and that's something that the both of us do

Regarding the Tumblr vs Twitter

First of all this shit is stupid. We are all in the same fandom one big weird,fucked up family who loves Calvin and satire. Just to let you know I’m from both the tumblr and twitter side so im not picking sides. PLEASE HEAR ME OUT BEFOR YOU SCROLL AWAY OR REBLOG! Now the twitter side well we are very blunt,we love to fuck around with Cal and he follows some of us. Thats why we get lots of replys from him. When we call him a fag or tell him to uopload he knows we are kidding, after we do that we normaly tweet out something like “hey dude its ok get some rest, can’t wait for the next vid tho”. I guess you can say we are the more hardcore side of the fandom. Now us tumblr peeps yes we love Cal as well, but i got to admit we are more softies, we treat him with so much love and kindness. And we are fucking emo and horny, I’m talking to you smut writers bless you for them sins! But at the end of the day we are apart of the same fandom, we all love Cal so much but show are love differently. So no need to call the twitter girl (who happen to be my friends as well) “Twitter Hoes” Because admit it, we are all a slut for calvin don’t even try to lie lying is a sin and you have sinned to much reading that smut. Just please be kind to eachother there is already too much hate in the world ok? I love this fanbase and this fucked up family we are. if you need anyone i’m here okey?

Let this be a little PSA:

If you feel like I’m neglecting you for any reason, or if you think I’ve forgotten or missed something, just poke me. RP is supposed to be this fun thing, right? But it’s gotta be fun for both of us. If you’re not having fun, let’s talk, and if that ends up with a dropped thread or even us parting ways, so be it. Please don’t take anything I do personally. Sometimes I play favorites, sure. I’m allowed to become invested in a story that I’m helping to write. I’m not the only one who does this. I swear I don’t bite. I like to think I’m very polite and courteous. I have no reason to be anything else with you guys.

Just come to me, okay? It’ll be easier without the publication.

Butt sex and broccoli
  • Del: I get most kills with the big guy , but I gotta try new things, I gotta go different ways !
  • Cartoonz: yea yea try it both ways man
  • Ohm : *laughs*
  • Cartoonz: sometimes your making out with a hot female and other times your taking dick up the ass you know ?
  • Ohm: it what you gotta do , thats what you gotta do.
  • Bryce: *laughs* WHAT ????
  • Cartoonz: YOU GOTTA TRY IT BOTH WAYS !!!
  • Del: speaking from experience,,...,
  • Everyone: *laughs*
  • Bryce: no no you dont have to try it both ways , you dont have to listen to cartoonz
  • cartoonz: you never know
  • Del: *random singing*
  • Ohm: Bryce have you never tried something new you didnt use to like and now you like it ???
  • Cartoonz: yeah like broccoli !?!
  • Ohm: yea
  • Del: yea I do like broccoli
  • Ohm: butt sex is like broccoli :)
  • Bryce: I dont think a taking a dick up your butt is the same as eating broccoli ??
  • Everyone: *laughs*

Here I leave his description and story of how he was born and his personality, hope you like him

Nightmare!Sans and Horror!Sans where having a discussion and it went a bit to far having Horror’s blood and some of Nightmare’s substance mix together wich fell in some of Ink’s paint creating Scary. At first he was hated by both of his new parents but he seemed usseful for something since he was actually strong so he does whatever Nightmare! Sans tells him to do without arguing any of his decisions, hes like Nightmares little puppet and thats all. Horror doesnt want anything to do with Scary.

-Scary is pretty crazy and sadistic but also obedient

-He uses a big hammer to fight but can also turn corrapted like Nightmare

-Hes actually sick even do he’s strong he has a week soul, at any time he can die if hes not carefull

-He has a crush on Goth! Sans and a really big crush, so hes very jealous of Palette. He’s really calm and happy with Goth. He loves calling him Gothy.

-His actually small so he loves to play games mostly the one of “10 minutes to survive” he made it.

-He likes to eat raw meat human or animal but also enjoys sweets alot.

-He has many marks on his body, pain is fun for him but mostly when he does it to others, but feels petty many times for those who he hurts.


Aquí dejo su descripción e historia de como nació y su personalidad espero que os guste.

Nightmare!Sans y Horror!Sans estaban teniendo una discusión y se fue un poco lejos, la sangre de Horror mezclada con la sustancia de Nightmare cayó en pintura de Ink creando así a Scary. Sus nuevos padres lo odiaban y no querían saber nada de él, pero parecía de uso ya que era tenía bastante fuerza, hacía cualquier cosa que le dijera Nightmare! Sans, Horror no quiere saber nada sobre él. Hacia cualquier cosa que le dijera Nightmare sin discutir sus peticiones se podría decir que era su marioneta y nada más, ya que no lo trataba como un hijo.

-Scary es bastante sádico y está mal de la cabeza pero también es muy obediente.

-Usa un gran martillo para pelear, también se puede corromper como Nightmare.

-Esta enfermo, aun siendo fuerte su alma es bastante débil, en cualquier momento podría morir si no tiene cuidado.

-Tiene un capricho con Goth!Sans, un gran capricho, así que está bastante celoso de Palette. Cuando está con Goth está siempre muy feliz y tranquilo. Le encanta llamarle Gothy.

-Es pequeño así que le gustan jugar juegos sobre todo el de “10 minutos para sobrevivir” él lo creo.

-Le gusta comer carne cruda de humano o animal pero también disfruta de los dulces bastante.

-Tiene muchas marcas en su cuerpo, le encanta el dolor sobretodo cuando se lo hace a otros pero siente pena muchas veces a quienes se lo hace.


Nightmare! Sans by @jokublog

Horror! Sans by @sour-apple-studios

Scary! Sans by @finfileors

Goth! Sans by @nekophy

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1-10 of the Really Risky Asks! >:D

1. If you had to hug anyone who would you hug Answered but also @aheartmadefullmetal16 
2. Whats your favorite flavor of ice cream? Raspberry chocolate chip!!
3. Whats your favorite color? Blue side of teal 
4. If you have pets, what are their names? Unfortunately no pets :c
5. Do you like a warm bed or a cold bed? Cold bed tbhhh
6. whats a really good memory you have?
7. Favorite song you cant stop listening to? I’d love to break it to you by Nathan Sharp
8. Do you drink water with or without ice in it? Without omfg I dont put ice in anything (unless its at a restaurant)
9. Do you like to use correct grammar when you type or just type all lowercase? … yes? Both? I’m chaotic good when it comes to typing, i will use “you” and “u” in the same sentence
10. Whats something thats made you laugh recently? i cant think of good responses to this memes? movies? cute dogs? HQ crack videos ??? 

Thank you !!

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sorry to bother you and pls know that you dont have to answer right away i know you get a lot of asks, i really appreciate your advice. i have a friend who is always coming to me whenever theyre feeling suicidal or having anxiety/panic attacks. its hard because i do my best to help but i really struggle with those same issues and i feel like im carrying the weight of our mental illnesses for both of us. i feel awful if i dont say anything to help them but its so overwhelming idk what to do

remember that:

-self-care is important.
-you can only help someone so much.

don’t feel bad if you can’t think of something to say. sometimes thats going to happen and there’s nothing wrong with you and it doesn’t make you a bad friend.

words that have helped me (and some of my friends) through hard times are:
you are loved.
you are appreciated.
you are important.

i hope they help you too.
please take care my friend.
i love you so much.

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so I'm very super ace and while I do get romantic attraction sometimes, I usually never want to actually date people except sometimes when the full moon aligns with all the planets I do. so does that make me ace litho gray romantic? idk if thats even a thing

It is if you want to use it! Using both lith and grey together is something ive never seen before but go for it man

ive poured my heart and soul into you. Ive always had best interests for both of us when doing what I do to make sure were both happy. Ive sacrificed my future at the snap of a finger for you when you say its going to be a problem for us, or you wouldnt like it. but when I ask for equal from you, its always been a problem. youve never wanted to work it out for both of us. its always been if you want to do something, regardless that its not good for both of us you dont care. You always say youre not going to not do what you want js bc I dont like it, but when Ive said that it means I didnt care about you somehow. youve always been selfish no matter what. you will never acknowledge that, you will always say its not. you always say im the one thats selfish for wanting you to do the same Ive done for you. and this weekend has been the 2nd worst in my life. youve hurt me like no other person has. Ive had a lot to contemplate over the span of 2-3 days. even life and my future bc of this. and all bc I couldnt make magic happen at the snap of your fingers. You have had every possible explanation that I couldnt change what happened no matter how much I wanted to make it work in your favor. you did all of this to me bc you were a brat. you threw a tantrum. you were mad bc I couldnt make the impossible happen. which was literally impossible, not just an exageration. but I was selfish and acted like the world revolved around me bc I explained there was no possible way I couldve done anything to make it work as good as you wanted bc I wasnt good enough apoearantly. thanks. thanks for hurting me and not giving a fuck.

im supporting the no control thing bc i think its a nice thing for both the fans and the boys. but ive seen a lot of people on my dash today shitting on liam like he doesn’t deserve equal credit in the making of this song and calling him stupid and putting him down all in favor of lifting louis up and i dont think thats okay

u can do what u want to try and make louis feel appreciated but i dont think it solves anything to do it at the expense of the other band members

how I imagine the battersea scene would have gone if Sherlock’s phone was on silent: 

Irene says “look at us both” and after John sort of scoffs and looks away, when it looks like he’s about to say something, instead of sherlock’s phone going off, the thing he says is “well it doesn’t look like there is anything either of us can do about that, is there. hm?” like just getting so riled up and frustrated with her for reading him so clearly the way Sherlock doesn’t seem to, and he thought he was hiding it so well but apparently not, and u can imagine his face. his eyebrows raised and lips between his teeth the way he does in a “tell me you get it because I’m done here” kind of way

Gregg Sulkin Instagram:

“…..& THATS A WRAP on Season 3!

I first wanted to thank you all for watching the show over the past 3 seasons. Both cast & crew have worked with extreme passion and dedication to make this show something that we can all be proud of.

I would like to dedicate Our 1 Teen Choice Award Win & 2 people’s Choice Nominations to all of the incredible fans who have supported us from Day One. It sounds cliche, but we wouldn’t have been able to do it without your unwavering loyalty.

We have made a tv show that has hopefully inspired thousands of people to be themselves. To be proud of who they are & not judge others.

Who knows what the shows fate is, however, if it ends here; it’s been a blast.
We have had 3 great successful seasons where I have created very special friendships.

If this journey ends, I hope you will all join me on my next one :)
All the best

after making fun of kylo ren i kinda settled down and actually enjoy him? like, not as he is right now, but that set some serious space for character development. He’s still weakish, he’s young and confused, both sides pulling him in, he’s not stable. Idk i actually like that bc it will be kinda unpredictable what’s he gonna do next. I guess i’m just used to badasses and the fact that he shows weakness makes him more human and not this untouchable Dark Lord that i’m used to. We’ll see, i’m looking forward for it! Still, keep your mask on buddy, keep your mask on

So I was sitting here thinking about 3X17 and this spoiler and I realized something. 

I think a lot of us instantly assumed that the person who second guesses the restart would do it because of the other getting physically hurt but I don’t think that’s actually the case, I think it’ll be more of an emotional trigger. (despite the fact that both of them have stunt doubles listed for 17)

Because, let’s be real, it’s probably going to be Jemma who is going to regret the restart because it’s been Jemma’s who is carrying the movement in their relationship in 3B. So, what’s the emotional trigger? Speaking with Hive. 

A Hive/Fitzsimmons scene is bascially inevitable at some point during this season and since they’re apparently being shipped right to his front door, this is the perfect time for that. Not to mention, we saw Hive using his former host’s memories to mess with Malick in 16 so it’s pretty much a promise that when Fitzsimmons meets him, he’s going to put them through the ringer by using both Ward and Will’s memories. 

And I’m thinking, while Jemma is probably sitting there listening to Hive taunt Fitz with Will and Jemma’s relationship, she’s going to regret never having a proper conversation about her feelings towards Fitz like hell. Because that conversation is going to just ingrain what Fitz already thinks and if they had talked about it already, it would have been a totally different situation.