and that's the moment when i burst into tears

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ok but imagine Dave sending Rose a snap of two rings and hes like "is this....good?" and Rose respond him seconds later with a snap pic with her and kanaya smiling "holy shit Dave yes do this" Tree mounths later Dave and karkat marry

thats p adorable..  when it comes to proposals i feel like whether its dave or karkat they would both feel pressured into doing something over the top given how much karkat loves his ridiculous romance novels and movies which involve these grandiose displays of affection and shit.  not only that but its like the ultimate show of sincerity PLUS potential soul shattering rejection so i feel like dave would be scared shitless over doing it. i think hed have a lot of false starts where he tries to do the dinner date cliche but ends up chickening out and rambling away on a tangent before he can get to the point. its not working so kanaya suggests he try a different approach so daves takes karkat on a trip down memory lane on the old meteor. theyre reliving memories of the three years they spent there and how their relationship progressed and having a Moment when dave trips over roses crusted over ancient shoe at the top of the stairs and falls all the way down. the box and the ring spill out of his pocket onto the floor and when karkat runs down to help, dave quickly tries to improv the proposal like he TOTALLY did it on purpose and like it wasnt the most fuckin unsmooth number ever attempted in the history of paradox space. theres a long heart wrenching moment for dave where karkat is stuck in a state of shock and when dave is sure he fucked it up big time and hes gonna say no karkat bursts into fuckin tears.

anyway thats one way i can see it going down

I had another dream about you last night. The good news is, they’re further apart now. The last one was 4 months ago. The distance between each one resembles a mothers contractions; I think my body is bringing something new into the world. Or perhaps I think my body is trying to finally expel you. I can’t tell the difference when one second we’re making love, and weeks later I’m screaming and crying moments before I burst back into consciousness. Last night we were in your car. You told me you were ready for me; that you missed me and regretted all this wasted time. That you realized the person you had replaced me with was hallow, that they cared a great deal much more than you did. I yell “thats what I did!”. I scream. I kick. The dream gets muddy with my tears. I’ve been here before. I can feel it in my mouth; in my words that feel like cotton balls lodged in my throat. I yell “this is what you do! You use people until you’re unhappy, until you’re unsatisfied.” I say all these things with the utmost certainty; truths that I only speak in the fiction i’m living; things I never said to you awake. I kiss you. I realize I never got the chance to. “What the hell am I losing” I say to myself before I do it. Your lips taste like nothing. Like everything. Like anybody’s. I always pictured they’d taste like spring; like clouds; like a rain that never ended. The only taste I climb out of the car with is disappointment. “This is what you lost, asshole” I slur the words behind me. No. This is what I lost. I’m who I lost. The words echoe in my head until I see my bedroom ceiling.
—  A. Garzon, Here In My Own Skin