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I just want to be able to enjoy my ts4 game as much as everyone else does… IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK???

the tags explain it all tbh

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda, sitting on a giant pile of cash, safe in the knowledge that his show is sold out for a year, a person who has always been able to access theatre shows: Stop The Bootlegs I Don't Like Them
  • Poor People: [stare into the camera like they're in the office]

Sam MekJong reacting to AhRo’s erotic stories.

Merlin is Done and I’m tired!

Hello everyone! After a very scary election, I channeled my motivation into the Merlin script, and it is now done and it is 15 pages long! That’s about the size of the Scorbus script, but it’ll probably be longer since with a TV show, you have to play clips and stuff. I’m aiming to keep it around half an hour…and I think it’s pretty good. I’ll try to narrate this weekend but I also have a project to work on, so we’ll see. Thanks for being patient guys, and I hope you’re all doing okay, and if you ever need someone to talk to, you can always send me a message. Thanks!!


AU where good people have a simple and happy life in Twin Peaks 

I remember scrolling past the haikyuu!! tag and seeing various posts about how much it hurt to ship a rare pair and I said to myself “ haha lucky me! I don’t ship any rare pairs!”

Now I’ve fallen into the rare pair hell

Save me


I was tagged by the lovely @ravishingvixx ~ ❤︎ Hope this doesn’t bore anyone too much lol, it was interesting because it’s always fun to hear everyone’s different accents! My voice might be a bit quiet, so I apologize if you struggle to hear sometimes orz

I shall tag: @meowmerijaan (thats right you see it here pod, go for it) , @karasubairo , @theirbabystarlight , @nek0-baka and any of my wonderful mutuals who might be up for letting me hear their beautiful voices ;D You don’t have to do this, but I’d like to hear you all ;~; 

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If you’re a person who watches leaked episodes or leaked films of ANYTHING, you’re being incredibly disrespectful to everyone who has worked on it.

There’s a reason things get aired and put in the cinema at certain times - yeah, it may be to do with money and view counts but who cares? Why the hell cant you wait like the rest of us?

If you’re going round making gifs and taking screen caps and not tagging them too, then you’re even worse than the people who watch leaked content.

Sue asked people not to spread it and what are y'all doing? Spreading it. It’s quite rude if you ask me.

List of actual good things the Cursed Child gave us

-professor McGonagall is still alive and kicking despite being old af
-and everyone still 100% fears and loves and respects her all at once. She can even reprimand the golden trio and they still hang their heads and mumble ‘yes McGonagall’ and it is GREAT
-madams pince, promfey, and hooch and are still serving the next generation. Honestly these women are the backbones of that school bless them
-hermione and rose look exactly alike ! Albus and Scorpius literally could not tell school age Hermione from current age rose ahhhh!!!
-nice cover art

I keep foam stickers in my backpack to give to people who I think need or deserve one and they’re very colorful and I have an assortment of not only aliens but also dinosaurs and like as silly as it sounds I genuinely want to mail one of those stickers to Dan like I dunno if it would help but he could have a little purple dinosaur or a little green alien to stick on his fridge or whatever and I think that’s always a nice thing

Dan if you’re reading this go buy some foam dinosaur/alien stickers and put them on ur fridge like it’s definitely not gonna solve any of your problems but it’ll look super silly and you’ll feel like a seven year old and it’ll be great I promise trust me on this one I’m a scientist

If I have to see one more Overwatch ship discourse post criticizing gency bc it didn’t fulfill everyone’s favorite ships I’m going to set this blog on fire

“go to space with me?”

there are a thousand stars staring down on them and the night tastes of snow; the damp grass has long since soaked through leonard’s jeans. jim’s words are soft, like a wish. 

today marked the completion of their first semester at the academy. everyone else had gone home for the holidays, it seemed, except the two of them. jim kirk and leonard mccoy, alone with the stars. 

jim had dragged him way out into the middle of nowhere after dinner. to celebrate, jim claimed, to which leonard replied bullshit but went along anyway because jim had already whipped out his best grin and stripped all leonard’s armor away. 

leonard turns his gaze to jim. “don’t know how much choice i’ve got in the matter,” he says. 

“if i’m captain, i could request that you be my cmo.” jim’s words turn to clouds in the cold air. he’s silent for a long moment. “If you wanted.”

leonard can’t find the right words to respond. out here in the dark, he feels impossibly small, and the stars still feel like someone else’s dream. 


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make me choose | hawkiepawkie asked: merlin or sherlock?

sometimes you’ve got to do what you think is right, and damn the consequences.

✨⭐ Don’t lose sight of your dreams !! Even the smallest stars light up the darkest sky 

Character Tag Lines

Nate: Let’s go break the law. Just one more time.

Sophie: Ex! Why does nobody ever say ‘ex’?

Hardison: It’s because I’m Jewish, isn’t it?

Eliot: It’s very distinctive.

Parker: I thought everyone could do that.

If Europe intends to keep its Jewish populations - and keep them safe - it’ll have to do better than “don’t go out after dark, don’t go into certain neighborhoods, don’t wear identifiers."  How is that any sort of protection?  How is that any sort of promise?

multifandom follow train!
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Not to be completely wanky, but… I need to wank a little about this: 

The problem with celebrities being on social media is that EVERYONE sees your posts. That means there’s going to be a lot of scrutiny. That means that if you have no filters and don’t use a PR person to professionally filter what you post, you may end up sticking your foot in your mouth. Here’s what doesn’t work: 

  • you claim to be friends with a colleague, who is in fact much better friends with your partner
  • you join a series that they already work together on and have been paired romantically in fanwork for at least four years already
  • you then publicly state an inability to differentiate between the fictional pairing and the RPF pairing
  • you also publicly state an opposition to fanwork and the right of fanartists and fanfic authors to post their work in public fora, such at the internet
  • you complain publicly about the fandom in general - later “taking it back” with overblown statements about how great fangirls are, mistakenly assuming that all fans are female or teenagers and missing the overall point yet again
  • after having said all this about hating the fictional ship between your partner’s character and that of his colleague, your apparent “friend”, you post an incredibly vile post about the likelihood of your partner being his colleague’s best man. You later awkwardly retract it and semi-apologise, though never directly to the colleague (at least not publicly) 
  • though being a constant presence on your chosen form of social media, and despite having made posts such as the above, and despite having made dozens upon dozens of cutesy posts about how tight you, your partner, and the colleague are during filming, you conveniently neglect to congratulate said colleague on any of the following: his engagement, his marriage, the birth of his child, his Emmy, his Oscar nomination… or anything else, for that matter
  • and just as a cherry on the sundae, you tweet that you’re going to see him play the title character of arguably the most famous play in the English language with arguably the best English language theatrical company in the world, and although your partner is quoted in several places commenting on how good his colleague’s performance was, you are notably silent after the performance. 

All that? Does not work. I know people have been talking about the apparent “rift” between these two actors. I’m not naming names because I don’t any of this to be google-able, etc, but we all know who we’re talking about here. I would argue that first, all of the above does not add up to friendship. That’s not the way a friend behaves. It’s not loving or kind. The evidence just doesn’t support there being a real friendship there at all, and no, I don’t think this has anything to do with the colleague’s new wife. This started long before that. I think it has everything to do with not being able to tell the difference between the fictional ship (JL) and the equally fictional RPF ship (FB), and a resentment for either pairing that stems from some sort of weird insecurity that people shipping either of these things will prove to be a real threat against her own relationship. Which is ridiculous. I think that the apparent rift has everything to do with this. I give you setlock from the special as exhibit B for all this: they (the partner and his colleague) were literally never spotted together on their own as long as she was on set. If all three of them were photographed, she was right next to her partner (unless she was walking near the colleague, projecting their apparent “friendship” to the world) while the colleague sat a little removed from both of them. The instant she was off the set, they were seen laughing and talking together again. I think this is all something that her partner is doing to help quell rumours. I think it’s nothing more than that. He’s avoiding being photographed near his colleague so that people don’t talk, for the sake of his relationship with his partner and her finer feelings on the entire subject. 

That’s my gut feeling about all that. Sorry for the long post but I’ve been bothered by this for a long time and had to get it off my chest.