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Guys, don’t worry.  Yuzu’s got a long history of redeeming himself in the free skate- he’s been competing for a long time, and his mental state only gets stronger and more mature with experience and time.  

Even if he doesn’t get gold, he is still very likely to make it onto the podium.  If you take a look at his past competitions, you’ll see a trend.  At Skate Canada International 2016, he was 4th after the short yet still managed to win silver overall; at SCI 2015, he was 6th after the short and silver overall.  At Worlds 2012, he placed 7th in the short program, then went on to earn the bronze medal (with one of his most amazing, memorable performances to date, IMO).  Just recently at 4CC 2017, he placed third in the short and then got a season’s best, breaking the 200 point barrier, to earn the silver. 

The point is, we should all have faith in him.  One less-than-ideal skate with a few mistakes doesn’t dictate the success of someone’s season or their career.  Don’t forget, this is the Yuzuru Hanyu who won the Olympics and the World Championships at age 19, was the first man to break the 100, 200, and 300 point barriers, and has won 4 consecutive GPFs- and that’s only naming a few of his illustrious achievements.  We, his fans, of all people, know better than anyone what a trooper and a fighter he is, and how he thrives under pressure.  And above all, even if the judges decide to give him less-than-satisfactory points, that’s not what truly matters.  As Yuzu himself has said, a score is just a score, whereas a performance is a performance, and something completely different altogether.  Who else gets the crowds fired up like he does?  Who else can skate with such finesse, passion, and prowess?  He’s a brilliant performer, through and through, and that’s something that can’t be defined by any number of medals or awards.

So come on, fellow fans!  Don’t let the doubts and worries get you down!  The free skate is yet to come, and with it, another precious chance to see our genius at work!  Let’s direct our most positive energies to him, spread plenty words of encouragement, and have faith in the man who has proven, time and time again, that he is worthy of being a champion!

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If Mob-faced fish and Fishmob fuse what is their fusion????? This is an important question

mathematically its gonna be mob holding a fish and thats what I believe in. math.

(Happy Ending AU) Eleven really loves looking at the stars at night. Escaping the lab was the first time she can remember ever seeing the outside and the night sky. Mr. Clarke lets the boys borrow his telescope some days, and the four of them take El out to the backyard to show her how to use it. All the boys are science geeks, but Lucas’ specialty is space, so he points out all the different galaxies and constellations for her. Mike has never seen her eyes light up in such wonder before

Random Yandere Simulator Win Condition Speculation

So the latest update for YanSim came out today and Yandere Dev gave us this image briefly in it. If you haven’t seen it yet this is in the context of Yandere Dev talking about factors that will influence which of the multiple endings you’ll receive.

(Apologies if this is blurry as I had to screen cap it.)

Since I haven’t done a lengthy post in a while, let’s do some speculation, shall we? Most of these are fairly self-explanatory but I’ll touch on the ones I think are significant enough. Also: apologies in advance. I’m going to reference things I’ve heard from Yandere Dev himself through various social media throughout that I don’t have links to anymore.

Collecting Tapes
Using audio tapes is a fairly good way in games to get more of your story across. It lets the writer play around with characters who don’t have to be physically present in order to show plot information to players and has been used in many games in the industry, probably most famously in BioShock and its spiritual forefather System Shock (especially the sequel). So seeing things that will be about Ayano’s parents (Basement Tapes), Headmaster Shuyona (Headmaster Tapes), and Megami’s dad (CEO Tapes) isn’t suprising.

What is an interesting omission here to me is that the Journalist Tapes do not count towards what ending we will receive, which strikes me as odd given that while he won’t encounter him during the course of the game, he will be in 1989 mode as a main character. This says to me that this will be the background information we will be ‘spoon fed’ in the game (i.e., it will be gradually given directly to us as we advance in the plot); all the other material is effectively supplementary and it will be our job to discover it.

What is Yandere-chan’s relationship with Info-chan?

Way back when development on the game started Ayano was going to have to ultimately fight Info-chan as the game’s final villain who had been using you the whole time to eliminate other rivals for Senpai’s affection. This was ultimately changed - and for the better, IMHO, as it’s incredibly cliche - and Yandere Dev has stated before we can complete the final game without using her services at all though I assume it will be quite difficult.

One of the things I think we will have a little more leniency on in the final game, not that anything has been officially confirmed yet, is cleaning up after murdering our opponents or disposing of them in dishonest ways like expulsion. You won’t have to be 100% perfect at what you’re doing at first; it allows players a learning curve. However, the game will keep an invisible tally of what you’re doing and this will affect certain things such as increased security during Megami’s week or even the police keeping open tabs on you before her though they haven’t been implemented yet. Screw up enough and they’re going to crack down on you and I suspect Info-chan’s willingness to aid you in those situations can be affected as well. She’s only looking out for herself and I highly doubt she wouldn’t be willing to ratfuck Ayano if she knew it could save her own hide 

(Just remember snitches get stitches, Info-chan.)

Did Yandere-chan learn the secret of the cherry tree?

In a surprise to absolutely no one we learn that there is, in fact, some significance to the enormous sakura tree behind the school. Obviously, it was given that Ayano is obsessed with it and there are urban legends behind it but every story has a beginning and it does make you wonder: how did it gain the reputation in the first place for two people destined to be together to confess to each other under it?

The sakura is probably the most recognizable, physical representation of Japan you can find in media and it has ironic undertones in the story given that it symbolizes the fragility of life (’beautiful, but fleeting’ essentially). Though I don’t have much to back it up I suspect that it might be yet another way that the Aishi family could be connected to Akademi. It was stated at one point by Yandere Dev that the matriarch of the clan, Ayano’s great grandma, is alive and kicking in 201X (born in 1910) though what role she’ll play is unknown right now. I think that it would be rather fitting to have all the misfortune so many men (or women) have fallen under be the spot where the first Aishi woman had her confession accepted by her senpai.

Did Yandere-chan learn the truth about _____?/Did Yandere-chan discover the ____?

Though Yandere Dev recently confirmed that the demon summoning stuff in the occult club won’t factor into the story (it’s going to be non-canon, basically, unless you enter in codes at the start or something similar to unlock it) he has stood by implementing Phantom Girl into the narrative seemingly; she may or may not factor into a specific elimination method, even, probably Oka’s.

While it might seem superfluous to discover something at first to include discovering Phantom Girl’s identity given that Ayano will find out her mother is just like her I believe there is a deeper meaning to it. Headmaster Shuyona has currently been kept under wraps in regards to what his character is like. The only thing we really know about him is that he was once idealistic early on as headmaster but came to be a misanthrope over the years. Considering that 1989 is mentioned as the year he lost his faith in people I suspect it will be that Phantom Girl was his daughter and that the apparently high profile media trial surrounding Ryoba Aishi and her subsequent evasion of justice caused his sour disposition. 

Speaking of that trial… sort of weird that Ayano has never heard of it before, isn’t it? Especially since it was a big enough deal the whole country was reporting on it and more strange that the police aren’t fingering her as a suspect in the current crimes you can commit at school (disposition to insanity can be genetic, after all, and even while the whole thing has been made hush-hush to the public it seems rather weird the police wouldn’t have a tab on you).

Did Yandere-chan choose to delete the _____?

‘Delete’ implies that we will eventually encounter a file of some sort regarding ourselves or something. This could have one of two origins at the moment:

1) Info-chan. Though apparently a friend to Ayano I suspect that she probably has a back up data in case things start to go south as I previously mentioned to probably nail us as the criminal for our crimes in game. My guess would be is that the catch turns out to be a major plot detail that would give the player pause enough to decide if it would be worth it to continue existing as a threat over our heads or if whatever information it gives us isn’t worth the trouble having the possibility of being leaked to anyone in a position of authority.

2) Saikou Corp. This is the more likely option in my opinion given that in her first appearance to players in the builds Megami tells us over Not Skype that we’re not the only yandere that her father (and presumably grandfather before him) have kept tabs on. If this is the case then they must have the data stored somewhere at their corporate HQ. Given that they seem like they’re going to be big players in the finished plot it seems to me a similar situation where you have the choice to sabotage whatever they’ve been cooking up or allow them to continue going about their business.

Did Yandere-chan reject _____’s offer?

If I’m correct about the above then I believe it will be Megami’s father who we have the option of siding with. He seems completely fascinated with what Ayano is and has been seemingly aiding you enough that you’ve been allowed to continue what you’ve been doing for 9 weeks unmolested before Megami shows up. In an unrelated theory to this I speculated that Ryoba probably works for Saikou Corp. and that it might have been them who sabotaged the trial from 1989 in Ryoba’s favor (probably on the condition that she come under their employ; it would definitely explain how she and Ayano’s dad can leave for 10 weeks to go to a foreign country with little to no explanation). I guess the moral quandary will be for us when we discover that information is something to the effect of.

‘Now you know your family’s been a slave to these guys, perhaps for quite a long time: do you continue that line of work or do you strike it out on your own?’

Did Yandere-chan decide to punish _____?

What’s so interesting about this is the word choice. ‘Decide to punish’ means that whatever this event is is entirely optional; it is completely ambiguous as to just how significant it is to the overarching narrative other than it allows us to role play the sort of person Ayano is a little more. Are you the straightforward sociopath who uses others to further her own goals but doesn’t have much of a dog in Akademi’s affairs otherwise or are you a complete monster in sheep’s clothing?

Anyway, here’s a collection of the endings that have either been theorized about or confirmed/mentioned by Yandere Dev at some point.

Sabotage all interactions with your rivals: Senpai becomes misogynistic.

Do matchmaking for all your rivals: Senpai becomes codependent on others and fears he doesn’t deserve anyone’s love.

SNAP: Senpai is confessed to by another girl or rejects Ayano with a reputation of -100 (both speculative). Ayano kills herself and Senpai probably after a short chase sequence - the original idea for the game’s ending, by the way.

Kill all your rivals: Senpai believes that he’s cursed to bring others bad luck. People may speculate he’s a serial killer if your rivals die soon after they meet Senpai.

Of note: there was an interesting suggestion by someone on the game’s subreddit about a unique game over where Ayano could be taken in by the police for her own ‘safety’ if things got bad enough. 

Kidnap all your rivals: Unknown, but mentioned that Ayano would probably kill them at some point after the story ends, they would just be left to starve to death, or even become her ‘pets.’

“I’ve seen some shit”: If Senpai sees more than 5 corpses, not necessarily Osana’s and/or Hanako’s, he’ll become a vegetable which Ayano won’t care about (as long as he doesn’t reject her confession everything is gravy).

As of today, if he figures out somehow you had something to do personally with either Osana’s or Hanako’s death, it seems he’ll pull a reverse SNAP on us and off Ayano.

Kill ‘Em All: Apparently a joke ending we get if every student but Senpai is eliminated.

My friends and I were talking about the Namjin angst™ poppin up lately (cough the one where RM cant kill Jin and can’t kill himself ones cough) then I check back on them and


Stay with me

fandom: Haikyuu!!
pairing: KuroHina/OiHina
words: 3485
A/N: yet another one - and last - part of ’searching for your heart’, now only epilogue is left, I hope you’re excited ^u^

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They walked slowly, taking their time, holding hands and smiling, every now and then stopping for a kiss, and to be honest,Shouyou felt like a high school girl in love, embarrassingly so.

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  • Dan & Phil: *eventually get married*
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I like to think Sting has a small habit of brushing Rogue’s bangs out of his face as he sleeps and just gently resting his hand on his cheek for a moment and just looking at his sleeping boyfriend like ‘god damn you are gorgeous’.

Therapeutic Confessions Part III

The third and final part of the drabble that I was forced to make into a fic, and I loved every minute of it. You can find parts I and II here, enjoy you beautiful people. 

Ring. The phone.

Buzz. The shower? Her head? Nope, also the phone.

Scully opened her eyes, squinting at the rays of sunlight invading her vision. She picked up the phone and held it to her cheek tightly.

“..llo? she said into the object that dragged her out of her dead sleep

“Agent Scully?” Skinner’s deep voice said

“Sir?” she answered, trying to sit up in her bed

Her leg was pinned down by something and before she realized it, that something was awake.

“Who the fuck, its 7 am” came another deep, irritated voice

Scully stared at Mulder with a surprised jaw before she started sputtering into the phone by her ear.

“Save it, agent. The less I know the better and safer it is for all of us. Tell Mulder to get his ass up, I need you both in DC by noon.” Skinner grunted before shutting the phone

Scully sat up with her back to the headboard and stared at Mulder’s now asleep again, and naked, very naked, body beside her.

“Oh my god” she said to no one in particular

7:30 pm, the night before

Mulder had his back to the elevator when she came in. Still, he knew she arrived the moment she stepped off it and into the lobby. He saw the other heads turn, but it wasn’t until he turned and saw her for himself that he realized he was the luckiest son of a bitch alive.

She walked up to him and he had to keep his jaw from dropping and his pants from tightening. He failed at both.

“Mulder” Scully said, walking up to him confidently in her tight, spaghetti strap dress. It was red, darker than her hair, and it hugged her in all the right places.

“Scully” he choked out

She blushed at his reaction and he blushed at her reaction to his reaction.

“Mulder, you look very dapper.” She said, running her eyes down his clearly expensive, and tight suit. He looked better than usual and she was close enough to know that he smelled even better than usual. It was going to be a good night.

He composed himself quickly, trying not to embarrass himself in front of all their spectators. It’s a good thing they chose a hotel none of the other agents were staying at.

“You look…amazing” he said slowly. She shifted as his eyes ran over her body, suddenly becoming self-conscious.

“Thank you.” She ducked her head to hide her blush and he reached out to tuck a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

“Come on, we have an 8pm reservation at Jean-Georges.” he said, taking her hand and leading her outside

She wrapped her fingers around his and let the butterflies in her stomach fly away. Tonight was their night

“Jean-Georges? Mulder, how did you get a reservation at Jean-Georges in less than 9 hours?” she asked as they walked into the warm Manhattan street.

“I know a guy.” he said with a smirk  

“Mhmm. Or 3?” she said, bumping his shoulder. She was glad she brought these heels with her.

Mulder chuckled as he moved tugged her closer, away from the speed-walking men in suits ready to trample them.

They hailed a cab and Mulder put a hand on her back as they climbed inside.

“1 Central Park West, please” Mulder told the cabbie, leaning back in his seat as close to Scully as possible.

After a couple of minutes of silence, Scully spoke up.

“This is weird.” she said

“Do you not wan-, we don’t have to you know, we could” he stopped talking when she put a hand on his thigh

“No, I mean. No, absolutely not.”she said, easing his anxiety

“What I mean is, this is weird, we don’t do this.”

Mulder relaxed his shoulders and shifted his legs to meet her eye, “Scully, say the word and I will find the cheapest motel and the greasiest pizza you could think of and we’ll go there.”

Scully smiled at his offer. He took a deep breath and spoke again, “I know this isn’t us, but it could be. We deserve a fucking night off. And you’re kinda pushing off my efforts to woo you.”

“Woo?” she said with her skeptic voice and raised eyebrow.

“Yes, woo. I can woo people. I used to be a master woo-er you know.”

The cabbie chuckled up front and Scully found herself catching his eye and chuckling with him.

Mulder blushed and Scully looked back at him, “I think you’ve done a pretty good job so far.” she said in a lower than normal voice that shook Mulder’s insides.

She leaned over and kissed him softly on the lips, lighter than the kisses they shared in Dr. Leons office, but equally as loving.

She pulled away as Mulder tried to pull her back in. She was not about to make out in a small car with a cabbie up front who already knew too much.

Mulder pouted and she took his hand, holding it until they arrived at the restaurant and took their seats.

9:15 pm

“I don’t think I’ve had a meal that good since Christmas at my mom’s house.” Scully said, pushing her plate forward

Mulder was about to reply, but a figure behind Scully stopped him. Scully turned to see who it was and groaned as she turned back to face Mulder.

“Fox, Agent Scully, what a surprise.” came Diana Fowley’s voice

Mulder pushed his plate away and nodded, “Diana.”

“Agent Fowley.” Scully said, nodding to her as well

“You guys seem like you’re having a rather nice evening.” Diana said

She was standing in heels and towered over both of them, her presence immediately intimidating. She took advantage of the dark room and didn’t let the smirk leave her face.

“We were.” Scully responded, colder than intended, but not regretting it.

“Well, a group of us are having dinner here as well, you’re both welcome to join us.” Diana said, facing Mulder with her back to Scully

“Thank Diana, I think we’re good right here.” he replied, sneaking an eye towards Scully 

“Suit yourself, I’ll leave you guys to your dinner.” she started to walk away but turned back to them, “Oh Fox, I hope you made sure to order the chocolate pudding with candied violets. You know how good that is”, and resumed her walk towards the back of the restaurant 

When she was out of sight, Mulder immediately reached over to grab Scully’s hand, but she tensed and put them in her lap.

“I think we better go. It’s getting late and we have another seminar tomorrow.” Scully said, unable to meet his eye

“Ya, sure” he whispered as he called their waiter over

9:30 pm

Scully was freezing and a cab had yet to pass by. What were the odds that a city with thousands of cabs didn’t seem to have one available when she needed it most.

“Scully, just take my jacket.” Mulder said beside her, his hands in his pocket.

“I’m fine. Here’s one now.”

She put her arm up and the cab stopped in front of them, nearly running Mulder over.

“I told you not to stand too close to the curb.” Scully said before climbing into the taxi.

“Maybe I wanted it to hit me.” he mumbled



10 pm

“Can’t you go any faster?” Scully said, leaning her head into the front of the car

“Sorry ma'am, there’s construction everywhere this time of year.”

Scully sighed and leaned back into her seat.

Mulder looked over at her from his side of the seat, “Scully, I swear I didn’t know she was gonna be there.”

Scully turned her towards him slowly, “Mulder, I’m not mad. Not about that.”

He shifted closer towards her, putting his open hand on top of the one she had laying on the middle seat, “Then about what?”

Scully looked back towards the window, watching the lights pass by and the people fading away, all with normal lives, all unaware of the alien threat or the shadow government; for one night, that’s all she wanted, a normal life.

“It’s stupid.”

“Not to me. No matter what it is, tell me.”

Scully looked back at his pleading eyes and gave into them, “You’ve been there before.”

Mulder sighed, for a profiler, he hadn’t even caught on to what Diana was telling him. “Diana” he said, realizing his mistake

“Like I said, it’s stupid.”

He squeezed her hand when she turned back away from him, “No, it’s not, you’re right, I’m sorry. I just know how much you love French food and this is the best place I could think of. I’m sorry.”

Scully shook her head, feeling silly, “Don’t be. We’re fine. We had a wonderful evening anyways, up until, you know. Thank you, I had a great time and it was definitely the best French food I’ve ever had.” 

She gave him a small smile to keep him from worrying. 

“Agent Scully, are you saying you were woo-ed?” Mulder whispered, leaning in closer

Scully looked back up at him and decided less talking would be a better answer, she leaned in further, nearly touching his lips. His warm breath felt like fireworks down her neck and the fingers he slyly had creeping up her waist were about to send her hips into a cartwheel. She took her time making her way towards his lips, running her fingers down his dress shirt, touching him, but not really. It was driving him crazy. 

“Scullee” he moaned, right before she captured his mouth with her own

7:30 am, the next morning

Scully leaned her head back against the headboard, her skin flushed at the thought of last night. She doesn’t really remember what happened after their kiss in the cab. She doesn’t remember much but she remembers every important detail. His lips between her breasts. His tongue at the curve between her thigh and her hip. His tongue on her mouth. His tongue on her neck. His tongue and mouth and lips everywhere. Her sensitive skin was probably full of red blotches and the thought alone excited her.

“Whatcha thinking about?” Mulder said, awake and wrapping his arm around both her knees.

She twitched at the sound of his voice and his warm hand.

She looked down at him and smiled, “Skinner called. He called your phone. I picked up, sorry. He knows but he’s pretending he doesn’t. We have to be in DC by noon.”

Mulder absorbed that all, “Well, that’s plenty of time to do what we do best.”

Scully raised an eyebrow but her lips twitched in a small smile, “And that is?”

Mulder’s fingers started tracing the back of her knees as he spoke, “Ignore direct orders from the bald man back home.” he whispered

Morning-after Mulder might be her favorite Mulder, she thought to herself. Messy hair, warm skin, a deep hunger in his green eyes. She could get used to this.

“We wouldn’t want to ruin our reputation.” she replied, tilting her head to look at him

The tilt of the head and hair falling over her face was all it took for Mulder to drag her back down to his level and climb on top of her.

She yelped and he put a finger up to his mouth, “Wouldn’t wanna wake up the neighbors.” he said before kissing her lips hard.

She couldn’t wait to send Dr. Leons a fruit basket.

The Start of Something New

I still can’t believe I finished them all, but thanks for reading, guys!

MariChat May Day 31: Kidnapped. (Sequel to “I Need a Hero.”)


Marinette heard a tap on her skylight. Thinking it was a pigeon, she wheeled her desk chair over and looked up. Chat Noir waved down at her. “Oh God, what does he want now?” she hissed.

“You know he likes to check up on people after an akuma attack,” Tikki said from her hiding place among Marinette’s stuffed animals.

“Please, it’s bad enough my parents invited him over for desserts to thank him for saving my life.” Marinette rolled her eyes, but it hadn’t been that bad. Chat was polite the whole time, and seemed to genuinely enjoy both the food and the company. She climbed the ladder to the loft, stood on her bed, and pushed the skylight open.

Chat poked his head into the room. “Bonjour, Marinette.”

“My, if it isn’t Chat Noir! I must be the luckiest girl in Paris!” she cried, silently thanking her years of swooning over Adrien for her fan girl experience.

Chat’s smile widened. “You’re about to be even luckier. Got a few minutes?”

“Eh, I’m a little busy…”

“It won’t take long, I promise.” He held his hand out to her. 

Marinette made a show of reluctance; he was her partner, after all. She couldn’t let the lines of their identities blur. Mistakes were bound to be made. But she had to admit she was curious. She put her hand in his and allowed him to help her up onto the balcony. “So why am I luck-yyyy?!” Her question ended in a scream as he scooped her up and leapt from the balcony. “Chat Noir!”

“Hold on, Princess!” he said. It wasn’t like she had any other choice.

She put a hand around his neck and allowed herself to be carried halfway across Paris. When he finally put her down, she turned to scold him and earned a clawed finger over her lips. She blinked. He pointed below.

Gabriel Agreste stood supervising an outdoor photo shoot for a collection Marinette had never seen before. Tall and beautiful models in sumptuous designs draped themselves over props–and each other–as the photographer barked orders and Monsieur Agreste made on the spot adjustments to the outfits.

Marinette’s jaw hung open. Chat leaned over and whispered, “A small thanks for the desserts the other day.”

“Small?” she squeaked. He shrugged as if he hadn’t read her like an open book. Marinette shook her head and tweaked one of his costume ears. “You’re too much, chaton.”

Later it occurred to her that the nickname might have given her identity away. But the next time Chat came to visit, he was none the wiser. 

And the next time. And the time after that. And the time after that…

defending my man's honor and all

Title: Wrath

Fandom: Kamigami no Asobi

Characters/Pairing: Yui/Takeru

Notes: Well, that’s it! The end of the Sins drabbles. Thank you all for read and reblogging (I check every reblog for tags, and I’m pleased to see them always). NEVER FEAR THOUGH. I have quite a few ideas in the bag for some longer KamiAso projects. /o/

Envy // Gluttony // Lust // Greed // Pride // Sloth // Wrath

The first sign is the twitch of his eyebrows, the way they furrow over his face. And then his lips peel back from his teeth, and Yui looks at them almost transfixed. He’s like a dog sometimes, one of those wiry-haired terriers that gets set off at the tiniest of things, and she’s not sure if she should apologize profusely or laugh.

Right now, though, she’s bent forward at the waist, her violet hair a sheet in front of her as she bows in apology. “I’m sorry, sir, sorry.”

“Don’t apologize to him, Weed. He bumped into you.” Takeru grabs her by the back of her shirt and tugs her back upright. She snaps up. With his free hand, he points to the ice cream that lays splattered on the ground.

It’s an unfortunate accident, but Yui knows that all that is.

But Takeru is easily set off and well, the man currently growing purple in rage at this punk kid yelling at him was rude. He’d been on the phone and bumped through her and Takeru like that tiny fraction of space still existing between them was an invitation to cut through. She’d been jostled, the ice cream fell, and Takeru twitched.

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