and that's luke cage

If anyone tries to convince you that diversity in fiction (let’s say TV as one example) isn’t a good thing, or that a TV show with good diversity won’t be as popular as a similar TV show with less diversity, just remember that Luke Cage is so popular that it broke Netflix.

One thing I really appreciated about Jessica Jones is that I felt it never fell into the trap, even accidentally, of Luke as the big scary black man. He was big, he was very dark skinned, and he had super strength and impenetrable skin. But was he scary? Only if you were his opponent. Even when he was possessed and fighting Jessica, you weren’t scared of him, you were scared for them (both Jessica and Luke, that is). There was no ‘he looks a little freaky, but he’s actually a super nice guy!’ with him. No Beauty and the Beast vibes. He just was. A dude. Who there was no reason to be scared of more than any other dude. Just a good dude who was a bartender. He’s never framed as if he’s intimidating, except in fight scenes where he should be. This is all about not just dialogue, but directing, framing, cinematography, and I thought they handled this appropriately with Luke and avoided common (and dangerous) racist tropes. 

On the flip, Simpson. There’s always something off about Simpson. Except for a few of his scenes, there’s always a slight level of discomfort with him. He feels just a little bit… wrong, even before we know about his stimulants. He’s a conventionally attractive white man who has seemingly heroic goals, but you just never fully trust him. He’s scarier than Luke ever is, and I appreciate that. 

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  • panic! at the disco 

honestly the get down and luke cage are great shows that utilized it’s platform to talk about problems that black/brown people and communities face without making us the victims in our own story. it did what OITNB thought it was doing. it did THAT.

okay but mariah being surrounded by capable men who are loyal to her and want her to be the queen she was meant to be, and will happily follow her orders and support her dreams. that is what i’m here for. like can we get more antagonists that are this interesting. 

also side note: has anyone considered the ot3 shades/mariah/alex tho?

I want those those out of touch, frightened Disney execs to remember that Luke Cage broke Netflix the next time they try to push back the release dates for things like Captain Marvel/Black Panther or keep looking for excuses to not make a Widow and/or Fury movie in order to make room for more of teenage saltine cracker Peter Parker’s “but the prom is tomorrow!1!” type shenanigans