and that's one more thing i can cross off my to draw list

yehetsehunxo  asked:

helllooo ~ ur art is indeed beautiful, u draw so finely, what are materials do you use? (do provide pics ^^) And if you ever do appear at a bts fanmeet, you should totally give them one of ur arts, surely u don't mind, it's bts afterall xx love ya :)

hello there lovely~ 

hehe ironically, i did end up meeting bangtan at the toronto highlight fansign and somehow managed to slip park jimin one of my original drawings without getting caught. you can read about it, and all my theatrical fangirling here! (its a long read, but it’s organized better than most of my uni essays, so it should be fairly easy to navigate!) let’s just say, i have one thing i crossed off the bucket list~ 

i hope you don’t mind that i am posting this publicly, as i am going to cover a lot of ground in this reply and it might cover a lot of anon questions i’ve been receiving recently! 

please continue reading under the cut as photos will be included! 

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stripes, braces, paper airplanes, and tea in bed xx

Harry reads something private of Louis’ and Louis finally falls apart. 

pairings: HS/LT        warnings: simply fluff

word count: 3171 words     notes: HS pov

- It’s a short one, and it’s all fluff. I just miss the old Harry and Louis. When Louis used to laugh, and joke around. And when Harry would just stare at Louis, and smile because they have a connection that no one else will understand. Enjoy xx

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