so screwed up that he can’t express that in any normal way. 

Meanwhile, Rey literally just wants to utterly destroy this weirdo Darth Vader fanboy because he tortured, manipulated, and tried to kill her.