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– what does your muse like to do on a rainy day?

– what does your muse like to do on a snowy day?

– what does your muse like to do on a sunny day?

– does you muse have any contradicting opinions/views? If so, then what are they?

– has your muse ever had a near-death experience?

– what sort of hobbies does your muse have? If they do, then do they have a preference for any particular one?

– does your muse prefer coffee or tea? Perhaps both, or neither?

– how lucky is your muse? Do they believe in luck as a concept, or think it’s a bunch of hooey?

– has your muse ever killed anyone? Has it been in cold blood or self-defense? Both?

– has your muse ever used someone to gain something, whether it’s been power/material possessions/political control/etc?

– what’s your muse’s health like? Do they keep up with it, or has it degraded over time?

– does your muse feel incomplete? Do they feel whole? Why do they feel whichever way?

I just get so so annoyed by people who come for the Celaena in the first ToG book. People always accuse her of Mary Sueing and not actually being as lethal as she claims and I am like have you considered the following:

-she has spent a year as a slave in Endovier

-she has had to fight every day of that year to remain sane 

-she was whipped. a lot. she was malnourished and weakened when she left the mines.

-it takes her a while to get back into shape after being a slave. like, duh. did you expect her to be killing ppl left and right as soon as she was free?? idk that would unrealistic and isn’t being unrealistic one the things that mary sues get criticized for?? hmmm? like idk u cant have it both ways. 

-the plot of the first book is not about her being an assassin. like, lol, thats part of her past and that is made explicitly clear. can u ppl even read i mean come on

-the plot it literally set up to give us a main character who has an intricate and painful backstory, i mean, her backstory is not completely clear in ToG1, but we do know that Arobyn is a dickhead and Sam is dead and that there is something else horrible lurking in her past. 

-so why are you all surprised when a 16 year old girl is happy to lounge in bed and read and flirt with the crown prince and go to balls

-she has literally been a slave for a year and before that she was an assassin like 

-so like same. fucking same. think about how u would act in her situation. u would flirt with dorian too. and chaol. and u would love nehemia. we all would. 

-can we stop expecting characters who are teenagers to act like they aren’t teenagers

-can u cut teenage girls irl slack as well

-and im sorry was Celaena’s participation in the competition to be the king’s champion not gory enough for you

-i mean is it not enough that she is supposed to kill like 20 other men

-i just…what else is she supposed to do?? she starts to learn about wyrds marks??? she is doing her part to begin the Hero’s Journey™ like ya gotta start somewhere

-again like the plot of tog1 is that she used to be an assassin as in past tense, as in, her assassinating people happened before the beginning of the book not during the book so stop complaining that she doesnt kill enough ppl?? 

-why is whether or not the main character kills anyone a legitimate complaint

-hint: it isn’t.

-there is literally a book called the assassin’s blade that makes her work as an assassin explicitly clear. and she does kill a lot of people. and at this point in time you can read the AB before Tog1 if youd like.

-please dont use the term mary sue to describe female characters. its pretty sexist tbh because we get tons of male characters in fantasy novels written by men who are idealized without ever proving their worth but i only ever see the term applied to teenage girls. like?? have u ever read the name of the wind. it is a bomb book but if u wanna talk about wish fulfillment and mary suing, Kvothe (yes his name is that pretentious) is ur fucking guy. 

-also an integral part of the mary sue trope is that the character is idealized and perfect and uh, Celaena is not perfect. Her flaws are what make her believable. I mean she has had this horrible past and she comes out of it being fairly selfish and a bit cowardly and vain. and thats just…so realistic? I mean that is how you would react if you woke up in a pool of your parents’ blood, were drowned in a river, raised from the age of 8 to be an assassin by an abusive dick wipe who claimed to love you but really just had a creepy crush on you, conditioned to mistrust everyone, had the one person you actually loved in the world be murdered, and then were sold out by your abusive assassin dad to the king who was responsible for your entire family’s death and ended up in the fucking mines as a slave. 

-I see a lot of people say that Celaena is a mary sue and then criticize her for all her flaws and im like…but the mary sue is an idealized character who has no substance to back up their perfection. Celaena cannot be a mary sue and also have all the flaws you claim she has??? that is just false logic?? in fact, Celaena has all of the substance and flaws and life experience to back up her actions and like, none of the perfection. 

-idk what to tell u other than that u have to allow female characters, especially teenage ones, the space to grow? and idk about you but i dont want to read about characters who have zero flaws? I’d rather read about celaena, queen bitchness herself, because hey you know who else is a bitch and immature a lot of the time? Me!!!! Myself!!! 

-But I’ve grown a lot and so does Celaena and idk about you but I am so here for extreme character growth over the course of 6 books like….that is so great…so many authors have flat character growth or no character growth and SJM avoids that completely by giving us a character who has so many issues and ways she could be improving herself.

-stop shitting on celaena for not being the perfect character u want her to be.


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i saw your wonderful meta and i thought, another thing that really stuck with me is the difference between the sheith vs kallura hug in s2. with kallura, you see them hug up close, the viewers are invited into the scene because it's not an intimate one. but with sheith, you see both of them hug, you don't get to hear anything (if they were even saying anything), and the viewers are placed very far away, as if we're not meant to invade into that intimate moment that's reserved just for the 2.

hi!  ha i actually also like kallura and think their hug was cute too, but ya theyre both presented in really different ways. i think the main thing is how comfortable keith looks with shiro, so this is a level of intimacy he’s used to. he tells that one arusion he doesnt hug strangers, but i guess he must hug shiro time to time, since he just goes in for the handshake but isnt at all surprised when shiro pulls him in. 

also, interesting note about it feeling like this intrusion on a private moment: allura’s watching them 

so ya, in terms of how theyre in their own little world and someone else is looking in, i think its definitely framed that way, since its something we see from allura’s point of view. we also get the hug right on the heels of this scene 

so The Hug is also kinda this moment where you have someone else staring and going Why though?? why are they so close??? because shiro keeps trusting all these galra and she just?? cant understand it?? when she turns away from the bom she looks Tired and Annoyed. but after keith catches her staring during the hug, she looks more…hurt? guilty? something? like she’s maybe thinking she shouldn’t be so quick to judge, because keith and shiro both look so perfectly content and at ease in that moment, and its kinda hard to think Evil Galra when you see them being so vulnerable with somebody. (granted i think she had every right to be wary and im proud she was able to build that bridge back up by herself, but i digress). anyway, i think there is that extra level of it feeling like this personal moment  because its this scene that kinda “humanizes” him for allura a little–his affection for shiro humanizes him. and it’s one of the early steps in learning to confront her black and white worldview. ironically, the sheith hug reveals just as much about allura as it does shiro and keith. 

sidenote: i think its interesting that in both these scenes, shiro is turned away from her the whole time. which seems kinda indicative of how distant from shiro she feels because its like hes “siding” with the galra over her. keith is the only one who looks back. and when he does, allura immediately breaks eye contact. 

as for the kallura hug, it seems pretty one sided to me. that is, allura initiates it, and he doesnt respond as readily. she kinda grabs him and you can tell he’s shocked that she’s ready to forgive him so easily. He doesnt pull away or anything though, and tries to reassure her and everything. when he promises to come back you can tell he really cares that she was concerned for him. but, that being said, he definitely doesnt look as comfortable. hes more startled and just freezes. he doesnt hug her back right away. its not something to be expected, like with shiro. 

obviously, this also has a lot to due with the drastic change in her behavior, which leaves him pretty confused. but even when hunk hugs him that one time at the beginning, he looks shocked. hes a touch averse person usually, so its nice to see that he at least had shiro to open up to. and now, little by little, hes slowly letting his guard down around others too.

also, something i kinda wondered when i first watched season 2: since she was the one watching keith and shiro hug before, did it occur to her that oh!! maybe this is a thing! maybe keith likes hugs. should i be giving him a hug?? because she saw shiro do it to reassure him so she tried to comfort him the way shiro would? caus if so thats really cute 

anyway im thankful for both the sheith and kallura hugs! like honestly keith can probably use all the hugs he can get at this point ha 

Dan and Phil have now both called each other family and I don’t think my heart can take that

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DO you know what "rules" they violated? Is this like some plagiarism stuff... Or something entirely different? Because I do not even want to think that one of the authors ripped off a piece of work from somewhere else... That would be sad. But if that's not the case, then forget this whole message lol but I would like to know something, thank you

See this is the thing that bothers me, Lezhin didn’t tell us!

The announcement doesn’t explain what rules were being violated or if the forfeiture was voluntary by the artists after the fact that Spring in the Heart and Rose Moon were both already serialized. 

I’m heartbroken right now.

These boys deserved a chance to grow :(

  • Tabata: NOCTUNA? Oh yes it's gonna be so CANON! So, listen, we're gonna make them meet for a very short time when they're basically infants, making flower crowns and do things kids do. Then, we won't give them either a proper goodbye and we won't allow them to meet again for 12 years. So they won't actually interact for 22 years, when they finally will look each other in the eyes in the afterlife! Of course in the meantime they can text each other, but not via those super technological phones everyone - especially royalty - has: they're gonna have dogs as messangers, so they won't ear each other's voice for years and it's also gonna pass some time before the news arrive. Only the girl will actually do something useful for the boy, just like a common man-device, while the boy will regret his whole life not even trying to call her when he obviously could (but we will let people think that's because the empire forbids it). They both will be stucked with memories about when they were kids and we're gonna make them marry in the afterlife as if in 22 years their emotional/physical/mental needs never changed at all!
  • Also Tabata: LUNYX? Noooo they're NOT CANON at all! They're grown up and mature people! They meet only for 2 days. So we're gonna give them a beautiful first talk with fireworks in the background, flirty conversations, they're gonna save each other's back multiple times in just one night, they're gonna have protection instincts towards each other, smart and quick remarks, intimate conversation in the dark, yearning looks, deep respect for each other's position, gifts, promises, chemistry, they're gonna encourage each other, support each other, you know, like a doomed love? Yeah but not really that canon, because they're not canon of course ahahahahah
  • Fandom: ... Ok, that sounds fake but ok.

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I think in ways Pewdiepie was being unfairly treated by the media he needs to realize with freedom of speech comes responsibility and I don't think he realizes that yet. Felix isn't oppressed, he just facing the consequences of his actions. You can't say something political or get someone to say "death to all Jews" without someone responding to it. Freedom of speech goes both ways. His fans don't understand this and that's scary. I have more issues with his fan base then Felix himself tbh.

Here’s the thing with freedom of speech: It means we won’t accept using violence to regulate speech. But we’re absolutely allowed to use community pressure. Someone saying “fuck you, stop doing that” isn’t a violation of your rights, it’s them exercising them. If anything, because of the fact that we don’t have strong hate speech laws (which is good, because as soon as it’s okay to ban some speech, it’s okay to ban any speech, and we’re already seeing some executive abuse on that front…), we’re obligated to push those kind of people out of communities. Free speech means you can say whatever you like. It doesn’t mean anyone has to like it, support you, or distribute your materials. Can you imagine how absurd it would sound for someone to tell a publishing company they’re censoring them by not allowing them to publish their shitty hate-filled book? Because Milo essentially said that to twitter.

So yeah, Pewdiepie is facing the consequences of his actions, which is good, because it proves we don’t need state enforced speech codes to punish that kind of behavior.

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As someone unfamiliar with both, can you elaborate on your fandom post a bit?

OKAY IM GUNNA GET REAL PERTENCIOUS HERE but I feel (for good and bad) fandom spaces here are a strange and seemingly contradictory mix of intense creator hero worship and Death of the Author. There is not enough of “this was something created by a person/group of people within a given context” type of analysis or discussion. 

Fandom isn’t inherently negative, but it’s becoming the only way most of us engage with the things we like. Things like let’s plays and music don’t have the same divide between fiction and real life that movies and videogames possess. Creators are not seen as people but as extents of entertainment. People treat actual living people as fictional characters, stuff like writing/drawing smut of them or shipping them or /worshipping them/ is now an expectation cause *thats what fandoms do*. 

TLDR both those sort of fandoms treat actual people like “entertainment” and not humans that exist who have their own lives and shit.

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The rating for 209 dropped to the lowest of the season. I have a pretty good idea why 208 was so high comparatively. Malec. Everyone thought they'd show us the bedroom scene in 208, and they didn't. The next week. Bam. Dropped to the lowest Nielsen rated episode of both seasons. They better do something to pull Malec fans back. That's all I'm saying.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s a part of it. Malec fans are feeling disappointed. We get fade to black in the same ep Jace gets a random sex scene. Then this ep Clary & Simon get making out, Izzy & Raphel (the most unhealthy ship on the show) get a romantic domestic cooking scene and finally Jimon get a nice battle couple scene. All things Malec fans have been asking for.

But, please don’t forget other fans who’re stopping watching. Malec had problems from ep 6 onwards. Many PoC have been talking about the serious issues with representation and writing from almost the start of the season. For a show selling itself on diversity, it’s doing a piss-poor job.

They need to address both sets of fans.


zia: okay, okay lets get a picture together before my makeup melts off and makes me look like a clown… [click]

kolton: i bet you would still look beautiful, z

zia: [laughs] so i’d make a beautiful clown? good to know

kolton: shh!!! but really, i had a really great time tonight… thank you for coming with me

zia: you don’t have to thank me, i actually had a lot of fun

kolton: [smiles] you sound surprised?

zia: well… i didn’t really ever think i would have time to have actual fun, or even enjoy going out. i’m so used to doing homework and cheer 24/7 i never really knew what it was like to have an actual life…

kolton: ah, so thats why you avoided me all year? i thought you hated me or something, honestly

zia: hate you? no, not at all… thought you were creepy? yeah, a little bit

both: [laughs]

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(Same anon) What's your thoughts on Black witches being included in possible creative projects done to try remove the negative conotations on witches and educate people on different types of witchcraft, if done respectfully with proper reaserch? I mean in paticular voodoo, hoodoo etc. (I personally only practice celtic paganism with hedge witchcraft and have my roots pretty set in wales so i don't know much about it yet, but I want to try include it)

When it comes to america, black witches have been ridiculed, thrown to side, beaten, and sometimes killed because we do what we do. Then in the last 50 or so years, white witches just picked up voodoo and hoodoo from us, put their name on it, changed it up a bit, and said “Yep, this is it.” And now, you got black witches everywhere (and some no-black witches who actually see whats going on) confused and frustrated because everytime you turn around you have books and websites saying this originated from Africa and from the slaves that came from the Atlantic Slave Trade, but the authors and writers and publishers are all white. Its hella upsetting.

Thats why its imperative that more and more black witches start teaching our shit, because thats exactly what it is. Ours. I will say with hoodoo, because it’s a mixture of African, Latin, Appalachian Granny Magic, and Native American practices, anyone can practice. I know some people will disagree with me, but hoodoo is a practice, not a religion. Hoodoo, though, is mostly used by black (christian) people and therefore, my other opinion would be that black people should be at the forefront of teaching and passing on the information.

Voodoo is strictly for black people. But there is nothing wrong with an over view and bit of education on what voodoo is. Knowledge is power. But should Black people be teaching and educating? Yep. 100%. Of course your gonna have those few exceptions, but when it comes to African practices black people should be included in the education process. 

And to top it all off, black people(and other POCs) should most defiantly be included in the eradication of negative connotations given to us. Black is not bad. Being black is not bad. Being black and practicing black magic and “black magic” is not bad. There are other practices that aren’t Wiccan, and not every practitioner believes in not harming everyone. Then on the flip side, we need to acknowledge there are black people who wont follow what there ancestors did and do something completely different. And thats fine. Of course, there always a debate on whether black people should create their own spaces or should be invited more into white spaces, and I say both. The more faces out there, the better and more inclusive the witchcraft community will be.

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hi I know a lot of people probably ask you this, but where do I start with animation? I want to make animated videos but I don't really think I have what I need to do it. I also can't draw very well /: but it's something I'm interested in. Is there something you'd recommend I do now? Things I can use now? Thanks if you answer (: xx

I know this is drawing, but baisically everything applies for animation principles.

so check out Alan Beckers tutorials here  (super good highly recommended)

or check out cranbersher’s guide here (I heard hes a nerd..)

I don’t really have anything for 3D but all the rules in both these playlist pretty much applies to any type of animation c:  drawing frame by frame is good to know though, to like understand the concept quicker, imo since thats what I understand, but yeah just take your pick, you don’t have to draw to know how to animate c:

OH WAIT! there is one for 3D…. RIGHT HERE ;)


Here I leave his description and story of how he was born and his personality, hope you like him

Nightmare!Sans and Horror!Sans where having a discussion and it went a bit to far having Horror’s blood and some of Nightmare’s substance mix together wich fell in some of Ink’s paint creating Scary. At first he was hated by both of his new parents but he seemed usseful for something since he was actually strong so he does whatever Nightmare! Sans tells him to do without arguing any of his decisions, hes like Nightmares little puppet and thats all. Horror doesnt want anything to do with Scary.

-Scary is pretty crazy and sadistic but also obedient and can be nice at times

-He uses a big hammer to fight but can also turn corrapted like Nightmare

-Hes actually sick even do he’s strong he has a week soul, at any time he can die if hes not carefull

-He has a crush on Goth! Sans and a really big crush, so hes very jealous of Palette. He’s really calm and happy with Goth. He loves calling him Gothy.

-His actually small so he loves to play games mostly the one of “10 minutes to survive” he made it.

-He likes to eat raw meat human or animal but also enjoys sweets alot.

-He has many marks on his body, pain is fun for him but mostly when he does it to others, but feels petty many times for those who he hurts.


Aquí dejo su descripción e historia de como nació y su personalidad espero que os guste.

Nightmare!Sans y Horror!Sans estaban teniendo una discusión y se fue un poco lejos, la sangre de Horror mezclada con la sustancia de Nightmare cayó en pintura de Ink creando así a Scary. Sus nuevos padres lo odiaban y no querían saber nada de él, pero parecía de uso ya que era tenía bastante fuerza, hacía cualquier cosa que le dijera Nightmare! Sans, Horror no quiere saber nada sobre él. Hacia cualquier cosa que le dijera Nightmare sin discutir sus peticiones se podría decir que era su marioneta y nada más, ya que no lo trataba como un hijo.

-Scary es bastante sádico y está mal de la cabeza pero también es muy obediente además de que puede ser simpático algunas veces.

-Usa un gran martillo para pelear, también se puede corromper como Nightmare.

-Esta enfermo, aun siendo fuerte su alma es bastante débil, en cualquier momento podría morir si no tiene cuidado.

-Tiene un capricho con Goth!Sans, un gran capricho, así que está bastante celoso de Palette. Cuando está con Goth está siempre muy feliz y tranquilo. Le encanta llamarle Gothy.

-Es pequeño así que le gustan jugar juegos sobre todo el de “10 minutos para sobrevivir” él lo creo.

-Le gusta comer carne cruda de humano o animal pero también disfruta de los dulces bastante.

-Tiene muchas marcas en su cuerpo, le encanta el dolor sobretodo cuando se lo hace a otros pero siente pena muchas veces a quienes se lo hace.


Nightmare! Sans by @jokublog

Horror! Sans by @sour-apple-studios

Scary! Sans by @finfileors

Goth! Sans by @nekophy

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I was really disappointed with your caption "Thick!Misha", 'cause that's obviously not thick, that's just hunching down and relaxing. There's not a single person whose stomach doesn't look bigger in that position. That's not thick.


I’m sorry, I might have used the wrong wording and I do apologize if it offended you, but I want to say a few things because I honestly didn’t mean to say something rude. 

1. Thick, for me, is ‘not thin’ and I don’t know how to describe ‘thin’ exactly, but I hope you kind of understand what I mean. Straight lines, no to little curves, etc.

2. I am highly/only attracted to, in my view, ‘thick’ men (with women it’s both but that’s besides the point). I don’t know if this was your problem, but I was complimenting Misha because a ‘thick’ body shape is very attractive to me. 

3. I wasn’t exactly like

talking about

his stomach

in particular.

I was actually mostly referring to his thighs. 

If you google ‘men thin thighs’ you get pictures like this, which is entirely different from Misha’s thighs. While if you search for ‘men thick thighs’ you get stuff like this, or even less thick examples. 

Now yes, I know that if you sit down, anyone is going to look thick(er) in both legs and stomach, I am fully aware of that. But that doesn’t mean I can not love the fact that it looks thick. 

Misha has gorgeous thick thighs any time, in my opinion. Just a few examples.

I honestly didn’t want to be rude about anyone or anything, I was just pointing out how much I love Misha Collins’ body, particularly in that position (and Mark’s hands… oh lord those hands).  

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the rfa draging a drunk & sentimental mc home and she starts thinking they'll leave her?

It’s been days since this was asked and I have been working on it on and off ~Madre Mod


  • He is actually is giving you a piggy back ride home
  • he blames jumin for all the wine he had at this party
  • Mc can’t even talk right, but yoosung can guess what you’re trying to say
  • but he’s not prepared for when you starts crying and nearly starts choking him because you tighting you arm hold around his neck
  • “Yoosung love me!!”
  • “I love you MC, please lossen your arms please..”
  • :Don’t leave m e! My body you want? Love???”
  • “Mc i’ll never leave you, ever. You are the only one I need.”
  • you end up a sobbing, babbling mess.
  • Yoosung loves you even more and tried to express that more often

❤Zen❤ (I swear i could make this into a fanfic)

  • you are his princess/prince and he’s gonna carry you like one
  • you are telling him your weird drunken thoughts on the way home and zen humoring you
  • “Zen….what if Jumin……and you were a couple???? Wouldn’t that be weird???”
  • “That would be very weird if me and him were a couple.”
  • “but like….hate sex is a thing.”
  • “If im not mistaken I think you want me and jumin to become a couple?”
  • at this moment zen knew
  • he fucked up
  • “Wait….you don’t love me anymore?????”
  • Zen is panicking o K
  • he doesn’t know what to DO
  • “I love you my princess/prince!”
  • “Don’t leave me for that rich bitch! I can’t function right without you!!”
  • Your crying
  • zen wants to cry because you look so heart broken
  • he comforts you though, and he brings you back to your strange drunken topics.
  • such as how you were going to bring zen the moon

❤Jaehee ❤

  • she had you over her shoulder
  • she strong
  • you were just laughing up a storm.
  • somebody could tell you the most blandest joke ever  and you would still laugh at it
  • she doesn’t know why or how but you ended up crying
  • You’re remembering the times when you were freindzoned
  • “Jaehee why don’t you love me??”
  • “Mc what are you talking about we are dating. for two months now.”
  • “Then why won’t you return my feelings??”
  • you started crying harder
  • Jaehee started panicking
  • “Mc I return your feelings..Does that make you feel better?”
  • in between sobs you managed a yes
  • when you both got home jaehee cuddled the SHIT out of you
  • just so you never forget that she loves you and only you


  • so much wine
  • you consumed soooo much wine
  • you were leaning on a somewhat sober jumin
  • you and jumin are at a rfa celebration for another successful party
  • then someone totally wasnt seven brought up the does jumin han is gay rumor, and you took that to heart
  • “JUMIN??? YOUR GAY???”
  • “What?? MC no i’m not.”
  • “Then why is there a rumor about you being gay??? Are you leaving me for some other guy??????”
  • “Mc….it’s a silly rumo-”
  • cue zen choking on his beer and seven dying of laughter
  • “Me..cheat on you…..wITH THAT THING??? That’s hilarious mc.”
  • you’re actually crying
  • Jumin doesn’t understand??? He thought you were joking???
  • “Mc please calm down..”
  • poor bean side hugs you because he doesn’t know what to do
  • he ends up taking you home with driver kim driving because jumin can’t drive for shit
  • you are still crying
  • you are also weakly hitting jumin
  • “No! You are leaving me for zen! He is everything im not!!”
  • “Mc please calm down, I love you for your commoner ways.”
  • bad move there jumin
  • “Mc please..”
  • he holds you close and softly sings to you, hoping you calm your drunk ass down (if you don’t know what song this is then im slightly dissapointed. go on soundcloud and look up Jumin Han singing. I have gone to sleep with this song)
  • it works! You’re calm and half sleep!
  • “There there mc. it’s ok, I love you.”


  • You two were celebrating one of his successes from his bullshit agency
  • he brought out the good shit that he saves for when he successfully hacks into something (he probably hacks space stations for the hell of it)
  • you both were pretty drunk
  • but seven still had his mind in tack
  • unlike you who went to bother helpless saeran
  • poor boy
  • he was being poked by you
  • after seven hauled your ass away from saeran and dragged you to yall room
  • you saw this picture of you and seven that was taken from the amusement park
  • but your drunken mind didn’t register that it was you
  • so you shoved it in his face
  • “Luceil who is this??? And why do you look so happy with them??”
  • “mc thats us, from when we went to the amusement park.”
  • “No it’s not! I’m not as pretty as she is! Look she even has mouse ears! ;-; you don’t love me anymore……”
  • as much as he wanted to record this moment who am I kidding he was as soon as you was poking saeran’s face
  • you were crying and trying to take your stuff but you were grabbing his stuff instead
  • he simply picked you up, put you on the bed and started treating you like a cat.
  • belly rubs here, a little scratch here, bopping the nose once in a while, and cute little reminders of his love for you. Until you calmed down and went to sleep.
  • Seven had some funny shit to show you in the morning
  • and he won’t let you live it down
  • ever
Butt Sex is like Broccoli
  • Delirious: I get most kills when I'm the big guy, but ya know... I gotta try different things man. I gotta go different ways.
  • Cartoonz: Yeah, sometimes you gotta try it both ways man. Sometimes you make out with a hot female and other times you take a dick in the ass, ya know?
  • Ohm: That's what you do!
  • Cartoonz: You gotta try it both ways!
  • Delirious: Speaking from experience.
  • Bryce: No you don't have to take it both ways, guys. Don't listen to Cartoonz.
  • Cartoonz: Hey, you never know.
  • Delirious: *singing* Thank you for being a friend.
  • Bryce: You're welcome!
  • Ohm: Bryce, have you never tried something new that you didn't used to like but now you like it?
  • Cartoonz: Yeah, like broccoli!
  • Delirious: Yeah, I do like broccoli.
  • Ohm: Butt sex is like broccoli, dude.
  • Bryce: I don't think taking a dick in your butt is the same as eating broccoli.
  • Cartoonz: Are you sure?

fell-dragon-domain  asked:

I wonder how the "x bending like a y bender" thing works for the Avatar. Is it a conscious action? Do they ever inadvertently bend the wrong element because they aren't using the proper form?

I was going to say “no, thats not not how it works,” but then I figured you mean something like your brain going on auto pilot or something, because if so that could happen.

It’s probably just thinking and doin though most of the time. 

Theory - Joe Sugg/Maynard Brothers Imagine

A/N- I’m so so glad your requests are open again, I looove your writing! just wondering if you could write an imagine where you’re jack and conor’s sister, and you’re in a secret relationship with joe. they don’t suspect anything until one day the fans create their own theory about you and joe being in a relationship, and jack and conor see it when it’s trending on twitter and ask you about it

“Jack?” Conor called out from the front room causing him to emerge.


“Come here” He groaned as he was in the middle of something but didn’t complain as he took a seat next to his brother. 

“I’ve been scrolling on twitter, i’ve been having a read and came across this” Conor turned the laptop for Jack to look and confusion filled his face.

“What’s this?” He questioned still confused with what Conor was trying to show. 

“The fans have come up with this theory about Y/N and Joe” 

“Our Y/N?” 

“Yes our little sister, they believe the two of them are in a relationship” 

“Don’t be stupid, they aren’t. This is just made up shit” 

“Bro watch this” Conor put on a video which was an edit of Joe and Y/N moments together. There were moments where it showed they were only friends but watching it more closely, you could see the chemistry. 

“How can the fans notice it but we can’t?” Jack questioned. It’s true because they all spend so much time together the chemistry between their sister and best friend isn’t as noticeable. As the fans see it from a different view hence why there are so many edits and videos with the same theory. “Surely she would have told us?” 

“I doubt it, I mean Joe’s one of our best friends. They probably think we’d be mad”

“I’m more mad at the fact they wouldn’t tell us. Instead we find out by fan theory” 

“Jack you have to remember it’s not confirmed yet, we could be looking way into this. If anything we need to witness this for ourselves” 

“Well Joe’s invited us all round Friday night im sure Y/N’s going so we can obverse then” 

Friday night soon rolled around and the Maynard brothers were on the look out. Every one was around Caspar, Mikey, Josh, Oli and Y/N. We were having a night in with food, drinks and films. We were all in the front room spaced out and it didn’t go a miss Y/N cuddled up to Joe’s side with his arm around her. 

Throughout the film Joe would glance down to look at Y/N and she would look back with a smile. At times Joe started to play with her hair twirling it around his finger or he started to run his finger(s) up and down her arm. When Y/N would get up and get a drink or go to the bathroom, Joe’s eyes would follow her with a faint smile appearing on his lips. Jack and Conor could finally see what the fans were seeing. Everyone knew that Joe and Y/N were the closest out of everyone but no one knew a relationship sprung out of it. 

The time clocked on to 2 in the morning and the boys were getting ready to go. Jack and Conor held back until everyone was gone. 

“Can we talk to you two?” Conor asked glancing around to double check everyone had left. 

“Erm sure?” Joe confusingly replied. Y/N was about to put her coat on before stopping half way and making her way to the sofa with her brothers taking a seat opposite the apparent couple. 

“Are you two a thing?” Jack asked wanting to get the conversation out the way. 

“What you mean a thing?” Y/N questioned back. 

“We never noticed anything before we looked into what the fans saw-”

“What are you on about?” Y/N continued to question. 

“They have this theory that you two are dating” Jack came out straight to the point. “We never noticed the chemistry until we watched this video online and we looked out for it tonight and pretty much saw what they saw” 

Joe and Y/N remained quiet knowing they had been caught. But on the inside they knew it was a relief not having to hide the relationship anymore. 

“So we’ll ask again… are you two dating?” Conor repeated. 

Joe sighed which caused Y/N to look at him. “Yes we are” 

“How long?”

“About 5 months” 

“Why didn’t you tell us?” 

“Because you would start becoming the over-protective brothers you are plus Joe’s one of your best mates” 

“Thats one of the reasons why you should of told us, we don’t care that your dating, well we do, but if you both like each other then there’s nothing we can do” 

“You guys can relax now” Conor chuckled after seeing them stiffen up after they found out they had been caught out. 

“Thank god, i thought i was going to be killed or something” Joe dry laughed placing his hand over his chest. 

“We will if you hurt Y/N” Jack threatened with a slight smirk. 

Joe turned to face his girlfriend kissing her temple. “I dont plan on it” Causing her to look down and blush as this was the first interaction being seen by her brothers. 

“Great now we need to get used to this soppy shit”

anonymous asked:

Wait. You're dating Wiishu ? The girl who is drawing you fanart ? Isn't it weird for you, dating a "fan" of yours. And if I'm right, and you ARE actually dating Wiishu, I hope you are not becoming this YouTuber who pick up girls because they can and have the fame for it. Because it was like 4~5 Weeks (?) you gave use your statement that you broke up with you Korea Gf and now you have a new one. I can't tell you what to do, no one does, but pls, dont show her off to much or something like that.<3

That is NOT why we got together. I am NOT that guy and never will be. Just because I announced a breakup a short while ago does not mean thats when it actually happened. Im sorry if people think me and Wiishu are “bragging” and it makes them feel certain ways but we’re happy and both just happen to be on Tumblr where lots of people see.
I am not with her cos she’s a fan and she’s not with me cos I’m a youtuber. There is soooo much more to it than that that we shouldnt have to say because it’s our business. If you’re not happy about it then that’s fine,I can’t make you feel a certain way but we also shouldnt be made to feel bad for how we feel either.

anonymous asked:

So my little is head over heals for you... I've been scared of this day since she found your page. She told me today she wants you as her daddy. I don't know what to do. She expects so much more than I can do now, and nothing I do is enough for her. I'm not angry at anyone. But I needed you to know.

Thats unfortunate my friend and I do feel for you… 

Its never my intentions to meddle or take anyones little from them. 

the best i can tell you is to just keep reading my tumblr, learning and growing.. and more you do. the more youll become like me.

or you could just say “hey.. can you mentor us?” and I can teach you everything over skype or something. ;)

seriously though… I do hope the both of you can work it out.