and that's how a forest in a fairy tale looks like

{BTS x Forest Fairy!AU} Hoseok

Keeper of Foliage & Flowers Jung Hoseok 

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  • the only keeper who actively enjoys human interaction 
  • all of the other keepers,,,especially seokjin and jungkook don’t understand,,,humans are hunters they come and destroy the forest and the creatures
  • but hoseok is always talking about those few who dont,,,the people who come and enjoy the flowers,,,,,lay in the meadows and draw or write,,,,and what about the young kids who have fun climbing trees or making daisy crowns
  • for hoseok,,,,there’s a good side to humans no matter how much the keepers insist that it’s better to keep away if anything
  • usually in the summer he walks around shirtless
  • and down his arms starting from the shoulders is a tattoo of ivy vines which when hoseok runs his fingers over the tattoo and chants an old spell the vines can grow out of the tattoo and he can extend them to help him get up trees or use as rope
  • another thing is that when he activates this ability his eyes glow green
  • a lot of the time he wears has seeds hanging off a small pouch on his waist and he’ll go around the forest planting new flowers
  • and he never picks flowers,,,,because that’d essentially be killing them,,,,but when some of the flowers fall to the forest floor he’ll collect them and either crush the petals to make paint,,,,use the leaves for tea,,,,or just decorate his hair with them
  • rumored to also have the ability to bring dying plants back to life with a touch of his hand 
  • keeper jimin once added that hoseok’s smile seemed to have a radiance of life too but hoseok laughed it off
  • bugs like him a lot!! it’s common for him to have a butterfly sit on his shoulder or fireflies to help guide him through the forest at night
  • but hoseok himself is kinda scared of them so when something with more than four legs  comes by he’s like,,,,,he’s like i gtg
  • even though he lives in a forest like bugs still make him shiver ,,,,, but also catch him lying in a fresh meadow comfortable in the grass like it’s ocean water,,,,he’s complex but i guess it is his job to take care of the plants
  • is showing up to keeper meetings with dirt on his hands and shirtless chest and jimin understands the struggle since he watches over the trees but namjoon is always like dudes,,,,go to yoongi’s waterfall and take a shower,,,,and yoongi is like HEY who said i wanted dirt in my water
  • hoseok always explains that FIRSTLY flowers live in “soil” not “dirt” 
  • thinks every kind of plant is pretty,,,not just big vibrant flowers,,,,the small blades of grass are nice too
  • you,,,,,find yourself in the forest one night,,,desperately running toward the forest
  • the only thing you have with you is a lantern and a bag of food you’d managed to steal from the market that afternoon
  • and when you finally push through the bushes and into an open meadow you collapse into the soft grass and close your eyes
  • because well,,,,,,,,,you’re a thief
  • and it’s not like you want to be,,,,you just don’t have a choice because you can’t find a job in the village and you’re far away from your home,,,,so the last couple of summer nights have consisted of you trying to grab bread or vegetables when no one would see
  • but finally,,,,,you’d gotten caught and so you only know one place where you’d be safe: the forest
  • thankfully,,,,it’s that time of the year where it’s not cold and so you’ve been ok with spending your nights here,,,,in the wilderness 
  • but also,,,,,every night the sound of wolves and birds,,,,,it,,,,it just made sleeping hard
  • and as you sit up,,,rummaging through your bag to pull out half a loaf of bread that when you bite into taste like nothing but paper
  • you hear a low growl from a bush nearby
  • and you freeze,,,,because,,,,,,what,,,,,,,is that,,,,
  • but the growl gets louder and and you stand up,,, body shaking in fear,,,,and right as the bush opens up u can see the eyes of,,,,some animal and the snarling mouth
  • but before it comes out so you can see it’s body,,,,,you see something appear
  • a man???? whose tall,,,,wearing what looks like far over his shoulders and he seems to say something that makes the animal retreat and then???? he’s gone to
  • and you almost pass out from shock but u just sit back into the grass and mumble “was,,,,was that a forest fairy-”
  • “you’re right, it was!”
  • the voice comes from behind you and you get so startled that your first reaction is to turn and throw a punch but the boy behind you dodges easily and smiles
  • and ur like ??!?!?!? wh???? who????what???
  • and hoseok grins even wider and is like “that was a forest fairy. seokjin. not the most talkative,,,,but i told him to calm the wolves down for you,,,they won’t bother you tonight!”
  • shaking your head to see if ur not like??? imagining this boy up you ask “who-who are you?? a fairy??”
  • with a nod of his head he puts his hand out and is like “jung hoseok, keeper of the flowers at your service!”
  • and ur like keeper- flowers - jung- hoseok?? and he’s like mhmm!!! anyway why are u,,,,a human,,,,,sleeping in this meadow
  • and u kind of try to figure out what to say but u basically just go “i don’t have a home.” and hoseok points to the bread u dropped and is like “is that dinner?”
  • and u kind of get embarrassed but nod slowly and hoseok tilts his head and he’s like “when humans eat here,,,they’re always eating more than that,,,,,,,” and you’re like “because they have money,,,,,i stole that bread”
  • and hoseok pouts n is like “stealing isn’t good,,,but,,,,,i can see that u dont mean harm.”
  • and you wonder what he means,,,,but hoseok is basically referring to the fact that you don’t pick flowers,,,,,,you don’t steal flowers from the forest like other people,,,,,but he knows it’d be hard to explain to you so instead he offers u his hand again to help you up and goes “come with me,,i know where we can get something more for you to eat!!”
  • and ,,,,,,something feels awfully strange about following a random boy into the deeper parts of the woods
  • but you see the vines tattooed on his arms,,,,,the rugged messy hair,,,,,the way fireflies flock around you to light the path
  • and you,,,,,,believe wholeheartedly this guy isn’t human
  • and after winding through trees and bushes hoseok stops infront of a large oak and pressing his hand against it the bark moves to create a doorway and down into the earth you follow hoseok
  • into a small,,,cozy den where u assume he lives
  • and it’s lit by candles with pressed flowers hanging upside down over the walls and pots stacked on top of pots,,,,barrels full of seeds,,,,a makeshift door of leaves woven together 
  • and the furniture is all made of wood with carved designs and hoseok tells u to sit while he opens up some barrels and pulls out different fruit and vegetables
  • and you,,,,,feel you’re in a fairy tale,,,,,,,,,because,,,,,how is this real
  • and hoseok pulls a pail from a shelf and puts it on the table in front of you and is like ‘fresh rainwater!!!!” and ur like o,,,oh and he washes the fruits before giving them to you
  • and he’s like “hopefully they taste sweet,,,,i got the berries only a day ago and jungkook told me they’re quite fresh!!” and ur like whose jungkook but also as you take a bite,,,you can’t help but feel ur face light up because,,,,it’s been so long since you’ve eaten something so fresh
  • and hoseok grins because he sees ur expression change
  • and he offers that you can stay for the night or he can take you back to the meadow if that makes you feel uncomfortable
  • but,,,,,,you tell him you’d like somewhere inside to sleep for a night and hoseok says his beds all yours
  • and when he stands up you notice again the tattoos on his arms,,,,,(also the fact that his tan skin and gorgeous muscles are like right there. not the point) and u ask if all keepers have tattoos
  • and hoseok laughs and is like “would you like to see magic??” and ur like ,,,,i feel like ive seen a lot of magic already,,,,but hit me
  • and bring his left fingers over his right arm he traces up the tattoo and like,,,,,,,the vines grow upwards and extended toward you,,,,wrapping around your wrist
  • and u,,,,,,,,,are stuck between shock and fascination 
  • and hoseok pulls the vines back and they settle back into his skin and ur just like “,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,holy shit”
  • and he laughs and is like it’s not creepy??? and ur like NO omg that’s so cool 
  • and thats how ur first night ends and in the morning u leave to go back into the village and hoseok says that if anything,,,,u can come back to the meadow and he’ll find u and try to help
  • and a couple of days later,,,,that’s exactly where you find yourself
  • because ud tried to get a job at a local cafe but someone had claimed that ud stolen food again,,,and with ur history everyone had agreed u were still a thief
  • and once again u found urself,,,,,alone running back to the safest place,,,,the forest
  • and u don’t mean to cry,,,,but it happens because it feels like no matter what u do,,,,,,you fail,,,,,,you keep failing and getting worse
  • and you’ll never be able to live well again
  • so when you get to the meadow all you do is breakdown,,,,forgetting that hoseok said if u ever came back he’d be there for you
  • and ,,,, he is,,,,,,,,he appears in front of you
  • asking in worried tone if you’re ok and you just cry,,,,,stuttering out that you’re like a wilted flower,,,,,,,you can’t do anything to make your life better,,,,,,,,,
  • hoseok brings his hand out,,,,,finger thumbing at your cheek and the tear stains slowly start drying
  • and when you look up at him hoseok smiles and brings his other hand over to touch the grass and he’s like “look,,,,this one blade is brown and crippling but,,,,”
  • with one swipe of his palm over it,,,,the grass slowly becomes greener,,,,straightening up
  • and you look in wonder and hoseok is like “everyone can make their life better,,,,with help,,,,,,,so don’t give up.”
  • for a second you don’t say anything,,,,but the warmth in his voice and his smile,,,,,you can’t help it
  • you throw yourself into his arms and hoseok teters backwards into the grass but closes his arms tightly around you
  • and you stay there,,,,,and hoseok doesn’t let you go,,,,,,,,
  • because unlike any other human he’s seen,,,,you’re hurting,,,,,but you’re not hurting over something wrong,,,,you genuinely are good and hoseok knows that he has to help you
  • so in the morning he asks jungkook for help who seems wary of you
  • but grows slightly more fond when the rabbits he looks after curiously hop over to sniff you and the deer don’t mind ur presence
  • and hoseok pulls you over,,,arm around your shoulder and he’s like “don’t worry,,,,this human is good!! look,,,how could such a pretty face be bad??”
  • and junkook is like that’s,,,,,and ur like ghodfljskd hoseok,,,,
  • plus being pulled into him makes u blush because,,,,shirtless,,,,what,,,
  • but basically jungkook agrees to help and leads you to the berry bushes deep in the woods and some other places where you can get fruits that you can bring back to the village and sell
  • and hoseok even manages to get taehyung to help by teaching you how to find feathers on the forest floor that you can also sell
  • and ,,,,somehow,,,,,hoseok convinces all the keepers that you’re special,,,,,you need their help
  • and a ever so reluctant seokjin even says that if anything,,,,he can give you some wolves teeth he’s collected over the years,,,,those usually make big money in villages
  • and everyone is being so nice and you don’t know why,,,,if it’s just because hoseok has vouched for you or something
  • but also when u return one afternoon,,,,running straight toward the meadow u see hoseok there,,,,holding a flower in his hands and he smiles when u greet him and u jump up and down and tell him u FINALLY made enough money to rent a small place in the village
  • and,,,,,,,,,u don’t know but hoseok’s smile falters
  • and u ask what the flower is for and hoseok gently puts it behind your ear and he says,,,,,now that you’ve done it,,,,you won’t need his help anymore-
  • but you just furrow ur eyebrows and ur like hoseok,,,,,don’t think that just because i have a home now that i wont came back
  • and hoseoks eyes slightly widen and he’s like,,,,,,,u,,,,u will??
  • and u laugh and ur like of COURSe,,,i love this place,,,,,,,i love all the keepers that are my friends now and most of all
  • hoseok doesn’t know why but it feels like the magic he usually uses to activate his vines is acitng up
  • but u look at him and ur like “most of all,,,i love you”
  • and,,,,,without even touching his arm the vines grow and wrap around you to pull you close into hoseok and ur like “oh!” but the moment of shock fades when hoseok leans his head to the side and presses his lips to yours
  • and the vines aren’t tight but hoseoks arms manage to pull you close and u wrap ur arms around his neck
  • and when you pull back you let out another gasp and hoseok is like ????
  • and ur like “your eyes,,,,,they’re green???”
  • and hoseok jolts a bit and is like “they,,,only do that when im using my magic,,,,” and ur like “is it because of the vines???”
  • and hoseok brings his hand over his chest and is like
  • “my magic comes from my heart,,,,,it cultivates my love,,,,,i don’t think it’s the vines this time, it’s you.” 

anonymous asked:

Held Gaze is not Canon because it is not romantic. There is nothing romantic in those words. You are inferring what you want as you are with all of your supposed 'subtext'. Notice how you completely discount any held gazes from Finn & Rey. A pair who canonically care for one another? That's called bias. Canon is that Finn & Rey care for each other and Rey & Kylo hate each other. Finn & Rey are friends. Rey & Kylo are enemies. That is canon.

Context, another word I’d like you to look up in a dictionary.

The Held Gaze (which by the way happens on multiple accounts) and Look Back, in addition to the Bridal Carry, “lost girl in the enchanted forest” fairy tale imagery that looks like it could be dragged and dropped right into “Into the Woods”, a fated meeting in which Rey has a vision of a beast and her destiny with the saber- runs away - only to run RIGHT INTO her fate: Kylo Ren who reveals himself to be a dark prince under the spell of an evil sorcerer. “I can show you the ways of the Force” while standing on a cliff and gazing into each other’s eyes. Nearly 30 seconds on MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS of time frozen between them just… looking at each other, wordlessly.

Imagery of the film including yin/yang and male/female opposition and parallels…. Jungian shit all over the place to infer Anima/Animus dynamic….

And look, I’ve never thought Finnrey was *bust*, if a little too “smooth sailing” and reminiscent of a friendship in SW, until John Boyega said so. But it doesn’t have to be about who is “right” or “wrong” at this point because all we have is SUBTEXT. Until we KNOW, either theory is in the table.

Can I buy y'all antis a dictionary? You seem confused by words like subjectivity and interpretation and subtext.

Edit: might add images to inform this later but headed to work and on my phone now, so I can’t!

Neverland is… not like Henry expected it to be.

He’s read every edition of Peter Pan there is in Storybrooke library, watched every film, and not a single one was like this. In his stories, Neverland was a place of play and laughter and magic, mermaids and pirates and fairies, and all of that's here, but it was nothing like this.

Neverland feels like a heartbeat racing, under his feet as he sits on a log around the fire, feels like a knife in his hand, feels dark and dangerous and


Henry loves it.

He turns his now-empty plastic cup around in his hands, stilling as one of the smaller fairies settles on the lip and watches the festivities with him, the party for him.

That’s another thing he didn’t expect.

In the tales of The Enchanted Forest, the ones in his storybook, everything was corsets and swords, pirate ships and parchment. Not Neverland. Neverland is a complete mesh of, well, everything, it seems to Henry. The fairies dance with neon rave paint smeared across their faces, the Lost Ones barter with cigarettes, and there’s clothing from every century wrapped around every one of them.

“We’re the link,” A voice comes from behind him, and he turns to see Peter standing there, lit up by the bright light of the fire and the glowing ring he has in his hair, skewed like he’s been dancing as much as the rest of them, even if Henry hasn’t seen it.

“Sorry?” He asks, confused, as Peter sits himself beside him, legs spread like he’s sitting on a throne rather than just a fallen tree in a jungle. Then again, Henry supposes he sort of is.

“It’s why we’re different,” Peter explains, gesturing his hand as if to encompass everything Neverland is or could ever be. “There are hundreds of worlds, Henry, and Neverland is the only one with a link to all. It’s why we have a bandersnatch running about the eastern caves, why Pockets can’t see colour, why Felix is in those denim atrocities no matter how nice his arse looks in them.” He laughs, and Henry blinks. He’s never heard Peter Pan sound fond before. He’d have to be blind not to see the connection between Peter and his second, but never has he seen this particular soft smirk on Peter’s face before.

He sneaks a look to where the aforementioned lieutenant is sitting, sprawled on the floor, cigarette clutched in one hand and his knife in the other. Henry almost misses the matching smirk that crosses Felix’s face.

“We’re connected to every world and we’ve been here for centuries. Neverland is a collector, and we’re her collection,” Peter continues, as if he hadn’t allowed Henry that small glimpse into himself, and Henry knows it was allowed, wasn’t an accident. “We have Lost Ones from every time and place and their cultures mesh into this. We’re not like anywhere else.”

He’s got that right.

Henry says that, and is surprised to hear Peter laugh, quiet and pleased. Like Henry said something that meant a lot more to Peter than to Henry.

But then Peter stands up, and Henry’s not sure whether he imagined it. “But that’s enough with the history lesson, believer, time to stop thinking so hard and have a little fun, yeah? Gods knows you need it.”

Henry stands with him and takes him in. Despite the adornments of glitter on his face, the neon in his hair, the ink swirling across his skin, Peter Pan is still clad entirely in nets and leaves and leather, like he’s wearing Neverland herself. The Lost Ones wear cloaks and carry hand-made weapons, but none of them embody, Neverland like Peter does.

Peter waves a hand, and the cup in Henry’s glass fills once again. When he looks back at Peter, Peter’s lit up, starlight and ecstasy. No, there’s no one like Peter Pan, no place like Neverland.

“Drink up,” Peter orders and, hand flitting across Henry’s shoulder as he passes, leaves, heading for the other side of the fire. To where Felix is sat.

Peter bends and whispers something in Felix’s ear. Whatever it is causes Felix’s eyes to flick up, find Henry, and Henry flushes to be caught watching them. Watching the way Peter’s hand dips to catch Felix’s cigarette, take a drag before flicking it into the fire, watching the way Felix tips his head back in annoyance to bite at the paint on Peter’s neck, eyes still on Henry.

As they rise, heading into the surrounding trees and darkness together Henry gulps at his drink, thankful for the burn it creates because now he can no longer tell the difference between that and the heat Felix’s eyes seared into him, Peter’s hands.

He joins the dancing, and does his best not to think.