and that's what saved him

I mean, if they wanted they could have made Lumière and Cogsworth the married couple we always knew they were instead of doing this. Develop their relationship, make Lumière’s incessant flirting an avoidance mechanism to make up for his pining for someone who he thinks indifferent and Cogsworth’s distant attitude a way to negate his feelings as what he thinks an act towards objectivity which he needs to fulfill his job the only way he knows how to. They could have made Mrs. Potts the friend who’s in the middle, seeing her favorite people act like dumb idiots but who also knows she has to let them find their way on their own. They could have made them confess their feelings at the end, as they talk about their bet, after seeing true love changing them, both literally and metaphorically. Fifi/Babette wouldn’t mind in the end, she would not only understand, after witnessing this she’d find the courage to ask Madame out on a date involving pretty dresses and a night at the opera. I don’t know, I’m not trying to write a b&b fic here, I’m just saying that nobody deserves to be tied romantically with Gaston, that’s the point of the movie, and if you want more representation you can do better than making it through a man devoted to a toxic abusive asshole. Howard deserved better. 

I cannot believe prompto’s idea of flirting with cindy was to get up insanely early, stand on a hill that was freaking outside of town, and take a scenic (???) picture of her grandfather’s garage in order to show his affection–presumably meaning he was going to give it to her/show it to her at some point in time. Like??? “oh cindy here look at this cool picture of the garage you work at every day. bet you’ve never seen it before, huh?” Has this child ever successfully talked to a crush ever? Like that is super cute but also u could have idk just talked to her instead? Can someone help him? What an absolute dork

Anyone else has deep whumpy feels about not a wounded patient but the doctor who couldn’t save them? Like, seeing a doctor actually failing at what they devoted their life to do is one of the most profound emotional whump there is to me.



Olicity ➵ All the times he came to save her, the one time she came and saved him.

Well, what a sight



‘’Doffy!’’- well, hehe, nicely played Oda, but you won’t -

!!!1!!1 THEEERE WE GO, he’s finally making me guiltily ship this for real.

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i was going through your silverflint tag and one post said that flint started the war because of thomas, destroyed british villages because of miranda.... what do you think he'll do for silver? i mean considering that maybe they won't end up in good terms?

he’ll end up destroying himself 

i’m currently choreographing a number to glass eyes by radiohead which i originally chose because it reminds me a lot of 2009 dan, and i’m having a bit of trouble? pls send me what ur favorite 2009 phan moments are i need inspiration


Charles Xavier + strengths & flaws

Look, if Kol doesn’t do everything in his power to get Davina back next season (the way she did for him for literally an entire season), I will be pretty livid. 


Whoniverse: Class - 22/? Miss Quill and Charlie moments (1x08)

Jack and Ashi(spoilers)

It’s honestly amazing how absolutely dumb all of you tumblrs are being about this. I see some of you are complaining about how the ship isn’t gay and some of you are complaining about how it JUST happened. 

To the gay part you dumbasses need to like outside,breath and think about what you’ve decided to do with your lives. This argument is just absolutely retarded.

As for the part about it being so sudden I’m not gonna lie the whole thing was a bit sudden especially the kiss at the end. But it’s not like the relationship wasn’t hinted at. The deer and the doe in the 3rd episode was what made me immediately think that Jack and Ashi would get together. Episode 4 Jack’s little puff ball conscience thing clea, “What did you expect, a hug and a kiss?” Considering that was all in his head more then likely in the back of his mind thats what he would have liked. Then episode 6 after Ashi saves him from killing himself he awkwardly compliments her dress while she awkwardly compliments him in episode 7. And finally all of episode 8 pretty much confirms everything. So if you were paying attention AT ALL the build up is clearly there.

Also about the whole Jack being 70 and her being about 20 or so. My dude. She’s more then likely around 19-20s and he physically looks around 20. Nothing wrong with this. Love is love as you guys like to say.

Anyway in cunclusion you don’t HAVE to like the relationship but there’s nothing wrong with anything that happend there.Just get over yourselves and enjoy the remaining 2 episodes.

sometimes I think about what would have happened if Leo had accidentally killed Frank in a moment of jealousy/ego……………………………………..

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“Your favourite characters working or trying to work together”

Good Cop tried being tough like his other half but fuqqed up huhuhuh

Bad Cop to the rescue

BadCop/GoodCop©WB/The Lego Movie

art and stuff©moi :U

There is basically only one type of Reylo that I’m okay with.

And it’s the type where emotionally-stunted-emo-goth-kid Kylo Ren thinks Rey is the bees knees because he’s recognized her as the beautiful badass princess she is, but is so screwed up that he can’t express that in any normal way. 

Meanwhile, Rey literally just wants to utterly destroy this weirdo Darth Vader fanboy because he tortured, manipulated, and tried to kill her.

after all this time, he’s finally learned to love


Heroes aren’t born, they’re made.