and that's not true

listen im fully convinced that if the oracion seis as children had discovered pokemon they would have adamantly refused to fight anyone until they had recited the entire team rocket motto and there would be daily fights over who got to do the “meowth that’s right!” part 

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Hey, I definitely agree with Adam giving out the info about the cs adventure. Like I really hope it actually happens since he put it out there. Also do you think its possible that the adventure happens with them separated throughout (I really dont want this, bc at that point its not really a cs adventure). I've seen quite a few people mention that, and I really hope thats not true. Just cause in what world does an adventure with romance and passion occur with the couple separated during it.

Those are their opinions and all of this is so vague that I don’t think we can discount anything.

Personally, I don’t think the CS adventure happens to them separately. And if it does, then I’d like to wish Adam the best of luck in advance, because again, and like you said, Adam is the one who volunteered the information. No one twisted his arm into it and it was the result of the epic meltdown after episode 6x10 (which I will never forgive because I’m a very petty person). He played up to people’s expectations, so from where I’m standing, and I know this might come off as entitled and I really don’t care, but he has to deliver.

  • someone : *makes an inappropriate nsfw joke/reference*
  • me : aw no im innocent that's so gross ew i don't like you
  • also me : reads gay smut + fluff every night before bed

America: This Animal Crossing game is way more awesome than I thought it would be!!

Japan: Do you like all the cute neighbors I-

America: It’s like pure capitalism!

Japan:.. capitalism?

America: You can sell a mosquito, dude. A mosquito. And make money. That’s- That’s beautiful.   

  • Yoosung: Just ask MC out. What’s the worst that could happen?
  • 707: Humiliation, embarrassment, fire, explosions, collisions, tears, nudity and death.
  • First two thirds of FBAWTFT fandom right now : Newt is my pure Hufflepuff, Jacob deserves to bake pastries in paradise, I ship Credence with never-ending happiness, can I be part of the Goldstein Sister, omg this movie was sooooo good I'm dying