and that's the fine part

I actually need to stop getting involved with well adjusted rich white people, it’s so fucking shameful to say that I’m going to have trouble travelling to the other side of our city because of cost, it’s so embarrassing and I’m sick of going through this each time they ask me out

anonymous asked:

my ribs kinda go in a bit and idk if thats normal. some parts hurt but its mostly fine. idk what to do i cant tell my mom because shell find out i have a binder

It doesn’t sound too serious, but mention it the next time you go to the doctor. If she’s in the room then say it’s right where your bra pushes, so maybe it’s too tight. If she’s not there you can tell your doctor that you bind, they’re not allowed to tell your parents.
Please be safe, if it gets worse mention it to your parents so you can get medical attention.
- Andy