and that's luke cage

danny rand: i was adopted by monks from this mystical place called k’un lun and trained to channel my inner chi to make my fist all glowy also i punched a dragon in the heart

everyone else:

Danny and Matt out in the sea.

Danny: *raises glass* “To my new YAKT.”

Matt: “The “c” is silent.”

Danny: “Yes its very tranquil. You’re right.”

The cast listings for each episode of the Defenders is up. It’s pretty interesting! (though obvs there’s no way to know if it’s completely accurate.)

Breakdown and speculation under the cut~

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If anyone tries to convince you that diversity in fiction (let’s say TV as one example) isn’t a good thing, or that a TV show with good diversity won’t be as popular as a similar TV show with less diversity, just remember that Luke Cage is so popular that it broke Netflix.

literally anyone, ever: hi
danny: my name is danny rand and i am the immortal iron fist it is my destiny to-

ohm y god i finally finished the giveaway prize drawing for fiftyshadesofstony (she requested something along the lines of “steve and tony walking on the streets holding hands, steve in casual wear and tony in a suit or something he’d wear to a SI board meeting”) 

  • Me: Woo! We finally got our Cloak and Dagger casting!
  • Also me: Watch when the show comes out, Cloak will be largely ignored by the fandom and the three most popular characters will be Dagger, the angsty white guy who people will aggressively ship with Dagger regardless of Dagger's actual feelings to the guy, and the other main white female character who'll be on the show. Even if Cloak x Dagger becomes the canon ship of the show, fandom will largely ignore it.
  • Also, also me: Well...AOS did put a gigantic middle finger to the "angsty white guy x lead female character" trope that's become popular in fandom and in Netflix land, we have Luke Cage. So maybe there's hope...maybe. We'll see.

anonymous asked:

On a honest note the reason for the boycott because the comic does have Anti-black vibes to it. Yeah you have Japanese rep..but its over the backs of others and thats not right. Also yeah you have Luke Cage and Cloak..but it don't wipe away anti-black racism. Its like saying that racism is over because Obama was in office. Considering what going on America with race problem. Runaways is not a good idea for now.

As far as boycotting the comic goes, ya’ll can do whatever, okay?

You guys have no reason to be attacking the show when we have no evidence on who is the traitor or not. 

Chase could be the traitor for all we know, (cause you know, it’s only okay to be a backstabbing liar if your white, but if your black, you have to be 100% honest and innocent 100% of the time uwu).

I do agree with you that some rep like Luke Cage and Cloak doesn’t wipe away anti-blackness; it’s not at all realistic to think it does (and if you are implying that that is what I said, perhaps you should have read my previous post more carefully anon). 

Whatever anti-black vibes you are getting from the comic are simply you and other’s opinions and not fact, and you do not speak for all black people (me included) who have read the comics. Doesn’t make how you feel about it invalid, but it doesn’t make it true either.

I mean, you are trying to imply racism because the one black character was a traitor and paid the price, but, I guess it somehow would have been fine if any other character (oh who am I kidding) if any other WHITE character filled this role. 

Maybe you are also forgetting that black people are not the only ones who need representation. 

As far as the show goes (and the comic) maybe you are forgetting the Asian, Hispanic, & the LGBT rep.

Maybe what occurred with Alex in the comics was not “politically correct” or is deemed “problematc” in your eyes, but I think this is the perfect time for Runaways. Runaways is not about just black representation, and to imply that is, is very selfish on your part anon.

Oh, and here’s some more advice: Ignore the show and comic and stop trying to destroy what people love and identify with, thank you.