and that's sayin something

I just learned yesterday that Pikachu, my favorite Pokemon, was originally designed not by Ken Sugimori (he only finalized the design), but by a female graphic designer named Atsuko Nishida. 

Also after googling her, I found out that she’s also designed Sylveon–another favorite PKMN of mine. She’s also illustrated some very pretty Pokemon cards!!

Thank you Ms. Nishida! :-) May you get more credit and love for your contribution to the Pokemon franchise.

y’all must be,, so proud,,….

ANyway, here’s something stupid with *looks at smudged writing on hand* karaoke… and. baseball.. from @sameboot‘s Birth of Evil AU. It’s really good u should check it out. ((And here’s to hoping the aff website doesn’t sue me lol))

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aw dangit

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i know you ship gintsu, but don't you think sorachi was trolling the fanbase? lol. like idk but the sales for the manga is the worst anyone has ever seen, so thats sayin something.

OK… This reply is almost a week late..  I was quite busy and didn’t have the time to respond. And when I did have some time, I was too lazy.

I thought of ignoring this, but at the same time I also felt I’ve had enough of people trashing Tsukuyo since the Red Spider Arc.

I don’t know if you’re still around to read this, anon. It’s going to be really, really long.

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@seintos ugh god that is absolutely the worst, like u just have to sit there and listen to all them say that, casual homophobia is so scary and annoying…

@puddinxpop omg what the Fuck?? thats really awful?? good for u for sayin something, cuz it can also feel so scary to stand up to stuff like that?? i hope they dont say that stuff anymore…

@benthicpressure literally what straight ppl dont understand is that “im gay” is literally a valid answer for us for so many things… ur coworkers: “hey cal whyd u paint rainbows all over the bee hives?” you: “its cuz im gay and also all the bees are gay”

The Babysitter - Part 2

Part 1

A/N: STILL MORE SMUT. I keep accidentally writing smores instead of smut and it’s SUPER embarrassing. Anyways, due to VERY POPULAR DEMAND, there will be more than JUST TWO PARTS. :). SO HOLD ON TO YO BUTTS.

Ben came back a few minutes later. He looked absolutely furious. Okay, so he probably wasn’t upset about Anakin.

“You,” he hissed.

You stood up and grabbed his face. You took control and kissed him harshly. You wanted him so badly. You were so wet. He took your lower lip into his mouth and bit down on it sharply. You whimpered in appreciation.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he spat as he ground his erection against your hips. He wanted you as badly as you wanted him. Was it even a question that you wanted what he was offering?

“Yes,” you groaned against his lips.

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Just wanna say somethin real quick, and hopefully with more respect than others. I don't think you should say that America as a whole fucked up. I know the the most millennials don't support Trump,most of the LGBTQ community don't support Trump, and probably most pocs don't support him. I get what you're tryin to say, but maybe don't say it in such a generalizing tone? Like the people joking about abandoning FL, I get what their sayin but that's not something to joke about. Thanks for listening!

Every single American is responsible. The media is responsible. The FBI is responsible. Don’t push the blame. Learn from these mistakes and make sure it never happens again.

I like how youtube thought in earnest that the Google+ integration would be a good thing

first of all it just came off as childish because Google saw that pretty much no one was willing to migrate from Facebook to G+ (and everyone on FB hates FB and wants to leave, so thats sayin something)

so basically Google was like “well if u dont wanna use our shitty social networking site, we’re gonna make you”

and secondly they really thought it would clean up the comments section in Youtube videos

so now I get “John Smith” calling me a faggot and telling me to suck a dick instead of xXxSliPKn0T345xXx[MLG] calling me a faggot and telling me to suck a dick

thanks google!