and that's my two cents for today

Cameron Dallas Imagine

Imagine: Cameron Dallas- Anonymous

“Come over here, (y/n).” Cameron said from the bed. He had the camera set up and ready yo film.

We were about to film the girlfriend tag for his youtube. We’ve been dating for 3 months and its time to see who knows who better.

I ran and jumped on his lap. He moved me off so he could start the video.

:“Hey guys! Its cameron, with the beautiful (Y/n). Today we’re going to film the girlfriend tag!”

I looked at my phone to ask the first question. “Okay, this ones easy cam. Where did we meet.?”

“Magcon! She was a crazy obsessed fan!.”

“Hey now! no need to add that!”

“Ok, so (Y/n) who is my bestfriend?”

“Chris obviously-”’

Suddenly all the boys barged in jumping on the bed. “I think you mean me!” Nash yelled.

“NO ME!” said Taylor.

“Nope guys she was right. sorry! I love you guys too though!” Cameron answered.

They all acted hurt. They stayed for the rest of the video. Anytime we asked a question they threw in their two cents.

“Okay, thats all for today! It was a tie so i guess we both know each other ! See ya next week!” he leaned over to give me a kiss on the cheek but all the boys kissed us instead.

“Fans are gunna love this.” i said laughing.