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#broducechallenge - produce 101 season 2: trainee development (PART 3)

PART 1 , PART 2 , [ PART 3 ]

the most beautiful thing that happened in this show is the immense growth of the trainees :’) i couldn’t be any more proud

to be continued! more trainees will be posted!

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Your tantrums are the very reason i am proud of being far right. Keep doing what you are doing buddy, you're doing great

This is very rich coming from someone who doesn’t even have the capacity or self-control to *not* send us this message. Like. Y’all realize you embarrass yourselves right? We don’t give a fuck about you. We just have to laugh at the shit you do, which is endlessly entertaining.

Also, if you’re “proud” of your ideology, you probably don’t actually *do* very much else to be proud of in your life, do you? 

- Mod A


Summary: “He looks at you, he looks at you like you’re fucking indestructible. Maybe you are. Maybe you could take a bullet right now, and you wouldn’t feel a thing.

You can feel your own youth, tonight. You never feel young when he isn’t around. You never felt young before he came around. He touches you like you’re young. Like you’re halfway his, halfway in debt to the cracked pavement. You are.”

Or, the canon-compliant, second-person story of Mickey, from Season 1 to Season 7.



who!!! should!! i!!! idolize!!!!

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unipedal women erasure :/

oh shit i’m so sorry i forgot all about women who have less than 2 legs.  shit i’m so sorry bro.  women with 1 or 0 legs are beautiful also.  i’m a bad ally throw me onto the pile of problematic tumblr users