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Imagine: You and bucky develop a close relationship when you join the team, but it’s put to the test when he accidentally hurts you

warnings: smut, choking (tragically not the sexual kind), angsty if thats a warning? 

a/n: buckle up y’all this is a long one, like 5.3k words long (yikes i know i got really carried away okay) I’m really sorry if it gets typo-y at the end, i’ve been working on this all day and my head hurts and i want to get it out for you guys so i didn’t proof read please for give me. Enjoy!


When you joined the Avengers, you didn’t expect to fall in love. Save the world? Sure. But falling in love was most definitely not on you radar, at least not until you met a certain boy with a mess of brown hair and striking blue eyes.

Bucky was your first friend when you moved into the compound. You were more on the quiet side, very unlike your other team members, who were a rambunctious bunch. It’s what drew you and Bucky together, staying behind while everyone else went out to a club or party.

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“I’m used to you sitting next to me” -phil

“welcome to Dan’s barber shop” and dan just fucking combs phils hair

“i never comb my hair thats how I get the scruffy emo look” -also phil

phil just giving up on putting on the scarf and saying fold it and dan just helps him what a good scarf folder

dan fixing phils cape

phil petting dans head while hes in the morph suit

phil grabbing dan’s hand… to guide him to where his nipples are

they literally cosplayed as makoharu, dan ships makoharu, phil dressed as haru, they both agreed dan looks like makoto, phil looks like haru, dan has a fucking haru body pillow, he might as well have a phil body pillow that says “im phil trash number one” u nerd

more dan playing with phil’s hair

“I should just be a stylist” -dan

“fuck me phil” -also dan

dan running his fingers through his fringe, giving him a little quiff and iT STAYS LIKE THAT FOR A COUPLE JUMPCUTS OKAY

he’s so pretty with a quiff omg

“I do not trust you with that philly

phils laugh when dan comes on screen in a squid costume

“I’m censoring all this because we’re ‘bout to get like an anime right now. whooooOOO here we go phil. good thing you’re not a school girl” -dan implies hentai

dan rolling back and flashing every one his bum “whoaaaa here we go”

“you don’t know him guys” dan says after being almost chopped up by phil

“okay it was kinda fun”


calling phil philly again

“homoerotic ice skating”

every time I go to write, I stop myself because all I can write about is you.
and its been so long that I convince myself I am over you and theres nothing here anymore, but when I sit down to write, your still the only thing I want to write about.
and thats why I don’t write anymore.
because it is tearing me apart and putting me together and I can’t tell what its doing anymore.
I don’t want to remember the way you held me and I don’t want to remember the way you left me. I don’t want to have the image of the color of your eyes or the curls in your hair in my head anymore. I don’t want to see you, I don’t want to remember because then all I feel is absolute emptiness and I can feel myself sinking all over again.
Sometimes, its easier to forget the other person. its easier to pretend as if it never happened, even if at some point it was everything to you, sometiemes its easier to just pretend like you never loved that hard, and you never experienced the presence of another person because when I remember you, I don’t just feel all the love that used to be there, but I feel the same way I felt when you left. I feel that week afterwards where I couldn’t eat or get out of my bed. and I feel the month after, when I saw you kissing her and I felt every bone in my body ache.
I just don’t want to live in that period of time anymore. I don’t want to live in the time where you once loved me, because after that time comes the time of self questioning and realization that where I saw love, you saw nothing.

and thats why I don’t write as much or talk as much as I used to, because words bring me back to you, and you are the piece of paper that I am trying to burn.

—  “writers block”- I just don’t want to write about you anymore

I bought me an illusion
An I put it on the wall
I let it fill my head with dreams
And I had to have them all
But oh the taste is never so sweet
As what you’d believe it is
Well I guess it never is
It’s these prejudiced illusions
That pump the blood
To the heart of the biz

Some questions about the OA:

What if OA was in a different dimension while she was being held captive?

What if the Oligarchs of Russia were researching this, too? So her dad put her in hiding because of her NDE; he didn’t want her used for experiments. And THATS the connection of the mines. Maybe her dad owns the mines, but didn’t want this to happen?

Or maybe the mine imagery is just a metaphor for humans wanting too much/taking too much from the planet and from other people/angels?

Are the other 4 captives angels, too? Or are they just humans who don’t die easily? (I think they are angels… at least the three who get the movements)


I’ve been seeing some Hogwarts house headcanons for these kids and I wanted to put in my two cents on their houses ^^ I’d love to talk more about this hp AU I’ve been concocting in my head and I plan to draw/post more of my sketches, so if u want to know why I put them in the houses I did feel free to ask!. 

Also, Shiro is a keeper and Keith is a chaser. Lance is also on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team and is also a chaser ^^ 

ALSO Allura does have a house I haven’t forgotten her ^^ 

i have a lot of things i want to say about yoongi and this mixtape, the thoughts have been speeding through my head as i listen to it on repeat, my emotions are going haywire and i let tears fall multiple times, but at the forefront of everything, the one pulsing feeling thats sitting behind my eyes and resting on the tip of my tongue is the absolute respect im feeling for this man right now. the respect and pride i have after listening to what hes worked on, put his heart and soul into over the past two years, its enormous, immeasurable, my words are failing me i simply cannot describe my awe at all the hard work, the countless hours of sweat and tears hes no doubt put in.

as a person with mental illness who suffers from anxiety and depression, who is afraid and full of self loathing more often than not, who feels lost and struggles to find direction, i can imagine how terrifying releasing this mixtape must have been. how he must have been on edge laying himself out like that bare and with no front to hide behind waiting for our reaction. it must have taken so much strength, especially in the position that hes in as an idol, to expose himself to millions of people, all waiting to either hold him up like a god or tear him down.
i admire him.

i am filled with admiration. i am inspired.
i listen to his words and i am thankful that he chose to share them with us, more than just because it was amazing more than because it was ‘lit’, he opened his mind to us and what we were shown is something so many of us can relate to.
when someone wears their heart on their sleeve and dangles it over our gaping maws, the chance of snapping fangs catching, ripping, swallowing it up a terrifying possibility, no matter what you think of that person or if you like them or not, it is an action you cant help but feel utter respect for.
it was brave.

i look at agust d, suga, our min yoongi, and think 'if he can pull through it and make it, then so can we’.


@ grrm why did you put a dick joke in Stannis’s monologue where the reader is deciding he might not be a dick. why. 

stannis is that guy who unintentionally makes sexual innuendos and everyone is too scared to point it out pass it on

Why people should buy Tomodachi Life
  • Miis: *blast off into soace when they like food*
  • Miis: *melts into a grey puddle if they really don't like that food*
  • Miis: *get squished between books, become flattened, recommended for use of bookmarks, and are put on the news*
  • Miis: *instantly become mature or immature with sprays*
  • Miis: *have children within two days of discussing it*
  • Miis: *don't like an outfit but may wear it anyway for five days straight*
  • Miis: *spew hearts from their heads when hanging with the bae*
  • Miis: *get married after going out for two days*
  • Miis: *do legit third wheel montages*
  • Miis: *wear literally anything*
  • Miis: *make mayonnaise-covered porridge*

Okay so this is a little rambling thing from me:

Everyone seems to think that Thrawn gets angry at Captain Slavin because he refers to Hera’s heirloom as a “piece of Twi'lek trash”, but what if its something deeper?

Think about it this way: throughout the episode, Slavin refers to Hera as “slave” or “servant”, and he refers to Twi'lek culture as “primitive”. Slavins behaviour throughout ‘Heras Heroes’ perpetuates the more xenophobic and racist aspects of the Empire.

My question is this: What if thats part of why Thrawn loses his cool with Slavin? Because think about: Thrawn is probably the highest ranking non-human officer in the Empire. He would have faced numerous obstacles in the Imperial Navy, been constantly put down by officers, like Slavin, who believed in their own superiority. What if Thrawn is gradually losing his cool with the xenophobic Slavin throughout the episode, coming to a head when he insults his “hobby”? And what if Thrawn deliberately gave the Rebels their victory to further discredit Slaven?

What if the reason Thrawn loses it with Slavin is because he spews the same vitriol and xenophobia that haunted Thrawn throughout his military career? Just a thought.

i hate how much time i spend worrying about whether or not im really trans. 

in my head and my heart, i know that i obviously am. i realized that i was trans about 5 years ago, and after i did, so much clicked into place and suddenly made sense. id felt this way for my entire life, and now i had words for it, and the power to express myself the way id always wanted to. non-binary. thats what i was. it felt so right to be finally be able to say that and put words on an experience id been having for as long as i could remember.

and yet… theres this backwards attitude in some parts of the trans community. people who believe that non-binary people arent real, and who try to beat down and gatekeep people who are just like them. i dont understand it in the slightest. why cant trans people all just support each other? were already oppressed by the world around us, so why do we have to knock each other down, too? even among people who do believe in non-binary identities, there are some who believe that you have to dress or act a certain way to really be non-binary. that, if someone doesnt wear conservative hoodies and baggy jeans, theyre not really androgynous. 

ive seen this attitude so often that its started to break down my confidence. when i feel like i want to wear a skirt sometimes, keep my hair dyed pink, and not go on hormones, there are thoughts in the back of my mind telling me that the fact that i enjoy those things must mean that im really faking it. i just want to feel at home and supported in my own community, and for people to realize that there are so many ways to be trans and to be real. i hate questioning myself like this. im really trans, right?

wanna chat? pt 5

on ao3

pt 1 | pt 2 | pt 3 | pt 4 | pt 5

my brain… so…………..dead…………………………..

maybe you can find something funny in this??? i don’t know i have to go back to reading ap english summer work and i don’t want to. what is this garbage i keep putting up

in case anyone was curious. about this. which…. *sigh* my head hurts

7:52 AM

starving and dying inside: The bags under my eyes are h u g e

drop the bass: bruh youre awake before 8???

starving and dying inside: :P
I cant find my under eye concealer anywhere D’:
Ughhhhh wtf I look like I got punched in the face

the real ladybug™: ayy morning mari my love
but thats to be expected i mean
who can get any sleep with all these akuma attacks??

drop the bass: adrien

undead zombie model: What?

drop the bass: and his noise canceling headphones

the real ladybug™ renamed this conversation “noise canceling headphones”

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doodling myself as a Team Skull member.  When it comes to my fanart and ocs and all that i’m gerally kinda torn on whether i should put like a lotta effort into the drawing. since im technically already a profeshional artist this stuff that i draw is just kinda stress relief art ya know? i do this stuff so i can make art without any pressure or high expectations for myself. 

but i think this time i’m gonna spend some time on this one and try and make it look nice.

whaddup everyone !! my name is brenna and this little bean is emmalyn (or emma or em man whatever you wanna call her is perfectly ay-okay ! ) and she’s related to the pleasants from sims 2 somehow im not entirely sure how  i mean im kinda thinking one of the twins would be her mom or maybe grandma ?? idk yet im getting there

but anyways !! let me give yall a lil about this baby since thats the fun part !!

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Beast Boy’s chest felt heavy, like there was something sitting on his heart, weighing it down until it felt as though everything inside him would snap under the pressure. He took a deep breath and let his head loll back on his shoulders, staring up into the leaves that rustled above him. It was surprisingly peaceful, given the circumstances he had put himself in.

“You’re only going to make it hurt worse you know.”

Beast Boy cringed and he looked over his shoulder to see Cyborg approaching him, his expression a mixture of concern and scolding. Beast Boy flushed, and he shifted a little, turning to look out at the couple standing by the bay. The sun flickered against the water, sending warm light up into their faces. Jason smiled and leaned forward, stealing a bite of Raven’s ice cream before it reached her mouth. Beast Boy would have never gotten away with pulling something like that, and maybe it was just another indication that he and Raven were never meant to be.

“I know,” Beast Boy breathed slowly. “But, I just want to make sure that I did the right thing. I want to make sure that she’s happy and that letting her go was the best decision… that I shouldn’t have fought to keep her.”

Beast Boy watched as Jason leaned down to press a kiss to her lips, something innocent and sweet, and his stomach roiled at the thought that he had to let her go. Beast Boy, try as he might, would never have the kind of relationship with her that he wanted. They had tried so hard to make everything work, tried to make things even out and find the joy and excitement that they imagined burned between them - but there was always something missing. They loved each other, really they did. There were still moments of excitement and fire that burned between them, although they were becoming fewer and fewer.  

Beast Boy knew that it was wrong to keep her when she needed something they didn’t have, and so he let her go.

And now? Now she looked… happy. Infinitely happy. As if there was a brightness inside her that practically radiated out. She was nearly glowing and beaming, and while parts of Beast Boy were jealous that he didn’t once make her beam like that, he knew that her joy surpassed his own sadness. He had to let her go, because it was the right thing to do.

“I wanted her to look at me the way she looks at him.” Beast Boy leaned forward and let his arms rest against his knees. He took a long, slow breath and stared at the ground, watching the little blades of grass brush up against his shoes. “I wanted to see her smile and laugh, and steal ice cream kisses in the middle of the day. I wanted her to see me for everything I could be for her.”

“She did.” Cyborg sat down next to him, crossing his arms over her chest as he stared out at the water. “She really saw you for everything you were, Gar. She even put up with your poor hygiene and bad jokes to try and give it her best shot…” He shifted, and there was a tenseness in the air that seemed to tighten between them, as if there was something he wanted to say but couldn’t articulate it. “… She loved you. We all saw it.”

“So… why didn’t it work?” Beast Boy sat back up and glanced at Cyborg for a moment, frowning. “Why did we fail when we both tried so hard?”

“Because, it just wasn’t meant to be.” Cyborg sighed and rubbed the back of his head. “You both tried, and for a while… it worked. But sometimes… no matter how hard you try, things still fail.”

Beast Boy turned and looked back at Raven, watching her blush as Jason fed her a spoonful of ice cream. His heart twisted again and he closed his eyes, trying to remind himself that this was best. He tried. She tried. They didn’t work. It was okay… it hurt like the dickens, but it was going to be okay.

“I just… I just want her to be happy.” He shifted and opened his eyes, looking out at the water and far away from the couple. “It just sucks loving someone who doesn’t love you back.”

“Trust me,” Cyborg voice was quiet, and he turned to look at Beast Boy for a moment longer than seemed necessary. “I understand.”

funny story

You know how people have different ways to concentrate in tests or whatever? When I was in my last year of middle school I mumbled a lot. I didnt even do it on purpose but when I read i always muttered what im reading or narrate the math going on inside my head. The only thing higher than my weirdness was my stress levels.

So basically we´re taking a highly important test where you do this frequency table and histogram and blah blah. Basically I had to put how many times did the numbers repeat  in the data. I was freaking out because they were going to hand the second part soon and my stress levels were higher than Adele´s high note

So I just kept crossing out numbers and saying 67 67 67..thats 4 times, YES, DONE, now we go to 68 68 68 and then we do this and that. I was so focused and sure I was going to ace it I didnt even notice the entire class had gone quiet because they were handing out the other part of the test and my voice is getting louder because of exasperation  -which I dont notice- and  suddendly realize im saying 69 69 69 69 69 YES.

Joe Sugg imagine || The River ||

Anonymous said:

could you do one where y/n is pregnant with joe but she loses it? 🙈 quite deep I know but I’m curious as to how good you’ll write it 😘 thank you lyl x

- - -

A/N: This imagine might be an uncomfortable subject for some people, I know it was a bit hard for me for personal reasons. But I just thought there should be a warning at the beginning… Also it’s kind of broken up into flash backs.

- - -

~ Joe’s P.O.V. ~

“Hey Joe – what the hell is this?” Caspar asked being nosey in my bedroom again as I tried editing my twenty-fourth birthday revenge video on Oli.

I turned my head to look at what he was holding up, “Caspar, put that back.” I said seriously, looking from it to him. “Why? It’s just a cheap piece of metal thats gone kinda green.” He pointed out. “Caspar, I said put it back and leave it alone.” I unintentionally snapped at him.

Staring at me, Caspar gave me a funny look before he shook his head. “You’re so weird.” putting ring-like object back into my nightstand, getting up he left my bedroom, closing the door behind him.

I shook my head turning back to continue editing, I started to make a jump cut in a clip but I stopped, turning in the chair again my eyes fell to the drawer of the nightstand…  

~ Flashback your P.O.V.~

Getting pregnant at seventeen and eighteen years old wasn’t on the top of the list, but it had happened.

Having told Joe after taking a test and trying to hide it for days, the secret kept getting bigger and bigger, you finally couldn’t handle it anymore and blurted it out; he wasn’t mad – just as scared and unprepared as you were.

You had told his family first then yours – neither of which were pleased with the situation, pretty much telling you this was going to ruin your lives.

Your parents got so mad they had kicked you out, his supportive but telling the pair of you they weren’t going to be raising it for you…

Pregnant, scared and thrown into the world pretty much alone – Joe promised to take care of you, because he loved you.

Trying to do the right thing and how it seemed to be done for generations, you both went down to the registers office, where the officiate put it all to rest, there was no wedding day smiles or walk down the aisle – no flowers, no wedding dress.

That night you had went down to a small river where you use to meet.

You were a mother-to-be for four and a half weeks and now Misses Sugg.

Sitting on the edge of the river bank, you were both looking out into the water, the nights air was still and warm, the stars above twinkling bright.

(Y/N).” Joe said in a soft voice catching your attention, you had looked away to him. “Yeah?” You asked in the matching soft tone. “I know, it’s not much at all – but until I can get you a real one.” He had reached into his pocket, he pulled out a silver coloured band which had several heart cutouts along it.

He took your hand into his and carefully slipped it onto your left ring finger. “Oh, Joe…” You whispered looking at it, it was the most meaningful bubble gum machine ring you’d ever been given. “Just until Thatching picks up again.” He smiled softly at you. “It’s perfect,” you shook your head, your hand moving to the side of his face, you kissed him carefully…

… “Oh my god, these are the cutest ever Joe.” You said gushingly opening the paper bag Joe had handed you after coming in the door from work, thatching clothes still on, straw sticking out of his hair, a tired expression on his face but a genuine smile.

I thought our baby is going to have to look cool.” He pointed out as you held up the little slip on pair of black converse high tops.

Oh he’s going to be very cool, just like his daddy.” You smiled, putting the booties down on the kitchen table, you walked up to Joe, picking some straw from his hair of almost the same colour, wrapping your arms loosely around his neck, you stood on your tip toes and kissed his lightly. “He?” Joe inquired with a raised eyebrow.

Mmm-hmm.” You nodded feeling Joe put his hands on your sides holding you. “How do you know it’s a he?” He wondered your eyes gazing into each others.

I just have a feeling.” You admitted with a smile. Things seemed to be happening at two paces – like you were living in the fast lane and at a snails pace. “As long as it’s healthy, I don’t care.” Joe admitted leaning down he kissed you…

… “That’s your heartbeat.” A nurse said looking at the two of you at your eight week check up and sonogram. “Oh my gosh.” You whispered looking at the monitor before looking at Joe who looked taken back by the sound of a quickly beating heart. “wow.” He looked to you, smiling.

You were holding hands, “nice and strong – you’re growing a strong baby Sugg.” She laughed a little bit…

… The door of the hospital room opened and Joe looked up quickly as he stood up, he’d been sitting against the wall, slowly twisting the silver wedding band on his left ring finger – waiting and waiting, seconds like minutes – minutes like hours.

He had rushed you to the hospital after you hadn’t been feeling the best all day and when he got home from work you could barely move off the couch.

A Doctor appeared in green scrubs and was holding a clipboard, his heart was racing anxiously. “Mister Sugg?” He asked in the most professional voice Joe had ever encountered in his life.

Yeah?” Joe asked nervously, “how’s (Y/N) and the baby?” He was playing with his hands rolling them together slowly as if he was getting ready to pitch a baseball, that’s what Joe did when he was anxious – played with his hands.

(Y/N) is … Fine.” He said after a minute and Joe could feel his heart dropping as his stomach knotted. “And the baby?” He asked carefully.

The doctor whose facial expression hadn’t been much of one until now had turned sombre, eyes sympathetic. “I’m so sorry.” He said in a lower voice while still remaining professional.

No…” Joe whispered, “I know it’s hard to understand and not much comfort is offered about the situation, these things can happen – often for no reason at all.” He explained to Joe.

We did everything right…” Joe trailed off, feeling himself becoming unfocused. “Everything.” He whispered again.

Within a little under nine weeks, you both found out you were expecting a baby, got married, found a tiny one bedroom flat and started making a life together for a baby … A baby that the doctor was telling Joe no longer existed.

Can I see her?” Joe finally asked, nodding; “of course you can.” the Doctor opened the door for him and he slowly walked inside.

Babe?” Joe asked you carefully seeing you sitting up in a hospital bed, sort’ve staring forward – not really focused onto anything.

Joe…” You whispered, finally looked at him as he came to the edge of the bed.

He’s gone, Joe … They tried to stop it, but they couldn’t.” An emptiness had overcome you, usually you were strong but right now you felt so weak.

It’s okay…” Joe whispered softly, his hand cupped your cheek, “it’ll be okay.” He kept whispering, your eyes looking into each others equally sad – equally in pain.

I’m so sorry,” you started crying. “Honey, this isn’t your fault.” Joe said to you, trying to dry your tears away and not start crying himself.

If I had gone to the hospital earlier…” You sniffed trying to keep yourself from sobbing.

No, (Y/N), this isn’t your fault.” Joe had sat on the edge of your hospital bed, he pulled you close against him tightly, you wrapped your arms around him…

That night you both went down to the river, sitting on the same bank as you had many times before, but this time it was different – everything that had seemed so important had vanished into the air. You were sat close together, holding each other. It was silent around you apart from the river slowly moving.

You had started feeling Joe shake a little as you both held each other, you weren’t sure what he was doing until you heard him sniff and it dawned on you he was crying in silence against you.

He had held himself together for you all afternoon and into the evening and finally he broke down. You squeezed him tightly. “Oh Joe.” You whispered feeling even more guilt ridden, he didn’t reply to you, you just felt his arms wrap around you tighter and his face had nuzzled against your neck and shoulder…

… Life had changed drastically, Joe and you had gone from being very close to very distant, you just sort of existed around each other as the weeks went by. Joe started acting like he didn’t remember while you acted like you didn’t care.

You had your marriage dissolved and started going separate ways. You still loved each other, but things weren’t the same no matter how hard you tried to both make them be.

Bye, Joe.” You stood at the bank of the river as the Sun was making its bed in the Western sky, the trees surrounding the two of you were dancing in the small breeze. “Be safe,” you lent in kissing him lightly on the lips, you had been separated a few month.

Thank you, you look after yourself.” He brushed some of your hair behind your ear. “I will.” You nodded, “oh, I think – I think you should have this back.” You took his hand into yours and carefully placed something on his palm, you closed his fingers around it, your thumb brushed against his fingers before looking up at him again.

You kissed him again quickly before you disappeared through the trees.

Joe watched as you left, before he looked down at his hand, opening his fingers, he looked at the bubble gum machine ring he’d gotten you as a wedding ring.

He looked away from his hand, blinking some tears away as his eyes glasses over…

~ Joe’s P.O.V ~

I shook my head from looking from the nightstand and I exhaled slowly, looking at my computer screen. Trying to focus back into editing, it was late evening – a video due tomorrow afternoon.

Biting my lip, I sighed getting up I grabbed my car keys, “where are you going?” Caspar asked me as I walked upstairs. “Out.” Was all I could tell him as I left, getting into my car I had taken to London with me recently.

I drove two hours with myself in silent, until I hit Wiltshire county lines. I figured I was crazy, I had no motives on being here. I pulled off a paved road onto dirt, between two fields and stopped at the tree line that had gotten much thicker after almost five years.

The moon was full and bright above it, shining through the leafs on the trees, my feet crunched the shrubbery around me, until I got to a clearing, walking down the bank, with my hands in my pockets, I stopped.

Looking down to the river, the river was dry and my heart felt sad. “Oh.” I whispered, my eyes travelled up the small clearing to a large tree where (J+(Y/Initial)=<3) Had been carved many moons ago, but it had faded away.

“What’re you looking for?” A voice from behind me caught me off guard, I turned quickly to look.

“(Y/N)…” I whispered unbelievingly, “hey.” She came from beyond the trees, just how she left me.

“How did you know?” I wondered. “That you were here?” She asked and I nodded. “I didn’t…” She admitted, “I come here everyday, the river dried up not long after you left.” She explained.

“(Y/N)…” I whispered, unsure of what to do or say, I walked up the banks edge and I wrapped my arms around her tightly, squeezing her. “I’ve missed you, so much.” I whispered, feeling her arms moving to be around me. “I’ve missed you, too.” She whispered back.

I have decided that Lee Unwin and James Spencer were the Trainees from Hell and kept passing all the tests that Merlin put them through until Merlin was going “For fuck’s sake one of you fuck up so we can stop this please” and they were super competitive friends and also dared each other to do dangerous things around the mansion until Merlin threatened to shoot them both and start over.