and that's not gonna stop

*looks into the camera like she’s on the office*
tfw when u hurt and ur boyfrend has 2 carry u lmao lyk and subrscirble 


I think I’ll draw more about my other Kanas next

[parts 1, 2, and 3 I guess]

can you imagine sam introducing steve and bucky to pokemon go

he has to go full Falcon just to catch up with those two super soldier nerds running around the entire goddamn city leveling up

they’re en route to a HYDRA base and bucky goes “wait steve drop me off here i’m gonna run the rest of the way” and steve is like “why the fuck” and bucky is like “i have EGGS TO HATCH, STEVE”

they’re under some alien attack and bucky is yelling at steve for backup but steve is on another street because “I HAVE TO CATCH THIS VULPIX”

meanwhile sam is just flying over a fountain dodging blasts because there’s a golduck

nat is the gym leader for the Avengers Tower gym and no one can beat her


I KNOW what you’re trying to DO there gamefreak

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me: gal gadot supports the IDF and its terroristic ideals and her vocalness in her support contributes to the death and uprooting of Palestinians so I’m boycotting wonder woman 

me: *literally mentions NOTHING about her faith or heritage*

yall: “can’t believe this antisemitism” 

*raises hand* Question. Why….does the CW always seem to want to ship established female protagonists with new character white boys? Nothing aginst Julian and everything aginst Mon-El, but why has the CW ripped Kara and Caitlin away from other pairings to put them with the…morally grey new guys? Kara had James and Caitlin had Cisco, [the latter in a more platonic sense]. I thought Cait was supposed to have, for lack of a better phrase, a boy-free-year? Why are they pushing her towards Julian? I’m…not a fan of that. Let her stand on her own. She’s already got a family there to catch her when she falls.