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Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws love and hate ambient noise. It needs to be a specific kind of noise depending on what they’re doing, and if it varies too far from the ambient noise they wanted, they just find it distracting.

I just get so so annoyed by people who come for the Celaena in the first ToG book. People always accuse her of Mary Sueing and not actually being as lethal as she claims and I am like have you considered the following:

-she has spent a year as a slave in Endovier

-she has had to fight every day of that year to remain sane 

-she was whipped. a lot. she was malnourished and weakened when she left the mines.

-it takes her a while to get back into shape after being a slave. like, duh. did you expect her to be killing ppl left and right as soon as she was free?? idk that would unrealistic and isn’t being unrealistic one the things that mary sues get criticized for?? hmmm? like idk u cant have it both ways. 

-the plot of the first book is not about her being an assassin. like, lol, thats part of her past and that is made explicitly clear. can u ppl even read i mean come on

-the plot it literally set up to give us a main character who has an intricate and painful backstory, i mean, her backstory is not completely clear in ToG1, but we do know that Arobyn is a dickhead and Sam is dead and that there is something else horrible lurking in her past. 

-so why are you all surprised when a 16 year old girl is happy to lounge in bed and read and flirt with the crown prince and go to balls

-she has literally been a slave for a year and before that she was an assassin like 

-so like same. fucking same. think about how u would act in her situation. u would flirt with dorian too. and chaol. and u would love nehemia. we all would. 

-can we stop expecting characters who are teenagers to act like they aren’t teenagers

-can u cut teenage girls irl slack as well

-and im sorry was Celaena’s participation in the competition to be the king’s champion not gory enough for you

-i mean is it not enough that she is supposed to kill like 20 other men

-i just…what else is she supposed to do?? she starts to learn about wyrds marks??? she is doing her part to begin the Hero’s Journey™ like ya gotta start somewhere

-again like the plot of tog1 is that she used to be an assassin as in past tense, as in, her assassinating people happened before the beginning of the book not during the book so stop complaining that she doesnt kill enough ppl?? 

-why is whether or not the main character kills anyone a legitimate complaint

-hint: it isn’t.

-there is literally a book called the assassin’s blade that makes her work as an assassin explicitly clear. and she does kill a lot of people. and at this point in time you can read the AB before Tog1 if youd like.

-please dont use the term mary sue to describe female characters. its pretty sexist tbh because we get tons of male characters in fantasy novels written by men who are idealized without ever proving their worth but i only ever see the term applied to teenage girls. like?? have u ever read the name of the wind. it is a bomb book but if u wanna talk about wish fulfillment and mary suing, Kvothe (yes his name is that pretentious) is ur fucking guy. 

-also an integral part of the mary sue trope is that the character is idealized and perfect and uh, Celaena is not perfect. Her flaws are what make her believable. I mean she has had this horrible past and she comes out of it being fairly selfish and a bit cowardly and vain. and thats just…so realistic? I mean that is how you would react if you woke up in a pool of your parents’ blood, were drowned in a river, raised from the age of 8 to be an assassin by an abusive dick wipe who claimed to love you but really just had a creepy crush on you, conditioned to mistrust everyone, had the one person you actually loved in the world be murdered, and then were sold out by your abusive assassin dad to the king who was responsible for your entire family’s death and ended up in the fucking mines as a slave. 

-I see a lot of people say that Celaena is a mary sue and then criticize her for all her flaws and im like…but the mary sue is an idealized character who has no substance to back up their perfection. Celaena cannot be a mary sue and also have all the flaws you claim she has??? that is just false logic?? in fact, Celaena has all of the substance and flaws and life experience to back up her actions and like, none of the perfection. 

-idk what to tell u other than that u have to allow female characters, especially teenage ones, the space to grow? and idk about you but i dont want to read about characters who have zero flaws? I’d rather read about celaena, queen bitchness herself, because hey you know who else is a bitch and immature a lot of the time? Me!!!! Myself!!! 

-But I’ve grown a lot and so does Celaena and idk about you but I am so here for extreme character growth over the course of 6 books like….that is so great…so many authors have flat character growth or no character growth and SJM avoids that completely by giving us a character who has so many issues and ways she could be improving herself.

-stop shitting on celaena for not being the perfect character u want her to be.


Not In That Way | Tom Holland

Prompt: Your friends with Tom, which leads to you two becoming friends with benefits and you end up falling in love with him but he doesn’t feel the same way about you.

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Request: No

Words: 1387

Warnings: none, no smut (I don’t write smut) 

My relationship with Tom had began by the both of us just being friends. We guys had met at a dinner that was being hosted by my best friend Zendaya, I had arrived late and the only open spot was next to Tom. After that dinner both Tom and started to hang out constantly and at a party that Jacob was hosting the both of us ended up hooking up. At first I thought nothing of it and assumed it would only be a one time thing, but I was wrong.

The two of us continued to hook up and eventually I started to fall for him… hard. I wasn’t the only to notice either, Zendaya and Jacob knew that I had started to like him way before I knew it.

“You need to tell him Y/N” Z told you

“I don’t want to ruin hat we have” I replied walking into my kitchen while Z and Jacob followed behind me.

“I agree with Zendaya, you need to tell him, who knows maybe he likes you too” Jacob said coming into the kitchen heading towards the fridge and getting a water bottle.

“What if he rejects me and tells me he doesn’t feel the same way, I’ll be humiliated. I won’t say anything yet but I know that I have to, and I have to do it soon”

“If he rejects you he’s an idiot”

“I’ll kick his ass if you need me to” Jacob said 

“Thanks Jacob but I don’t think that’ll be necessary”

And I hate to say I love you
When it’s so hard for me
And I hate to say I want you
When you make it so clear
You don’t want me

It was a little past midnight when I was in bed laying down thinking of a way I would tell Tom how I feel when I see my phone light up and notifying me that I received a text. I reached for my phone and see that it’s a text from Tom, sighing, I opened the text knowing what it says before I even open it.

Tom: Are you up?

Y/n: Yes, what’s up?

Tom: Can I come over 

Y/N: Sure

Tom: Oh thank god because I’m already outside

I walked to my door and opened it revealing a very frustrated Tom.

“Hey Y/N” he said coming in

“Hey Tom”

“What are you doing up”

“I could ask you the same thing” I replied with a smirk

“I know that you told me not to come especially around this time but I really needed you” he said walking towards me and kissing me. 

I hesitated a little bit before kissing him back, it felt wrong because of the conversation  had with Z and Jacob earlier but I couldn’t seem to stop myself. 

I’d never ask you ‘cause deep down I’m certain I know what you’d say
You’d say, “I’m sorry, believe me, I love you but not in that way.”

“Wow, I still can’t get over how good sex with you is” Tom said laying down next to you, you smiled lightly but then I went back to my previous thoughts about telling him how I feel. He noticed how quiet I was so he turned to me and eyed me curiously.

“You okay”

“Me? yeah I’m fine”

“Are you sure you seem upset”

“I’m fine Tom”

“Y/N, talk to me come on I’m your friend”

“I’m in love with you Tom” I blurted out mentally hitting myself, I looked over to him to see his reaction but he was just staring at me shocked a what I just revealed.

“Y/N, you know I love you too but-”

“But not in the way that I love you” my replied looking up at the ceiling

“I’m sorry, really I am it’s just that-”

“Don’t say anything please, you can leave if you want, and I’m sorry I ruined our friendship” i said getting up reaching for my clothes.

“Hey, I still want to be your friend, I’ll never stop being friends with you, you didn’t ruin the friendship” he said grabbing my hand pulling me back to him

And I hate to say I need you
I’m so reliant
I’m so dependent
I’m such a fool

I woke up the next morning remembering what happened the night before, just as I was about to go back to sleep, I heard someone in my kitchen. I forgot that Tom didn’t leave last night, I got up and made my way to the kitchen and as I rounded the corner i saw Tom fully dressed in jeans and a t-shirt.

“Good morning love”

“Don’t call me that please”

“What why, you liked it before”

“That was before, just please don’t call me that, it makes me feel weird now”

“Oh come one Y/N I call everyone love”

He didn’t know that hearing him call me ‘love’ hurt now because he didn’t love me back. It made me realize that I shouldn’t of blurted it out, I wish I could go back and change things. Like for starters I wouldn’t get into this whole friends with benefits situation. I realized that the only thing that i should do now is let Tom know that we can’t be friends, not because I don’t want to be his friend but because it just hurts.

“Listen, Tom”


“I don’t think we should be friends anymore..”

“Is this because I called you love”

“No, it’s because seeing you and being around you reminds me of how much I love you and how much I need you that it hurts me a lot, believe me I want to be your friend but I’m just so needy and such a fool for letting my feelings get to me”

“We could forget this even happened, Y/n I still want to be your friend”

“I do too but it hurts me Tommy”

Tom hearing me call him Tommy, something I only called him when I was serious and upset made him realize how much it hurt me, he knew I didn’t want this but it was what had to be done. At this point both of us were crying, he came to hug me before he left.

“Okay, Y/N if thats what you need me to do then I’ll do it, goodbye and take care, I’ll miss you” he said before walking out

When you’re not there,
I find myself singing the blues.
Can’t bear,
Can’t face the truth

After telling Tom that our friendship wouldn’t work out because of my feelings towards him I called Z. 

“So you two aren’t friends at all anymore” she asked 

“Nope, I told him it would be too much for me”

“Are you sure that’s what you wanted”

“No, but it was what needed to happen”

You will never know that feeling
You will never see through these eyes

Three months passed I was slowly getting over Tom, but not completelyI had decided to walk around New York do some shopping and get some coffee. So I got ready and I began heading to my favorite coffee shop around the corner from my apartment when bump into someone, sending their drink to spill all over me.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry” a familiar voice said

“It’s okay” I replied looking up and locking eyes with Tom, and all of the feelings came back, all those sleepless nights and the nights I wold cry myself to sleep came back into my head reminding me of the pain.



“H-how are you” he asked 

“I’m okay” I replied clearly lying

“That’s great, let me buy you a drink yeah?” he asked me

“I really should head back to my apartment, I’m sorry”

“O-okay, I hope to see you around then, it was really good seeing you”

“Yeah, you too” I replied turning around making my day back to my apartment knowing I wouldn’t be going out after this encounter with Tom. I knew tonight would be a long night of all the memories I shared with Tom, they came back to haunt me 

You’d say, “I’m sorry, believe me, I love you but not in that way.”


A/N: I’ve been really busy with school, so i haven’t really had tie to write, but requests are open! Read Faq before requesting please! I hope you guys like this one. <3

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i saw your wonderful meta and i thought, another thing that really stuck with me is the difference between the sheith vs kallura hug in s2. with kallura, you see them hug up close, the viewers are invited into the scene because it's not an intimate one. but with sheith, you see both of them hug, you don't get to hear anything (if they were even saying anything), and the viewers are placed very far away, as if we're not meant to invade into that intimate moment that's reserved just for the 2.

hi!  ha i actually also like kallura and think their hug was cute too, but ya theyre both presented in really different ways. i think the main thing is how comfortable keith looks with shiro, so this is a level of intimacy he’s used to. he tells that one arusion he doesnt hug strangers, but i guess he must hug shiro time to time, since he just goes in for the handshake but isnt at all surprised when shiro pulls him in. 

also, interesting note about it feeling like this intrusion on a private moment: allura’s watching them 

so ya, in terms of how theyre in their own little world and someone else is looking in, i think its definitely framed that way, since its something we see from allura’s point of view. we also get the hug right on the heels of this scene 

so The Hug is also kinda this moment where you have someone else staring and going Why though?? why are they so close??? because shiro keeps trusting all these galra and she just?? cant understand it?? when she turns away from the bom she looks Tired and Annoyed. but after keith catches her staring during the hug, she looks more…hurt? guilty? something? like she’s maybe thinking she shouldn’t be so quick to judge, because keith and shiro both look so perfectly content and at ease in that moment, and its kinda hard to think Evil Galra when you see them being so vulnerable with somebody. (granted i think she had every right to be wary and im proud she was able to build that bridge back up by herself, but i digress). anyway, i think there is that extra level of it feeling like this personal moment  because its this scene that kinda “humanizes” him for allura a little–his affection for shiro humanizes him. and it’s one of the early steps in learning to confront her black and white worldview. ironically, the sheith hug reveals just as much about allura as it does shiro and keith. 

sidenote: i think its interesting that in both these scenes, shiro is turned away from her the whole time. which seems kinda indicative of how distant from shiro she feels because its like hes “siding” with the galra over her. keith is the only one who looks back. and when he does, allura immediately breaks eye contact. 

as for the kallura hug, it seems pretty one sided to me. that is, allura initiates it, and he doesnt respond as readily. she kinda grabs him and you can tell he’s shocked that she’s ready to forgive him so easily. He doesnt pull away or anything though, and tries to reassure her and everything. when he promises to come back you can tell he really cares that she was concerned for him. but, that being said, he definitely doesnt look as comfortable. hes more startled and just freezes. he doesnt hug her back right away. its not something to be expected, like with shiro. 

obviously, this also has a lot to due with the drastic change in her behavior, which leaves him pretty confused. but even when hunk hugs him that one time at the beginning, he looks shocked. hes a touch averse person usually, so its nice to see that he at least had shiro to open up to. and now, little by little, hes slowly letting his guard down around others too.

also, something i kinda wondered when i first watched season 2: since she was the one watching keith and shiro hug before, did it occur to her that oh!! maybe this is a thing! maybe keith likes hugs. should i be giving him a hug?? because she saw shiro do it to reassure him so she tried to comfort him the way shiro would? caus if so thats really cute 

anyway im thankful for both the sheith and kallura hugs! like honestly keith can probably use all the hugs he can get at this point ha 

  • Rosie: *learns about inequalities in maths class*
  • Rosie: Daddy, Dad, guess what?!
  • Sherlock: Yes, Rosie?
  • Rosie: I 'two' you!
  • John: ...What do you mean, sweetheart?
  • Rosie: You know how sometimes you text 'less than three' to say I love you? Well, we can just say 'two' for short, because two is less than three!
  • John: Well, that's very clever! I 'two' you, too.
  • Sherlock: And efficient. And I love you even more, so I 'one' you. Both of you.
  • John: *rolls eyes*
  • Rosie: *wrinkles nose* Dad~ it sounds like you won us in a contest or something.
  • Sherlock: Maybe I did.
  • Rosie: Right. Did you have to defeat a dragon~?
  • Sherlock: You could say that.

Tomlinson-Styles household Week - 4/7
Cleaning after New Year’s party

  • Tabata: NOCTUNA? Oh yes it's gonna be so CANON! So, listen, we're gonna make them meet for a very short time when they're basically infants, making flower crowns and do things kids do. Then, we won't give them either a proper goodbye and we won't allow them to meet again for 12 years. So they won't actually interact for 22 years, when they finally will look each other in the eyes in the afterlife! Of course in the meantime they can text each other, but not via those super technological phones everyone - especially royalty - has: they're gonna have dogs as messangers, so they won't ear each other's voice for years and it's also gonna pass some time before the news arrive. Only the girl will actually do something useful for the boy, just like a common man-device, while the boy will regret his whole life not even trying to call her when he obviously could (but we will let people think that's because the empire forbids it). They both will be stucked with memories about when they were kids and we're gonna make them marry in the afterlife as if in 22 years their emotional/physical/mental needs never changed at all!
  • Also Tabata: LUNYX? Noooo they're NOT CANON at all! They're grown up and mature people! They meet only for 2 days. So we're gonna give them a beautiful first talk with fireworks in the background, flirty conversations, they're gonna save each other's back multiple times in just one night, they're gonna have protection instincts towards each other, smart and quick remarks, intimate conversation in the dark, yearning looks, deep respect for each other's position, gifts, promises, chemistry, they're gonna encourage each other, support each other, you know, like a doomed love? Yeah but not really that canon, because they're not canon of course ahahahahah
  • Fandom: ... Ok, that sounds fake but ok.

anxiety always wonders, in the back of their mind, if they could be something other than a boy. sure, they dont mind being referred to as “he/him”, but they just… want to try something out. they had been reading up on it for months now, gathering information and trying to connect themselves with the definitions thrown at them.

it feels hopeless when they cant work it out right away.

anxiety learns “genderfluid” and thinks maybe. however, it doesnt feel right.

they gather up the courage to ask a favour from the one person they trust not to spill their secret. as theyre asking, anxiety cant help but to feel as if though theyre faking. still, they push through it.

the logical side nods, unaffected by anxiety’s request. they bite their lip to contain their joy.

logan only refers to them with gender neutral pronouns now, after getting the all-clear to use it in front of the others. anx feels happy - but the “what if” continues to nag at their mind.

after a couple of weeks, he/him sounds like nails on a chalkboard and they flinch every time they’re referred to as such. they dont correct anyone, and instead spends more time around logan. he never pushes about anxiety’s gender, but sometimes they wish he did so they can finally talk about it with someone.

they blurt the new pronouns out in the middle of an argument, unable to contain it. they feel sick as they do it, because /what if/ the others see them as a faker? however, patton claps them on the back and calls them “kiddo”. roman asks if they’re alright with his gendered disney references, and they shrug, hiding a smile because they’re so damn pleased.

anxiety decides that they/them is much easier on the ears.

the search for a word that describes themselves continues, but with help. anxiety still feels the what ifs gnawing on their bones because when someone out of the loop sees them as a boy, they dont mind as much as they feel they should.

they toss the term “demiboy” inside their head and tuck it away. to anxiety, thats too complicated and no one would believe them anyway. if they could find something more understandable to other people, then that would ease their nerves. or so they told themselves.

logan brings up the idea of nonbinary. anx searches it up and sees that its more of an umbrella term for genders that arent strictly female/male. (they also find out from google that yes, demiboy does count as nonbinary.) they decide to go by that for now.

having a word, even if its a broad one, calms them. for a while.

anx starts to worry again, because surely there must be a better word. or what if they’re faking? occasionally they slip up and misgender themselves, so to anx, its a possibility. patton reassures them that whatever they end up as, theyll still be his kiddo, and somehow, thats the most comforting thing theyve ever been told.

(demiboy, they think as they stare at the screen. partially boy and something else.)

the definitions arent “clicking” like theyve heard it should. because what if what if what if.

they toss the idea of using both he/him and they/them, but then the anxiety (hah) comes back twice as hard. now everyone will truly believe they’re faking. they push the thought aside, even though it makes them a little sick in doing so.

roman sends them a text late at night with a link. anx opens it, reads the information on the page, and then feels excitement bubble up inside.

“demiboy - this can mean two things: halfway between androgynous and boy on the spectrum, or gender fluid with the primary gender being boy and occasionally feeling feminine, androgynous or any other gender”

the last bit resonates with them. they want to shout it from the rooftops.

nonbinary demiboy. it makes sense to them.

(the three other sides are put into a groupchat at 3am by anxiety who uses capslock for the first time ever. “I FOUND A DEFINITION THAT MAKES SENSE!!!” followed by the link then “im pretty sure im demiboy and look! theres other people like me!! im not alone”.)

the next day, they reintroduce themselves as a demiboy who uses they/them pronouns, followed by their name.

Dan and Phil have now both called each other family and I don’t think my heart can take that

something i hate in tuckington fics is that in the modern aus wash is always the cop/marine/martial artist and tucker is some cashier/barista/college student/struggling single dad and it makes me want to pull my hair out. tucker is also a soldier. wash just happens to be an elite/better soldier. why not have wash be like a navy seal or something why erase tucker’s ability to defend himself/fight back? because the recurring theme is that tucker gets hurt or attacked but can’t do anything and needs wash for security and protection and only then does he start self-defense classes or some bullshit.

tucker was a private first class who became a captain and alien ambassador. we all know what he’s been through and survived. he’s clever and smart and knows how to fight goddamn it.

tucker is the one to hold his own against epsilon!tex (relative to the other RedsandBlues) but is ultimately beaten because its tex and the reds are flailing idiots. according to the wiki, “tucker manages to briefly fight off the meta” okay? this isn’t nothing! (yes the reds push him over the cliff but that’s through trickery and im talking about actual combat skill). even though this isn’t maine anymore he was still a dangerous fucking titan who defeated epsilon!tex and wash but TUCKER was the one to land a significant blow.

i could go on and yell about this for weeks i tell you. tucker is capable. its not his fault every asshole they’ve had to fight has been a super soldier or veteran mercernary psychopath or a robot or an army of super soldier robots! tucker is outclassed only relative the threats he’s had to deal with.

wash AND carolina were beaten by locus and felix at the comm tower. carolina was driven to exhaustion fighting sharkface. everyone has their match.

there is a difference of skill but tucker is just as much a soldier as wash. and i dont believe for one second that tucker was drafted into the military against his will and that he “wouldnt enlist in a modern au because he’s a lover not a fighter” or whatever excuse is being used. he probably thought it might “get him chicks” but rvb is an alternate halo reality and knowing tucker, he probably decided to fight the monsters glassing colonies left and right for justice or something naive. because thats who he was. a reckless idiot whose heart is in the right place when he tries for something. so i totally believe tucker would enlist in a modern au to fight for his country or righteousness or to be a big goddamn hero.

on chorus, tucker gets put into an actual military operation and matures into a strong and capable leader. that potenial was always there only now he has to do it. wash saw it and tried raising the standard that lazing around a canyon with bullshitting morons had lowered them to. if tucker had been fighting and leading from the get go in a modern au he would very well be captain in the army if not higher up or specialized in some way.

so fuck the helpless modern au tucker thats everywere and give me Competent!Tucker! Captain!Tucker! tucker who doesn’t need to be taught to throw punch! tucker who knows how to use a shotgun! assault rifle! sniper rifle! because fuck church he’s in logistics because he’s the one who can’t shoot! maybe he started using a sword to stand out and the length gives him superior range in melee combat! maybe captain tucker’s operation is joined by special forces!wash for something and thats how it starts.

they both retire/get discharged and go to the same VA or counseling or live in the same town. just stop giving ne weak, civilian!tucker.

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Give us more of your happy headcanons please 😊

i hope this means like just like regular msr headcanons? right? if im wrong just give me another ask and ill do the something else :$) and like thank u for sending this :$)

btw happy headcanons: thats the cutest thing ive ever read by the way. happy headcanons. i dont know why i just

-mulder and scully had saw each other prior to the pilot meeting. i mean, one or both of them had probably attended a lecture that the other had done and were familiar with their face. i mean, given that neither passed out when they laid eyes on each other.

-after their first meeting, scully went home (btw why the fuck was she dismissed after like five minutes at work. ‘we leave for the very plausible state of oregon at 8 am see u tomorrow’ what the fuck) but after their first meeting, scully called ellen and told her she was working with that hot lecturer from last year and he was coincidentally spooky mulder, the most single man on the planet. help me ellen i dont know if ill make it.

-mulder called the gunmen because he needed advice about this adorable little redhead that had been assigned to him and oh god im screwed. i mean i hope one day i will be, but right now, im totally, metaphorically, screwed. she was sent to spy on me right???? what do i do now?????

-mulder’s fear of fire (i know but just wait) was cured after that case, one because scully was there and he knew nothing bad was gonna happen to him so he felt more comfortable facing said fear, and two, 'scully was there and she was really really cute and i was tryin to get with her all this first year and then that bitch phoebe showed up and fucked everything up and im not letting her have any power over me so there. fear cancelled. ’

-mulder slept with like a sheet as a blanket for years. he overheats. hes a walking furnace. but after the season 3 incident (or was there one before??) where mulder spends the night in scullys bed because he got poisoned, he noticed that she had a lot of covers on her bed. so eventually he went out and bought a ton of blankets just in case she ever spent the night at his place (purely platonically right???) and so she wouldnt get cold.

-not msr related but walter skinner knits. and is good at it. check out his etsy store. smoking man-voodoo dolls half off until forever.

-not happy, but the reason why mulder wears such hideous ties is because his father and his minions were government workers and always impeccably dressed, and when mulder became a federal agent, he hated the idea that he was growing up to be just like the man, so he embraced the 90’s style.

-scully could never tell you, but maggie could: mulder adn scully had worked together for three months. just three months. and by that time, scully had stashed a pack of sunflower seeds in her car, her apartment, mulder’s car (that man cannot think ahead), her mother’s house and the cushions of the mulder’s normal chair in walter skinner’s office.

-alternatively, mulder stashed scully’s favorite cassettes in his car, his apartment (hey, he could dance. maybe if the mood struck them they’d put something on and let some yayas out), the office (for when she was in a particularly awful mood because of some shit he pulled.)

-scully always gets mulder cryptid or alien gizmos when shes out of town. mulder always gets her science or medical related stuff. they once had to suffer through a budget meeting in 98 degree heat with their coats on because neither was willing to show off the “i’m feeling all science-y” (spelled with periodic letters), or the “aliens exist” temporary tattoos they were each sporting.

-at the end of every month, whoever has been to the hospital more takes the other out to dinner. it started out as a formal affair, going to a fancy restaurant and pretending that they were just friends not fbi partners. now the atmosphere is still the same, but they go to sandwich shops or burger places. scully just wanted to make sure mulder didn’t go broke since he was paying for dinner every time.

-the gunmen do regular bug sweeps of the office, their apartments, and maggie scully’s house. it was actually mulder who asked them to do hers because the adoption papers have almost gone through and his new mom needs protection. but once a month, the gunmen have a great time going over to maggies, they have lunch with her, and then in the afternoon right as they’re wrapping up, maggie’s friends come over to play cards adn invite melvin, richard and john to play with them.

-the gunmen are the #1 Caught in the Act witnesses because of the bug sweeps at the wrong times. maggie scully is #2. william scully was #3. an incident with the 3rd victim and Return of the Jedi movie night caused carrie fisher’s gold bikini to be forever tainted.

-maggie scully is very protective of fox. shes well aware that shes’ the only person who can call him fox without triggering him, and she loves this poor boy. she’s his second emergency contact, after scully of course, adn occasionally she’ll get a call saying fox is in the hospital only to show up and find her daughter straddling his hips with her tongue down his throat. “DANA KATHERINE SCULLY THIS MAN NEEDS HIS REST AND IF I FIND YOU DISTRACTING HIM FROM THAT ONE MORE TIME I’LL HAVE YOU THROWN OUT OF THE HOSPITAL UNTIL HES BETTER.” “maggie im really okay” “FOX YOU WOULDNT BE IN THE HOSPITAL IF YOU WERE OKAY.” and meanwhile scully’s hiding under mulder’s covers with a face to match her hair.

-walter skinner is genuinely terrified of maggie.

-totally not a headcanon yall probably know this from watching season seven right???? right????? but mulder agreed to go to oregon with skinner under one condition: scully goes to the hospital and gets checked out. i’m not leaving you until i know that you’re not going to pass out alone in the apartment and accidentally die.

-mulder never cried harder than when he found out scully was pregnant.

-“skinman i quit the bureau thank you and goodby-”“wait, sir, its me, agent scully, ill call you right back after mulder and i have a talk ok?”

-mulder’s allergic to pineapples. but it mysteriously went away a week after everyone found out about it.

-scully was forced by maggie to go to her high school reunion, and so she convinced mulder to come and put on the s'mulder (he trademarked that thats another story) and get back at those fucking bitches who bullied her for trying to start a biology club.

-actual dialogue from that night:
“Scully? You tried to start a biology club that’s so cute.”
“Emphasis on try.”
“What, no one wanted to compete with Dana Scully’s genius?”
“More like no one wanted to be around Dana Scully.”
“Awww, Scully, I would have been in the biology club with you.”
“Thanks, Mulder.”
“we can start our own biology club”
“mulder we’re not- whatever. oh wait check out my butt, stephanie baker is looking”

-scully and mulder both gave each other stars for christmas the same year, and they went stargazing to try and find them, only to discover that they were right next to each other in the sky.

-scully did in fact give mulder porn for christmas that one year. that seems really weird but you didn’t see the card.

“heres blank tape, video camera’s all set up. figured since those tapes aren’t yours, we could make one that was.”

-the gunmen can quote the lazarus bowl line for line. so can skinner. he plays it whenever hes sad.

-mulder makes a point of PDA towards scully whenever bill scully jrs in the room. not enough to be obviously trying to piss him off, but enough that he most certainly is.

-mulder changed his shampoo to make his hair especially fluffy circa season 2. do you miss me scully? do you miss petting my fluffy hair?

-anytime one of them asks the other for a drink, mulder will bring scully iced tea, and she’ll bring him root beer. everytime he’ll throw his head back in mock disappointment like that one stakeout.

-mulder is very aware of how much it turns scully on to see him with no jacket, dress shirt arms rolled up to his elbows. thank goodness he normally runs hot.

-they both secretly love when the other rests their head on their shoulder. but of course they never admit it.

-mulder always makes them run an office secret santa. just the two of them. because hes mulder.

-his fish have all been named after moby dick characters since he heard that that was a thing.

-they went on runs together during that second year just to be able to spend time together, but then stopped because how the fucking hell is scully faster than him, im sorry scully you’re ruining my rep, im gonna have to pretend i wasn’t just beaten in a 5k run by someone nine inches shorter than me.

-mulders mother bought him a polaroid camera when he went off to england for school, saying that he’d make so many memories adn all that crap. he never used it until he and scully were put on fertilizer background checking and he wanted to make the best of their roadtrips. she then bought one of her own and thus began the most intense contest of their lives to see who could take the most candid shots of the other. at this point in time, mulder’s closet has just of boxes of pictures of scully.

-their son would find all these thousands of pictures years later and wonder, for the thousandth time that day, what the fuck was wrong with his parents.

-they once had to take a ferry. dont ask me how or why, but it was just something they had to do. and mulder refused to stop just quoting lines from moby dick. the only way that scully could get him to stop was to pretend to see a nessie like creature.

-scully dominates at paintball, and when her son hit eleven years old, became the coolest person in the world hands down. mulder didnt stop trying to convince her that she was ALWAYS the coolest person in the world.

-they have a box of mulder’s clothes that scully simply labeled “the apocalypse could be upon us but so help me if these jeans go missing, i will hunt you down and end you.” nobody touches her man’s ass hugging jeans.

-scully + hoodie + overcaffinated mulder =

[this was the last thing i wrote last night before i passed out and i have no idea where i was trying to go with it but i think its hilarious so…]

-when mulder adn scully were first picking out things for their home together, mulder came home with a light blue-purple linen comforter. he liked the color and the texture and they loved it for exactly one year until william threw up on it and they couldnt get the stain out.

-mulder has been banned from the local florist because he loitered too long trying to pick out flowers for scully, they thought it was suspicious.

-mulder then got into gardening, and was taught by skinner how to not kill a plant.

-they have a sunflower patch right outside william’s bedroom window.

-maggie knit a blanket for william that he slept wrapped up in until he was in grad school adn the stitching finally gave out.

-if they were to have another kid, the siblings would have a rapport much like mulder and samantha’s or melissa adn scully’s. they called each other buttmunch adn teased and pulled each others hair, but let each other tag along on adventures and shit.

-mulder has a frequent customer card from LUSH because his lady loves baths and he loves excuses to follow her around smelling her hair all damn day.

-theres a fair in the tiny town they live in once a year in july. they have a family tradition of going to it, and watching fireworks and going on rides. by ten o'clock, every single time, both kids would crash from the funnel cake-induced sugar high.

-the first movie william scully ever attended was the incredibles. until the age of 9 he wanted to be a superhero and mulder 100% supported him and tried to get scully to do some science experiment that would make their son into a superhero.

-they live in a tiny town where the only entertainment is either a movie theater running very old movies or the local elementary school’s talent show. theres a farmers market on the main street every weekend in the summer and the mulder-scully clan often will bike down and hang out there for the day.

-mulder and scully chaperone school dances. every single dance. if there’s a photo booth, they’ll go make out in said photo booth and embarrass their kids only slightly more than if they were slow dancing in the middle of the vacant dance floor. “cant you just be normal???? i get you waited years to get together and are 'makin up for lost time’ but you dont have to take it out on me!!!!!”

-every year they host a “sci-fi july” for all of their friends and their families. they hang a sheet up outside every saturday night in july and watch a different sci fi movie out on the projector. scully and mulder can always be found in the back of the crowd, cuddling in a beanbag and arguing about inaccuracies.

-drive in movies. mulder adn scully cuddling in the back seat of the car while their offspring block their view on the hood of it, sharing a box of fries.

-maggie dominates the bake sale. neither mulder or scully can cook for shit and so they enlist maggie and she becomes famous.

-william has been banned from playing poker. after winning far too much off of uncle frohike, he’s been demoted to crazy 8s.

-mulder has half an alien face tattooed on his lower back. since scully has a tattoo he should too right? but he could only handle the tattoo needle for so long and afterwards scully assured him that half an alien head looked plenty cool and she loved it. he didn’t really care, she’d be the only one to get to see it, but he was more fascinated about why the hell the tattoo needle turned her on originally????? wh- how-??? scully????

-uncle skinner takes his godchildren’s halloween costumes to a new level.

-the bullpen bet as to who the father of scully’s kid was (please everyone knew it was mulder, but they were just bored) was called off when scully left early one day with the most intense craving for sunflower seeds.

-the only thing that mulder knows how to cook is grilled cheese and tomato soup. you’d think toast would be easier than grilled cheese, adn therefore something he could cook, but that is not the case.

-anytime one of the kids is sick, mulder or scully stays home with them and they spend the entire day playing scrabble and eating cinnamon toast.

-an older will is completely unable to walk anywhere near the hoover building without being yelled at as “HEY SPOOKY MU- oh sorry buddy. jeez you look like your dad”.

-as they grow older, mulder and scully decide to retire from the bureau. scully will occasionally do pathology consulting or lecture circuits, but for the most part, they simply stay around their home in virginia and have the peace that they always dreamed of.

-but that said, after their retirement, the x files, for the first time, remained open, and in years to come, many agents worked their way in and out of the office, none having as much a lasting devotion to it as mulder adn scully had. the few that did last fairly long had just as much trouble with the government conspiracies as their predecessors, despite the smoking man being long dead.

and when these agents had difficulty on cases, when they were clearly lacking in bits of information only people deeply involved with the conspiracy or long-time observants would know, all of these agents made their way out into the more rural parts of virginia, to an old but warm house, and they’d sit on the porch listening to mulder and scully bicker about what was true or not, now being the deep throat contact that the x files depends on. but for the first time, these deep throats weren’t at risk of murder because the head of the fbi was their children’s godfather and god help the poor bastard who disrupted their peaceful life.

-mulder always keeps the freezer stocked with chocolate ice cream. if its not, it is treated like a national emergency.

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DO you know what "rules" they violated? Is this like some plagiarism stuff... Or something entirely different? Because I do not even want to think that one of the authors ripped off a piece of work from somewhere else... That would be sad. But if that's not the case, then forget this whole message lol but I would like to know something, thank you

See this is the thing that bothers me, Lezhin didn’t tell us!

The announcement doesn’t explain what rules were being violated or if the forfeiture was voluntary by the artists after the fact that Spring in the Heart and Rose Moon were both already serialized. 

I’m heartbroken right now.

These boys deserved a chance to grow :(

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wait dnp read fake comments about the cake scene during the liveshow? cause if thats true then goddamn there's no way they're planning to keep that a secret

its the very first conspiracy theory you can read about here: (it also concerns the gas man which is always gonna be one of my fave phandom conspiracy theories)

dan and phil both do this (or used to) and you can usually tell when because they’ll read out a very generic name (dan used the name george in a liveshow once) or they’ll talk about something and then read out a question about it faster than anyone would’ve actually been able to type it out. i kinda forgot about all of this so i have no idea how often they do it now, but they definitely used to every once in a while back in 2016

Robbie showing Sport how to use a microscope
  • <p> <b>Robbie:</b> So we'll just take this swab sample of your mouth and put it onto the microscope slide *puts it on the microscope stage*<p/><b>Robbie:</b> And now you can study all the microbes living in your mouth!<p/><b></b> *Robbie walks away doing something else while Sport is enthralled at all the different things he's seeing*<p/><b>Sportacus:</b> Hey Robbie, I haven't seen this microbe before. What is it?<p/><b>Robbie:</b> Hmmm let me see *looks into the eye piece and then almost immediately looks up*<p/><b>Robbie:</b> *clears throat* Umm... That's a... Sperm cell...<p/><b></b> *Both of them blush furiously because this relationship stuff is sometimes too much for them*<p/></p>

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Touka takes to test with Kaneki right there. It's Positive. Touka rest her hands on he stomach and starts crying, not really complete sure if she is happy or scared. Kaneki places hands on her's and they rest their foreheads together and Kaneki says "I will do everything in my power to protect the both of you. I won't let anyone hurt you. I'll make sure that their is a safe world for the two of you.... Us to live in" *ugly crying face as I type this*

did I tell everyone how I met tellaris? you might not care, but I’m gonna keep writing about it anyway, because he’s dead and stuff, and it seems appropriate.

I don’t remember what season it was, but I was like two, and instead of meeting my sister at the purple library after school like I was supposed to, I went to one of the mostly green branch libraries and was hunkered down at the back of the adult sciences section, looking through astronomy books and admiring the pictures of stars and hoping nobody would notice me

and Tellaris needed a book, because back then he was still a moderately popular science fiction author who needed to do research sometimes, and was also the sort of weirdo who likes looking through books and not just trawling the internet on his pocket everything, and I panicked and tried to move all my notebooks and textbooks and my backpack at once, because he was supposed to be there and I was in the way

and then he asked me what I was reading

(Tellaris does that, he thinks that a lot of artists are too focused on making art or playing around, and then they forget to observe interesting things that could make their art better–he thinks I have the potential to be better than some people because I try to observe things instead of just making them. er, he says that. said that.)

and well, I was looking at pictures and I was panicking (I panicked a lot when I was two), so I told him I wasn’t reading anything

and he was like, I think you are

and so I told him that there are stars that spin so fast that they sound like they’re screaming, and that there are holes in the universe that are so deep that not even light can get out of them, and that space is so big that even light takes several minutes to get from the sun to amenta, and that that’s just inside our solar system, that there are stars that are so far away that it takes years and years and years for light to reach them

(there are stars so far away that if there were people there and they looked at us with a good enough telescope, they would see a world without castes. and there are stars so far away that the people there would see a world without any amentans at all.)

and he asked me what was in my notebook, and I showed him the fake star charts that made no sense, and the maps of different planets and different solar systems, and we paused on the one where one of the planets was made of soup, and one of the planets was made of solid diamond

and he said, I like that idea. But you can’t grow anything in solid diamond, so how will the people there eat?

and I said, that one’s only for visiting, you have to live on the planet made of soup.

and he said, I think those are both really important. We have to do certain things to live, but we also have to make sure that we keep looking for beautiful things.

and then he helped me check the books out.

it wasn’t until later that I found out that he was a moderately popular science fiction author. I didn’t actually know that. I would just see him in the library and tell him what I was reading and show him the stories I’d written on the backs of my homework pages.

And eventually I figured out that you can’t actually do anything with fiction-writing skills as a purple, and I told him that probably I should stop and do something more useful, because I was never going to be good at it, you know?

And he said, Imrainai, you’re three. No one is very good at anything when they’re three, so this should not be taken as an indication of how skilled you might be at thirty. But let me tell you something: even if you never make a cent off your writing, that doesn’t matter. Nobody should be paid to write, really. It’s like paying someone to raise children. Writing and raising children are special things–they’re like breathing or sleeping, things we have to do to live, things we couldn’t stop doing if we wanted to. But they’re also things that make the living worthwhile in the first place. So don’t ever let anyone tell you that your writing is unimportant, even if nobody else ever reads it and nobody ever pays you for it. The only good reason to stop writing is if you stop wanting to write. Because there are things we have to do to live, Imrainai, yes. But what good is living at all, if we abandon the most beautiful things about it?

(This actually basically what he said. He wrote me a letter.)

I don’t know if anyone is going to say that to me anymore. But that’s OK, because I’ve heard it once (…a lot more than once), and occasionally I even believe it. This is the thing he believed more than anything else, that everyone had to tell stories, that everyone had a right to it, that it was so ingrained in us that being a professional storyteller was an absurdity, that he was never really sure why anyone paid him for it in the first place, even though he acknowledged that like parenting, it was indeed extremely difficult sometimes.

And that’s why I have this blog at all, you know? Because I think everyone has words inside them, and everyone has at least a few words inside them that are beautiful and important and worth listening to. So you shouldn’t stop speaking, even if maybe nobody will ever pay you to speak. You know?

That’s what Tellaris would have wanted.

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By Comic Con they'll be done filming the premiere which is the only episode JMO has promised so here is hoping that he is honest with us. He usually is, he's not like Adam and Eddy. If something tragic happens, he'll probably suggest something. I choose to remain hopeful though, for both S7 as well as for JMO and the others to come back for more episodes. I guess that's what I get for watching a show about hope.

I honestly think Jen is open to doing more eps, I just think she wants control of her schedule. When they call her to ask if she’ll come, she gets to set her terms, she gets to decide when and where and all those things. If episode 7 works for her, great, if it doesn’t, what about 9 instead? It’s actually a really good move on her part to only agree to one ep, especially if she’s got other projects she wants to do away from the grueling schedule that is OUAT.