and that's luke cage

If anyone tries to convince you that diversity in fiction (let’s say TV as one example) isn’t a good thing, or that a TV show with good diversity won’t be as popular as a similar TV show with less diversity, just remember that Luke Cage is so popular that it broke Netflix.

ohm y god i finally finished the giveaway prize drawing for fiftyshadesofstony (she requested something along the lines of “steve and tony walking on the streets holding hands, steve in casual wear and tony in a suit or something he’d wear to a SI board meeting”) 

  • Me: Woo! We finally got our Cloak and Dagger casting!
  • Also me: Watch when the show comes out, Cloak will be largely ignored by the fandom and the three most popular characters will be Dagger, the angsty white guy who people will aggressively ship with Dagger regardless of Dagger's actual feelings to the guy, and the other main white female character who'll be on the show. Even if Cloak x Dagger becomes the canon ship of the show, fandom will largely ignore it.
  • Also, also me: Well...AOS did put a gigantic middle finger to the "angsty white guy x lead female character" trope that's become popular in fandom and in Netflix land, we have Luke Cage. So maybe there's hope...maybe. We'll see.

okay but mariah being surrounded by capable men who are loyal to her and want her to be the queen she was meant to be, and will happily follow her orders and support her dreams. that is what i’m here for. like can we get more antagonists that are this interesting. 

also side note: has anyone considered the ot3 shades/mariah/alex tho?

honestly the get down and luke cage are great shows that utilized it’s platform to talk about problems that black/brown people and communities face without making us the victims in our own story. it did what OITNB thought it was doing. it did THAT.



“People talk about super-powers. But some guys – some galsthey have something. It may not be obvious, like being able to blast energy from your fingertips. It may not even have a name. But it’s real. You’ve got that something. That girl you were with last nightthe redheadshe had it, too. Otherwise, how could she get away?”

Clint met the other man’s gaze. “Don’t play games with me, Cap. You know how.”

I want those those out of touch, frightened Disney execs to remember that Luke Cage broke Netflix the next time they try to push back the release dates for things like Captain Marvel/Black Panther or keep looking for excuses to not make a Widow and/or Fury movie in order to make room for more of teenage saltine cracker Peter Parker’s “but the prom is tomorrow!1!” type shenanigans

Watching Luke Cage
  • Show: *introduces Hammer weapons"
  • Me: Haha, yeah, that's probably what's left of that shit head's empire.
  • Show: *shows Hammer's new model*
  • Also Me: *remembers gun lobby and the NRA*
  • Me: Okay. That's probably one of the most realistic things in a universe with superheroes.