and that's some pretty talented shit


iron: *walks in wearing a Big Hat™ and some sunglasses, wearing a shirt with a pic of his old mixtape “ixtape” on it*

the judge: :) iron u’ve returned to smtm??? glad to see u trying again!!

iron: oh shit i,uh, my name isn’t iron,,, my name is *looks at his hand* platinum :)

the judge: uh okay?

iron: yea actually i’ve never heard of this “iron” guy but he sounds pretty cool haha maybe ill buy his mixtape thats titled “Ixtape” on iTunes for 99¢, a quality mixtape really it was produced by several talented artists and-

the judge: just rap for me please

iron: alright… *starts up a diss to SMTM3 judges, idol rappers, bobby, and the korean government for putting him in jail*

the judge: what was ur name again? are u sure ur not iron?

iron: :) my name is platinum :) i’ve never heard of this rapper u talk about. what was his name again? Iron, Jung Hunchul, born January 8, 1992 on a sunny day in the morning at exactly 7:23am-