and that's how cc killed a boy

sheriff-burke  asked:

⛺,☠, and 🍷 for the camp camp thing?

Oh man!! Ill do these in order

⛺️ (which camp would you be in and why) - common answer but praying the straight away hands-fuckin-down (ALTERNATIVELY nerris appreciation camp)

☠️ (how do you think jasper died) - lil davey took him to Spooky Island at night and fuckin cold-blood murdered him in a FIT of JEALOUS RAGE and now works there to ensure no one discovers his horrible crime or if they do he can make it GO AWAAY (probably how Preston imagines it too)

🍷 (which camper would you kill) - assuming Jermy Farts and the other camps’ campers do not count…i guess Harrison bc as much as i love him the boy has Real Actual Fuckin Magic and thats dangerous and also i think he and Jasper would be SUCH good ghost pals