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On Karkat's fetch modi

I’m very curious about Karkat’s current fetch modus.

When Karkat and his encryption modus were introduced, it was stated that he would later swap modi with Sollux. Which makes sense, seeing as the whole “hack this to get your item” thing is way more up Sollux’s alley than Karkat’s… right? But there’s one problem.

The encryption modus is completely fucking useless, except for making heavy objects to drop on imps or use as paperweights or something.

A sylladex is used to conveniently transport multiple items that would otherwise be large, heavy or unwieldy to carry. When something is captchalogued in the encryption modus, however, the card turns into a physical computerized case - “card vault” - surrounding the item. The mass of the original object is preserved, and the container seems to be fairly heavy in its own right.

But now that you’ve turned the card into a physical object heavier and probably larger than the original item, how do you transport it? You can’t put it in the encryption modus, because then this happens:

The only logical conclusion is that you have to carry the card vault - welcome back to square minus one.

The encryption modus is the most useless modus we’ve seen in Homestuck (even the miracle modus is better), and that’s why I’m so curious about Karkat’s new modus.

Sollux is a smart guy and not particularly charitable, so I don’t think he would willingly make a terrible trade.

So what the hell kind of modus did Sollux give Karkat that he thought was worth trading away for encryption?!