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request: could you do only angel first please?

hello loves! so this is the first installment of imagines based on harrys album, and someone wanted only angel first so thats whats first! also i know i just did an imagine based off a song, but whatever, its fine. anyways, keep sending in requests! hope you enjoy!

warning- when i first heard this song i for some reason just heard pure sex, so theres smut, like a lot of it

Open up your eyes, shut your mouth and see
That I’m still the only one who’s been in love with me
I’m just happy getting you stuck in between my teeth
And there’s nothing I can do about it

You were settled at the bar, nursing your vodka soda, after a long day at work. You had bosses on your ass all week because your project hadn’t been finished yet, your files accidentally got erased, and to top it all off, you had to fire your assistant. You just needed to go to a pub and sulk all alone while getting tipsy.

“Bad day?” the bartender, Dave, asked you. You and Dave had become quite aquianted due to your stress often being calmed by a drink.

“Your telling me, Dave,” you huffed, stirring your drink. “Can I get another?” you asked, pushing your nearly empty glass to the edge of the counter.

“Actually, a young man over there told me to give you this,” he said, pushing a glass of wine towards you. You looked towards the man that supposably sent you the drink, then you looked back at Dave.

“Oh how little this man knows me,” you replied, hopping off your bar stool and making your way towards the man with your wine in hand.

You halted in front of the man, him turning towards your body, smiling to himself. “I hate wine,” you said setting the glass on the bar.

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tokias  asked:

Backstories u say :^3c

*cracks knuckles* *cracks neck* *cracks my life into splinters* let’s attempt to do this. 

alright, so, i can only really give the backstories for the ones i’ve made/ talked about enough to know everything about *cough*mizar*cough* so if you want the details on ascella and tycho mosey on over to @kimotuza and if you want info on adahara or aurora you can stop by @themadamharu‘s house! now…i’m going to start with the most developed and go down the line…. i’m just going to use the most recent image of the character i have to start off their story


alright, starting this off on trashgirl mcsadassbackstory! so you can actually find the full version of her backstory here, it’s slightly outdated (atlas’s isn’t accurate to the point anymore) but miz’s still holds up pretty well? i’ll put an even more abridged version here, though, because although that has more information it’s all in a big chunk with only picture separation so it might be slightly hard to read.

mizar is the outcome of a sort of…forbidden? reproduction between two species living on an unmoving planet. this love between species is restricted because the children they make are powerful and dangerous as hell, they have some seer (future-vision-esque lmao) abilities, and they always come as twins. mizar was born and grew up with her twin alcor.  alcor was all she had after her parents abandoned them and she loved her with every part of herself. they were hunted by the government and constantly on the run. 

mizar was naive as a kid and didn’t like using her power without good cause, she was pretty lazy with it. alcor was a sweet, but wasn’t as powerful as miz, and had a sworn pact with herself to not use her powers (details not sorted) they found happiness together in planning to go on huge space adventures one day when they were free, they worked at this for years, but on the eve of when they were supposed to go though, government officials found them. miz narrowly escaped in the ship they had scavenged with her life, but not before she saw her sister get shot before her eyes with nothing she could do. mizar went ballistic on herself with “this is all my fault” “if only i had just looked into the future” “she’s dead because of me” and she entered a huge depressive state.

miz traveled the galaxy after that incident, making deals to give information she saw for pennies just so she could keep living. she was getting worse as the days went by, depriving herself of food and sleep, constantly using her seer powers (obsessively), and making shitty deals with shittier people for nothing. eventually she got into drugs and drinking to null herself, and to shut off her mind. she was barely living, and wearing some horrible basketball shorts tbh (@ miz socks and crocs do not mix) she somehow got into an information deal with the leader of an infamous group of space pirates, adahara, and continued this deal for shelter for a year or two, progressively getting worse.

basically (some things had to be re-arranged so i still don’t really have a direct story anymore there might be more in atlas’s story) mizar somehow meets atlas on ada’s ship and they slowly develop a relationship. they lean on each other for support and help each other get better. they leave the pirates, meet phoenix, blah blah, and now mizar (and atlas) are a lot better, they live together and miz adopts and takes care of a bunch of kids and is just a major shitlord. miz the meme. we love her.


alright, so her full story is a bit less put together because a lot of it revolved around adahara, but some character changes happened and the massive breaking point for atlas was changed. i’m just putting in some basic filler things for that point in her life, it’s the story but a lot simpler until we fully line it out.

atlas was raised in the slums on a planet very split in the social systems. to have power and material things was everything, and the only people with that were the “high class” race. there was injustice and an unfair split, and chaos was near boiling over everywhere. atlas was the illegitimate child of a high minister, and though she “looked the part” of a high class citizen, she was spat upon and disregarded by the nobles, unwanted. she had to learn to fight from a young age because she was constantly attacked by rightfully outraged lower class citizens for looking as she did. at this point in her life her sexuality became a huge weapon for her, and she used it to get what she wanted- and what she needed -to survive. 

she fought her way to wealth and power, she put on a ruse of confidence and vanity to hide her pounding insecurities. it got her to the top, but even though she was there, people still looked down on her. she felt worthless, so she focused all of her energy on herself. look better, buy more, earn more, power up, keep fighting. she needed material things to feel ok. she needed validation to feel ok. she couldn’t keep a lover, she hyperfocused on sexuality and the material of relationships, her partners kept getting worse. they were using her, and she knew it, but she was too far down the rabbit hole to pry herself back out.

one day, adahara raided her planet, killing millions, she saw a spark in atlas though, and she spared her life, offering her a position as her right hand. atlas took it and immediately fell deeply in love with ada for showing her the affection she did. adahara didn’t love her back, she would tease her occasionally, but nothing more. atlas would die for ada, she would kill for ada. nothing in her life meant anything without ada. which is why she was devastated when she walked in on her and capella, the leader of the rebels, going at it. atlas ran away, she took a ship and crashed into an asteroid in her haste. there she was found by mizar, a girl who she had talked with on the ship many times. mizar picked her up in her ship and took her “wherever you want to go”

after a while, atlas fell for mizar, and mizar for atlas. mizar loved atlas for atlas, not for her body or her wealth. atlas was a much needed wrench to mizar when she was going through the worst time of her life.. and you know the story from there on in


alright, those were the two most developed stories so the rest should be a lot shorter from now on pfft…. this is going to be a long post and i’m not even including everyone

so phoenix grew up on a planet with strong family values. her people were peaceful and loving. a community. phoenix had a childhood friend named robin, they were complete foils of each other, where phoenix was kind robin was rough, where phoenix loved robin loathed, and where phoenix feared robin thrived. sometimes people are just born horrible, and that was the case with robin, but phoenix loved and trusted her with everything she had. it was the only thing she knew how to do, it was what she was taught and what she lived by. 

phoenix’s mother had run from a gang years before phoe was born so she could have a peaceful life with her family. the gang was extreme and vowed to kill any who fled, luckily mrs. finch was quick and smart, she knew how to stay hidden. that is, from the people she feared. one day robin told phoenix she had found a fun new group to hang out with, and that phoe should join them with her. phoe obliged happily, trusting in her friend. 

a few events were set into place, and in the end robin poisoned a meal phoenix made for her mother, the poison killed mrs. finch, and robin convinced phoenix that she had done it. she had murdered her mother. phoenix was in so much shock and fear that she believed it, she thanked robin for being with her through this, and turned herself in, wracked with guilt. she hasn’t seen robin since. in jail she met mizar (who was in there for some shady shit at the time) and although phoenix didn’t believe she deserved to escape, mizar took pity on her and helped her along with atlas to leave the prison and come travel with them. phoenix agreed finally, and she’s been living with them since. she’s too fucked to ever go back to her family. she still feels horrible guilt for what she thinks she’s done.

she’s with atlas and mizar from then on. she has a panic attack any time she has to cook a meal for people, she’s afraid she’ll lose them too. with the help of her friends though, she’s getting better. and she’s pretty happy.


luna is a robot, she was made by her “mother” maia to act as a sort of child. maia wanted a child to talk with and live with but she was exasperated because she had terrible social anxiety. it prevented her from interacting with people and found it extremely hard to talk to any living alien or person. she was a genius though, she made money off an engineering grant, and many small jobs. she built luna from old parts, and purposely gave her a consciousness of her own. she gave her feeling and opinions to the furthest extent that she could to her programming knowledge, to have someone to talk with, and essentially a child to raise. maia was luna’s whole world, and luna was maia’s only friend. 

the planet that they resided on the moon of was taken over by a tyrannical government, and maia was taken away to work for them. she fought with everything she had to take luna with her, but the government wouldn’t budge. they forced her to leave luna behind and shut her down. luna stayed there for years collecting dust until a shapeshifter named reggie found her and rebooted her. luna immediately began searching for her mother, but it had been too long and she had no idea where she could be. reggie offered for luna to stay with a pirate crew she knew, luna said yes with the hope that one day in their travels she would find her mom.

reggie and luna became good friends, they hang out all the time and are the only two who really get each other. luna being a hunk of metal, and reggie being a cloud of formless gas. luna is the only person reggie really cares for, and she always keeps an ear open for news of luna’s mom. they haven’t yet been able to find her, but they have hope.

alright i have quite a few more (like andromeda, capella, and reggie) but this is already…..quite a long post and i still don’t have all their stories in order… these 4 (and reggie technically) are my main guys who i work with the most…. i hope these make sense and aren’t too droll or cliche to read i stopped re-reading them over after atlas hahaha! thank you so much for wanting to know more about my kids, if anyone actually reads this i hope you like the insight on them! there’s a lot more to their stories, but it’s mostly details…and this post is already a mile long….thank you for reading, au revoir!  

50 Shades of Raudenfeld Chapter 10

A/N: Hey everyone, here’s the latest chapter. Thanks for all the love and support. Stay tuned for the next chapter! And those who know the story and want to help me figure out a few plot points, I could use some advice <3 

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Previous Chapters: 1234 Pt 14 Pt 2 , 5678, 9

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