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if baby really was fanon height (somewhere between 4 and 5 ft), she would be smol enough to carry and hug, which is adorable. considering she's really 7ft 2in (i think), she can probably carry and hug other people, and i think thats really sweet. no matter what, baby is great

I gotta draw everybody hugging baby


emerges from the void just to kinkshame friends and family

did someone say shitposter gaster

I DON’T WANT TO WORK ON THIS ANYMORE so here is my version of the mural my Lavellan used to work out some of her issues. She basically attacked her bedroom wall with paint. Not fresco, because she does not have the skill or patience required for that. I’m pretty sure she gets over bad days by working on her family and/or lying on the floor painting foliage. Tiny happy flower, ignore the fact that you don’t know how to convince your boyfriend not to murder everyone you’ve ever known, tiny happy flower, ignore the desire to throw idiots off the battlements, tiny happy flower. Bob Ross therapy did not actually work for her, alas.


I made an animatic from a clip from The Adventure Zone which is a very good and fun podcast, click here to watch a good boy yell about elevators


No more fears, no more doubts.


Because he did say “make puddings & babies.” XD

Twelve is trying convince the Vikings not to wage war…by giving them alternatives to do! Except he himself gets distracted because of a certain someone.


They convinced the Vikings to not wage war by throwing a wedding party!